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  • Glam- a-Glo-Go
    Glam- a-Glo-Go 8 minutes ago

    Hey, critic! Did you know that The “Addams Family” movies are actually a TRILOGY??? That’s right! There’s actually a THIRD “Addams Family” movie called, “Addams Family Reunion”! And despite the great Tim Curry being on it, it wasn’t received well by critics. It even only got a direct to VHS debut! How’s about ending “Nostalgiaween” right by showing us why this unknown threequal deserves to be unknown!!!!!!

  • Aunrah
    Aunrah 10 minutes ago

    Holy shit man. This would have been amazing. Well done sir

  • Amy Rose
    Amy Rose 11 minutes ago

    14:23 to 15:21 This was doug while watching The Wall

  • NONE
    NONE 11 minutes ago

    What if Zeebo was possessed by The Deadlights?

  • Marco Macias
    Marco Macias 13 minutes ago

    the nutcracker is just enter the uncanny valley. in which its animation and looks is just creepy

  • Big staircase
    Big staircase 13 minutes ago

    I'm so sick of people complaining about the CGI, it's a stylised horror movie FFS it's not supposed to look realistic

  • Artemis13
    Artemis13 15 minutes ago

    3:00 Screams Mars while showing picture of the moon colored red.

  • First Last
    First Last 20 minutes ago

    Hey look, the good intro.

  • Western Defector
    Western Defector 21 minute ago

    honestly, I didn't really find the ending that compelling. Him dancing on the stairs or him entering his pretend girlfriends apartment is the climax. The ending scene in the psychiatric ward was just whatever, didn't pay much attention to it. its almost irrelevant. We know where his character is developing, he's the joker, we don't really need to see it in action. If they'd let that scene out there would be more room for development. Him being cherished from the dispossessed in the streets was a perfect ending point in my opinion. it makes sense that his character developed into the joker.

  • The Alpha Wildcat
    The Alpha Wildcat 25 minutes ago

    Your Ozzy needs to sound more like he's lost nearly all of his brain cells, and it would be spot on.

  • Western Defector
    Western Defector 26 minutes ago

    at 7:00 you're right. I believe Joaquin himself believes the same. Theres room for a sequel which he teased at. There is more development that can be done to turn him into joker foreal. It probably won't be as awesome as this film because in a potential sequel we are going to see arthur more often than not being a sadistic villain which won't captivate audiences in the same way. Id still watch it though.

  • Martin Hodges
    Martin Hodges 28 minutes ago

    You search Avatar, you get the blue version. You search Last Airbender, you get the Shyamalan version. Do I really need to use the full fucking name?

  • Josh Gimblett
    Josh Gimblett 32 minutes ago

    Painfully unfunny...what happened to the NC?!?

  • Western Defector
    Western Defector 32 minutes ago

    I kept thinking during the movie that his girlfriend was playing him for a fool and that that was going to be the straw that breaks the camels back. Him being able to be happy and trust someone and it is all a shame, I was certain it was going to happen but I was wrong. We all knew there was going to be something final that turns him from arthur to joker and they did a good job of keeping guessing. Good review by the way.

  • notgonnapay
    notgonnapay 34 minutes ago

    That was tough to watch...3:47 minutes of this beautiful example of pretentiousness.

  • Hotdog an American!
    Hotdog an American! 41 minute ago

    Sorry but it doesn’t seem that anyone here in the comments caught the ghostbuster reference, when Winston is being interviewed by the receptionist, nearly word for word when (mike I think was his name) is being interviewed by Bethany, say for the pay amount.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 43 minutes ago

    19:24 Did anyone else notice the boxes full of Amiibos behind Berverly

  • ItzJosweh
    ItzJosweh 44 minutes ago

    I cant believe you think the adult ben is bad, he was the best cast of the losers for sure. I wish they went into more detail about it in the movie but he gets in shape because hes so dreadfully lonely and Jay and Jeremy look identical other than their weight.

