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  • Shorty
    Shorty 7 hours ago

    Just got my iphone 11 pro thanks this helped

  • Lucas Lubinski
    Lucas Lubinski 10 hours ago

    Fake Iphone

  • Tigerfan31200
    Tigerfan31200 14 hours ago

    Tried both of these steps and none of them worked...

  • Boomski Mad op
    Boomski Mad op 15 hours ago

      works👌

  • Hem Shah
    Hem Shah 17 hours ago

    Works wonders! Cheers to you

  • TattleTail.Playz777
    TattleTail.Playz777 17 hours ago

    It’s says you already own this app, so it will download now at no additional charge, but it was free. Can someone help me?

  • omid nasari
    omid nasari Day ago

    you crazy

  • Con H
    Con H Day ago


  • P a n i c
    P a n i c Day ago

    I’m just here to cheat on my tests

  • Aidan Bez
    Aidan Bez Day ago

    As soon as I do that it starts minusing money off and I go to subscriptions and there’s nothing there

  • Adriana Pelayo
    Adriana Pelayo 2 days ago

    IT WORKS WITH IOS13! Thanks

  • Ace Ventura
    Ace Ventura 2 days ago

    You cannot speak English so stop!

  • Avocado Ava
    Avocado Ava 2 days ago


  • InDiAn ViRaL
    InDiAn ViRaL 2 days ago

    I am not able to dismiss that pop up. And not able to restart also because that popup notification is not going after dissmiss also i touched it many times

  • Rayna moody
    Rayna moody 2 days ago

    Fake ass video. This isn’t Animoji in anyway shape or form. Also does anyone else get extremely bothered by his collar?

  • Joyus Sohl
    Joyus Sohl 2 days ago

    please don’t say “What’s up guys.”. Nearly Everyone says it to begin a video on RUclip. Try something original like ...nothing!....just dive into the material!

  • Emanuel Alexandre
    Emanuel Alexandre 2 days ago

    thank you

  • Jeanie Rainey
    Jeanie Rainey 2 days ago

    I agree, music louder than voice

  • Nyoko Batiste
    Nyoko Batiste 2 days ago

    Thank you so much

  • Simrat Gill
    Simrat Gill 2 days ago

    9 bands

  • detroit ghetto
    detroit ghetto 3 days ago

    Too much fucking talking

  • Skylow
    Skylow 4 days ago

    mrgan.com please tap this? And doesen’t work right?

  • peppa pig
    peppa pig 4 days ago

    this shit frustrating me

  • Thomas Alexander
    Thomas Alexander 4 days ago

    thank u

  • Moon Ansari
    Moon Ansari 4 days ago

    It doesn't work

  • Noble Price
    Noble Price 5 days ago

    Can you pls talk....FASTER!! lol!

  • Dylan _
    Dylan _ 5 days ago

    It's not an oled screen how would dark mode improve battery life

  • Tambal Cat
    Tambal Cat 5 days ago

    Apple knots is amazing!

  • Amazing Tiktok Celebrity

    Thanks man

  • free kuwait
    free kuwait 7 days ago

    Open hone ke baad white screen kyu ati hai

  • Allison Mckenzie Lindsey

    thank you so much! This was so helpful.

  • Declan Black
    Declan Black 7 days ago

    Thanks I dropped my phone in water and power button didn’t work helpful

  • 豪傑KURSED
    豪傑KURSED 7 days ago

    1:11 Man got curbed 🤣🤣🤣

  • mcboy_YT PH
    mcboy_YT PH 7 days ago

    Thank for the help

  • nav bhinder
    nav bhinder 8 days ago

    💯 % working

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts 8 days ago

    Dude WTF are you saying??? I didnt understand a single word in this entire video! 😖

  • Marija Popovic
    Marija Popovic 9 days ago

    Is this just for series 4 and 5? My series 3 doesn’t work 😩 help?

  • dog
    dog 10 days ago

    IPhone 6 s has no haptic feedback

  • Dale Bigsby
    Dale Bigsby 10 days ago

    Big ass Waste of time

  • aMirul 23z
    aMirul 23z 10 days ago

    It work!

  • Jaskaran Sekhon
    Jaskaran Sekhon 11 days ago

    In cydia add resources option not here

  • Bikash Limbu
    Bikash Limbu 11 days ago

    Txx.. Bosss.... It's really work it

  • maria caulker
    maria caulker 11 days ago

    my speaker won’t even show on my iphone bluetooth list

  • Josh Buckley
    Josh Buckley 11 days ago

    What do I do if when I've bought it I delete it but it's not in purchased?

  • Sylvia Rosario
    Sylvia Rosario 12 days ago

    I can’t understand a fucking word this idiot is saying. Fucking moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Inaaya Momin
    Inaaya Momin 12 days ago


    CADEN JEAN PIERRE 13 days ago

    Thanks 🙏

  • Snowy_kitten1145
    Snowy_kitten1145 13 days ago

    It worked thanks so much for the help     

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis 13 days ago

    Tough to easily understand with that heavy accent.

  • J Patterson
    J Patterson 14 days ago


  • Frances Rollins
    Frances Rollins 14 days ago

    This was perfect

  • Queasy Doughnuts
    Queasy Doughnuts 14 days ago

    Thank you. +1 Like

  • Nathan Nguyen
    Nathan Nguyen 14 days ago

    Omg, my haptics havent been working for like a month. The first method worked perfectly

  • White Owl
    White Owl 14 days ago

    The reset trick work for my 8 plus thanks...

