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  • Jaycen Hill
    Jaycen Hill 13 minutes ago

    Charlamagne got a goofy ass laugh! 😂😂

  • Edward Norsworthy
    Edward Norsworthy 13 minutes ago

    This interview was confusing as shit.

  • don castro
    don castro 13 minutes ago

    Shout out 2 the breakfast club I love this shit

  • Brittney Bare
    Brittney Bare 14 minutes ago


  • Deeja Dee
    Deeja Dee 14 minutes ago

    Yeah, Tekashi is not about that life. But clearly hes being made a huge example of and anyone gangsta or not would snitch. He a young boy why people going so hard on him. Let this situation play itself out. Damn media really drag sh** and add drama. This really makes me sad expected or not.

  • Chad Holmes
    Chad Holmes 14 minutes ago

    All these “woke” individuals talking about Sharpton are the same ones who was supporting Tekashi 6ix9ine, it’s no good to claim you recognize how the game is played if you don’t see it from ALL angles... wake up some more please!

  • Zullii Effect
    Zullii Effect 14 minutes ago

    I just wanna hear korey speak it takes him awhile to get comfortable to talk but when he does his story is so devastating

  • Nick dominic
    Nick dominic 15 minutes ago

    7:34 "happened to make hot music" idk man seems fishy.

  • Neena Bond
    Neena Bond 16 minutes ago

    Dj Envy was disrespectful whether he intended it or not, he needs to apologize and do better.

    AGUILA MAYOR 16 minutes ago

    Once he's on witness protection he better move to MÉXICO and then I want to see any body to go look for him in MEXICO BITCHES

  • Big Mesh
    Big Mesh 17 minutes ago

    "I call it Central Park 5 because that's what I know"- Dumb a$$ DJ Envy...educate yourself and give the proper respect when guests who deserve it come on...SMH! I swear Envy is ANNOYING!

  • n!ck
    n!ck 17 minutes ago

    69 is biggie

  • aqdavis16
    aqdavis16 18 minutes ago

    All I see is black hate.

  • Mrralphfolorain
    Mrralphfolorain 18 minutes ago


  • zoser 6305
    zoser 6305 18 minutes ago

    U Aint Know Cop J.Reed 😂😂🤣😂

  • forever young
    forever young 18 minutes ago

    69 the 2019 sammy the bull

  • Rita Alonso
    Rita Alonso 19 minutes ago

    Even her Ahhhhh🎶 playing around voice sounded good!

  • Carlos Rob
    Carlos Rob 19 minutes ago

    peace; I always thought Damn Michael Jordan kids not one play sports but I think the youngest or oldest one tried.

  • Angela G
    Angela G 20 minutes ago

    When you have a solid relationship with the Creator, he’ll take care of you. I’ve always felt Fantasia’s spirit and the way she loves on God in her music and in interviews. Salute to you Queen 👑 Supporting her in every way.

  • mynellemail Nell
    mynellemail Nell 21 minute ago

    Everyone forgot 50 cent is a snitch too.

  • Scott Sanders
    Scott Sanders 21 minute ago

    You definitely mispronounced ovaries LOL

  • RanMan 7
    RanMan 7 22 minutes ago

    So now that we know his whole persona was as fake as a $3 bill😅😭😂 can we move on from this foolishness!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Carr
    Justin Carr 22 minutes ago

    Great interview,mad he had to leave soon. That could Hve been a 2 hour interview easy.

  • Suzanne Faye
    Suzanne Faye 23 minutes ago

    "Until the slave, takes the slavery out of himself, he will never be free"

  • Sergy Casimir
    Sergy Casimir 23 minutes ago

    Charlamagne you have to be careful nowadays it's called fat shaming to talk about obesity in America

  • Nathaniel Hamilton
    Nathaniel Hamilton 23 minutes ago

    59:48 well damn

    BLACK EXCELLENCE IS REAL 24 minutes ago

    Respect to Bro. Tate a true renaissance man...BLACK MEN STAND UP!

  • Monex 5
    Monex 5 25 minutes ago

    where can I get the gear. id love to support them.

  • mynellemail Nell
    mynellemail Nell 25 minutes ago

    Tekashi: test my gangsta Feds: hold my beer 🍻

  • David Jemison
    David Jemison 25 minutes ago

    I m very proud of Fantasia she is a strong woman. God knows your heart

  • 02xstanley
    02xstanley 27 minutes ago

    Nah people always coming for charlamagne when is usually Angela or envy saying dumb stuff. Especially Envy in this episode!

  • Billy Lake
    Billy Lake 27 minutes ago

    Malik yoba is nothing but a big freak. Why not be with a real women!? This dude gay gay!!. I can tell he wants to get carman pregnant 🤰😭😭😭😭. The baby is going to come out carman butt 🕳 hole. 💁. Man malik you suck bro. Nasty 🤢 👴 oldman

  • Zullii Effect
    Zullii Effect 27 minutes ago

    You can see korey’s pain still to this day

  • zachery wright
    zachery wright 28 minutes ago

    just goes to show a person will sell his soul for crumbs. ...this is just a Ole wannabe player player pimp..seen his type a thousand times...a joke...

