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  • Hoonatic Bloggs
    Hoonatic Bloggs 6 minutes ago

    Radical 🇬🇧 you need to check the v8 3.2 made of two Suzuki hyabusas

  • Michael Meanman
    Michael Meanman 13 minutes ago

    What an a -hole what’s the big deal what did he think you robbed a bank , love the vlog M from Nyc

  • Jonathan Lunger2
    Jonathan Lunger2 25 minutes ago

    Needs larger fuel pumps. 1 massive pump per bank of cylinders

  • Knuckle Head garage
    Knuckle Head garage 27 minutes ago

    Crazy how far it’s came in a year not even the same car anymore or same cage thingy ma bobber

  • Dan francis
    Dan francis 28 minutes ago

    Please tell me you're going to put bigger meats under there? Great video guys!

  • cat iron Cruisers catiron

    Congratulations on winning LS Fest Leroy came saw and kick their bumper congratulations Leroy

  • Ltldudebobino 3
    Ltldudebobino 3 47 minutes ago

    You should show up to @itsjusta6 event that collab would be so cool

  • cat iron Cruisers catiron

    Why don't you try replacing all coils on Leroy if that doesn't work maybe it's something with the computer

  • Rob Hamilton
    Rob Hamilton Hour ago

    FINALLY you build something super cool. Love it!!

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy Hour ago

    You know it’s an addiction when your volume is off but you can still hear the intro... and I’m okay with that

  • Chuck Barnett
    Chuck Barnett Hour ago

    @ 1:08 It's pound-feet of torque. "The proper term for torque in English units is the pound-foot, which we can find abbreviated any number of ways, such as lb.-ft., lb-ft, lb/ft, and so on. However, a foot-pound is a unit of work. Engines certainly do produce work as well as power, but in this case torque is the property in reference."

  • Bow Lock
    Bow Lock Hour ago

    Pandora's box was opened

  • Tin Town
    Tin Town Hour ago

    Why was it rocking side to side

  • Dominic The Dirtbiker

    3:30 rip Mountain Dew hat

  • aka_just_matt
    aka_just_matt Hour ago

    Where's the new video? We're feigning for some Cleeter Skeeter😎🤘

  • XxRICH777xX
    XxRICH777xX 2 hours ago

    Im going through no new content withdrawal cleetus😭

  • MrMeatWad
    MrMeatWad 2 hours ago

    Zzzzzzz typical Cletus video

  • JJ Dryer
    JJ Dryer 2 hours ago

    Yea they go up fast when you dump 2 gallons on er

  • Abdullah Abdulaziz
    Abdullah Abdulaziz 2 hours ago

    Where are you dude

  • John E McDonald
    John E McDonald 2 hours ago

    drink much mountain dew?? lol

  • Ian Searle
    Ian Searle 3 hours ago

    Just love the wheels. PLEASE leave them on.

  • Deacers
    Deacers 3 hours ago

    not a real nascar truck series truck... they never had a dale Earnhardt, that's fake not the right seat, not the right stick shift, and obviously they don't have lights so this is clickbait

  • onenonly0011
    onenonly0011 3 hours ago

  • Mike Aguilar
    Mike Aguilar 3 hours ago

    What was "American" about it other than you're both American citizens, were driving in Daytona, Florida, USA in a (mostly) American-made vehicle? I'm an American citizen living in Brazil. I can go to one of a few race tracks here and do almost (No "aura" of Daytona and no 33º banking in the corners) here. I can go to any number of countries and do the same thing. Oh, and auto racing started in Europe, not the U.S. The first automobile was made in Europe, not the U.S. (as was the first electric car,which was actually the first "car" ever made), also. The one thing "American" about what you're doing is that most of the mods you've done to Leroy (Which I love, by the way. Reinstall the supercharger on him next for a twin turbo-supercharged 427!) are street legal in the U.S. whereas they aren't in most countries around the world that I've looked into vehicle modification laws. I'm digging most of your content but your proclivity to call (or imply that) what you're doing is uniquely American is dead wrong and unfortunately typical of our fellow Americans. Hell, even NASCAR's Daniel Suárez did it in a NASCAR-4th of July commercial (He says something like "America's freedom is why I'm in the U.S.", except he was an accomplished racer in Mexico before getting into NASCAR's Drive4Diversity Program and auto racing is why he moved to the U.S., not freedom.).