  • Dextiney Mullins
    Dextiney Mullins 14 days ago

    Really helpful #Subscribe

  • phoenix durkin
    phoenix durkin 14 days ago

    Skip to 0:54 "So let's save a little bit of time and let's get started" he says after a minute of talking about nothing.

  • • YB Friends •
    • YB Friends • 15 days ago

    *Not* _that_ -easy-

  • Prashik Khotkar
    Prashik Khotkar 15 days ago

    why does this occur?

  • adrian johnson
    adrian johnson 15 days ago

    Thank u so much

  • Cat _Luna
    Cat _Luna 15 days ago

    This didn’t work.....

  • thanakorn narisirikul


  • Hai Donald
    Hai Donald 16 days ago

    How do you fix it when it won't slide up

  • Hai Donald
    Hai Donald 16 days ago

    Mine can still function but he just can't slide up that's just my problem

  • TNTGRiefer Xx
    TNTGRiefer Xx 16 days ago

    *does it work?*

  • Jorge Ocampo
    Jorge Ocampo 16 days ago

    Omg thank you

  • Jasmine griffin
    Jasmine griffin 16 days ago

    The reason why you are unable to download or update apps is because you owe them money. For example let's say that I paid $10 on a subscription and spent another $20 in a game, then I'm not able to download or update apps until I buy enough apple ID cards to pay off the $30 I spent. It's like barrowing money off a credit card, the amount of money you spend in apps will be the amount you would need to pay in total before you could use the app store again.

  • Grace DiBiasio
    Grace DiBiasio 17 days ago

    How do you make it read to you

  • FreddyHun 23
    FreddyHun 23 18 days ago

    ~ hey ~

  • FreddyHun 23
    FreddyHun 23 18 days ago


  • Kadi Wilson
    Kadi Wilson 18 days ago

    English plz

  • Ellice Chen
    Ellice Chen 18 days ago

    Thank you!

  • Journey Burr
    Journey Burr 18 days ago

    I have no update section on my profile

  • Luu Tuan
    Luu Tuan 18 days ago

    India accent + spoke very fast = rip listeners

  • Artem Golubkov
    Artem Golubkov 19 days ago

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  • Ni Le
    Ni Le 19 days ago

    Omg thank u thank u I have a fan acc and I want to repost stuff but i don’t know how tysm u helped a lot

  • Subhan Amin
    Subhan Amin 19 days ago

    it worked thanks

  • Mackenzie Lawson
    Mackenzie Lawson 20 days ago

    Thanks! This helped me so much!

  • Ivan Andoni
    Ivan Andoni 21 day ago

    The best way till now, thanks 🙏

  • Clara .Roblox
    Clara .Roblox 21 day ago

    This worked so well! Thank you! I did it On IOS and It worked very well! 😊

  • Dusty McKinnon
    Dusty McKinnon 21 day ago

    The problem is you still need to enter a passcode and unlock the screen after the reboot. And in order to backup and restore, you also need to unlock. How do you unlock the phone without a touch screen?

  • Xxjameshughes xX
    Xxjameshughes xX 21 day ago

    Nice but how you do get that to picture it

  • Amy Brees
    Amy Brees 21 day ago

    How do I change the photos I have already uploaded to my cloud and onto my computer?

    • Miter Ball
      Miter Ball 20 days ago

      Make a folder on you desktop, copy the pic or pics to the folder, and for some reason, I don’t know why, they will convert to jpeg.

  • Christian n Pablo
    Christian n Pablo 21 day ago

    Use the PeanutPlayer.com. This website allows you to play music in the background (and listen to audio only, which saves you lots of data)

  • نفيسة الادريسي

    Thank you so much

  • [CHG] Lil Jabber
    [CHG] Lil Jabber 22 days ago

    지금 가는 중!

  • [CHG] Lil Jabber
    [CHG] Lil Jabber 22 days ago

  • [CHG] Lil Jabber
    [CHG] Lil Jabber 22 days ago

  • Nameless
    Nameless 22 days ago


  • Nameless
    Nameless 22 days ago


  • Siwoo
    Siwoo 22 days ago

    I only hear blah blah blah

  • Dragon Tamer
    Dragon Tamer 22 days ago

    It’s telling me to sign into my Apple ID on settings so I can access controls but it keeps saying “an error occurred during activation, try again” but I’ve tried like a million times and it just keeps saying the same message, someone please help what do I do

    • Vaehs World
      Vaehs World Day ago

      Omg same , have uu still found out with it being 3 weeks ago ?

  • Avi Mehenwal
    Avi Mehenwal 22 days ago

    How do I play video at 3X ?

  • Chase Kasmar
    Chase Kasmar 23 days ago

    I can't explain how much I love you right now

  • Sleepy Wee
    Sleepy Wee 23 days ago

    I literally got this charger yesterday 😪

  • Ad john
    Ad john 23 days ago

    Delight_hacker on |NSTAGRAM is a life saver, he got my Apple watch fixed successfully.

  • Justin Bowen
    Justin Bowen 23 days ago

    Thank you

  • Salman Bakhit
    Salman Bakhit 23 days ago

    I washed my iPhone X and it died I am using 11 pro now 😭

  • Kekqzy
    Kekqzy 24 days ago

    my phone is fully dead now because of this stupid thing and it wouldnt charge and now I dont know what to do.

  • kittenpuffs
    kittenpuffs 24 days ago

    What version of iOS of this? Or what setting was used to make the icons circular & it spin when you change pages on the home screen?

  • ArtworxChan
    ArtworxChan 24 days ago

    Super helpful video! Thank you so much!