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  • Skyosh twidash77
    Skyosh twidash77 7 minutes ago

    Independence for Taiwan!

  • Selo Başkan
    Selo Başkan 9 minutes ago

    Long live Kurdish people

  • Mulan 121
    Mulan 121 16 minutes ago

    I think shinto is one of those religions that is very relevant in modern society because it doesn’t try to manipulate. It’s a gentle way of life that is kind to nature and brings people together. What’s not to like about that?

  • Kishore Singh Rajput
    Kishore Singh Rajput 40 minutes ago

    My parents had an arrange marriage and my entire family as well..aunt uncle cousins everyone had an arrange marriage and I will also have one. It's not forced , if you don't like the girl/guy you can find another..

  • Kishore Singh Rajput
    Kishore Singh Rajput 47 minutes ago

    To all the foreigners , Hinduism is not only worshipping millions of gods or considering cows as sacred.. it's far beyond that and lovely.

  • Uzaif Karime
    Uzaif Karime Hour ago

    If one country made by having the parts of Islamic countries. It will the largest country of the world with highest population...

  • Faheem Akbar
    Faheem Akbar Hour ago

    U are completely missguiding people... U didnt even research about that topic... Its not as simple as u said... It is very complicated and deep thing... U cant sums up in 2:56...make your reseach wide...

  • انسان حر
    انسان حر Hour ago


  • バーバパパの孫


  • flava Migwi
    flava Migwi 2 hours ago

    I had to rewind several times and try doing it myself to no avail. So I'll stick with "KGB"

  • 山中椿
    山中椿 2 hours ago

    I am Japanese.I love America. But I can't understand this video. The emperor was against the war. It was military people who carried out the war. Don't misunderstand there. I am sorry if there is a strange place because this sentence is translated.

  • 私はナニですIAmNani

    America gangster until Vietnam enters the room

    STEVE P 2 hours ago

    You can't get experience if nobody will give you a chance.

  • hshshs janaha
    hshshs janaha 2 hours ago

    Mad respect to the Buddhists

  • William Gonzalaez
    William Gonzalaez 2 hours ago

    All socialism and communism was funded by jews. Do research

  • William Gonzalaez
    William Gonzalaez 2 hours ago

    In socialism leading to communism. Never has had any type of freedom. Why do you think democrats wants to disarm us

  • Mujeeb Shaik
    Mujeeb Shaik 3 hours ago

    Iam a Indian muslim

  • Jeroen Jansen
    Jeroen Jansen 3 hours ago

    Communism is only for intelligent disciplined people which high moral standards.

    • Jeroen Jansen
      Jeroen Jansen Hour ago

      @Eric Cartman Mental conditioning kicks in: communism: alarm bells go off: Wrong, bad, kill!!! Not good!🤤😲😨☠👹

    • Eric Cartman
      Eric Cartman Hour ago

      Yeah, no...

  • Red Power.红色的力量

    Father portuguese mother Indonesian grew up in Australia and currently study in UK.. 🇮🇩🇵🇹🇦🇺🇬🇧

  • So What ??
    So What ?? 4 hours ago

    Why ?? Prohibition of possession of handguns, it's the biggest reason. On the other hand, hunting gun possession is a registration system. However, hunting is a very very rare hobby in Japan.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Japan is very technologically advanced but still overworked.

  • Freddy Romario Vásquez Cairo

    they don't have the militaru technology but chinese copy everything and now they are allies with russia, what will happen?

  • jasiel delgado
    jasiel delgado 5 hours ago

    Communists always on capitalist platforms contributing to what they hate with their smartphones from ultra capitalist companies rambling nonsense on ultra capitalist platforms and social media Love it

  • Ashutosh Anshu
    Ashutosh Anshu 5 hours ago

    Only if people use jio for study purpose and not for tik tok videos

  • a random frank
    a random frank 5 hours ago

    The US can stuff there aid. They should rather spending there money on shithole democrate ruled cities like detroit

  • Freddy Rojas
    Freddy Rojas 5 hours ago

    Domestic terrorists

  • Zidu Advert መሐመድ ቱርሚ

    we don't hate each other

  • krys
    krys 5 hours ago

    Loo this concept that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer baffles me...the poor also get richer in capitalism

  • the the
    the the 6 hours ago

    Why Israel talk about humanity 😂 Israel biggest terrorist

  • Jackie Planck
    Jackie Planck 6 hours ago

    Hero or villain? It just depends on who you ask.

