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Rise Against - Audience of OneRise Against - Audience of One
Rise Against - Audience of One
10 лет назад

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  • Nied
    Nied 5 месяцев назад

    Hi, BigGey.

  • Coolbeanz Kakashi
    Coolbeanz Kakashi Год назад

    Rise Against - From Heads Unworthy (with lyrics) Why are you butt hurt if people want to talk about a video game it's called "FANDOMS" (^-^*)

    • NinjaWorldWarrior16
      NinjaWorldWarrior16 5 месяцев назад

      World Of Thought Thanks for info.

    • World Of Thought
      World Of Thought 11 месяцев назад

      Because for reasons I'll never know he seems to think music like rise shouldn't be attached to a video game, I can also recall commenting on that video (which contributed to comments being disabled) saying to him that rise benefit from having their music on something like Capcom (they get paid for it and that he should be happy about it. To that he went ballistic saying that rise can f*** themselves. The guy was delusional and certainly not appreciating songs like heads unworthy having promotional boost thanks to Capcom, which is ironic given nobody would care about his channel if he wasn't uploading music that wasn't his to begin with. I only come to this channel again by chance once more and rather unsurprisingly he still has comments disabled. The guy had issues.

  • Jaden Gorsh
    Jaden Gorsh 2 года назад

    I love this channel I hope you see this

  • familie müller stories
    familie müller stories 3 года назад


    TR0OPER 3 года назад

    I doubt you check this channel anymore, but I just wanted to say that I've been a supporter of yours for a long time. Thanks for keeping these videos up.

  • L. Ron Hoyabembe
    L. Ron Hoyabembe 3 года назад

    hey im curious I know you probably wont answer me but if you could id appricate it, on average how much are you making from the youtube ads on your videos?

    • L. Ron Hoyabembe
      L. Ron Hoyabembe 2 года назад

      +SumoTrolls yeah thanks I figured that out shortly after

    • SumoTrolls
      SumoTrolls 2 года назад

      +Dylan Retrac very late answer to this not even by themightychickens himself but you cant make money on music (you don't own the rights to)(and he doesn't)

  • Dexter Shocker
    Dexter Shocker 5 лет назад

    u have to turn on comments plz if people are being idiots then don't mind then read people with alot more sense turning comments off is just making people more pissed and it's even more immature in my opinion just saying considered my comment plz

  • Flamer Brony
    Flamer Brony 5 лет назад

    Thank you for posting the lyrics for these songs! :) (Mainly talking about From Heads Unworthy)

  • T Box
    T Box 5 лет назад

    that was awesome.

  • nite wolve
    nite wolve 5 лет назад

    you should play stxtk

  • Geoffrey kirk
    Geoffrey kirk 6 лет назад

    hey dude thanks so much for all the videos, i rely appreciate them and please keep then coming!!

  • SuperHero1234123
    SuperHero1234123 6 лет назад

    Dude, dont turn off comments just because you dont like reading them. In my opinion it's even more imature to turn'em off, rather then just ignore the dumbass's and listen to those with sense. You are obviously better than them, dont worry about'em.

  • HideYourLicensePlate
    HideYourLicensePlate 6 лет назад

    007 Vehicle FLIP-UP license plate bracket Hide Kit

  • Alfie Gutierrez
    Alfie Gutierrez 6 лет назад

    You should make a video for the song Dirt and Roses

  • Joey Moser
    Joey Moser 6 лет назад

    Hey man I'd just like to say thanks for accepting my video for your responses it's gotten a ton of hits as a result.

  • DaddysBabyBat
    DaddysBabyBat 6 лет назад

    Thank you so much for all of the RA lyric vids you do :D

  • BrightsydeBill
    BrightsydeBill 6 лет назад


  • Kaalifornia
    Kaalifornia 6 лет назад

    Ballad Of Hollis Brown lyrics Chicken ;)

  • Tine Fluher
    Tine Fluher 6 лет назад

    You sir deserve a fucking medal for your awesome work!

    YOUNGHUGSVLOGS 6 лет назад

    Hey man could you help me out with some subscribers ? Like make a shout out ? Thanks !

