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  • California Guy
    California Guy 18 minutes ago

    more hollyweird crap

  • TK Baha
    TK Baha 19 minutes ago

    Struggling? bullshit, a gold digger got what she's want and in control of the puppet, she's enjoying so much and laugh a lot while sleeping.

  • Mys Led
    Mys Led 22 minutes ago

    Hold on my guy, all the poor kids who grew up during his childhood years would totally agree that *Pizza Lunchable's were definitely NOT a poor kids food!* I grew up knowing that those kids who were lucky enough to eat one of those were obviously well off! Even though now, after years of desiring to eat one after I finally could afford one only and now know they are nasty af and total wastes of money. I still stand by that same belief, the rich kids can only afford those!

  • Merna B.
    Merna B. 23 minutes ago

    Did she say you don’t have to be gay, there are good guys don’t give up..wtf?

  • Tsitsi Zinyemba
    Tsitsi Zinyemba 23 minutes ago

    Love will prevail, Meghan and Harry are humans

  • Melissa Reyna
    Melissa Reyna 27 minutes ago

    His name is William, not, Liam!! Dodo

  • Mar1lyn
    Mar1lyn 27 minutes ago

    Is that girl from Brasil ? Who is she ?

  • Roman Schlager
    Roman Schlager 28 minutes ago

    It’s my birthday too 🤠

  • Junior diaz
    Junior diaz 28 minutes ago

    Kim a old hoe now !

  • sonia gangmei
    sonia gangmei 34 minutes ago

    Liam is free from miley clutch. Let him rest in peace and live a normal peaceful life. Miley is too unstable.

  • Sticksbass
    Sticksbass 35 minutes ago

    does the father and daughters know why?

  • David Jimenez
    David Jimenez 38 minutes ago

    I would like to HIT THAT AND RUN..it's my duty to get that booty..SURVEY SAYS..HELL YES

  • izie kim
    izie kim 42 minutes ago

    the duke of cambridge had somehow warned harry about all these bad stuffs yet the duke of sussex may have not listened and still did what he wanted to do and that might have lead them to their falling out..prince william is still protective of his brother but prince harry might really wanted to do things on his own..we all know that there's something about prince harry who for a long time wanted to be free, and that's what he's doing regardless of all these royal rules...and he has all the right..brothers trying to be brothers...they warn each other yet still they love each other... but since they are public figures many people are trying to fit into their lives as a royal, give pointless remarks and damaged opinions...i see no wrong in what they do, they give their most to others and leave less for themselves...i believe in due time these brothers will be united once again...their bond will be tested but their love for each other will still overcome all the struggles...

  • Hilary Brintnall
    Hilary Brintnall 43 minutes ago

    Who are these annoying chicks yuck

  • BigD m
    BigD m 44 minutes ago

    Harry is human above of being a royal and Will is king above of being a human. YASSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  • luisito fandor
    luisito fandor 45 minutes ago

    I wanted to see her reaction when liam finds someone......now I have the answer she feels hurt because he has a new girl and he divorced her, it was his decition an that hurts, she didn't want to divorce but he accelerated that, no chances.

  • Pam Williams
    Pam Williams 45 minutes ago

    Oh Miley😵.........

  • Rev Janet E. McShan
    Rev Janet E. McShan 47 minutes ago


  • rglucia
    rglucia 48 minutes ago

    I’m sorry I try really hard not to like this blond girl but she is so funny. I love her 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Dre 3000
    Dre 3000 57 minutes ago

    Anne Hathaway was an awesome Catwoman.😻

  • KiKi's Paradise!!
    KiKi's Paradise!! 57 minutes ago

    Y’all dragging it out because even if she wasn’t rich she would’ve had a bond lol it just happens that she’s rich asf so she don’t even gotta worry to much about it.

  • Emoretta Robinson
    Emoretta Robinson 58 minutes ago

    Nina really adds something to the show that is just obvious when she's not there. Maybe she's on vacation or something. But I like the dynamic between the three of them when she's on the show

  • H London
    H London Hour ago

    There is nothing wrong with "Harry wearing his heart on his sleeve." It simply means Harry can more freely identify and express his emotions, a trait he inherited from his mom. He is more open, more authenic, and more able to act on how he feels. William has to be more reserved and less vulnerable because he will one day be king. The explanations for him are very different.

  • MegaDieselCat
    MegaDieselCat Hour ago

    E! Executives... Ya'll will miss this lil' show when it's gone. Maybe not a profit driver but I see it's influence on other shows, and your hosts DEFINITELY develop their voices here. We love them or we love to hate on them, but there is engagement!

