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  • Hitler & Loli BR
    Hitler & Loli BR Minute ago

    miss you neo tilted 😔👊

  • Mderemani Fatima
    Mderemani Fatima 36 minutes ago


  • Games artur
    Games artur Hour ago


  • minecraft et gta5
    minecraft et gta5 2 hours ago

    Je suis dans la vidéo

  • Sxaw
    Sxaw 4 hours ago

    copping this instantly

  • xxxwilou Marveaux
    xxxwilou Marveaux 4 hours ago

    Grave lourd le son fortnite 👌🏼✌💪

  • aliou aoudi
    aliou aoudi 5 hours ago

    Ça marche pas

  • wiservid
    wiservid 5 hours ago

    Merci pour le tuto !!!

  • Samrat Rijal
    Samrat Rijal 7 hours ago

    So cool

  • danzegiovanni12
    danzegiovanni12 7 hours ago

    Any ogs (season 1-2) call me if u need me ill be ready Ps I have a channel check me out?

  • danzegiovanni12
    danzegiovanni12 7 hours ago

    Im sad cuz I finally officially retired and quit fortnite , here I am loyal fan up untill chapter 2 im done man ill let the next generation take on my mantle and everyone has their own mantle so im nothing special but like I said it was a good 2 years and I will never regret it and I will always remember the good times I started in 8th grade and now here I am in 10th so thanks fortnite but chapter 2 aint for me no more my time is done and all good things come to an end but im a season one a real og so if I'm ever needed again ill come back for fellow chapter 1 players and everyone really for the "final fight"

  • Laura Jora
    Laura Jora 7 hours ago

    I thought the emote was enough. But I was wrong.

  • hi bye the weird comments guy

    rich nibbas in gta be like

  • leah ballejos
    leah ballejos 8 hours ago

    Omg i love this lobby music

  • DX Colby
    DX Colby 9 hours ago

    im fucking crying tears of nostalgia

  • Lisa Hacker
    Lisa Hacker 10 hours ago

    Bro this is Straght Fire

  • Callum Graham
    Callum Graham 10 hours ago

    so nostalgic of nothing. chills.

  • Dark Apell
    Dark Apell 11 hours ago

    Salut J’ai plusieurs questions 1 : faut t’il un compte psn sur l’utilisateur du joueur 2 ? 2 : est t’on obligé d’avoir un compte epic game ou un compte qui a déjà utilisé fortnite pour connecter le joueur 2 ? 3 : le mode partage d’écran peux t’il marcher sur un compte qui a été créé sur une autre plateforme pour connecter le joueur 2 ? 4 : Le joueur 2 aura t’il le même casier que le joueur 1 ? Je sais que sa fait beaucoup de questions mais j’ai pas tester le partages d’écran car il a été retiré très vite J’aimerais tous savoir en avance Merci d’avoir pris le temps de tous lire J’attends vos réponses à mes questions (Merci)😘

  • Wavy Onix
    Wavy Onix 12 hours ago


  • Bethy Ramirez
    Bethy Ramirez 12 hours ago

    Si sad🤧

  • Void_ Satoly
    Void_ Satoly 12 hours ago

    I can't wait for the Smooth Moves Song...

  • Oscar David Garcia
    Oscar David Garcia 13 hours ago


    JULO GAMING 13 hours ago

    Dommage moi sur ma vidéo ya rien qui à beuguer et en + Jai ouvert en premier le coffre de l'événement ! 😁

  • 乡VFX乡M7
    乡VFX乡M7 13 hours ago

    The LEGENDS Returned Once Again!!!' 🔥🔥

  • N3XIS
    N3XIS 14 hours ago

    Sur sauver le monde sa marche ?

  • *DaviD*
    *DaviD* 14 hours ago

    I Felt so good when I won the first drop match because of the music at the beggining