  • Pete Moore
    Pete Moore 28 minutes ago

    I’ll be dead or in jail Not so funny now

  • Jerzesus City
    Jerzesus City 29 minutes ago

    How was the Luther 😂

  • Richard Peralez
    Richard Peralez 29 minutes ago

    Even those who the Streets will rat.... When you look at that much time... Only 1% will not snitch.... The rest will sing....

  • dsongreg magnetic sperm
    dsongreg magnetic sperm 30 minutes ago

    💯...A very genuine soul.

  • k Bact
    k Bact 30 minutes ago

    A rebounding God

  • John De La Cruz
    John De La Cruz 30 minutes ago

    Shoutout hip hop police! Lmao

  • Izabella de la cruz
    Izabella de la cruz 30 minutes ago

    This gang f"d up a money making scheme...All the $$$ they were bringing in that the gang was getting half of is crazy ridiculous. Someone in this gang that' could control those fools should have stepped and money would still be rolling in to feed all these gangsters.

  • Street Source Unfiltered
    Street Source Unfiltered 30 minutes ago

    This interview makes so much more sense now. This mf had a meeting with the feds prior to this interview, they played him the wire tapes and made a deal right then and there. All this mf said is let me give one more interview and I’m yours

  • Toya Michelle
    Toya Michelle 31 minute ago

    Instead of "Where are they now?" Its more like, "WHO ARE THEY NOW?" 😳🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤔🤔🤔

  • Hector Fludd
    Hector Fludd 31 minute ago

    It’s true I can get way more artery clogging health threatening food way cheaper and quicker

  • big frank
    big frank 31 minute ago

    Yes, they shouldn't have allowed him to do & see that they knew he wasn't a gangsta

    ZSAZSA RODEO 31 minute ago


  • KeyOgramz Lable and Company

    Hey yo DJ Envy what's the number I'm trying to slander you!

  • SayitAintSo Tv
    SayitAintSo Tv 33 minutes ago

    crazy cuz Jones and mel murda knew the feds was watching and still was havin them convos on the phone

  • Nathaniel Singleton
    Nathaniel Singleton 33 minutes ago

    These kids need to watch CB4 and White Boy Rick

  • peachycalmable
    peachycalmable 34 minutes ago

    The younger generation of wayans aren’t funny

  • medaswho
    medaswho 34 minutes ago

    Angela Yee is an idiot,Dick Gregory said where do albino's go after highschool and she tried to tell him,smh she must not know he was a comedian.He didn't say they didn't exist.Im just saying damn she's dense.


  • GT RED MAN Thomas
    GT RED MAN Thomas 35 minutes ago

    This interview was a very good interview, show that we all can have struggles to deal with you just have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

  • Hell Bano
    Hell Bano 36 minutes ago


  • Derrick Fox
    Derrick Fox 36 minutes ago

    "I'll be out till 2020". You'll be out IN 2020 lol

  • Fc channel
    Fc channel 37 minutes ago

    im say this black man are the most disrespected man black women are not the most disrespect somebody kick your ass for they mama but what about father nope

  • Tasheena Smith
    Tasheena Smith 38 minutes ago

    Yee getting on my nerves Charlamagne not there to talk over her and interrupt so now she trying to get her moment. They talking about something serious like prayer and she interrupting them to make jokes.

  • davida johnson
    davida johnson 38 minutes ago

    Jay z is a hulster tru he has proven is self time and time again

  • Martha Foy
    Martha Foy 39 minutes ago

  • Chris Watts official
    Chris Watts official 39 minutes ago

    Everyone who reads this comment, I hope you choke on a dick

  • King Kosta
    King Kosta 39 minutes ago

    The Luther!🤣🤣🤣

  • Martha Foy
    Martha Foy 39 minutes ago


  • Nathaniel Hamilton
    Nathaniel Hamilton 40 minutes ago

    Lots of bobbing and weaving, Charlamagne looking like Pacquiao lol

  • J S
    J S 40 minutes ago

    Danny Notgrass of Seymour Tennessee is a known child molester in the Knoxville area is a known child molester in the Knoxville area if you have any information about his crimes please contact the proper authorities

  • HonestBrotha
    HonestBrotha 40 minutes ago

    Well even though all yall Luciferians Yahawashi is a so called black

  • mo brown
    mo brown 40 minutes ago

    Wow he started playing basketball at 26

  • Martha Foy
    Martha Foy 40 minutes ago

    Respect for False Prophets?

  • Martha Foy
    Martha Foy 41 minute ago

    The Nation of Islam (NOI) VS The Muslims.

  • Vodman
    Vodman 41 minute ago

    Corporate Democrats are in on it too

  • Bound For Success...
    Bound For Success... 44 minutes ago

    Son am I the only one who was just sitting there with their mouth open when he said aka Yung Berg and the camera turned around. 😱😱

  • M H F
    M H F 45 minutes ago

    Great and interesting interview...not long enough but very entertaining! Yee adds a special something to all of these interviews! She is a gem!!!