  • The Sorcerer King Carl
    The Sorcerer King Carl 6 лет назад

    Street Fighter X Tekken!!!!

  • Penis Truck Lesbian
    Penis Truck Lesbian 6 лет назад

    non-SENSUAL - what are you , an idiot?

  • skudzer1985
    skudzer1985 6 лет назад

    "As soon as the discussion appears to become somewhat intelligent again, I'll reopen them." can you tell when the discussion has become intelligent if the comments are disabled? Doesn't matter anyway.

  • Will Creary
    Will Creary 6 лет назад

    long time no talk

  • BobDawg173
    BobDawg173 6 лет назад

    Eat shit and die

  • Yessirplease
    Yessirplease 6 лет назад

    This channel supports kony; kidnapping of children and using them as soldiers.

  • Danny Nguyen
    Danny Nguyen 6 лет назад

    Nice Channel!

  • leaderliter
    leaderliter 6 лет назад

    dude, you need to come back and make more videos.

  • Rasheed13
    Rasheed13 6 лет назад

    rise against \m/ :D

  • dragonrick912
    dragonrick912 7 лет назад

    dragonrick912: "YOUR SECRET IS-" ( sorry this user has been blocked ) themightychickens: "he he. Loser." their secret is safe ... for now ( insert picture of docter evil here )

  • Shane Powell
    Shane Powell 7 лет назад

    UMG Blocked Everchanging acoustic!

  • Sam Caballero
    Sam Caballero 7 лет назад

    hello i just want to ask a question, what's your favorite Rise Against song?

  • RandomChineseGy
    RandomChineseGy 7 лет назад

    Hey! Whats up themightychickens ? :)

  • Kinsey Rage Quit
    Kinsey Rage Quit 7 лет назад

    Love your channel, all the RA lyric videos you post, your awesome responses to the trolls and commentators, and also your Profile/Avatar picture is just glorious. Subscribed.

  • dragonrick912
    dragonrick912 7 лет назад

    I know your seccret. ... You know what I'm talkinging about.

    JGULTRA7 7 лет назад


  • ForgottenForsaken33
    ForgottenForsaken33 7 лет назад

    RA is a great band indeed, thanks for helping them out :)

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens 7 лет назад

    User RsRipper999 (comment below this one) = b&'d

  • The_y
    The_y 7 лет назад

    these songs make me think

  • potts1410
    potts1410 7 лет назад

    hey man im a big supporter. i love all the RA u posted up. thx bro

  • Saint Vampirized Iron The 15th and 1/2

    I don't normally comment on your videos but I have something to say about your featured video. I want to cry now. Of course that video has as few views as it does yet the "fake porn" videos have millions of views.

  • Wombo Combo
    Wombo Combo 7 лет назад

    TMC you are getting very close to 15,000,000 Upload Views :) Ive been a longtime subscriber.

  • Rev Ashes
    Rev Ashes 7 лет назад

    I'm not mad, I just like watching douches like you fall on there face, does that sound like anger? What are you going to do about your millions of views that don't matter anymore? May be you should start a fund raiser to combat the injustice that has befallen you and your millions of viewers. May'be they will help you. lol

  • Trent B
    Trent B 7 лет назад

    Thank you. I watch your channel all the time, I am a huge rise against fan and I have probably watched most of your videos 10 times.

  • Alex Mccluskey
    Alex Mccluskey 7 лет назад

    ur fking awesome! :D

    JGULTRA7 7 лет назад

    it's incredible how you get so many of their rare songs, and I totally agree with you about the graphics I LOVE RISE AGAINST dude your freakin awesome for practically every rise against song!(besides endgame) I listen to your channel every single day i love it!

    JGULTRA7 7 лет назад

    hey is it cool we can be friends LOVE Rise Against

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens 7 лет назад

    LOL, 12 hours after posting that comment, WMG remove their block of my video

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens 7 лет назад

    WMG blocked my Alphaville video worldwide. Guess how many fucks I give? x) The video went viral years ago, and gained huge attention towards Alphaville from people who did not know about the song in advance, so it's their loss, not mine. I didn't gain anything from the video, except ridiculous comments like the one below this one.