  • Redneck Fantasy Factory

    Awesome video!

  • K.N.D Transport
    K.N.D Transport 3 hours ago

    I dont know why you would be "shook" if it has turn signals and head lights aswell as being regesterd and inshured the cop can just go to hell.

  • C J
    C J 4 hours ago

    Haha drunk videos are the best

  • Mike Vigil
    Mike Vigil 4 hours ago

    Turn on subtitles at 4:04

  • B
    B 5 hours ago

    He does it for doughnuts!

  • Sean Okane
    Sean Okane 5 hours ago


  • Jair Carmona
    Jair Carmona 5 hours ago

    Cummins power baby!!!!! Duramax will get gapped by a Cummins any day!!

  • Weslee Collins
    Weslee Collins 5 hours ago

    Where's the dale truck

    • AllTracTurbo
      AllTracTurbo 4 hours ago

      There is a link to his 2nd channel in this video description. In the most recent video he talks about why the Dale truck hasn't been on the channel lately. Basically, it needs some suspension work and it got pushed to the side while other new projects got his attention and he will bring it back to the channel at some point.

  • Stef Ad
    Stef Ad 5 hours ago

    You could have pushed it out of the garage and the driveway faster :P

  • Why Tho
    Why Tho 6 hours ago

    I'd get sea sick in that thing ahahahah

  • Squeaker Bigsmoke
    Squeaker Bigsmoke 6 hours ago

    No offense, but your name is the most country name I have ever read.

  • Jumper
    Jumper 6 hours ago

    Foot down during the wobble lmao

  • Ivana Notyers
    Ivana Notyers 6 hours ago

    About 10% Nitro in the tank would really make the barge haul A........

  • Randall Mcnutt
    Randall Mcnutt 6 hours ago

    Great program. Anything for our veterans.

  • Why Tho
    Why Tho 6 hours ago

    "we're going to australia with this thing" Massive summernats burnout or wha?

  • Charles Squire
    Charles Squire 7 hours ago

    C7 is sweet, but truly Supra driver is not race driver, he defeated himself with those awkward shifts, he should've abandoned the clutch and power shifted, "IF" that Supra was 1000 hp. 1000 up Supra's and up and Monsters..

  • E-Z.G
    E-Z.G 7 hours ago

    Are you not showing cleetus and cars ,its been weeks now very disappointing

    • E-Z.G
      E-Z.G 4 hours ago

      @AllTracTurbo ,I have seen them I thought there would have been a feature video on it or 1320 would have done one

    • AllTracTurbo
      AllTracTurbo 4 hours ago

      He posted 2 videos, the one with Ruby and the Ferrari and the one with neighbor burnouts and starting Toast. I don't think he brought Leroy because they had problems with the clutch and were waiting for parts.

  • Joe Goodman
    Joe Goodman 7 hours ago

    Mate, I’m all over it! Go Toast!!!

  • JD Pierce
    JD Pierce 7 hours ago

    I want your truck so sick

  • DAN D
    DAN D 8 hours ago

    When i saw that 7.82 i just jumped for joy in my van at work... BOOM

  • James Mcdonald
    James Mcdonald 8 hours ago

    Buy it

  • я тим
    я тим 8 hours ago

    Is that a 92??

  • Johnathan Kelly
    Johnathan Kelly 8 hours ago

    where's the burnouts?

  • Ziyaad Isaacs
    Ziyaad Isaacs 9 hours ago

    There is a world outside of the USA. Khabib and Putin will kick your's and fat Trump's asses.

