Reading Through History
Reading Through History
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History Brief: Woodstock
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The Stonewall Riots
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What is Impeachment?
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The Star of Bethlehem
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Babe Ruth Biography
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40 Haunting Images from WWI
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What is Taps?
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Who is Frankenstein?
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Who is Dracula?
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The Origins of Halloween
Views 2.3K11 months ago
Religion in the 1930s
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The Three Wise Men
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History Brief: SALT
Views 15KYear ago
The Pioneer Woman
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  • Who The Fuck You Lookin At

    I wish I was alive in the 90's :(

  • twin galaxy bros
    twin galaxy bros 6 hours ago

    It was amazing what was the dust bowl all about

  • BR3AK M0N
    BR3AK M0N 10 hours ago

    This gives me major Insterstellar vibes.

  • Waheed Siddiqi
    Waheed Siddiqi 11 hours ago

    Fuck school

  • catmandont100
    catmandont100 14 hours ago

    Ergot poisoning was also found...……..LSD anyone ?...anyone ?

  • I eat Ramennoodles
    I eat Ramennoodles 14 hours ago


  • Neil C
    Neil C 15 hours ago

    Wishes are real they had found in New York

  • Brian Alvarez
    Brian Alvarez 17 hours ago

    Lmao for those nibbas saying he's a coward and traitor. This dude felt betrayed too when he didn't get a promotion after what he have done...

  • art deco
    art deco Day ago

    Corncob was used in lieu of toilet paper.

  • Michael Embree

    It wasn't all the same. In The South it was bad times as usual, but then that bad wasn't that bad . Consider The East, or The Rust Belt, the huge numbers of the unemployed, the South had none of that, still, no money, but more than you could eat.

  • DI11ON
    DI11ON Day ago

    I wish I was born in the 80's ☹️ back then looked so much more fun to be a kid .

  • Traveling Through Time

    Much love for you and your channel, sir. History is being written as we speak, yes?

  • William Pabon
    William Pabon Day ago

    Miss the smell of aqua net as soon as you enter the club back in the 80s lol

  • Conspires.C Clips

    What about Ferris Buellers day off

  • laura masters
    laura masters Day ago

    My late mother in law when she was alive remembered the dust storm


    "White Privilege"

  • Adam Case
    Adam Case Day ago

    I think !:32 is my favorite image in here. Four knights from four different realms fighting together, despite any and all differences they might have in the defense of Christendom.

  • Paul M Krukovsky
    Paul M Krukovsky 2 days ago

    One word skinamax

  • Bob Bobson
    Bob Bobson 2 days ago

    yes kids, those are high tops. You are being lied to, those things you are wearing that you THINK are high tops, ARE NOT HIGH TOPS!

  • Kkkk Xxxx
    Kkkk Xxxx 2 days ago

    I m not christian but i prefer christianity rather than islam Destroy islam!

  • Chicago Tom164
    Chicago Tom164 2 days ago

    We still had the Big 4 auto makers

  • Hazmat Geiger
    Hazmat Geiger 2 days ago

    When I'm an early bird I like to listen to 'Croxley at Breakfast.'

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 2 days ago

    People say history repeats itself, I think since people are not as self reliant as they used to be, WHEN another True economic collapse happens again it will be so much more worse than this. People will be rioting in the streets for food for their families.

  • rappter dj xd
    rappter dj xd 2 days ago

    Thats old😶😔 and toys no tv no intrit and 📻 and ugly toys and bord game😅

  • chuyyy
    chuyyy 3 days ago

    I was born in 2001 but man oh man I wish I could’ve experienced it :( everything seemed so perfect

  • Jenny
    Jenny 3 days ago

    George Washington started the war. That caused the taxes later on, that made the Americans want independence. France was mad they lost so they supported the rebels. Before openly supporting them in 1778 they were covertly sending arms, money, clothes, Etc. its said that 90%of the gunpowder used was supplied by France.

  • Yo Soy
    Yo Soy 3 days ago

    *The more you approach your inner light, the more you will move away from all religions*

  • evansdrad The celtic nationalist

    I don't care black, white, mix, arab or even hebrew if your a christian regardless of denomination you should not let muslims regardless of their demographics take over so help us allmighty Ywya get bullet proof vests and guns (idiots don't fantasy armor and sword it's 2019 if you want to be equipte that way your useless go die) and attack dangerous muslims, islam is an evil fascist religion and save the christian world !