  • Christina Hilkey
    Christina Hilkey 45 minutes ago

    My mom read this book to me when I was a kid, and the scene with the kids bouncing the balls and everything TERRIFIED me. Even now, I can still remember that part of the book, and the feelings it created. It a very odd, and creepy book from what I remember otherwise, almost like what I imagine a bad LSD trip is like...

  • Jacob Underwood
    Jacob Underwood 46 minutes ago

    You can make a case that the reason their mouths never moved in the show is because all dialogue was a narration. But in the movie? Yeah it inexcusable.

  • Talyn has time
    Talyn has time 46 minutes ago

    Controversial opinion, but I like this film. I hate all the other Disney live-action remakes but there is something about this one that I can't help but love. I would say it's because I like any story that takes an abject villain and retells them so they're a good character and everyone else is actually the asshole. The story also has shades of Greek tragedy that I'm really into, but it still has a fairy tale ending that I don't hate. Oh, and I hated the original Sleeping Beauty (especially the fairies), so that may also be a part of it.

  • Morrell Pranks , Social Experiments & Challenges

    What about Robin & Richard “ ( Dick “ ) John Grayson

  • Theresa Colella
    Theresa Colella 47 minutes ago

    Doug is wrong

  • TheDoctor Fez
    TheDoctor Fez 49 minutes ago

    I would love to see someone blink in front of Yoda and then explode.

  • Jack Paul Animations
    Jack Paul Animations 50 minutes ago

    Imagine buying the album

  • Hardrock Miner
    Hardrock Miner 50 minutes ago

    God Its True

  • Jack Paul Animations
    Jack Paul Animations 52 minutes ago

    TFW the sponsorship ad is the best part of the video

  • bogdan damaschin
    bogdan damaschin 55 minutes ago

    I need to congratulate you... this is the worst thing you ever did. Like a new record. Stoped after making fun of the part about the kids... in a post war country... when they were beat for listening to music... Have a dislike, next time you make fun of abused people you get an unsubscribe.

  • XxChesire_CatxX
    XxChesire_CatxX 59 minutes ago

    4 female ghostbusters? The feminists are taking over! IM AN ADULT VIRGIN

  • A Ghost in the House!

    Thade for president, maybe he'll get his own memorial at the end of the mall in the nation's capitol.

  • eminiclam
    eminiclam Hour ago

    a kid reading shokugeki no souma which has plenty of borderline hentai scenes.........hilarious.

  • devin danbo
    devin danbo Hour ago

    4:22 favorite part out of this whole thing.

  • neha misra
    neha misra Hour ago


  • Ultroman the Tacoman

    The whole theatre I was in stood up and applauded when it ended.

  • Morgoth from Angband

    Dragonball Evolution is the worst thing ever made by a human, even worse than bagpipes.

  • Elisha Anderson
    Elisha Anderson Hour ago

    Please please please review a million ways to die in the West Seth MacFarlane is this movie

  • Renata mora
    Renata mora Hour ago

    11 minutes in and there isn't a shred of anything resembling a movie review. wtf nostalgia critic?

  • AlexxCrue
    AlexxCrue Hour ago

    Also the audience *Should* know the guy at 7:02, because he plays Dr. Elliot Kupferberg, who is a reaccuring character in the greatest tv show of all time, THE SOPRANOS

  • Count Dooku’s Severed Head

    Would’ve been perfect to end the series with that

  • Alex Ziemba
    Alex Ziemba Hour ago

    I actually like space jam in fact it's one of favorite movies so why do you hate it

  • gailstepo69
    gailstepo69 Hour ago

    I like it

  • Lima Bravo
    Lima Bravo Hour ago

    Just what I want before my nostalgia critic episode, a Spanish language Tylenol commercial

  • Emerald 56
    Emerald 56 Hour ago

    R.I.P Peter Fonda We will all miss you

  • neha misra
    neha misra Hour ago

    I was born in 2001. This is my fave movie. 90's kids, please sit down for 2 minutes. Let the 2000's babies have a moment.