  • Rev Ashes
    Rev Ashes 7 лет назад

    That's hilarious, you are a douche, and they wont air your stupid video now. You were a pompous prick who dictated what kind of comment could be left, and now know one can say anything about your stupid video, and even further more, what do those MILLIONS of views matter? Go die idiot! LOL

  • DietHobby
    DietHobby 7 лет назад

    themightychickens, your RUclip Grandma wonders what your favorite color is.

  • Fuuddggeee7
    Fuuddggeee7 7 лет назад

    cool :)

  • HolydarkessM
    HolydarkessM 7 лет назад

    Your lyric movies are the bomb. If you were a ancient chicken you'd be a T-Rex

  • Capn Evan
    Capn Evan 7 лет назад

    Endgame is one of their best albums. You're just not listening closely enough ;-)

  • TheFabibaf
    TheFabibaf 7 лет назад

    awesome dude :D is there any legal way to get all the b-sites? (sight unseen, wholl stop the rain, historia calamatitatum...)

  • gimburg1
    gimburg1 7 лет назад

    Is it just me or is RA's worst albumn Endgame?

  • Call4meWT
    Call4meWT 7 лет назад

    epic epic epic epic epic epic epic rise against songs!!!! i love this channel!!

  • Just an account
    Just an account 7 лет назад

    -licks your cheek- Mmm....tastes like....BACON FGHFDSUGHSDFGHFJGKSH*&!@*(euqhd!*(@3one

  • David Larsen
    David Larsen 7 лет назад

    i agree greatest band everr... Rise Against!

  • Raymond Bain
    Raymond Bain 7 лет назад

    RISE AGAINST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))) best band ever

  • iEmNick
    iEmNick 7 лет назад

    oh ok didnt know :/

  • iEmNick
    iEmNick 7 лет назад

    Hey tmc i think ur missing This is Letting Go and other songs from endgame :/

  • Yasir Juma
    Yasir Juma 7 лет назад

    Love your channel man always come here to listen to Rise Against.<3 I wish you can have End Game but you can't do to copy right but its cool this is the best channel for RA still.

  • MrDicerob
    MrDicerob 7 лет назад

    Thank you so much for making all these lyrics videos! It helped expan my knowledge of Rise against so thank you for that. Sorry for any miss spelled words. Blasting some Rise against :D

  • jarryd008
    jarryd008 7 лет назад

    Awesome videos man. It's great someone has the time to upload these, keep up the good work. :D

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens 7 лет назад

    So, after the receiving the comment below me, my faith in humanity still remains at 0.

  • Anthony Clinton
    Anthony Clinton 7 лет назад

    They know what they are doing but their puppets do not. The army of locusts with the Scorpion sting control the bands and the words they design. They have a command to torment men and strike at their souls with a deadly sting. I warn you to be aware and fight them with the weapons that cancel the poison in the words of death! Grace, Anthony

  • ThisIsRyansGamertag
    ThisIsRyansGamertag 7 лет назад

    thanks for putting up these songs really appreciate it...sub'd

  • Steven Simard
    Steven Simard 7 лет назад

    you have a great ear for music and you deserve a medal for it

  • Bonic
    Bonic 7 лет назад

    99 more subs till 3k

  • xFoGxFraction
    xFoGxFraction 7 лет назад

    ra pumpse up

    AROTTINGNATION 7 лет назад

    great music choice. tim mcilrath is the shit.

  • Trippy231
    Trippy231 7 лет назад

    have you noticed in each music video his hair is always different XD but anyways Rise Against rules thx for the channal man

  • 4EverAwake
    4EverAwake 7 лет назад

    So much info in the lyrics, a reflection of the times,Read between the lines.TheMightChickens, slainte' my friend.

  • xFoGxFraction
    xFoGxFraction 7 лет назад

    the vids rock harder than lil wayne

  • King Begino
    King Begino 7 лет назад

    you got some good music up here, sir

  • Shalev Wainberg
    Shalev Wainberg 7 лет назад

    I stopped watching any Rise Against vids but your's. I just wish more people from where I live will know them and like them.