  • Mondo D
    Mondo D 3 days ago

    African Americans would have been doing harder than the white family's back then

  • Wes T
    Wes T 3 days ago

    I was born in 89. I wish I got to experience more of the 80’s but at least I still get to watch the movies and play the games.

  • Peeper
    Peeper 3 days ago

    Lmao you would be old enough to see Liverpool win a title But don’t worry, they will win it in 2020.

  • Joshua Joslin- knapp

    He’s the best pirate I’ve ever seen... *cello intensifies*

  • Mayooran Jayamohan
    Mayooran Jayamohan 3 days ago

    Another huge moment : Apple introduces the Macintosh

  • MatFoot
    MatFoot 3 days ago

    Everyone is there for homwork !

  • Gazzara5
    Gazzara5 3 days ago

    At first many British officers respected and befriended Arnold because "he had seen the error of his ways" and "returned to his proper sympathies and loyalty." Then they found out he had betrayed his country for money and position, and they couldn't stand the sight of him. When he entered a room, they would leave. One British officer confronted him and told him he respected and honored him more when he was an enemy.

  • Nutrex HD
    Nutrex HD 4 days ago

    Deus wult from georgia

  • xd CheezyPods
    xd CheezyPods 4 days ago

    peepeepoopoo haha fonnie

  • Presley Watts
    Presley Watts 5 days ago

    Good video but how tf did you not mention that the US hosted to World Cup 94 when talking about sports?

  • Danthood30
    Danthood30 5 days ago

    Yeee yee

  • alt acc
    alt acc 5 days ago

    I am watching this for an assignment in history class and it is very useful, thank you! I can tell who helped in winning this battle, and that really helps with my question.

  • Charles Bronson
    Charles Bronson 5 days ago

    There will.never be another time like the 80s ❤

  • Sebastian Montalvan


  • Jenniforlife Mathew

    Thank you for making a 1920's video that actually is appropriate for a school setting. Yours is the only one I could find that is devoid of strong political bias and indecent sexual references. Wish you also had a longer version that included more about the automobile. Thank you!

    • Reading Through History
      Reading Through History 4 days ago

      You are very welcome. That's why we are here. Check out our 1920s playlist as all of that stuff about the automobile is in there.

  • David Brown
    David Brown 6 days ago

    Dirty looking trash.

  • Buck Russell
    Buck Russell 6 days ago

    Northern Exposure and Blue Jays back to back year wins

  • Nicholas Krogstad
    Nicholas Krogstad 6 days ago

    Are the colonialists the guys not paying the taxes?

  • Eric Kort
    Eric Kort 6 days ago

    living at a small town in the 80s was a blast,hanging out at closed gas station lot on weekend nites deciding where to have the party at.or just parked there drinking beer watching traffic go by,no cops never pulled in, HEE HEE

  • Reymond Delgado
    Reymond Delgado 6 days ago

    Wtf is a mango tree??????

  • Noe
    Noe 6 days ago

    pue la merde

  • Youngchapeau 2paille

    ki é la en 2019 apres au DD

  • Randy R
    Randy R 6 days ago

    Every one needs to watch Taking Woodstock movie that came out a few years ago. Will give you great insight on how they ran into The Max Yasgar's farm and more

  • Rubarb51
    Rubarb51 6 days ago

    This is proof how EVIL Socialism is because Socialism Creates Communism Society Eveyone of these infamous Communist Countries are Socialist -- the Socialism System The Socialism System creates the Classes Common Society Hens Communism Public Ownership of the Means of Production also known as the Common Ownership of the Means of Production Compete State Government Control over the people's lives ... Shame on Bernie Sanders and Alexandria WACKO Cortez Shame on them

  • Maureen G. O'Brien
    Maureen G. O'Brien 6 days ago

    The money that could have saved America went from the Robber Barron's to Hitler"s military build up....TRAITORS. Prescott Bush was convicted of trading With The Enemy Act". Then his children become president and governors. The American memory or investigating skills think this is bullshit, but it's fucking TRUE!

  • Maureen G. O'Brien
    Maureen G. O'Brien 6 days ago

    Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. And Women.

  • EZ Breezy
    EZ Breezy 7 days ago

    I was an 80”s kids...It was lots of fun...

