Dear Diary
Dear Diary
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I Married My Sister
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My Boyfriend Is Ashamed Of Me
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  • Tina Do Thuy Trang

    poor guy

  • Kieth_Singleton2011 Singleton

    Reality is weirder Than Fiction lol.

  • Aoife Cassidy
    Aoife Cassidy Hour ago

    Hi I'm Randy! What TV show like and comment if you know

  • Jimmy jack
    Jimmy jack Hour ago

    Ok, im tired of these lib hating conservatives for having morals because without vaules this happens

  • Elvis Lee
    Elvis Lee Hour ago



    2:24 chimmy c:

  • Ben 789
    Ben 789 Hour ago


  • Gbk2012 Kayragülobuynat

    You are like me

  • Gbk2012 Kayragülobuynat

    ..... BRUH

  • Samuel Blindao
    Samuel Blindao Hour ago

    Did anyone notice that there are tow birds flirting at 5:05 like if you saw it

  • jo Selwood
    jo Selwood Hour ago

    love yourself no matter what

  • Soughtful
    Soughtful Hour ago

    Never abandon any child before choosing to raise a family.

  • Foxy Dark
    Foxy Dark Hour ago

    That chimmy bag omg❤

  • Soughtful
    Soughtful Hour ago

    Yes I wonder where was biological father?

  • Mr. Moseby
    Mr. Moseby Hour ago

    then you have me. invested in bitcoin and mined as well when you couldnt even get a pizza with it. had a decent amount and would of been set but everything was lost in time. all the coin I had was taken welcome to shit luck 2019

  • SeaHyped
    SeaHyped 2 hours ago

    Sweet Home Alabama

  • Leeza Stewart
    Leeza Stewart 2 hours ago

    SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!! I wonder if they are actually from Alabama...

  • Savannah Hague
    Savannah Hague 2 hours ago

    My Lord, that's messed up.

    MEGAX 2 hours ago

    Me after saw the video. Me: *Well, to much Internet for today* PD: My brain need to process the informantion....... a lot.

  • Nora's World
    Nora's World 2 hours ago

    This shit is 100000000000000000% wrong

  • Fun Time
    Fun Time 2 hours ago


  • pmg123
    pmg123 2 hours ago

    Honestly would of done the same thing

  • Phoenix P.
    Phoenix P. 2 hours ago

    do anybody have bleach i want to pore it trough my eyes

  • Mr. Nicey Boi
    Mr. Nicey Boi 2 hours ago

    next story i married my granpa

  • Farheen Vlogs
    Farheen Vlogs 2 hours ago

    Next title " I held my pee for 2 years"

  • misticwolfyELLA gaming

    What the hecc

  • Hugo Sanchez
    Hugo Sanchez 2 hours ago

    I really dont think its fucked up he didnt know right why should he changed his life over a test like that this ppl were total strangers weird yes wrong I dont think so

  • Blush Amir
    Blush Amir 2 hours ago

    Stupid to. Forgive him so early he didn't stay with yiu should leet him suffer for abit

  • Saad - PubgMobile
    Saad - PubgMobile 2 hours ago


  • Rose ann Ragmac
    Rose ann Ragmac 2 hours ago

    Poor you

  • Rojan Nazeri
    Rojan Nazeri 2 hours ago

    I mean i don't agree with the whole sibling situation BUT it is important to remember that they did NOT know and already fell in love sooo i am happy for them? DON'T ATTACK ME CAUSE THIS IS MY OPINION

    • Dragonball Power lvl explained
      Dragonball Power lvl explained 2 hours ago

      i agree these days its classes as weird to do such a thing but lets be honest we are all humans and we all have emotions so im with u

  • Hatty Tarrant
    Hatty Tarrant 2 hours ago

    Cersei and Jamie would be proud.