  • Hardrock Miner
    Hardrock Miner Hour ago

    I Noticed that when critic gives critic a stare he looks like Winnie From Hocus Pocus

  • AlexxCrue
    AlexxCrue Hour ago

    Buh-Buh-Buh- *BILLY BOY* -insert AMAZING Tim Curry laugh Perfect

  • SMB 12
    SMB 12 Hour ago

    I loved transformers 12 and 3 the worst one is 4 and 5

  • Gunnie
    Gunnie Hour ago

    Bro, that bookshelf is about to fall apart.

  • genesistoomega
    genesistoomega Hour ago

    I loved that lucy lacemaker was in this!

  • Colva Moon
    Colva Moon Hour ago

    25:25 what music is that? It sounds awesome.

  • w41duvernay
    w41duvernay Hour ago

    Brandley Ledford's nudity was NOT gratitudious, I say to Channel Awesome.

  • genesistoomega
    genesistoomega Hour ago

    I absolutely loved this intro! that was great!

  • AndiWatts
    AndiWatts Hour ago

    This so looks like a much better film having just watched Dark Phoenix.

  • Yeebage Garbagio

    We don't need no self awareness. We don't need no quality control.

  • Elizabeth Lawson

    I fucking love this movie! It has its flaws but it’s funny and it has a pretty good moral: don’t judge someone based on a stereotype. And they added a subtle (for a children’s movie) gay character.

  • Katt AD
    Katt AD Hour ago

    Mostly anything with cats I love. 😸❤️

  • Travis Ruston
    Travis Ruston Hour ago

    Anyone else notice the famicom controller Mario was using had inverted colors? Also regarding mario and Luigi being grocers rather than plumbers, Mario was used for any possible profession Nintendo needed for a game at the time. This ultimately stopped being Mario and became mr. game and watch.

  • SpiderGamer
    SpiderGamer Hour ago

    Was this movie made by hobos and kids?

  • Amanda P
    Amanda P Hour ago

    I love this opening!!! Great nod to Unsolved Mysteries!!

  • Anthony Hudak
    Anthony Hudak Hour ago

    Like John Wick needs a bullet to kill someone

  • The Moonchin Reacts

    What is the name of that EXTRAordinary sound at 00:00? 😅

  • Dar theStar
    Dar theStar Hour ago

    Who else said *Dammit Frank!* with the other skeletons when Frank screwed up the Head pun segment of the video? I know I sure did!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • insanechildfanfic

    love the book and its series, but got to admit, all leads were annoying in book one. And the princess, she was actually worse in the first book, but character development happens and by the last book, they are impressive and enjoyable

  • Sophie Kuchinka
    Sophie Kuchinka Hour ago

    Roger Waters, sweetie, I’m so sorry

    DIZZYD Hour ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaa...oh no....oh fucking no....

  • gaster two soul
    gaster two soul Hour ago

    Hey your just jealous because the wall review sucked

  • Parker Jameson
    Parker Jameson Hour ago

    This is my first watch so I will edit my thoughts. Edit: I'm literally 2 minutes 15 seconds in, and I hate it. Edit 2: Oh god, Critic is singing. Edit 3: this is bad, really bad.

  • Everoth Nyesh
    Everoth Nyesh Hour ago

    I cant get over how bad the clown make up was on this one

  • TheGukos
    TheGukos 2 hours ago

    I did not see this movie in while, but my reason why i didn´t like this movie (as much as the first one) is because of the action This movie has its moments, but its not near as awesome as in Avengers 1. The first movie had so many great action scenes in the end fight. I mean, remeber when Bruce/Hulk punched this flying giant worm thing direct in the face while transforming? Or this great long-shot when they show every Avenger fighting the badguys. Avengers 2 had also this kinda long shot when the camera circled arround them, but it was just not as good or as epic.

  • Fishslap 33
    Fishslap 33 2 hours ago

    Malcolm as Eartha Kitt is amazing.