  • Kenneth Mckay
    Kenneth Mckay Hour ago

    Diddy had a “fun fling” I bet he did

  • Alex O
    Alex O Hour ago

    Poor dumb prince. Easily manipulated and vulnerable, just like his mother

  • Samia Terrell
    Samia Terrell Hour ago

    One more show without nina I'm not watching anymore

  • Ace 1o7
    Ace 1o7 Hour ago

    Bradley Cooper is also single!

  • Sean Go
    Sean Go Hour ago

    Hunter is hella cute.

  • Petra Robles
    Petra Robles Hour ago

    This crazy. Brat needs a reality slap

  • kyle ptrick
    kyle ptrick Hour ago

    Harry and meghan obsess in public attention they want sympathy they both attention seeker, they both ruined the royalty, meghan is a cursed into harry's life, meghan intension is to separate harry into his family, before hand harry has a good bond to his family not until he married meghan.

  • Camille Strong
    Camille Strong Hour ago

    She so beautiful girl

  • Camille Strong
    Camille Strong Hour ago

    I love Nicki Minaj ❤️❤️

  • Ann Beekeners
    Ann Beekeners Hour ago

    Probably couldn't see the windshield over her big boobs. Big boobs small mind.

  • Natasja Fischer
    Natasja Fischer Hour ago

    His Brother LIAM OMFG get a grip woman!

    DJ ALLDAY Hour ago


  • Nola Parker
    Nola Parker Hour ago

    Bit of an attention seeking user. Something is wrong with her.

  • Queen Fussy
    Queen Fussy Hour ago

    So she’s admitting that Christians have stolen every pagan holiday in existence and renamed it as their own.. and she’s proud of this?? 🧐🤨

  • Fred Bread
    Fred Bread Hour ago

    She has a manly voice

  • Linda F.
    Linda F. Hour ago

    That guy’s nothing but a player. Eyeing the girl’s butt as she walked away. Where’s Gigi? 🤨

  • Lorna Happy
    Lorna Happy Hour ago

    Where is Nina?

    • Destiny Fleeks
      Destiny Fleeks Hour ago

      Lorna Happy I almost Commented this until I saw your comment!😂

  • Rhianna S.
    Rhianna S. Hour ago

    I think Jenna is a beautiful woman and I liked her better than Jesse J. Perhaps he was totally heartbroken and wanted to move on quickly. I suppose everyone is happier now. After all she did divorce him.

  • Final Season LegaC

    Liam you know!!! You just have no idea do you...lol

  • Fashion Stashin
    Fashion Stashin Hour ago

    Sadly, she never took any advice from her stepfather about acting like a lady...she's irresponsible, pretty but dumb and aways wide open like a 24hr drive-thru.

  • Barbara Von Traumer

    Bow wows daughter is gonna be her present and further rival. They both got that it factor and crazy but talented dads

  • Josee Hanyurwa
    Josee Hanyurwa Hour ago

    They are lucky to leave UK and the royal family the devils satanics bloodline 👹👹👹

  • Cindy McGhie
    Cindy McGhie Hour ago

    At least know your subject matter before you present a story. Liam??? Even if you're American you should still know who the future king of England is.

  • Jay Mark Quinaquin

    Lisa in E News❤️❤️❤️

  • Nikki Dee
    Nikki Dee 2 hours ago

    Lady Gaga dates losers. No one cares about her relationships. What we should be talking about is the fact that her love life was only relevant when she was fronting for publicity for a movie.

  • Kaycee Girl!
    Kaycee Girl! 2 hours ago

    I scare with my eyes open also and people get so freaked out lol😂😂

  • Bro Science
    Bro Science 2 hours ago

    I’m so sick of this bullshit.. if you’re not white they really won’t you to hate yourself. White supremacy..that’s the Science.

  • James Mac777
    James Mac777 2 hours ago

    Miley Cyrus chose to be a lesbian, and men are going to notice, because you are the wrong man, forever. The magic year the party ends for most women who celebrate their sexual lives is about age thirty-years. After she turns thirty-years old, then you will see her unhappiness start to blossom.

  • Debbie Renfroe
    Debbie Renfroe 2 hours ago

    It ridiculous that people on here are critical of William. It’s not his fault that Harry is a drama queen. Somebody has to be a grown up. Harry would do well to emulate his brothers classiness.

