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  • LateNiteDonna Esposito DiSalvia

    Kudos to Trump. If I may, I'd like to say that I miss seeing Megyn Kelly.

  • Josh Scheeter Parkers
    Josh Scheeter Parkers 3 minutes ago

    4 months? How much would you get for a 10K bribe for a cop

  • grovepar1203
    grovepar1203 10 minutes ago

    ok i thought i was the only one who couldn't finish this interview. "describe that sound" she's in the middle of being SHOT AT, WTF DO YOU THINK THE SOUNDS SOUND LIKE?????

  • V Czaban
    V Czaban 11 minutes ago

    Someone has some explaining to do?!! Thank God it did that now and not when it was apparently done and full of people! 🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾

  • Susan Gorsline
    Susan Gorsline 13 minutes ago

    I’m white and love my heritage. Bottomline, everyone should be proud of their heritage.

  • Almudena Carnero
    Almudena Carnero 14 minutes ago

    Ya diré. Ok ponemos esto ok eres massiel. Viña como eres viña. Mundo. Eres. Massiel. Vida. Colores de vida ser eres persona ok alto claro.

  • a hack's progress
    a hack's progress 15 minutes ago

    I realize now how much she's just like the others, cold and distant, and many people are like that, women for sure, they're like a union.

  • Alva Shoemaker
    Alva Shoemaker 15 minutes ago

    That woman you write about seemed to identify with that story; i hope she got to speak to someone connected to that story---it seems SHE related to that experience. BTW...Megan Kelly was GREAT!! She was empathetic withthat man; she had great questions. Why did she have problems with TV?

  • Follower of Jesus Christ Hallelujah


  • David T
    David T 18 minutes ago

    1:11 cuhhhhhriiiiip

  • Otto Conde
    Otto Conde 19 minutes ago

    Bill Paxton aged gracefully. The man looked like he was an honest 40. R.I.P Hudson.

  • Gino Genaro
    Gino Genaro 22 minutes ago

    She is aliens today now 2019

  • LDDT
    LDDT 23 minutes ago

    Skimped on the reinforcement of this building? Wow do not want to use that construction company or engineer. Sad for those who where killed and those who suffered.

  • Luna RikaRiko
    Luna RikaRiko 24 minutes ago

    Is it me or is Sandra Oh the most adorable person?

  • Jaques Connard
    Jaques Connard 24 minutes ago

    Opting out does nothing.