  • MordazSatirico
    MordazSatirico 7 лет назад

    I want you to be the father of my sister's children. This means you're pretty awesome.

  • mvachef
    mvachef 7 лет назад

    Am I the only one having trouble understanding what TheHardCoRExTreMisT just wrote? o.O makes absolutely no sense at all..

  • Brandon Lago
    Brandon Lago 7 лет назад

    Another Rise Against fan! hell yeah man! your awesome keep posting the videos! Tim McIlrath is a lyrical genius and Rise Against is the best band on the face of the planet hands down.

  • the401killa1
    the401killa1 7 лет назад

    how long have u listenting to rise against

  • kim jong ILL
    kim jong ILL 7 лет назад

    dude apply for a youtube partnership you have enough subscribers

  • Charizardichu
    Charizardichu 7 лет назад

    Hey umm Just letting you know, the "unreleased" songs off of the This is Noise, and Vinyl records definitely made my day and week. Thanks man and umm How do I add you? :)

  • Shane Powell
    Shane Powell 7 лет назад

    whats the difference between Endgame and the other albums, how have you not got banned for the other albums, how is endgame any different?

  • princeofales1
    princeofales1 7 лет назад

    I agree. I hate checking my mail every day to find some idiotic comment. People, people, people. Grow up.

  • mvachef
    mvachef 7 лет назад

    I can't wait :D

  • No Luls Deep Meme
    No Luls Deep Meme 7 лет назад

    Because if we like people that contribute to society, people will keep contributing to society. Society is improved, and it gains another member.

  • mvachef
    mvachef 7 лет назад

    Okay, that's fair enough.. I'd hate to see your Channel banned. I always turn to you when i want Lyrics :D isn't there some RA songs from previous albums that you haven't made Lyrics for yet? Perhaps you could do some of those meanwhile? That is.. if you feel like it ofcourse.

  • Stirfry0
    Stirfry0 7 лет назад

    upload some endgame. Most of the vids I've seen aren't being taken down

  • Shane Powell
    Shane Powell 7 лет назад

    why are you not uploading endgame, plz respond?

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens 7 лет назад

    @ShunLifeify - Lolwut?

  • ReaperSho
    ReaperSho 7 лет назад

    VV U mad, Bro? VV

  • mvachef
    mvachef 7 лет назад

    Hey mate, i hope you will be uploading Endgame songs soon, because a lot of those out there right now are filled with grammar mistakes and that's just fucking annoying for a lyrics video.. When/if you begin uploading Endgame songs could you start out with "Disparity By Design"? It's my favourite of their new album :D

  • Melbostadj
    Melbostadj 7 лет назад

    Did the new CD make it out to your island yet? :P

  • mvachef
    mvachef 7 лет назад

    Good job with achieving 10 million views! keep up the good work :D

  • MordazSatirico
    MordazSatirico 7 лет назад

    You sir, Are fucking awesome.

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens 7 лет назад

    Just hit 10 million views :-)

  • Sotike
    Sotike 7 лет назад

    CHICKEN!!! X3

  • Jarred Wood
    Jarred Wood 7 лет назад

    MeAndRiseAgainst4eva.... The time it took you to write that you could have written savior into search uploads and it would already be up and being played. :)

  • Reza Rahman
    Reza Rahman 7 лет назад are you....??? it's the 12 year old annoying girl again........ :) i just wanted ask you have facebook or not....... if you have then let me know!!! my name in facebook is Farhin Rahman :) hope you'll answer!!!

  • XJHenry
    XJHenry 7 лет назад

    Oh, the things I could do if I possessed your counter-trolling abilities... You are awesome.

  • Benjamin Hernandez Jr
    Benjamin Hernandez Jr 7 лет назад

    Hey TMC, what's new? So I know you know that they're going on tour again. This time I won't be able to post any videos, I love this band but work comes first, so let me know if any of your acolytes post any.

  • Marcos bezaire Arevalo
    Marcos bezaire Arevalo 7 лет назад

    why don't you do eye's wide shut by rise against?