    TGS K00LKYDZ 7 days ago


  • Mark Grinshpun
    Mark Grinshpun 7 days ago

    First few minutes PERFECTLY outlined the "PEDO PLAN". Woman's lib was a facade. It was meticulously planned out by the pedo controllers of this country, as American shapes WORLD views. The Satanists, Luciferin's lead by the Pedo's plan was to get ALL the children out of mom and dad's safe secure hands and what better way than to have mom and dad working a combined 100 hrs a week. Drop the kids and babies off at "daycare" AND LETS MAKE SOME MONEY! RIGHT???

  • Ruiari Barton
    Ruiari Barton 7 days ago

    The greatest decade in music history!

  • William Spofford
    William Spofford 7 days ago

    U nOt EpIc StEvIe

  • Samuel York
    Samuel York 7 days ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Jeremy W
    Jeremy W 7 days ago

    I wish they'd do a video about the 1890's. That was an extraordinary decade.

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 7 days ago

    *1986* Best year of the decade!!!

  • Open your eyes and die!!

    Get Gary Johnson out!!

  • Kats Nu
    Kats Nu 8 days ago

    What they had was enough. They seem contented. The great depression did not make them depressed. Suicide was not in their vocabulary.

  • castro and Weyler ruled Cuba and both mass-murdered the Cuban population.

    Christ, that photo at 3:22 is certainly not from 1939. Look at the beautiful ladies hairstyles.

  • todd lecher
    todd lecher 8 days ago

    80's toys & cartoons ruled

  • JETSTEEL TheRealDeal

    Feminism must be stopped it's a cancer

  • M T
    M T 8 days ago

    70s and 80s fashion, the worst ever.

  • Molly Express
    Molly Express 8 days ago

    Thank god the grandparents of the flapper girls aren't alive to see what even young teens wear now. They would be horrified


    This time period always amazes & interests me. My mother (RIP) was born in 1937. Just WOW!!

  • no name
    no name 8 days ago

    "shows up to party with no beer"? ever heard of Bourbon County KY? today that counties whiskey is world famous. like Champagne France the term has been stolen and misused. KY is king of bourbons worldwide. so true, they may not have showed up with beer, but their aged oak casks of beautiful Bourbon would be far more valuable than the shitty beer of the 1800's.

  • Linda Easley
    Linda Easley 9 days ago

    The 1980s were the perfect decade . Just on the cusp of the digital age but more advanced than the 1970s . Video games , Walkmans , CDs and VCRs . The music was awesome . Simpler , fun times . Today - not

  • Tim Lucas
    Tim Lucas 9 days ago

    Elitist dimms have always wanted to be in charge & are an overwhelming part of the political class; while most conservatives (the productive class) just wanna be left alone to enjoy the American dream: work hard, buy a home, raise a family & thank our Creator daily for our blessings, being forced to get political only when dimms get outta control. When dimms got outta control with their first experiment with entitlement rights (slavery), the productive class was compelled to organize a party (Republican Party) under Lincoln to militarily defeat dimms & free the slaves, who were, thanks to Republicans, granted the right to vote & exercise their free will like any other citizen per the Constitution. Dimms were pretty much kept under control for a couple of generations until FDR's "new deal" & Johnson's "great society". These were entitlement programs 2.0 & 3.0 that modified entitlement program 1.0 (slavery) in two major ways: entitlements could include anybody (not just blacks) & did not require forced labor in exchange for benefits. Indeed wealth redistribution from the productive class to the entitlement class would create a kind of reverse slavery as well as promote class warfare, which is so popular that these clever little libturds have gotten away with convincing blacks to re-enslave themselves in the inner cities, starting every major war in the twentieth century (including Viet Nam while blaming Nixon), starting & perpetuating the KKK (think dimms Forrest & Byrd), taking away my right to vote (think russia hoax) & bankrupting the nation (politically, morally, fiscally, culturally, religiously, militarily & civiically). Dimms are outta control. Prepare for CW2.

    AUDIOHOSTEM187 9 days ago


  • arun ramji
    arun ramji 9 days ago

    Still far better life than millions of Asian families still exists

  • Gotpw00
    Gotpw00 9 days ago

    Muslims will win. ___________________ Fuck crusaders.....mujahideens kicked their asses.

  • Zero8880
    Zero8880 9 days ago

    I'm pretty sure people weren't watching Glee in the 90s.