  • Pilot 201
    Pilot 201 2 hours ago

    sweet home allabama

  • Mayas
    Mayas 2 hours ago

    thats cute

  • The Mask
    The Mask 2 hours ago

    This kid is almost like Bill gates

  • Ella Calhoun
    Ella Calhoun 2 hours ago

    Update please update

  • USSResolute
    USSResolute 2 hours ago

    I thought I was petty. I now know it's not true. That being said, you don't have to put up with it if someone treats you like a doormat. Male or female, if one group deserves love and respect then both do.

  • Shay Shant'e
    Shay Shant'e 2 hours ago

    Is it me or did I just see the mom condone the fact that her children are married and sleeping together 😒😒🤔🤔🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Chiera Drenthe
    Chiera Drenthe 2 hours ago


  • Ranno Gadda
    Ranno Gadda 2 hours ago

    I knew this was coming if you did too like 👇🏾

  • Ranno Gadda
    Ranno Gadda 2 hours ago

    I knew this was coming if you did too like 👇🏾

  • Chelene Boholo
    Chelene Boholo 2 hours ago

    Awwww😍😍😍 but also Ewwwww🤢🤢🤮

  • Lenny Mitchinson
    Lenny Mitchinson 2 hours ago

    Han solo

  • adeena
    adeena 2 hours ago

    *sees title* SAY STEP RIGHT NOW

  • adeena
    adeena 2 hours ago

    why he so ugly tho

    ZAULLLY BOY 2 hours ago

    Other stories: we wanted to stay together even though our parents didn’t want us to People:aww that’s not fair This story: we wanted to stay with each other even though we were brother and sister People: EWW WTF

  • Nicole W
    Nicole W 2 hours ago

    well dam fuck up but hey he was meant to be there son one way or the other

  • Predator X
    Predator X 2 hours ago

    I think its the parents fault

  • ¿EstasFeliz?
    ¿EstasFeliz? 2 hours ago


  • Michellowitch
    Michellowitch 2 hours ago

    Well...I have to say it Welcome in Alabama!

  • Evilotakuall945
    Evilotakuall945 2 hours ago

    Insert sweet home Alabama

  • Taylor Deighan
    Taylor Deighan 2 hours ago

    You know what they say.. incest is interest

  • It’s Tanvix
    It’s Tanvix 3 hours ago

    The was a bt21 bag

  • Floppy Pizza
    Floppy Pizza 3 hours ago

    This story disgusted me so much

    • Dragonball Power lvl explained
      Dragonball Power lvl explained 2 hours ago

      I felt nutural because at the same time humans can have these emotions whether they are sibling + sibling or child + parent ik its weird as hell but we gotta come down to physiological facts

  • poonam tiwari
    poonam tiwari 3 hours ago


  • Sonielis Ramos
    Sonielis Ramos 3 hours ago

    Omg ewww and I’m just saying eww cuz y’all know that y’all siblings and don’t care

  • Amira Ali
    Amira Ali 3 hours ago

    I think I throw up. Huh married his sister

  • Alicia Florez
    Alicia Florez 3 hours ago

    Uhhhhh what is this story?

  • saifliker1
    saifliker1 3 hours ago

    too good to be true, dna tests are even made before wedding is made legal.

  • Bobby Laird
    Bobby Laird 3 hours ago

    I mean... she can't have kids so no incest babies right?... Still f'd up but.. no one will become seriously physically hurt because of this. Should definitely be kept a secret though.

  • Boris Bilic
    Boris Bilic 3 hours ago

    Hello from Alabana

  • Fierce Deity Link
    Fierce Deity Link 3 hours ago

    Well...animals do soo.... I'll take this as a happy ending

  • eli meli
    eli meli 3 hours ago

    Sweet home Alabama...

  • technically Good
    technically Good 3 hours ago

    That's a pretty fucked up thing to have happen. Like, imagine that your life is hellish for a long time, and then finally when things are looking up, you have good people raise you, you get through high school, and you find someone who actually chooses to love you and be with you forever, and then you find out she's legitimately your actual fucking sister. It's pretty questionable that they stayed together. One the one hand, since she's infertile there's no REAL ethical issue since no one is getting hurt, and societally he's not her brother, they weren't raised together, but biologically it's like we're hardwired to find it sickening.