  • Drew Bell Pictures
    Drew Bell Pictures 2 hours ago

    This movie deserves a over haul of a remake. I can almost imagine a almost Hitchcockian thriller with no supernatural elements, just a bunch of crazy people trapped in a elevator. And one of them is probably a killer.

  • J B
    J B 2 hours ago

    This is like watching every NC clipless review rolled into one. The perfect nightmare for this Halloween season

  • Forever Undying
    Forever Undying 2 hours ago

    Sticks and Stones was halarious. Grow a pair.

  • mentaya11
    mentaya11 2 hours ago

    This is weird, and I doubt anyone really cares, but I just watched this for the first time (having seen the Lorax at a dollar theater last summer) and...I really think this might have helped me decide my future path. No guarantees, of course, but I've been trying to decide what I wanted to do with my Environmental Science/Chemistry/Biology/Communication degree and...this has really nailed home to me what made me fall in love with nature and science in the first place, and reminded me of my interest in passing on that passion. I'm getting to the end of that degree now, and, well, thinking about *how* to make an environmental message last and hearing their might have just helped. Here's hoping.

  • kvsyaoran727
    kvsyaoran727 2 hours ago

    Do you think the NC will ever review Fantastic Beasts or The Crimes of Grindelwald? I was always curious what he thought of the first film at least

  • Tierra C
    Tierra C 2 hours ago

    I like kix...:(

  • aAron Oster
    aAron Oster 2 hours ago

    How dare you question if nighmare before christmas is a good movie Its one of those movies you can watch on Halloween and christmas. Is it a good movies tsk tsk tsk Yes nostalgic yes it is

  • Michael Tenkovski
    Michael Tenkovski 2 hours ago

    Corey Taylor, how the fuck could you take participation in this abomination?

  • egor reshetnikov
    egor reshetnikov 2 hours ago

    He turns his head for Nash to see that it's actually him

  • The Eminent Joshua E. Hrouda

    7:09 old man asleep! Hahaha

  • ExA Films
    ExA Films 2 hours ago

    FINALLY!!!! Thank you for agreeing that Andrew Garfield is the best Spider-Man!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Lavertue
    Daniel Lavertue 2 hours ago

    @channel Awesome Critic I want to review Arthur Christmas

  • Quicktime Events
    Quicktime Events 2 hours ago

    Honestly, the main problem I have with the prequels is that they are not prequels. They're just stories set in the Star Wars universe. So much was changed from the originals to the prequels that by the time Episode III was written the two stories were nowhere near coherent in relation to each other! This results in the last twenty or so minutes of Episode III being dedicated to ramming the characters into their Episode IV positions instead of just writing a fulfilling climax. They should have started at the conditions of Episode IV and worked backward: "What could have caused this," write that condition, then repeat until you have a beginning of Episode I that actually works. If they had, who knows, we might have gotten genuinely good prequels. As is, they're still, in my opinion, perfectly serviceable films, but even I have to admit, they are not good Star Wars prequels.

  • GODofGrace1
    GODofGrace1 2 hours ago

    lol, now this alone is worthy of an award. Forget Chapter Whatever, just watch this instead,haha. I did not like the remake. Except for the fact,that Sophia Lillis looks like the twin-sister of the late Jonathan Brandis, totally no sense of nostalgia to.. it. i'll just stick to the retro versions of movies/series i like, of which they feel the illogical need to make some remake of.

  • Smokee Dinero
    Smokee Dinero 2 hours ago

    Like some Magic Treehouse book

  • LiftBoy93
    LiftBoy93 2 hours ago

    Dude, it's funny once...But it is not that hard to understand Stallone.

  • That_ Fellow
    That_ Fellow 2 hours ago

    Yes. End of discussion fuck you Doug

  • Travis Ruston
    Travis Ruston 2 hours ago

    Just hearing Doug say the Mickey Mouse comics being considered wholesome made me immediately think about the comic where Mickey tries to off himself.