  • Almudena Carnero
    Almudena Carnero 26 minutes ago

    Algunos esto. Ya lo. Comente alguna vez no. Ba. Por ok alto claro. Te un hermano o hermana uy. Poco es ya si los de dentro asi los de fuera uy. Esto Es mental ego se enamora de su propia madre uy de su. Hermana uy. Tia uy. Prima uy librame. No se les. Kite eso. No es que. Uy les animen uy librame uy también. Uy. Paso uy como uy padre uy. Hermano uy. Tío uy. Primo uy. También. No se dio uy me da un si. También tuvieron hijos uy librame no las retenieron todo. Ellos uy. No davan serie. Me yo. Como se puede copiar eso uy. Tambien se dio se. Comieron abusos. No me lo inventó yo uy. Librame. Uy no les entrenaron a niños. Jóvenes uh no me. Lo inventó uh llegaron fue. O no. Me. Lo inventó ya manda huevos otros se comieron que no huvo casos uy los de como dicen ni me sale. Uy. No a kien sigen no uy me lo inventó tambien esos. Uy. Me lo inventó jaulas ya manda huevos los. Que de. Todo. Uy llegan así colé. Fe por música no.les gusta que no.les caes bien no tu olor. Tu. Por eres de este ese aquel. Piel fe famil casa trabajo. O que. Max uy a no te dice si gyana a te me lo mio no te. Gusta si a tus que lo que diga el señorito. Uy me pongo que no te gusta el baile lea escriba. Uh colé. Que. Bien te ves oyes sientes ya dire no es que leches uy ya diré llueve. Solo por. Comer poco o nada Me enferme ya te. Digo yo me. Hice mayor te cambio por. Cuantas como uy no. Dice. Nada eso si con que derecho. Que. Bueno. Si te digo yo lo. Que diga el señorito uy me dice eso todo uy antes será lo hizo. Tu padre macho uy o tu. Madre ok para faltar así. Ay tener buenos huevos de eso poco te viene bien asi ya my así my dedo medio alto my msnga mejr puñetas uy. No si. No que bueno es usted señor mio uh. Ya dire estas. A De dormir horas dias libres vacaciones sueldo pensión te uy aqui. No allí no. Suena raro eso no. Te doy que uy también me perdí me lie así me con kien si. Uy cuantos que. Uy mys lo traen. Uy no ay mismo se kedan a ponen para todo hacen de todo uy a veces se distraen es cosa de pareja ya su mentalidad es muy. Cortita ya a en eso uy ni fe te lo pone claro al no ser no. Funcione pase todo esto si le esplicas como te ves una peli mental. Y lee o escribe o dibuja eres adulto. digas uy. No. Haces que o si. Uy no. Te pida no la mente los dedos uy lo tienes fatal o peor mal. Uy. A otro tema. Como.en fe es un tema de teólogos si se casan si ellas ellos uy ya debatere te rebato ay mismo. Ok asi toma asiento. Ya bueno si se casan si. Ya te dire existe celibato sk están ya debatiendo eso en las alturas ok solo eso te adelanto ay unos todavía no les entra ok. Tiempo al tiempo. En otras obras son amores son. A decian antes no ay ya vocación el papa dijo me gusta mueve esto. Cree otros y as debate tertulia asi uh si se meten con su. Fe uy con fe uy te pone a caldo paso tiempo fue ollendo viendo presto atención se a veces uy. Me ayudame no. Llegó leches miel. Uy que. Hago si vengo de unos otros yo tu otros a kien escoges esto.puso para uy otros uy les huesos a otros así. Fue comprobando otros a veces no doy una. Uy me si sabe en semana santa me los teólogos así fiestas así. Grc pidan por el lo digo ya. Dentro de fe. No uy ay me pongo yo. Tremenda imposible no les falto si les digo como tu tienes fe estas con esto me lo dices todo. Feligreses así uy. Unas y otras. No pueden rebatir lo. Evidente no les digo yo pides ya por el papa o lo casco ya no creas no uy sigun. Llege uy me dijo. Que es posible eso les por misionera misioneros. No uy me da un si uy. Les ni sitio tienen para acoger les pide ayuda ya les bendición no uy das la bendición. Te. Guste o no la das donde te la pidan es. O no es. Uy ya dire nada de yo soy uy. Ya dire no falto uy conmigo las tienen a veces my facultades bueno soy asi me tienen aceztar como soy ya dire me. Perdí me lié grc saludos. Navidad

  • Ali Magat
    Ali Magat 26 minutes ago

    3 years later and I'm still wondering if that's part of the trick. 😕

  • Kolby Sangster
    Kolby Sangster 28 minutes ago

    Thanks you Meghan

  • Elizabeth Overbeck
    Elizabeth Overbeck 28 minutes ago

    Sounds like his talking about trump.

  • jay_615
    jay_615 28 minutes ago

    Fake amish people dont take photos

  • Dewayne M
    Dewayne M 29 minutes ago

    Typical interview with Kenny. Why dont interviewers ever ask him about who he is. It's always about why he writes what he does then he gets philosophical. Who are you kenny? Tell us about your family, your home town, your childhood, your hobbies. NOPE

  • Cody Huff
    Cody Huff 30 minutes ago

    The center of the universe is in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Don't believe me? Look it up.

  • George Roosevelt
    George Roosevelt 31 minute ago

    Prepare for some stiches TodayShow

  • Pronab Deori
    Pronab Deori 33 minutes ago

    She is very beautiful lady.

  • relaxwithme
    relaxwithme 34 minutes ago

    Wow what a fantastic interview.