  • Harry Azmin
    Harry Azmin 6 hours ago

    proud to become indian Malaysia, no caste

  • 鄭善澤
    鄭善澤 7 hours ago

    Tito is a socialism not a communist,right?

  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor 7 hours ago

    Fascism, what beautiful thing.

  • Debadatta Giri
    Debadatta Giri 7 hours ago

    Being Indian, I do apologise to my western friend on behalf of Versha Sharma. This Chap speaking nonsense upon nonsense. Left has distroyed my country for last 50 years.

  • Salmaan Muxiya
    Salmaan Muxiya 8 hours ago

    I need liberland

    UDIN KING90 8 hours ago


    DIGVIJAY TRIPATHY 8 hours ago

    Islam is needed to be destroyed

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee 9 hours ago

    Oh ya the Illuminati is just so innocent! Ha . Look up podesta emails. Comet pizza and surround businesses with pedophile symbols. Who owns them. Who goes to them. People in power. Are so corrupt. Free masonry. Symbolism in the media etc . So many connections. If you ignore them you really are blind .

  • Plz Help
    Plz Help 9 hours ago

    Polisario is comparable to a terrorist separatist group

  • Plz Help
    Plz Help 9 hours ago

    Sahara is morrocan

  • Robert Mccutcheon
    Robert Mccutcheon 9 hours ago

    india is actually the largest importer of weapons in the world, but they buy weapons from everybody. Saudi arabia is the largest importer of american weapons

  • T T
    T T 10 hours ago

    Taiwan is part of china,no doubt。

  • No Name
    No Name 10 hours ago

    So ppl who are wondering where porkistan is i think the owner of this channel assume that it's already collapsed till the video upload 😂

  • Soham Sharma
    Soham Sharma 10 hours ago

    If Bavaria DOES, by something, become independent. I would love for it to have its monarchy back. The descendants of King Maximilian would form the Bavarian royal family. A branch of the house of Wïttelbachs, right?

    SOMNABULIST _ 10 hours ago

    have anyone thought that it could be otherway around, that if Norway punished true criminals they would have even less crime, and the lack of crime isnt due lax prison system but due something else lol

  • sahil rajpoot
    sahil rajpoot 11 hours ago

    All girls are bisexual 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Southern Comfort
    Southern Comfort 11 hours ago

    Wrong. Europa: The Last Battle. Archive dot com for all 10 parts.

  • Alon More
    Alon More 11 hours ago

    UN forces went into Sinai, and ran away. UN forces went into Bosnia, and ran away. UN forces went into the Golan, and ran away. Those are just a few examples, if they can't even keep their nickers on, what's the use of them?

  • 原田涼平
    原田涼平 11 hours ago

    I don't hate the Emperor. What I hate is the Japanese military at that time, including Hideki Tojo. I apologize for having wars and annoying in the past. I respect and love American technology and culture. I sincerely hope that the friendship between Japan and the United States will last forever.🇯🇵♥️🇺🇸 from Japan🎌

  • prayoga putro
    prayoga putro 11 hours ago

    Ada bahasa Jawa bro...

  • Mr. Mad
    Mr. Mad 12 hours ago

    Who watch this video from Bangladesh?🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Keith Dallmeier
    Keith Dallmeier 12 hours ago

    China is the epitome of George Orwell's 1984. Information and mind control through government.

  • Ricardo A. Maestre
    Ricardo A. Maestre 12 hours ago


  • Ricardo A. Maestre
    Ricardo A. Maestre 12 hours ago

    Unidad y brazos. 💔🤝🏽😿

  • Md Polash Khan
    Md Polash Khan 13 hours ago

    me Bangladesh

  • Evan Shinn
    Evan Shinn 13 hours ago

    If California left the US everyone else would starve

  • Ron dass
    Ron dass 13 hours ago

    Hinduism is not a religion, tell us where it is prophesied, is there a book written about it,the word Hinduism means this....The land that lies between Himalayas and the Indian ocean...its it used as geographical word, people who live within this geographical land are only called Hindu, these people are not believers but seekers,MUKTI, means liberation, are their religion is called DHARMA( way of life)so the word Hinduism is used not as religious but it is used in as geographical terms...only foreigners like used the word Hinduism as religion...Hindus religion is called DHARMA

  • 阴道美国人
    阴道美国人 13 hours ago

    German and Japan most advance country

  • Colin Peng
    Colin Peng 13 hours ago

    Wow. While China as an empire dated back 4000 years ago and the oldest materials for japan's history was written in Chinese, japan is older than China due to some myths invented by themselves? ? I don't see the logic.

