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Our House Is On Fire
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"1 BY 1" TOUR
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  • Alisha Williams
    Alisha Williams 2 hours ago

    I think her brother wrote this song. I would love to hear more or this kind of music from them. I enjoy the other stuff but this is just great.

  • Peter Sebastian
    Peter Sebastian 2 hours ago

    This is a good song, I am left with my mouth agape!

  • Brier Saunders
    Brier Saunders 2 hours ago

    I saw a video with Oliver and he ate a spider

  • Gena Zavada
    Gena Zavada 2 hours ago

    2019 anyone???

  • Gena Zavada
    Gena Zavada 2 hours ago


  • Sulamita Grassi
    Sulamita Grassi 2 hours ago


  • Sharon Bolton
    Sharon Bolton 3 hours ago

    For the haters don't hate just love

  • Elizabeth Norfleet
    Elizabeth Norfleet 3 hours ago

    I love your songs

  • ԍᴀʟʟᴇтᴀ
    ԍᴀʟʟᴇтᴀ 3 hours ago

    Falta que colabore con J balvin :v

  • Hailee Ireland
    Hailee Ireland 3 hours ago

    1:54 papa: open wide Billie: Ahhhhhhh

  • Shell Mcbath
    Shell Mcbath 3 hours ago

    So this is where I was on the other side of utube whereas u lot were watching some crazy unique vid form her

  • Texas Red
    Texas Red 3 hours ago


  • Queen Kitty105
    Queen Kitty105 3 hours ago

    its spooky until that spider falls of the camera

  • Ryan Mordick
    Ryan Mordick 3 hours ago

    Justin made this song tolerable for me

  • lil gill
    lil gill 3 hours ago

    Why are you so pretty Billie elish

  • Shane Eckwright
    Shane Eckwright 3 hours ago

    Billie: "No fair-" Me: "YEAH NO FAIR, I want your singing voice!"

  • Gabriela Hazard
    Gabriela Hazard 3 hours ago

    she looks like an angel and she sounds like one too 💗

  • Messi Goat
    Messi Goat 4 hours ago

    2:12 to 2:37 is heaven

  • channel Leonardo da Vinci 21st century

    I live in Brazil. Its not have fire in Amazon.

  • Rumeysa B.
    Rumeysa B. 4 hours ago

    Bu kizin sorunu nedir cok merqk ediyorum

  • Dolphin Lover
    Dolphin Lover 4 hours ago

    She: celebrity and famous Me: eats and sleeps all day

  • Wiak Wika
    Wiak Wika 4 hours ago

    Fuj. Kto z Polski??

  • gamer guy
    gamer guy 4 hours ago

    Napalm skies ... *america intensifies*

  • Lando bluee
    Lando bluee 4 hours ago

    Please sing me that song just one more time!I love you Billie Eilish! 😭

  • Josie Bradford
    Josie Bradford 4 hours ago

    Is this the only music video where you can always get likes whenever you comment? Let’s test my theory...

  • Galaxy_ foreverr
    Galaxy_ foreverr 4 hours ago

    I love you .. Marry ne

  • Rayna Padron
    Rayna Padron 4 hours ago

    No fair, ur so beautiful 😂!!!!!

  • Sarah hini
    Sarah hini 4 hours ago

    How were you not afraid ??😳

  • Lane
    Lane 5 hours ago

    Listened to this while my grandpa passed away and it helped a lot 🥰🥺

  • Дашулька Миксулька

    Аааа 🕷 я тебя очень очень люблю

  • kevin gaming and more

    Go girl

  • kevin gaming and more

    Who’s herein 2019

  • Tuna Aydın
    Tuna Aydın 5 hours ago

    i’m the big guy

  • Pari Mehta
    Pari Mehta 5 hours ago

    Is it weird that I'm not scared of cockroaches and spiders but I Naruto run when I see ants?

  • min seul park
    min seul park 5 hours ago

    Back when she was still a secret from the others 🤣❤

  • Anna Elizabeth
    Anna Elizabeth 5 hours ago

    Anyone else think of ASMR when they watch this video?

  • Even Thoresen
    Even Thoresen 5 hours ago

    October 2019 squad

  • cry baby
    cry baby 5 hours ago


  • Żaneta Makowska
    Żaneta Makowska 5 hours ago

    I have already cut out meat from my diet, but I honestly can't with dairy. I'm sorry Billie.

  • Exorcistul Neimportant

    Cutting meat out of your diet has nothing to do with it.

  • Jan Buss
    Jan Buss 5 hours ago

    October 2019?

  • Exorcistul Neimportant

    Here is the truth.

  • Trinity Winchester
    Trinity Winchester 5 hours ago

    Talahase is there from zombieland-

  • Hermano
    Hermano 6 hours ago

    actually when i was 14 i lose

  • epoxyepic
    epoxyepic 6 hours ago

    Billie : Can you sing as a robot? Hey Justin? Justin : where is my money?

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez 6 hours ago

    Odiooo las arañaaaaas tengo aragnofovia y casi vomito vuando se la saco de la voca

    ASMR-SENSEI 6 hours ago

    As if Carnage cares about carnage..