  • Jahangir Malik
    Jahangir Malik 39 minutes ago

    Sweetheart, you didn't challenge asked silly stupid questions...that's all, nothing more than that....Vladimir Putin is far superior in intelligence than you.....we all see it....the only one that doesn't see it is yourself

  • Chip Van Winkle
    Chip Van Winkle 46 minutes ago

    Where is Hunter? Mitt you Twit

  • Katie Black
    Katie Black 48 minutes ago

    Tuesday morning People hear A story on the news And they wipe a tear For some families Their children were some of the victims Of the traumatic explosion That were rushed to hospital This shocking moment occured At half past ten on Monday night At the end of a popstar’s concert And it wasn’t a pretty sight It caused a lot of psychological problems For the survivors of this awful boom And twenty-two of the concertgoers passed And made heaven their home The venue was closed temporarily Following this tragic incident It left a scar in young people’s hearts Making independence very difficult The twenty-two beautiful angels That passed due to this tragedy Will remain on our hearts For as long as our city lasts Terrorism can’t win It can’t take freedom away from us Because we are Manchester And we stand together Although I’m not from Manchester, nor am I a victim of the bombing (I’m Scottish), my heart goes out to these 22 beautiful angels, and the survivors. May those angels rest in eternal peace. 🐝

  •  50 minutes ago

    So that private investigators pretty popular with known murderers

  • sherri sanders
    sherri sanders 52 minutes ago

    Could he be any more adorable? He is so talented too.

  • taNEETS
    taNEETS 52 minutes ago

    Y’all this man 43 why he still sound 16? Why would he still sound like when he took DJ to prom??? Do you think your dad sounded how he does now at 16?

  • JON M
    JON M 52 minutes ago

    Willing to disregard life and safety for a Damm selfie is pure madness, vanity one of the 7 deadly sins, when questioned later after the incident the jaguar replied: I had to attack that stupid woman I didn't want stupid and ugly dirtying up my space I got standards.

  • seyhan senay
    seyhan senay 53 minutes ago


  • Divine Gaming
    Divine Gaming 53 minutes ago

    Why ban flavors ban the sale of the empty carts definitely not going to stop it at all but will do more than banning something that has nothing to do with the problem

  • Work In Progress
    Work In Progress 53 minutes ago

    She remembers Achmed!!

  •  54 minutes ago

    Did she find the push up bra necessary

  • Norma Guerra
    Norma Guerra 56 minutes ago

    Such a nice lady. I respect that.

  • Andrew Lobo
    Andrew Lobo Hour ago

    Bono Is a old men and Demon,he is a crook

  • tr1bes
    tr1bes Hour ago

    I did felt Jasmine, Mulan, and Rapunzel have more confidences and intellect than all the other princesses in the past.

  • M Rth
    M Rth Hour ago

    What a tremendous gift of Gods love.Two gorgeous families.

  • Jerry
    Jerry Hour ago

    Any company placing adds before news about tragedy will not see a dime from me.

  • Maria G
    Maria G Hour ago

    such a beautiful soul & a spirit that cannot be broken !!! & she’s giving back to others 💜

  • Margarida Bacelos

    Those who didn't know how to stash, now do 👍

  • Desroy White
    Desroy White Hour ago

    he looks really good with hair!

  • Jacqui Blue
    Jacqui Blue Hour ago

    She's not a victim. I didn't hear her say that anything criminal happened. Her family is "shattered" cuz she slept w a married man. Probably embarrassed of HER behavior.

  • I'am the new Supreme ?

    I am a suicide survivor I can relate to this

  • David M
    David M Hour ago

    Isn't water in short supply? No way I would live on the left coast. It's trashed out by liberals now.

  • Owen J. Spinozza

    Tesla is trying to perfect 2040 technology in 2020. Not yet Elon

  • MonsterHuntressRoon

    So glad the Animated Aladdin movie is getting some love. Hey Disney, how about re-releasing this in theaters?