  • david huerta
    david huerta 14 hours ago

    tbh, i dont care if tryhards are still in this game, unlike me, im bad at building, but that doesn't matter, what matters is that when your playing a game, your having fun, cranking 90s doesn't seem like it's fun to me, it looks more like your fighting for your life or something, and i dont care if i cant build like every single tryhard this game has, even though, i have played since season 4, but never got omega :( but at least from season 5-chapter 2, i finished the battle passes but that still doesn't mean i'm good at building, and i'm ok with that and i had fun with this game (until my friends stopped playing in season 9) and i liked all of the crossovers, including the new star wars, but too bad for me, i don't have enough money to buy the sith trooper, but that's ok, i still have fun with this game even when there's tryhards, but i dont mean to make ya'll mad, but i hope this game dies somewhere in 2020. the reason? tryhards, and thats it, tryhards are the only thing why i don't like this game nowadays, and i was glad when this event happened, i thought it was over, i thought i can no longer suffer from 9 year olds playing this game, but when chapter 2 released, i was...mixed between happy and sad that this game is still alive, but from now on, imma still play this game till i'm bored and i no longer want to play this game, and please, i don't want any hate, i just want ya'll to understand how i feel about this game now

  • Chad Bennett
    Chad Bennett 14 hours ago

    This should be the regular lobby music

  • The CHRØMĂ
    The CHRØMĂ 14 hours ago

    Sa c est biens fait

  • TheZombies Official
    TheZombies Official 14 hours ago

    such a great tune

  • Louiemeister
    Louiemeister 14 hours ago

    Next track the club music

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 15 hours ago

    Les star destroyer du premier ordre sont vraiment magnifiques👌

  • NFS Dreamer
    NFS Dreamer 15 hours ago

    Better than orginal.

  • Jared Ortiz
    Jared Ortiz 16 hours ago

    When I got this i was like wow

  • Sayento
    Sayento 16 hours ago

    gros merci bcp

  • Rave Raptor
    Rave Raptor 16 hours ago


  • Josh_da_Smore
    Josh_da_Smore 18 hours ago

    Awesome remix

  • HoneyBadger SZN
    HoneyBadger SZN 18 hours ago

    Crackshot has always been my favorite skin

  • La fille du 77
    La fille du 77 19 hours ago

    Sa a était réactiver ou toujours pas ?

  • insert name here
    insert name here 19 hours ago

    the best part is that it's free

  • Jz’s Gaming Squad
    Jz’s Gaming Squad 19 hours ago

    Time to put this on loop for an hour

  • Jesus Castillo
    Jesus Castillo 19 hours ago

    Like if you won the match right after the intro.

    SCORPIX ! 19 hours ago

    C'est fake?

  • Hian Souza
    Hian Souza 20 hours ago

    Omg ❤❤❤

  • Tomi
    Tomi 20 hours ago


  • fox 988
    fox 988 20 hours ago


  • fox 988
    fox 988 20 hours ago


  • Claude Claveau
    Claude Claveau 20 hours ago


  • High fxriez
    High fxriez 20 hours ago

    If you don’t like a meteor is gonna hit you like the sphere so 👎

  • The Fire
    The Fire 20 hours ago

    I wish the the trailer music when jump from the bus was a lobby music

  • Edit Fire
    Edit Fire 21 hour ago

    Tes un genie

  • Team skullette
    Team skullette 21 hour ago

    la dance super bien avec le skin polaire

  • SaZuKo-
    SaZuKo- 21 hour ago

    ILLUMINATI : REGARDE TON NOMBRE D’ABO 🥵🥵👹👹👹👹🔞🚱🔞🚱 prank sa tourne mal

  • SypRim
    SypRim 21 hour ago

    This free music in my fav emote, yee.

  • Ferox surYouTube
    Ferox surYouTube 21 hour ago

    A quand pour la switch

  • Andrew Purcell
    Andrew Purcell 22 hours ago

    2018: Christmas dinner: *Turkey, other stuff* 2019 Christmas dinner: *MCDONALDS!!!!!!!!!*

  • ikonik le vrai
    ikonik le vrai 23 hours ago


    • ikonik le vrai
      ikonik le vrai 22 hours ago

      Ok merci

    • Le Vieux Père
      Le Vieux Père 22 hours ago

      ikonik le vrai Ils ont rien dit de plus sur Twitter. Tu peux regarder en bas à droite quand t’es dans le lobby y’a un message, quand il y sera plus, ça sera bon 😀

  • Proteen_ Cookie
    Proteen_ Cookie 23 hours ago

    I just noticed that the mecha destroyed our old map

  • THE Nathan
    THE Nathan Day ago

    Se ne marche pas

  • Alex Timossi
    Alex Timossi Day ago

    when you mix blade runner with scarface

  • Freddy khoury
    Freddy khoury Day ago


  • Mamadou Lamine DIOUF

    Ça marche toujours ???