  • Tequila9911
    Tequila9911 7 лет назад

    I love you and i love Rise Agains <3 Greetings from Switzerland - by a Croat ;)

  • Heather Stock
    Heather Stock 7 лет назад

    Any Rise Against song is a friend of mine. =)

  • Will Creary
    Will Creary 7 лет назад

    yeah same. they even claimed they owned a few of my cover videos. bull fucking shit. i'm sick of it. when i meet tim in a few months i'm bringing it up. i'll see if i can show him your video too.

  • Will Creary
    Will Creary 7 лет назад

    it just gave me the whole "this video has been blocked worldwide by UMG" when i did help is on the way they just straight banned me

  • 129bird
    129bird 7 лет назад

    JZ is a moron. He makes me sick

  • daniel lee
    daniel lee 7 лет назад

    Forever young man.

  • Vasile McVasile
    Vasile McVasile 7 лет назад

    Since because of the assholes you blocked comments on that one vid, I'll say it here. Love Forever Young. <3

  • mvachef
    mvachef 7 лет назад

    Well, it was worth a shot anyway.. I hope you will upload some lyrics for the new album when it comes out (assuming you can do it without risking a ban)

  • Will Creary
    Will Creary 8 лет назад

    good call, that's EXACTLY what it was.

  • mvachef
    mvachef 8 лет назад

    Hey mate, are you going to release a lyrics version of the new RA song "Help Is On The Way"? It would be awesome! :D Cheers from Denmark.

  • Shooting Comet
    Shooting Comet 8 лет назад

    Ok thats cool, thx for the reply.

  • JaymaruNara
    JaymaruNara 8 лет назад

    ur a bigger rise against fan then i am man cool

  • PunkRockSelecta
    PunkRockSelecta 8 лет назад

    Saw Rise Against back in August, first time i ever saw them live, one of the best shows ive ever seen! Pure energy and family vibe! Love them, the videos u have here reminds me of that show, the lyrics are so awesome! Cheers!

  • dermitdemkurzennamen
    dermitdemkurzennamen 8 лет назад

    thanks for uploading the rise against videos =D

  • Pyrothingy
    Pyrothingy 8 лет назад

    thanks for posting the videos and making my days with all of your comebacks :D

  • Reynaldo Q
    Reynaldo Q 8 лет назад

    umm just in case u can change the background to other colors(i really dont care if its blue and white)

  • RiseAgainst40111
    RiseAgainst40111 8 лет назад

    PerfectAndroidCell is right those friend invites are Rise Against fans

  • William Roggero
    William Roggero 8 лет назад

    making chirstmas sounds like a system of a down song but way to slow

  • RiseAgainst40111
    RiseAgainst40111 8 лет назад

    TMC if not the Rise Against Journey cover than how about Swing Life Away.

  • RiseAgainst40111
    RiseAgainst40111 8 лет назад

    Why do you think Rise Against Journey cover sucks?

  • Laura Malec
    Laura Malec 8 лет назад

    You should do the lyrics for white flag warrior with Tim from RA, & flobots.

  • RiseAgainst40111
    RiseAgainst40111 8 лет назад

    TMC i think you should do the rise against journey cover PLZ write back

  • Reza Rahman
    Reza Rahman 8 лет назад

    well then, thanks anyway! Very sorry to bother you:) actually i asked you because of your COOL CHICKEN NAME!!!!XD this is my big bros account and i'm just a 12 year old girl!!!:] i keep wandering in youtube for listening songs and when i found your vids (lots of them) i decided to watch those and I LOVED IT!! I'm quite enthusiastic about music and once again, SOOOO SORRY TO BOTHER YOU

  • Reza Rahman
    Reza Rahman 8 лет назад

    YOUR VIDS ARE AWESOME DUDE!!!!!XD continue what you're doing. YOUR NAME ALSO ROCKS!!! it makes me wonder, what is your real name? are you a Christian?How old are you? NOTHING serious! just asking :] Hope you will answer my questions:}

  • Alex Murphy
    Alex Murphy 8 лет назад

    Don't tase me bro. Let me get this troll.