  • Myles Bowser
    Myles Bowser Hour ago

    #OC open carry this is why we need to teach children what firearms do and how to use them properly

  • Almudena Carnero

    Massiel yo soy la maria como. Dice. Massiel. Yo. Soy. La maria como dice

  • Christopher Brown

    These are not vaping products. SO STOP

  • Ms V
    Ms V Hour ago

    (Impeachment) “I never thought I’d hear that word related to me...” Seriously??? The rest of us was only a matter of time😀😀😀

  • Alan Vega Martinez

    The part where the old woman said that they have to go through me first broke my heart because now I know how much teachers have to go through to take care of us while we get our education done. And to take care of us 💔😢😖

  • Abhilasha Rai
    Abhilasha Rai Hour ago

    Tom cruise is though correct. Drugs to treat psychological disorders should be administered only when it is very much needed, in extreme cases.

  • DArK 7B9
    DArK 7B9 Hour ago

    Epic gamer momment let's go Why school schoolings happen well it's basically your fault and the school shooters fault bullying,life, don't be that person we're humans I'm sure we can function better than this.

  • The Vaping Samurai

    What do you expect, when your trying to ban vaping entirely? You'll end up pushing them back onto 20 a day. Then again, I have to wonder, is that what the US wants to achieve?

  • Jaden Gagalang
    Jaden Gagalang Hour ago

    media’s all screwed up.

  • Jaden Gagalang
    Jaden Gagalang Hour ago

    idk why they’re banning flavored e cigs when it’s the thc carts and counterfeits causing the problems

  • Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420

    The reporters nonchalant attitude about drugs are the precursors of fake news.

  • Elizabeth Harris

    Pride month? Embarrassment month. Where is the pride for normal people?

  • Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420

    Tom was right.

  • Real muscle for life

    Legend, respect sir.

  • Donna Lucero
    Donna Lucero Hour ago

    Old Blue Chair is my favorite, favorite!!

  • Catarina Falcon
    Catarina Falcon Hour ago

    he's right I'm from.a small town

  • ghetso girl
    ghetso girl Hour ago

    Looks like this is job site was run by the BEST people. Is Rudy around somewhere? Don Jr. or Eric maybe.

  • invainraven
    invainraven Hour ago


  • Almudena Carnero

    Eres massiel eres massiel eres masiel uy. Tiene. Unas yo. Kiero ser eres. Soy ser. Eres. Massiel.

  • Lil Nicki
    Lil Nicki Hour ago

    -he's too handsome

  • Nancy Pereida
    Nancy Pereida Hour ago

    I will never forget that he told a fan .... you need sit-ups! I didn’t buy his music or follow him after that! He needs to back and look at his videos..a..hole!!!

  • scottpyro fire
    scottpyro fire Hour ago

    its the liberals fault they paid off the inspectors

  • Maiden fan
    Maiden fan 2 hours ago

    21 years for killing 77 people thats insane

  • Pensky Material
    Pensky Material 2 hours ago

    Oh i know that guy...thats Tuco from Breaking Bad!

  • Russell Hack
    Russell Hack 2 hours ago

    They aren't all assigned to the same engine lmfao this is fake news

  • Unnamed
    Unnamed 2 hours ago

    well of course they found pesticides its a dank vape lol

  • Deborah Sauter
    Deborah Sauter 2 hours ago

    When will women realize that BLACK is not flattering to the face? It emphasizes wrinkles and shadows.

  • abluemovie7 84
    abluemovie7 84 2 hours ago

    Princess Jasmine broke a whole lot of grounds being that she was arguably the first ever minority Disney Princess. I come from a latino family and even though we're not Middle Eastern like Jasmine, my female cousins are still to this day big fans of Princess Jasmine. She was the first Disney character that they looked to and said she looks like me. Also, in my opinion, Jasmine opened the doors for Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Elena and Moana. Princess Jasmine is a beloved, iconic character.

  • Hope and Grace
    Hope and Grace 2 hours ago

    Rather than fighting for your name. Trump; get on your knees a pray for the victims in Syria! You left them to be slaughtered! Where are your dam priorities Stupid Trump! Imbecile!!!!! Your parents failed you!!!!!! And now we are paying for your upbringing!