  • The Original Dog Hook
    The Original Dog Hook 45 minutes ago

    #His team snitched before he did. #His house was robbed by his team. #kidnapped by his team. #Extorted by his team #Smashed your Baby Moms YOUR’RE SUPPOSED TO TELL!!!!!!!!

  • M H F
    M H F 47 minutes ago

    I love her!!! She is funny too!

  • Yung Tubbie
    Yung Tubbie 47 minutes ago

    This dude took a Soulja boy console to a interview. I’m done😂

  • Sho-Nuff Giant boyzz
    Sho-Nuff Giant boyzz 47 minutes ago

    Snitch 9 got more features in his testimony than he's album..This rainbow sucka letting everybody get indicted nobody safe..Yall kids better chose another career it not safe Facts!!!!

  • James Williams
    James Williams 48 minutes ago

    Madonna @ 13:00

  • k Bact
    k Bact 48 minutes ago

    Dude had Carmen Electra and Madonna when they were at their career peak.......AND Jeanie Bust. WOW

  • Andrea McDowell
    Andrea McDowell 48 minutes ago

    If you are born a Woman you are a woman! If you are born a man you are a man!! People need to stop. There is nothing right with any of this!!

  • Suzanne Faye
    Suzanne Faye 48 minutes ago

    Dr Umar Johnson is a genius

  • joanne jones
    joanne jones 48 minutes ago

    Some of tou sound stupid

  • africaRBG
    africaRBG 48 minutes ago


  • LaShera Michelle
    LaShera Michelle 49 minutes ago

    I love when I see interviews with them in it. Always informative - God bless! ❤️

  • Marzeter Moore
    Marzeter Moore 49 minutes ago

    I am so proud of my Kings. May God continue to bless their efforts.🙏🏿💕👑

  • Doug Green
    Doug Green 49 minutes ago

    The most colorful court man ever ..a true showman Dennis Rodman !! ...& yeah--DT2O2O ! *(gave the rainbow coalition a place on wall street - Turn that fake news narrative off .CNN is for suckas )

  • Tyrone Wayne Cornwall
    Tyrone Wayne Cornwall 49 minutes ago


  • Jay Ali
    Jay Ali 50 minutes ago

    Corey.... No..... Thut thut!!!

  • Ebonie Duniver
    Ebonie Duniver 50 minutes ago


  • Jo Nathan Smith
    Jo Nathan Smith 51 minute ago


  • Jaywu_chakra
    Jaywu_chakra 52 minutes ago

    Dave better be careful out here picking up random hoes. They're looking for a come up. While you go down!!!!

  • Franklin Cogdell
    Franklin Cogdell 52 minutes ago

    That boy mouth running like hot water

  • Ntsako Mathebula
    Ntsako Mathebula 52 minutes ago

    i need 99 more

    ZSAZSA RODEO 54 minutes ago


  • Nightmare Court Pictures
    Nightmare Court Pictures 54 minutes ago

    What he was saying in this interview, was that he could basically do whatever he wanted, talked as much smack as he wanted, and nothing could touch him. He followed this up by saying that it's still true....but what's got to him was that it was his own circle that's making him vulnerable to attacks. Low and behold a year later we kinda know now what his circle was really like...They were dirty nigga's like he said. So he was trying to say that he was immortal...noone outside of his circle could touch him and that was true. But the irony in that was that it was the people in his circle that was trying to get him. Charlamagne kept getting that confused with "You shouldn't talk so much shit" but Tekashi was explaining over and over and he wasn't understanding. In a way 69 was right. What got him was his own people....not any beef that he started from outside his circle.

  • DJ Phanatic Beats
    DJ Phanatic Beats 55 minutes ago

    Dope interview 💪🏾 Happy for TPain being in a better place & not letting people affect him negatively anymore. Keep doing it brah!🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Marcenia Williams
    Marcenia Williams 55 minutes ago

    Fantasia said she found the Lord? A Godly virtuos women does not talk publicly about her and others sexual life. She is a real hypocrit. And she talks like she is slow and immature as hell

  • lerkesha23
    lerkesha23 57 minutes ago

    My brothers are going through this now. We paid the lawyers and everything. But it meant nothing for what we thought would be an obvious open and shut case.

  • Shanee Cuevas
    Shanee Cuevas 57 minutes ago

    Plenty women don’t want to lead but they can’t depend on their man to lead.

  • Eric GoodLife Johnson
    Eric GoodLife Johnson 58 minutes ago


  • MrMahazestar
    MrMahazestar 59 minutes ago

    That dude that played Corey Wise in the movie needs to get recognized for the portrayal of Corey. Gah dayum he had grown men like myself crying like a lil baby.

  • MBKACE Gottiten Tube

    1:20 No One Listens to Charlemagne 🤫😂😂🤫🤫