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens 8 лет назад

    You're right AE, I'm doing all of this for my own amusement. No news in that. Welcome to the internet kiddo. Though what was that about spreading misinformation? PS: Character assassination doesn't work against anonymous users, your efforts are wasted. PPS: You know I could have blocked you and deleted all your comments weeks ago, right?

  • AEgamesFtw
    AEgamesFtw 8 лет назад

    You people are deeply misguided. TMC is just a troll. His videos take about 3 minutes to make, he copy and pastes all the lyrics off random sites (hence the mistakes) and he doesn't even bother to change the WMM format. He doesn't respond to positive comments because he is an arrogant asshole who thinks himself above his admirers and only responds to criticism, and often people who are leaving complimentary or positive comments in order to troll and flame and, on at least one occasion, gets his ass handed to him for it.

  • Anika B
    Anika B 8 лет назад

    I've been listening to a bunch of your videos recently, because my laptop crashed and I found myself at a loss for Rise Against music!! Thanks so much for all of them :) I know it's really RA's stuff; but your effort is really appreciated know whats the best? your EPIC comebacks and steel-sharp wit to beat back all the idiots on the internet Thank you for making me laugh and letting me listen to wonderful music at the same time. :D

  • leaderliter
    leaderliter 8 лет назад

    Hey, can you make a lyrics video for "Rumors of My Demise have been greatly Exaggerated" by Rise Against. If you already have sorry I couldn't find it. One of my favs by them, its on their album Siren Song Of The Counter Culter i believe.

  • TheCmworld
    TheCmworld 8 лет назад

    Hey Chickens. Have you heard of Tim Mcllrath and Flobots that song is pretty cool that they sing together in White Flag warrors

  • Olle
    Olle 8 лет назад

    it sux that some of the videos have been blocked (sad face)

  • chilidili
    chilidili 8 лет назад

    pah duh problem

  • Benjamin Hernandez Jr
    Benjamin Hernandez Jr 8 лет назад

    Welcome back dude!

  • TheCmworld
    TheCmworld 8 лет назад

    Freakin stupid wikipedia it said that they broke up! I hate that lying piece of software.

  • TheCmworld
    TheCmworld 8 лет назад

    Cool, You got your account from google, wasn't to hard, hopefully?

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens 8 лет назад


  • themightychickens
    themightychickens 8 лет назад

    After a short war with Google, I just managed to retrieve my account. Just letting you all know

  • TheCmworld
    TheCmworld 8 лет назад

    Great lyrics ang great taste in music. My idiotic brother thinks rise against sucks and Lady Gaga is so 'hip' Have you heard Bloc Party? They're great. Awesome vids dude! Rise Against is cool! To bad they broke up (did they really? It seems so out there even for me.) Have a great life uploading and live a very full and wonderful life (or day)

  • chilidili
    chilidili 8 лет назад

    Rise Against really sucks

  • Steele Fernandes
    Steele Fernandes 8 лет назад

    thanks for all the rise against videos. I LOVE YOU.

  • TokyoXtremeDrifter
    TokyoXtremeDrifter 8 лет назад

    LOL, alright :D

  • Rayfroza
    Rayfroza 8 лет назад

    thanks for the rise against uploads brother

  • Ryan Javery
    Ryan Javery 8 лет назад

    I just want to say thanks for posting all video's makes impressing people at parties a bit easier.

  • America460
    America460 8 лет назад

    youth like diamond and diamond are forever

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens 8 лет назад

    Nazi now? This is getting interesting.

  • randytune88
    randytune88 8 лет назад

    haha fuck jay z the alphaville verson was better then n is better now.

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens 8 лет назад

    I am so controversial :-O

  • C'est Moi
    C'est Moi 8 лет назад

    hi there! well i like your videos, and especially the one of "forever young" sung by alphaville. i think its a pitty you disabled comments just cause some ppl mentioned jay-z. To me its just LOGICAL he doesnt sing in it at all, i would never have written his name... and still i just like to read through some comments and place one from time to time.... You should not disable comments due to a small quantity of idiots in here... the rest, which is the majority, just cannot change them either... but all in all to sum up, you did some great work in your videos, "chapeau", as we canadians often say :-)) take care.