  • Ernest Jones
    Ernest Jones 9 days ago

    Beautiful time to be a kid, everyone playing football, basketball, and baseball all in one day 😁 if there was grass on the ground, we played there😂✌️

  • C.B.R.
    C.B.R. 10 days ago

    Ask those people if their enjoying their "White Privilege".

  • Willy Wright
    Willy Wright 10 days ago

    How is mario in this video its so cool

  • Brasspineapple Productions

    These young kids will never know that feeling of walking into the mall arcade with a fresh 1988 Crispy Jackson Twenty dollar bill as you walk over the square brown change machine... Sliding in that note right next to that little orange light.... Waiting five seconds to the sounds of the machine processing and the cling clang drop of the quarters into the small metal dish... The feeling of cold quarters... Walking over to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and swearing that this time you wont stop feeding the machine until shredders dead. .. Then its over to that MIDWAY game called TERMINATOR 2!!! Gripping the uzi and listening to Arnolds voice motivate you into destroying skynet... After that its DAYTONA racing with that dude whos been racing around that shit for like 2 hours already.. You win, he loses, then dude bitches about IT... Yeah, i remember those days from 1987-1996....

  • Blake
    Blake 10 days ago

    Thank John Adams and Hamilton for laying the foundation for the overblown power of the federal government today.

  • Nickan Zohrevand
    Nickan Zohrevand 10 days ago

    I feel sad to be born in 2003😭😭, If I could I would literally leave this time with my brother to 1980 so that I would have an awesome 16 year old teenager life. I can’t live alone I would still need my litlle brother to not feel alone

  • maximus merilius
    maximus merilius 10 days ago

    Dues vult

    AIDAN WRIGHT 10 days ago

    Whom is just doing this for school?

    JAKUB KOZUPA 10 days ago


  • free
    free 10 days ago

    I don't understand the essence of Japanese views. The essence is that Japan was looking closely at the flow of the world. Most of Asia was colonized by the United States, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands, and China sold opium from the United Kingdom, which led to a war with the United Kingdom. The British occupied Hong Kong. And all over China was trying to divide and rule. All that remains now is Japan and the Korean peninsula. Russia finally entered the Manchuria in China and entered the Korean peninsula. It hides fundamental things. It would be Japan itself that opened up the Asian colonial rule.

    JANCARLO RIVAS 10 days ago

    I just whipped and nae naed

  • free
    free 10 days ago


  • BlazeDiffract
    BlazeDiffract 10 days ago

    Thx this helped get an A

  • leeuniverse
    leeuniverse 11 days ago

    *This is SO utterly FALSE...!* Farms were not taking up the equivalent of a couple of states. Farming had ZERO to do with the dust bowl. Farms are fairly SMALL, and there wasn't even close to "enough" of them to affect the creation of a "dust bowl". *This is the actual truth...* It was simply a Warm Period, it had no rain, what little vegetation there was died, and thus because it was a more deserty region, you have the dust bowl being created. Period, end of story!

  • Shanin Mehle
    Shanin Mehle 11 days ago

    The 30's were a good time for my family. My grandma had her brothers and sisters mom and dad and he worked in coal mines. She had no idea they were poor. Her moma raised a garden

  • Joel Decoster
    Joel Decoster 11 days ago

    and then was world war 2.....

  • Leticia Mezl
    Leticia Mezl 11 days ago

    He was a great guy!!!

  • BomberBoi428
    BomberBoi428 11 days ago

    🎶 It don’t matter if you’re black or white! 🎶

  • Kermito
    Kermito 11 days ago

    What is my life

  • Jeremiah Hamilton
    Jeremiah Hamilton 11 days ago

    Very interesting

  • Enzo Anania
    Enzo Anania 11 days ago

    Your numbers are all wrong in Toronto ..

  • Scott Galban
    Scott Galban 11 days ago

    On Election Day 2008, members of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) stood outside a Philadelphia polling place wearing military garb making racial remarks and discouraging people from voting. A voter intimidation case against the NBPP began weeks before Obama took office. It was an open-and-shut case, and the NBPP didn’t even show up in court to defend themselves. The government was on the verge of victory by default in the case. But the case was inexplicably dropped by Attorney General Eric Holder in May 2009. When the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights investigated, the Obama-Biden administration refused to respond to requests from the commission and Congress. Federal attorneys were instructed not to cooperate with the investigation and then-Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Tom Perez (the current chairman of the Democratic National Committee) lied under oath about who was involved in the decision to drop the case. Why did the Obama-Biden administration obstruct the investigation?