  • TheSunshinefee
    TheSunshinefee 2 hours ago

    Not at all.

  • Debbie Renfroe
    Debbie Renfroe 2 hours ago

    William behaves like an adult with dignity. He also lost his Mom and doesn’t throw pity parties for himself . I love Harry but he needs to get ahold of himself and his wife . He grew up very loved and with a lot of sympathy so now he can’t deal with criticism.

  • Vanessa He
    Vanessa He 2 hours ago

    Prince Harry is a very nice guy. I'm not so sure about his brother.

    • Vanessa He
      Vanessa He 31 minute ago

      @cubomania3 And William is a cold hearted, insecure, jealous, egoistical turd. I hope I didn't leave anything out. 😂

    • cubomania3
      cubomania3 40 minutes ago

      He's a weak fool.

  • Jacqueline Payne
    Jacqueline Payne 2 hours ago

    Kim did attend college. She has over 60 credits. This is one of the requirements for doing the apprenticeship. Get your facts straight.

  • Emma Faye
    Emma Faye 2 hours ago

    He is a great interviewer lol bc can tell he not really for her like that lol but he made it thru.. lol and it's kinda sad that it appears to be faking it for the camera ..idk.. maybe it's jst me lol lookin good tho sis lmao

  • aboytoo85
    aboytoo85 2 hours ago

    These two have major chemistry....will it be another E! love match like Zuri and her football player guy??? 😛😛😛

  • Shelbymaldita
    Shelbymaldita 2 hours ago

    I think that she didn't think this through marrying a royal means giving up your privacy and being famous overnight have downside to it. Does she kmow what Diana went through?! It's not hard to decipher, what does she expect? I think she needs to lay low and concentrate on her son and husband.

  • shut up
    shut up 2 hours ago

    Colby is soo good looking

  • Alexis Newell
    Alexis Newell 2 hours ago

    Sorry girls blah blah my ears ate sore 😄 your job to criticize 😦sad

  • Jessie Dahl
    Jessie Dahl 2 hours ago

    holy crap her voice

  • Lamín
    Lamín 2 hours ago

    I wouldn’t have guessed he had an accent

  • Alexis Newell
    Alexis Newell 2 hours ago

    Love Cody beautiful song very special young man live to short to question Cody n Miley let them enjoy love n happiness always ❤🌟

  • OUTspoken
    OUTspoken 2 hours ago

    Yup, Miley is just another gen z or young millenial person who thinks being Bi is cool, that's why she says things like "you don't have to be gay" cos to her it was a choice, not like 99.999% of REAL LGBT folk who suffered growing up and some do as adults as a result of being something they didn't choose to be in a society that thinks it's okay to give us less rights and treat us like we're less than...uh uh....

  • kimberly M
    kimberly M 2 hours ago

    Nothing worse then getting dumped & crashing your car!

  • Shutter Bug
    Shutter Bug 2 hours ago

    Prince William is a human first. To see that, all you have to do is look at his face and eyes when he is connecting with children, people with real problems and his wife. He just knows what his position is and is smart enough not to say one thing and do the total opposite, then say poor me when the people call him out on it. The only thing wrong with Harry and Meaghan is they want to be able to have their cake and eat it too without being criticized for it.

    • Vanessa He
      Vanessa He 2 hours ago

      Prince Harry is the human prince. William is not to be trusted.

  • Ana melsam
    Ana melsam 2 hours ago

    My babes❤

  • Khanddorj Uranchimeg

    Is it 2nd marriage of Tom Kaulitz?

  • Judite Marchany-de Castro

    miley is nuts

  • anna pallentin
    anna pallentin 2 hours ago

    William was RIGHT! Harry should never have married Megan--- what a HUGE mistake that has turned out to be and sadly, it's not over...

  • Gina B
    Gina B 2 hours ago

    He didn't acknowledge anything about being a riff between him and his brother. What were they listening too ??

    • Cindy McGhie
      Cindy McGhie Hour ago

      They're just desperate for anything that looks like a story. Have you seen how news channels there are 😫

  • justice4all
    justice4all 3 hours ago

    Meghan, screw them all, you rise above with your beautiful 👪 family. Straighten your 👑 crown and do your thing

  • Rose jean
    Rose jean 3 hours ago

    Miley sounds like a man who smokes 10 packs of cigs a day!

  • JuLayLee Bee
    JuLayLee Bee 3 hours ago

    He’s so HOT 😩

  • Ainah Legaspi
    Ainah Legaspi 3 hours ago

    No support William...since the beginning you didn't support your brother like he supported you before..well I guess the throne is more important than your brother..William is so selfish..