  • Jason Ozment
    Jason Ozment 9 hours ago

    Don't wreck it just think of the children!

  • Ziyaad Isaacs
    Ziyaad Isaacs 9 hours ago

    You have a keyboard on your lap and a TV on the wall: Wow you're hi tech with your little diagnostic tool.

  • DoughBoy Q
    DoughBoy Q 9 hours ago

    Galaxy should be Be named Orange Flame

  • K47D3N
    K47D3N 10 hours ago

    Can we take a second to think about how simple but how good the rims are

  • Andre Makina
    Andre Makina 10 hours ago

    25 gallons per mile

  • ashley richards
    ashley richards 11 hours ago

    Doesnt matter what you bring, the galaxy is BAAAAAAAD

  • charles howlett
    charles howlett 11 hours ago

    The shooting ducks misfire is a lean condition caused by the horribly abundant inrush of combustion air. That bird catcher is going to cause nothing but nightmares . The blower rep should have the cfm of your huffer . Divide the cfm by the static pressure and you will have your inlet size x’s ^ will give you round dia. My experience tells me that it’ll be damn close with two blades not 3. That there cornbinder motor sure sounds nice !

  • Eclipse Pheonix
    Eclipse Pheonix 11 hours ago

    Normally into the jdms but thought this seemed cool and it's actually pretty lit

  • Denis' mini Garage
    Denis' mini Garage 11 hours ago

    this is why I want a crown vic when I grow up (I'm 14)

  • tom schweikert
    tom schweikert 11 hours ago

    u crazy fool that things nuts!!! love you guys!!!

  • Scotty D
    Scotty D 13 hours ago

    WOW !!!

  • 54647234543
    54647234543 13 hours ago

    Hopefully the Supra doesn't have some kind of fucked up traction control that makes him look like a horrible driver for over a year.

  • ChokoTB
    ChokoTB 13 hours ago

    maybe its a cam or crank sensor issue?

  • Darkside Mazda
    Darkside Mazda 13 hours ago

    26 dollar 2 sided fidget spinner now Love the last part of this with the nitrous.

  • Trevor Rogers
    Trevor Rogers 13 hours ago

    I'll bet your 'pucker' coulda crushed a walnut on that first drive.

  • Zac Caira
    Zac Caira 14 hours ago

    That was a super fun video. Cheers lads

  • B M
    B M 14 hours ago

    1384 WHP on competition tires and clean plugs.

  • Matthew Elmquist
    Matthew Elmquist 14 hours ago

    good content

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu 14 hours ago

    Always remember folks, in the diesel motorsports world, 6 is greater than 8💁‍♂️🐸☕

  • Hyperlink
    Hyperlink 14 hours ago

    Wheres your next video? im sad

  • Dodgeboy_ 1996
    Dodgeboy_ 1996 15 hours ago

    Well cletus it's time you out more power to that motor bigger turbo time!!!

  • bonus x
    bonus x 15 hours ago

    Your Referral Link:

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu 14 hours ago

      Nitrous kit, and New tires.. The Galaxy Express is currently kicking ass and taking names.

  • Виталий Халиков

    Уж очень нравится .Побольше не скучных подборок .

  • Dorothyann Connallon
    Dorothyann Connallon 15 hours ago

    Ive offered a 02 Ford F350 4door dually with 7.3l Powerstroke 4x4 900hp and a ATS Built Trans i consistently launch in 4 wheel immoderate due to the reality if i dont i spin the whole run. immoderate 9s in 14

  • Jame Andy
    Jame Andy 15 hours ago

    Ive offered a 02 Ford F350 4door dually with 7.3l Powerstroke 4x4 900hp and a ATS Built Trans i consistently launch in 4 wheel immoderate due to the reality if i dont i spin the whole run. immoderate 9s in 14

  • Jame Andy
    Jame Andy 15 hours ago

    Ive bought a 02 Ford F350 4door dually with 7.3l Powerstroke 4x4 900hp and a ATS Built Trans i continually launch in four wheel excessive due to the fact if i dont i spin the total run. excessive 9s in 14

  • Elusive
    Elusive 15 hours ago

    What grey pick up is that in the back? I like it

  • TheFire259
    TheFire259 16 hours ago

    Guy: sees HP ahhh only 750 Torque: Am I a joke to you?