  • darquinn 05
    darquinn 05 Day ago

    This is great but when is scenario music gonna come

  • Mindflayer
    Mindflayer Day ago

    Il faut être le premier ?

  • Michael leVeque


  • cookie du pont

    I love Fortnite !!

  • Ibou44
    Ibou44 Day ago

    J'ai pas encore vu la vidéo mais merci de mettre l'event en reddif, j'ai pas pu le voir hier !

  • Nonoker
    Nonoker Day ago

    C'était trop cool cet event

  • Aviation Lover

    I have the nutcracker ... but in saving the world; (

  • HaMzA gAmMeR
    HaMzA gAmMeR Day ago

    iiiii lllllooooovvvvveeeee ffffooooorrrrrtttttnnnnniiiittttteeeee

  • BeauTSM - The Silver Minecart

    I missed the good old days 😔

  • Le killere du 59

    Music 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • soso ben
    soso ben Day ago

    L'événement au début et fin avec les lazzer s'était cool après le rest NUL juste les dance mon fait rire après on à pu voir un morceaux du film franchement cool mai c'est pa le meilleur événement sinon le mec qui à fait le poulait sa ma tué 😂😂😂 (7:8/10) ya des gas il dise NUL NUL NUL parseque il était pa à l'événement comme moi .


    Par contre fortnite est entrain de prendre toute les fonctionnalités d 'Apex

    • HAPPYGAMER_ TheBest
      HAPPYGAMER_ TheBest Day ago

      @Fares B non je parle de la fonctionnalité du chef qui décide de quand drop et de l'autre qui le suit

    • Fares B
      Fares B Day ago

      HAPPYGAMER_ TheBest a bon on peut faire ça sur apex ?

  • Instagram: t3rminator09

    I know this lobby music concept is fire🔥, but I prefer this one the most😍 ruclip.com/video/j69qwZ5XdDg/video.html

  • David Monfleur

    C'est t nul en vrai je m'attendais à plus

  • F.C.K Game
    F.C.K Game Day ago


    SJ GF GOEXPRO Day ago


  • Nico Venetsanakos

    I’m surprised that the first order star destroyers didn’t bombard the island because of their zero tolerance policy when it comes down to the resistance

  • FunnyYT
    FunnyYT Day ago

    This will be free for everyone! :) Winterfest challenges :D

  • Drowned-K`
    Drowned-K` Day ago


  • layane dos santos nascimento

    muito bala essa musica manooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hayden Withers

    I missed this and didnt even know it till today

  • Joshua Montalvo

    Finally 😍

  • MagicLight 61
    MagicLight 61 Day ago

    ALL of my friends dont have this emote an im like omg why

  • rbx videos
    rbx videos Day ago

    my teachers class room on last day of school

  • rbx videos
    rbx videos Day ago

    rocked this in my mums car the speakers broke

  • BaTzz FR
    BaTzz FR Day ago

    Mes vous s êtes tous tomber dans panneau

  • Envy Fino
    Envy Fino Day ago

    Going in battles for my first time as a noob I felt like the terminator with this song. As if Fortnite was made exclusively and just for me, l felt unstoppable and went on winning 4 victories in a row on single player. Edit: I am sure that I am not the only one who felt as if they were going to destroy every single player who get in their way listening to this song.

  • Khaled Gholami

    I like the end bit

  • trigr X6
    trigr X6 Day ago

    Why is this a music pack? I mean its lit but why?

    • Omar3722
      Omar3722 Day ago

      I guess since Epic made and owns Unreal Tournament, they wanted to release some music from Unreal Tournament 1999

  • CrazzyK
    CrazzyK Day ago

    This reminds me of riddle school

  • Jun Consul
    Jun Consul Day ago

    Do 1 hour or 10

  • INSUDRA Rulio
    INSUDRA Rulio Day ago

    Quelqu’un peut me dire si dark jar jar comme choix était un troll confirmer ou sérieux ?

  • Versuz Xander
    Versuz Xander Day ago

    I love this miusic

  • ikonik forever

    En fait l'evenement c'ete sa: Blavlabsosishsvz Snkaozjzbzbanak

  • iron 55
    iron 55 Day ago

    Il reviendra quand le mode créa

  • Crouton Hadil59

    S que l ecran partager est mis

  • DeadMat _
    DeadMat _ Day ago