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Vote for #HenryDanger for Favorite Kids Tv Show! Thank you!!!
Henry Danger Finale trailer
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Next week, things get heavy. Buckle up. #HenryDangerFinale
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Please help if you can. Cancer sucks and medical bills are crazy. Tom is our good friend and a major part of the Henry Danger family. Thank you so much. Link is here:
Henry Danger Votes!
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VOTE.ORG Real heroes vote. #vote #registertovote #rockthevote #henrydanger #captainman #kiddanger #schwoz #drex #mrshart @kellysullivanofficial @jacenorman @tommy.walker @michaeldcohen @jeffreynicholasbrown @henrydanger
Henry Danger - We’re So Excited
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Season 5 starts tonight! Music by The Pointer Sisters!
"Liz Stewart: I'm Crowning" Clip -Vampires
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Clip from "Liz Stewart: I'm Crowning"- now available on Amazon, VUDU, iTunes, GooglePlay, Xbox, and more!
"Liz Stewart: I'm Crowning" clip - Arizona
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Clip from "Liz Stewart: I'm Crowning"- now available on Amazon, VUDU, iTunes, GooglePlay, Xbox, and more!
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If you're making a totally insane 90-minute crossover event with airplane fights, dance numbers, superheroes and Snoop Doggs, you need a maniac like Steve Hoefer at the helm. Here's behind-the-scenes on DANGER GAMES, airing this Saturday at 8pm on Nick.
Baby Ripley watching She-Ra
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In anticipation for #WonderWoman, and in celebration of powerful female characters everywhere, I'd like to share this video of my daughter Ripley watching She-Ra. #Ripley #SheRa #babies #filmation #mastersoftheuniverse
Improvised Musical Number with Ripley
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Improvised musical number in our living room with Ripley, Liz, Flip, and Allison. The words got a little wonky in there, but you get the idea.
Old Man Cooper
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Watch my transformation into Old Ray Manchester from the Henry Danger episode, "Ox Pox." Movie magic courtesy of Michael Johnston, Patrick Denver, Joe Matke, Kris Dangl, Tricia Bercsi and Katie Kavin. Special thanks to Phil Mangano for editing.
Please Help
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Dan makes an announcement
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Dan stops by the Henry Danger set to make an announcement...
Together, We Are a Nation United
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I just became a U.S. Citizen, so I'm exercising my right to be weird.
Cooper Barnes - Kid's Choice Awards announcement
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Cooper Barnes's announcement about the 2015 Kid's Choice Awards Vote here:
Captain Man in Slow Mo
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Cooper Barnes (as Captain Man) in slo mo in the hair and makeup chair. Music : Andre Kostelanetz - Verdi (La Traviata - Brindisi)
Rick Grimes Impression with Cooper and Jace (High Rez)
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Me doing my Rick Grime impression with Jace Norman and Sean Fox. P.s. Don't point guns at people, kids! (See how responsible I am?)
Cooper Barnes & Jace Norman Walking Dead
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Me doing my Rick Grimes impression for Jace Norman and Sean Ryan Fox. Don't point guns at people, kids! (See how responsible I am ?)
"Sabotage" - Beastie Boys (w/Arnold Schwarzenegger)
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Sabotage/Schwarzenegger movie/Beastie Boys parody. I was bored. This is really dumb. Enjoy.
Cooper Barnes VO reel Oct 22
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Cooper Barnes doing voices. Damn, can this day get any better?
Cooper Barnes animation VO demo 2013
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Voice actor Cooper Barnes providing the voices of: "The Greys" in ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH "Galileo" in ABRACADABRA and Popeye, Buzz Aldrin, C-3P0, & Yoda on CONAN
Frog Island's entry in Klondike Bar contest
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Yeah, so we didn't win... we got disqualified, actually.
Cooper Barnes voice over demo
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Voice actor Cooper Barnes - audio samples - various radio spots and sketch characters
cooper barnes SNL reel
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Cooper Barnes on WXRX
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Cooper Barnes on the Stone and Double T radio show promoting "Pacino & Pacino Talent Agency"
Give me the chicken
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A music video starring the best cat actor the world, Steiner.
Halloween at Casa De Varna
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Happy Halloween from Casa de Varna! Featuring the murders of Chris Constable, Natalie DeJohn, Cooper Barnes and Liz Stewart.
Cooper Barnes' commercial reel
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Cooper Barnes whoring himself out for money. But in a good way.
Cooper Barnes- dramatic reel
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Cooper Barnes being all dramatical an' shit.
Cooper Barnes- comedy reel
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Cooper Barnes's comedic acting reel. How nice for you. Really.
douchebag party
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Cooper Barnes being a douchebag with Liz Stewart, Ryan Fox and Indira Gibson at the 2010 Douchebag party