  • Adam lewis
    Adam lewis 16 hours ago

    Say what you will about the Galaxy winning but a damn 1 ton dually going 12.50s? That's hauling ass

  • _Sinister Transport_
    _Sinister Transport_ 16 hours ago

    I've got a 02' Ford F350 4-door dually with 7.3l Powerstroke 4x4 900hp and a ATS Built Trans i always launch in 4 wheel high because if i don't i spin the whole run. high 9's in 1/4

  • jason allison
    jason allison 16 hours ago

    E L E C T R A ! ! ! That's the name you should give her

  • SaTaNeAtChEeSe
    SaTaNeAtChEeSe 16 hours ago


  • AllXDup
    AllXDup 16 hours ago

    Hey Cleetus, I'm thinking of doing a Bus/RV conversion to follow the v8 supercar circuit for a season here in Australia. Some of the fuel consumption figures I've heard for 40' buses scared me, like 4mpg- faarque... The best engine I've come across for this purpose would be the LS V12, pretty sure it would be way better than an 8v71 jimmy, but probably a bit (cough cough) out of my budget seeing how I'm a pensioner nowadays. What engine/trans is in Monica & and what kind of consumption do you get NOT towing please? Cheers mate.

  • T RopE
    T RopE 16 hours ago

    lol, ya know, if u were tricky enough, u would leave the tranny an axels bolted to the tranny an take that out as a unit since u have the jacks , even leave them in the air.

  • jon smith
    jon smith 16 hours ago

    The bald eagles where soaring

  • jon smith
    jon smith 16 hours ago

    Damn the fire that was coming out of that stack was awesome

  • Scott Bayer
    Scott Bayer 17 hours ago

    Gonna have to paint Leeroys cage Mountain Dew green now

  • rx7dude2006
    rx7dude2006 17 hours ago

    Just don't race the Ferrari in the curves and you will be fine.

  • Nathan
    Nathan 17 hours ago

    Bruh that's like border line mullet your rocking.. sick shit.

  • Ian Johnston
    Ian Johnston 17 hours ago


  • Kenneth Wallace
    Kenneth Wallace 17 hours ago

    That's a lot of nitro

  • Kris *
    Kris * 17 hours ago

    Dirty nasty diesel.

  • J K
    J K 17 hours ago

    Flame out the stack was cool.

  • Daniel Nunez
    Daniel Nunez 17 hours ago

    Go figure VerizonApple forces us non rich people to watch their stupid ad, wrong audience ya morons we ain't got money or we'd pay for RUclip Premium to avoid your dumb ad

  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face 17 hours ago

    That was a great race so close

  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face 17 hours ago

    That's the most beautiful truck I've ever seen

  • Matthew McGrath
    Matthew McGrath 17 hours ago

    Funny thing about the Galaxy is that they really haven't even began to scratch the surface on the potential.. upgraded the injectors, adjusted the timing on the car, Ghetto rigged Nitrous kit, and New tires.. The Galaxy Express is currently kicking ass and taking names.

  • Tony Hawk
    Tony Hawk 17 hours ago

    13:28 sorry but the Mark guy was totally wrong. 😂😂😂🙃

  • Nicholas B
    Nicholas B 17 hours ago

    Do it for dale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike robert
    Mike robert 18 hours ago

    Ozone layer meet Leroy he may be contributing to global warming 2 tires at a time but looks amazing doing it

  • Nicholas B
    Nicholas B 18 hours ago

    Hell yeah brother!!!

  • FL Biker
    FL Biker 18 hours ago

    5:55 WTF! Suspension brother! We all love you too much for that nonsense.