  • Mr. Morden
    Mr. Morden 2 hours ago

    You know, it appears things have gotten rather problematic when people find it necessary to give this review its own Wikipedia page. The complexity of this video's faults are so intricate that one must explain to the general masses, in significant detail through the "Plot" section, exactly how this absurd view of a fairly understandable film is conveyed so poorly in this 40+ minute long extravaganza. It comes with benefits, however; I suppose no longer should people find it necessary to see this video when these simplistic and juvenile criticisms of The Wall (a film deserving of any more in-depth criticism than this, whether positive or negative) are communicated much better through a concise and less bloated summary page. It also prevents Doug Walker from having to explain himself on this matter, which is evidently an ability he finds necessary to avoid as of late... (...Speaking of which, perhaps I should write up my own review of The Wall, and spread the word (with my evidently minimal influence) about the interesting history behind this film, the various interpretations that can be drawn from it, and the genuine faults people can find in this (evidently but subtlety) complicated but admirable picture. In this regard, thank you, Channel Awesome; you have inspired me with your insipid nonsense to create once again. I congratulate you for fueling my artistic ego, for better or worse...)

  • Георгий Капустин

    Народ не понял прикола )

  • ButrzV2
    ButrzV2 2 hours ago

    No one mentioned the hilarious Stephen King cameo in the antique store!?

  • BackLash
    BackLash 2 hours ago

    For all of the Nostalgia Critics' complaints about movies like Space Jam and Mortal Kombat, I was still throughly entertained by them. For all the vitriol in the comment's section about this Nostalgia Critic review, I was still throughly entertained by this episode.

  • Misty Rose
    Misty Rose 2 hours ago

    What I found unbelievable was that they each went out to find their “tokens” and just somehow knew exactly what it was they needed to find. Some made sense like Georgie’s boat for Bill, Eddie’s inhaler and Bev’s letter and maaaaybe Richie’s token. But Stanley’s was just an out of nowhere thing that the others just assumed would be his token. How about a book about birds since he loved them? Something representing his Jewish upbringing and faith since that was a big part of his character. But shower caps? That works I guess 😂

  • Alphasnowbordergirl
    Alphasnowbordergirl 2 hours ago

    Heath ledger while good, i never got the comic book feel of the joker I grew up with in the animated series and cartoons. He was entertaining but I was laughing. This Joker, I could see Joker. They way he moved, the way his laugh reminded me a lot of Mark Hamil's and specifically the way he walked the line of fear. No matter how much I sympathized for him. I was never completely on his side because something about him was unsettling. There was always something that made me fear him and make me wonder what he was going to do. Part of that is knowing who he was. You know he's going to be the Joker so you wait for that moment for him to snap. But it doesn't come when you expect it to. His Joker reminded me so much of the cartoons. The way he could think something was funny and then he would suddenly stop laughing and you would be afraid of him. Excellent performance.

  • Xbox One Nederland
    Xbox One Nederland 2 hours ago

    Easy answer is that the US is not the only country in the world. And things like st Patricks, 4th of jully and Thanksgiving is only the US all other holiday stuff are almost world wide. So for companies it's better to do just Christmas and Halloween. The US is just not so important for companies anymore 😊 and off course the rest off the world don't care what happens in the US 😉

  • Beethoven’s Fidelio

    If I wanted to watch a live-action remake of Disney’s “The Lion King”, I will just watch “Black Panther” instead. 😂

  • John Portell
    John Portell 2 hours ago

    Literally laughed my ass off at "Lanaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!"

  • Shmee Productions
    Shmee Productions 2 hours ago

    That car that hit Jonesey is the same one for maximum overdrive. The one the newly Weds Drive.

  • GeometricDominator
    GeometricDominator 2 hours ago

    When he says fat cat burglar, they call him a fat cat robbing rat

  • Alphasnowbordergirl
    Alphasnowbordergirl 2 hours ago

    I think the ending thing you were talking about was supposed to actually be a "was it real or another story he created from an unreliable narrator"