  • DarkOneKmikaze
    DarkOneKmikaze 8 лет назад

    that Jay-Z is another plagiator

  • Lazar Puhalo
    Lazar Puhalo 8 лет назад

    Ah then he is not the chap who does the song on your video. I don't care for rap, dislike the words mostly, but some of them do it well. Here in B.C., we have Punjab rappers. If you have ever heard someone from Punjab speaking, you would grasp the irony.

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens 8 лет назад

    Interesting, the guy below me got banned...

  • Lazar Puhalo
    Lazar Puhalo 8 лет назад

    I can't imagine what sort of complaints some of your viewers have about Jay-Z. What is the issue? He is a great performer --- a bit stiff, but a 1st class voice. Please enlighten me: what is the issue?

  • Samantha
    Samantha 8 лет назад

    Love Rise Against! Great channel!

  • DFENS3
    DFENS3 8 лет назад

    "If you don't like the standard Windows Movie Maker blue background and white text, sue Microsoft for the boring software, I don't care to be honest, go bitch about it somewhere else :)" LOL

  • Chris M
    Chris M 8 лет назад

    Now he's just getting spam about Jay-Z on his channel instead of the video lol. Glad you put this one up even though its on my ipod.

  • Jesse Solomon
    Jesse Solomon 8 лет назад

    I think I love you for disabling comments because people mentioned that hack who ripped off Alphaville. You're awesome, keep up the good work :P

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  • RuhhSouLBreaux ✌
    RuhhSouLBreaux ✌ 8 лет назад

    lol lots of jay z hate in this box, even though i do highly appreciate the oldies, dont haate on jay z, actually he's a decent rapper.

  • sunfilufagus
    sunfilufagus 8 лет назад

    why do poeple think jz is in forever young the song is too good to have him i hate when people remix great songs

  • zeldafan237
    zeldafan237 8 лет назад

    2,000,000 views on your alphaview video now. July 7, 2010

  • Benjamin Hernandez Jr
    Benjamin Hernandez Jr 8 лет назад

    Still the popular one with music fans I see, lol. Just checking in, it's been a while. So you like the Onion?

  • Chris M
    Chris M 8 лет назад

    @RWJISBEAST14 A pile of crap > Any rapper

  • Jesus H. Christ
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  • mcd2217
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  • Chris M
    Chris M 8 лет назад

    You'd figure they would have realized it wasn't the Jay-Z version when they heard the singer actually sounded good. It's sad looking up old songs like that and finding some retarded rapper who didn't change the music or words, but just added a couple lines of rap in there and make big money off of it. RAP= Retards Attempting Poetry

  • alex sissons
    alex sissons 8 лет назад

    That was fuckin hilarious. Your comment about "shut the fuck up. Jay z aint here" Im a 70s baby. When music was music

  • zh3nghaoxiang
    zh3nghaoxiang 8 лет назад

    Jay-Z ruined the Alphaville song. All that profanity...ugh. Thanks for preserving such a great song!

  • Jay P
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    You can change the color background and text of Windows Movie Maker.

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    Hey your name is the most epic thing ever. :]

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  • gmanleader0
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  • Lasse Høyer
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  • Benjamin Hernandez Jr
    Benjamin Hernandez Jr 8 лет назад

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  • Benjamin Hernandez Jr
    Benjamin Hernandez Jr 8 лет назад

    Check it out, UMG is now blocking videos in the US. "This video contains content from UMG. It is no longer available in your country."

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    Whoever else is reading this has no idea how ridiculous this guy is :-)

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    calling me retarded is gonna help you how? thats just fucking stupid.

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    WOW so now that i have a legit argument u call me a troll and walk away? nice

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    Also you dont have to put one musician down to try and pull one up. especially a band from what the 80ys?

  • zamblorg
    zamblorg 8 лет назад

    No dude i dont care about your musical tastes what i dont care for is how you can stand to have racism be inti-graded into posts on your video...