  • RadMystic
    RadMystic 2 hours ago

    Do you realize how many "passed?" No one will ever know. But I can look at her mother and tell, she looks like my mother, grandmother who had blue eyes and blonde hair. My mother's BS said she was Ethiopian 😆. My mother was a black woman as was my grandmother. This happens to many African Americans as many of our founding fathers Jefferson, Jackson etc found their ways to our mothers. Nice thing about DNA, it doesn't lie.

  • Sea Turtle
    Sea Turtle 2 hours ago

    Her daughter is just as guilty. She deserves to be prosecuted as well for knowingly participating in fraud.

  • Flip Ya
    Flip Ya 2 hours ago

    Looks like the center crane failed. Dropped it's load and that's all it took.

  • Jim Crow
    Jim Crow 2 hours ago

    No psycho drug can solve your problems. All they do is delay your ability to confront your problems and own them. They are a lie. If you know you have a problem, confront it, own it, be it, fix it. You don't need any drug for that. What you need is nature, isolation, freedom from humans, and an open line to the truth. That all of this garbage is meaningless, and your systems and methods are a lie. The dark lord, the perfect angel, he who whispers in your ear, can and will free your soul and open your eyes. The death GOD of the Hebrew is a demon veiled in a cloak of purity. Know that, accept it, realize it, and you will not fall for any of the lies that a hairless talking monkey presents.

  • cyka blyat
    cyka blyat 2 hours ago

    Made in america lmao

  • Jennifer B
    Jennifer B 2 hours ago

    My favorite Disney princess!

  • L W
    L W 2 hours ago

    Shocked by all the negative comments

  • CLoZe14
    CLoZe14 2 hours ago

    We need more skilled workers

  • goirishgo
    goirishgo 2 hours ago

    Haha if you need to escape from home you're doing it wrong. LOL

  • Nolan S
    Nolan S 2 hours ago

    Why would you use dank vapes if you live in Cali 💀😂

  • Ruby Staging
    Ruby Staging 2 hours ago

    Most men seek Younger woman. Younger men will go out with older women, but at the moment of Truth he will marry younger women to have children with her

  • Erin MacArthur
    Erin MacArthur 2 hours ago

    Love the parent trap movie these actresses haven't changed a thing since the movie came out in early 2000's i wish lindsay Lohan was in this interview, and if they were in the audience they'll probably learn about different types of disabilities. Love u lindsay

  • Ian Lee
    Ian Lee 2 hours ago

    Her face looks swollen?

  • Choco Manger
    Choco Manger 2 hours ago

    He acts all innocent, knowing he gets to abuse his power after the shooting, and stick his weiner up some subordinate's butt.

  • JS Vancouver
    JS Vancouver 2 hours ago

    One thing I have seen here in America is whoever has had worked for trump got into real big trouble and most probably jail time

  • roadmonkey68
    roadmonkey68 2 hours ago

    Lol she deserved it lol hahahahahahahaha

  • GunfighterWyo
    GunfighterWyo 2 hours ago

    The corruption involving the democratic mayor and governor, there is little doubt that inspections, safety, and other concerns were bypassed in the name of profit. The developer has a history of fraud and has been arrested in the past.

  • Multiculturalchick
    Multiculturalchick 2 hours ago

    “The only reason why he is an elegant maniac is because he has a bird that is a complete psychotic” . I choked on my drink hearing that.......😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jessica Lyngkhoi
    Jessica Lyngkhoi 2 hours ago

    oh my God her real voice

    JULIE VERRET 2 hours ago

    The best movie of my youngness❤

  • Choco Manger
    Choco Manger 2 hours ago

    It doesn't actually represent all flights. There are plenty of small aircraft, such as crop dusters, that are not picked up by radar. Some planes don't even have transponders in them, let alone ones that are on.

  • KatieC Vlogs
    KatieC Vlogs 2 hours ago

    I feel conflicted about rating this video. I want to give it a thumbs up for Lorne Michaels. But I also want to give it a thumbs down for Lauer.