  • Marie Vagaska
    Marie Vagaska 6 hours ago


  • Jasmin Ramoutar
    Jasmin Ramoutar 6 hours ago

    How would you describe black eyes tho

  • Carla Ivanova
    Carla Ivanova 6 hours ago

    eww justin beiber the dustbin cleaner

  • Ruth Galura
    Ruth Galura 6 hours ago

    Do you wantto come to the netherlands, i hav a spider in my room!

  • Ruth Galura
    Ruth Galura 7 hours ago

    when i see a spider, i scream!

  • conseil animaux
    conseil animaux 7 hours ago

    J'adore!!!! Comme toutes les autre musique 💝💝💝

  • XxjennyKnowsDaWaexX Lol


  • Bolivian Prince
    Bolivian Prince 7 hours ago


  • Imagination Pictures

    Liwia czemu słuchasz Billie Elish?

  • Romish Zavqiev
    Romish Zavqiev 7 hours ago

    The most beauties part of her is her eyes an ocean eyes is perfect!

  • a turma do gacha gamer

    omg i love billie eilish i love justin BIERBE

  • Ana Paula
    Ana Paula 7 hours ago


  • arek odette
    arek odette 7 hours ago

    That shit real?

  • Thamily Rhaiemely
    Thamily Rhaiemely 7 hours ago

    Quero ir como eu faço para vender minha alma KKK

  • xxx bad
    xxx bad 7 hours ago

    🤪🤪🤪Billie Eilish you are a bomb 😍😘

    JAZMÍN CEBALLOS 7 hours ago

    Son de verdad o son falsos.

    • Mochi Min
      Mochi Min 5 hours ago

      De verdad, hasta tiene una Tarántula de mascota Ű

  • Swep
    Swep 7 hours ago

    Who else came here for FIFA music ?

  • Ria Fatema
    Ria Fatema 7 hours ago

    The only reason to come is Justin baiber🤭🤭🤫

  • Luci MM
    Luci MM 7 hours ago

  • abc def
    abc def 7 hours ago

    anyone who scroll down to read comments while listening to the song

  • Kristina Milky weyy Kristina Milky weyy


  • Altair
    Altair 8 hours ago

    Billie looks super beautiful in this MV....

  • ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ{ Mizэki lps}ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    Кто русский?

  • Dariya Deer
    Dariya Deer 8 hours ago

    I really love this mashup of “bad guy” and “bury a friend “

  • Dariya Deer
    Dariya Deer 8 hours ago

    Billie: making a world tour Russia, Africa, Australia: are we joke to you?

  • PsYcOd
    PsYcOd 8 hours ago

    Who's looking at her ocean eyes as well?

  • Adrian Kariuki
    Adrian Kariuki 8 hours ago

    FIFA 19 brought me here

  • Mithilesh Das
    Mithilesh Das 8 hours ago


  • Gaming MSP
    Gaming MSP 8 hours ago

    Like how some ppl are addicted to smoking IM ADDICTED TO BILLIE ELLISH ❤❤ am i the only one? 👇🏻

  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylor 8 hours ago

    poo eyes

  • l i n o l u c i d
    l i n o l u c i d 8 hours ago

    Billie At 14: *Makes bafflingly good music* Me at 14: *still trying to find bees in minecraft*

  • Disney songs
    Disney songs 8 hours ago

    October 2019 nobody?🤔😕

  • Andrea Arzon
    Andrea Arzon 8 hours ago


  • Hanna Haho
    Hanna Haho 8 hours ago

    She’s is the strongest, most beautiful and most perfekt person I’ve ever see and she changes my compeletely life no one can make me so happy like her 💙

  • Iva Nedeva
    Iva Nedeva 8 hours ago

    Omg i still cant believe that there she was only like 13 years old

  • Just_ Hrisi
    Just_ Hrisi 9 hours ago

    Love you so so fucking mutchhhhh

  • skimmyjeans
    skimmyjeans 9 hours ago

    *with just the picture, she looks like a high school girl going to a talent show, and is a crazy fan of justin bieber*

  • marsh mellow
    marsh mellow 9 hours ago

    Coochie eyes ..

  • brandon boulton
    brandon boulton 9 hours ago

    Pathetic shills.

  • Rylan Wallace
    Rylan Wallace 9 hours ago

    Here’s something... how about you guys take some of your money and do something about it😂 that would work too

  • Sebastian De la Garza

    So beautiful to be true

  • Beatrice Vanbosseghem

    i think she like spiders

    AS LUKASJR 9 hours ago

    LIKE:Billie Eilish LIKE:XXXTentacion

  • Diversity Gameplays
    Diversity Gameplays 9 hours ago

    fifa song

  • Rhayssa Santos
    Rhayssa Santos 9 hours ago

    Algum Brasileiro Fã Dela?❤

  • Mira and hadi albareedi

    Billie I love you

  • stumre
    stumre 10 hours ago

    This is Yonkers but instead a cockroach she has a spider .

  • George Santana
    George Santana 10 hours ago

    Hey guys. I made a mashup of three Billie Eilish songs. Come to my channel and check it please!

  • Nora Lime
    Nora Lime 10 hours ago

    *Арахнофобы вышли из чата*

  • Katya Теро
    Katya Теро 10 hours ago

    I love you !!!!!

  • Ivana Popović
    Ivana Popović 10 hours ago

    One less ocean eyes for me❤️

  • erick bulnes
    erick bulnes 10 hours ago