  • ZXYG
    ZXYG 3 hours ago

    ok now we can say it. Say it with me people in 3 2 1 *SWEET* *HOME* *ALABAMA!!!!!!!*

  • Haddy X
    Haddy X 3 hours ago

    The hills have eyes and now Beverly Hills hillbillies part 2...

  • Donovan Aron
    Donovan Aron 3 hours ago

    This is just sick

  • ihaveaids υωυ
    ihaveaids υωυ 3 hours ago

    *S W E E T H O M E A L A B A M A*

  • Yvo Yve
    Yvo Yve 3 hours ago

    Fuck it get married

  • Jordan Simmons Thomas


  • Planner Player
    Planner Player 3 hours ago

    They took Alabama to whole new level

  • Pockey
    Pockey 3 hours ago

    Rocky rocky

  • Gameing_with Lil baby

    Wtf is wrong with you Me:jesus did you make this man Jesus:yes but actually no

  • Pockey
    Pockey 3 hours ago


  • Y O S H I N O O D L E

    4:11 anyone notice the cyber truck in the top left..?

  • G.I Joe
    G.I Joe 3 hours ago


  • RunzFromCopz
    RunzFromCopz 3 hours ago

    0:47 Is he a time traveller or what, because I'm pretty sure the tesla cybertruck wasn't revealed 6 years ago!?

  • ·Honey Tea·
    ·Honey Tea· 3 hours ago


    WEREWOLFxALPHA 3 hours ago

    Sweeeet home Alabama

    EL MAPPER 3 hours ago

    Sweet home alabma

  • Angel Guzman
    Angel Guzman 3 hours ago

    Say wha... This is a wired but somewhat entertaining

  • Lizzy games
    Lizzy games 3 hours ago

    This some Alabama shit

  • lemon_vxbes
    lemon_vxbes 3 hours ago

    *SwEeT hOmE aLaBaMa-*

  • Jason Walker
    Jason Walker 3 hours ago

    "This year, your my Christmas gift." The best part of waking folgers in your cup.

  • layal darino
    layal darino 3 hours ago

    That's disgusting

  • Luka Ranković
    Luka Ranković 3 hours ago

    Did anyone spoted cyber truck like a toy on shelf when his dad gave him a computer

  • Jon Toland
    Jon Toland 3 hours ago

    They're good stories.....but in don't believe them

  • Keshuel
    Keshuel 3 hours ago

    I dont understand people who say this is disgusting. I mean people say it is disgusting because you grew up with them as a family not because of blood

    • AmanDart .0
      AmanDart .0 3 hours ago

      No it's disgusting because of blood too.

  • Amanda Banks
    Amanda Banks 3 hours ago

    Aww how sweet

  • Oscar Ramos
    Oscar Ramos 3 hours ago

    My reaction

  • Gabby C
    Gabby C 3 hours ago


    PINGIPON 3 hours ago

    Hey im matt and i fuck my sister

  • Barry McNamara
    Barry McNamara 3 hours ago

    My names randy, I’m 25 and I’m from Alabama

  • Your Big Fan
    Your Big Fan 3 hours ago

    Rose's are Red Violets are blue If you want to pass your test Make the like button blue

  • toxicated wolf
    toxicated wolf 3 hours ago

    boy this aint flowers in the attic

  • Jaxen Davis
    Jaxen Davis 3 hours ago


  • Quatro Davis
    Quatro Davis 3 hours ago

    *inhale* Sweet Home Alabama!

  • Strikero
    Strikero 3 hours ago

    Alabama intensifies

  • Ezekiel Moore
    Ezekiel Moore 3 hours ago

    That’s his sister that’s nasty that’s incest