  • iguerino
    iguerino 3 hours ago

    Nobody cares 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • gabriel attairu
    gabriel attairu 3 hours ago

    There is nothing insults about what Miley Cyrus says. She says the truth, because there are people who know this fact, and keep quiet because they don't want to been criticizing.

  • London L.
    London L. 3 hours ago

    Are we just gonna pretend that Miley just admitted that being gay is a choice? 😂 “Don’t give up.. there are good men out there.. you don’t have to be gay” mmhhm okay Miley so I guess the lgb wasn’t “born this way” bc Miley said you don’t have to be gay. 😂 Miley said it not me.. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣

  • Derpceus
    Derpceus 3 hours ago

    Rest in peace, Desmond "Etika" Amofah. We will never forget you. Thanks for everything. (Also, why tf is the category "entertainment"? I don't see how talking about someone's death could be funny).

    WANGCAIMA KH 3 hours ago

    Wish cody dont let my miley hurt again

  • Son of Ogre
    Son of Ogre 3 hours ago

    They had divorced because Liam wanted kids 🤣

  • Gernita Brutus
    Gernita Brutus 3 hours ago

    I love Kristen bell

    • Kiss Midnight
      Kiss Midnight 3 hours ago

      I think she truly is a gr genuine person.

    GENERAL FRANCO 3 hours ago


  • salma al-shaoily
    salma al-shaoily 3 hours ago

    Harry and Meghan are high privileged, don't complain about tabloids, people in Africa are suffering from no food, no clean water, no electricity, diseases and wars.

  • Emma Faye
    Emma Faye 3 hours ago

    Let's be real. HUSTLERS are some of the top business men/ women out there.. shooo..

  • no name
    no name 3 hours ago

    Miley Cyrus isn't a feminist, she's the evil one, she's the one men need to stay clear of.

  • K Kellz
    K Kellz 3 hours ago

    Girl you never tell the next your man got some good “D”.... that’s a secret at all times

  • Helen Boula
    Helen Boula 3 hours ago

    Oh yes they need this break so they can really build up their lawsuit case documentary documentary documentation documentation right the documentary in South Africa that was a joke I'm sure she's going to have a miscarriage he's going to have a mental breakdown that gives them more money with a lawsuit that's just my personal opinion and their trip to LA with Oprah I'm sure they're going to do another documentary they insulted the people of Africa they are despicable people and I dare them or her to say no one even care to ask her how she was doing really figure that one out Meghan why don't you ask your father he can ask you that question real honestly and it would be with nothing but pure conditional love why don't you try it Meghan it might help you in your life with your new husband and your title that you have to live up to that you are not going to be able to your father said it so well from the beginning what you are about then he is so right.

  • Holly Carter
    Holly Carter 3 hours ago

    She seems like a skank

  • gabriel attairu
    gabriel attairu 3 hours ago

    When you see something that is not light, you stand up against it. The British tabloids are causes damaged to their country. The early their government take action the tabloids the better. Light now, the country is not safe for their Royal, and it would be safer for ordinary people. British Reputations is not looking good in the eyes of the world light now. I would rather called it the tabloids nation. And some of them will start to immigrate to US and Canada. Because is not a safe place to live.

  • Rata 4U
    Rata 4U 3 hours ago

    "Throws shade" is over used and is a clichè. Let's move on shall we?

  • gabriel attairu
    gabriel attairu 3 hours ago

    When you see something that is not light, you stand up against it. The British tabloids are causes damaged to their country. The early their government take action the tabloids the better. Light now, the country is not safe for their Royal, and it would be safer for ordinary people. British Reputations is not looking good in the eyes of the world light now. I would rather called it the tabloids nation. And some of them will start to immigrate to US and Canada. Because is not a safe place to live.

  • Alia Noble
    Alia Noble 3 hours ago

    Felicity looking good.

  • moontakeen whitaker
    moontakeen whitaker 3 hours ago

    Dame she old

  • ChristianWFlaws7
    ChristianWFlaws7 3 hours ago

    Love Kanye

    JAMESBOND LEGAL2G 3 hours ago


  • tere glez
    tere glez 4 hours ago

    You don't have to be gay??? You are so stupid Miley , stop being so idiot

  • Ann Holl
    Ann Holl 4 hours ago

    At the moment i am on a different path with my sister, whom i love dearly❤