  • Paul Lorca
    Paul Lorca 13 hours ago

    Gastan más en armas que en educación y salud Chile país de weones

  • Ahmad Akram
    Ahmad Akram 13 hours ago

    Always with turkey from Pakistan 🇵🇰💓🇹🇷😘

  • HindsightPOV
    HindsightPOV 14 hours ago

    My belief in the Flying Spaghetti Monster saved me from very dark times. It really offends me when anyone criticizes my faith Pastafarianism.

  • marlon ng
    marlon ng 14 hours ago

    How about China and Japan?

  • I Crash
    I Crash 15 hours ago

    Americans shouldn't be ashamed of the past Be proud that the past formed who we are today

  • Nick
    Nick 15 hours ago

    Oy vey!

  • anonymityismyname
    anonymityismyname 15 hours ago

    Countries leaving the union. How has it worked before? Exactly, it's not possible, stop thinking stupid.

  • Jerry Singh
    Jerry Singh 16 hours ago

    In100 years

  • Bikash Hansda
    Bikash Hansda 16 hours ago

    Plz pray for me that I can became prist plz sister .y name akash

  • 44 cats Fan and Harry Potter

    I’m Dominican and I speak Spanish

  • Pokestevers
    Pokestevers 16 hours ago

    It's happening right now for the Kurds in Syria...

  • Sarmad /سرمد
    Sarmad /سرمد 16 hours ago

    Tthanxx you 🖤😍

  • XxPandaXxPlays Morales

    I know this now but what is the eye for?

  • ahmad mushaffa
    ahmad mushaffa 17 hours ago

    better be secular than religious...religious people make people hate other people

  • Budgie Whisperer
    Budgie Whisperer 18 hours ago


  • Mr Mister
    Mr Mister 18 hours ago

    Why does my favorite animal have to be hunted

  • Porschen Hund
    Porschen Hund 18 hours ago

    Taiwan :the Democratic China. China : The Communist China. One country two system : a Democratic and Communist China. = impossible by nature. Proof : Hong-kong.

  • ahmad mushaffa
    ahmad mushaffa 18 hours ago

    well our military maybe not as powerful as china..but if china decided to attack we will welcome them anytime..our fighting spirit for this doubt is so strong that will make us united as one..

  • Sam Cananua
    Sam Cananua 18 hours ago

    Fed actually prints it's cash against interest due in contract If you buy a house on 30years The fed Calculates the total interest and prints that They print credit card interest. When you buy something with cash the gov can't print money The interest is money that did not exist before a deal. So they print that, But when enough people lose their jobs, get hooked on dope, or just can't pay, the default rate goes beyond what can be sustainable, that's the last recession It will happen again and worse because for over banked USA, people are living on credit. All it takes is that golden job to collapse, that house stagnant on the market, no comparable job, Now your stuck in an exclusive area, unable to get equity And choose between loss, or foreclosure Most try to hold on with credit. They sink. These are the enemy of the fed, but people who cash checks at Walmart and spend cash are the worse They contribute nothing to the fed

  • Benjamin Elkanem
    Benjamin Elkanem 18 hours ago

    New York has 60 million tourists every year.

  • DaleTañagGamer // DTG


  • Murmad Man
    Murmad Man 19 hours ago

    1948 and 1965 anti Muslim riots, and anti Dalit in calcutta 1984 Anti-Sikh riots 1998 Anti Muslim riots 2005 anti-Christina riot in Orissa

  • Brandon G
    Brandon G 19 hours ago

    Better question: Who cares? Get a rope.

  • balder levonhard
    balder levonhard 19 hours ago

    Your people have no reason to fight at all.

  • Ali Taghiyev
    Ali Taghiyev 20 hours ago

    Armenians are nothing without Russia right now Azerbaijan is a much developed and stronger country. can someone tell me? Was there an Armenian state throughout history? If there was one, tell me the capital city of the Armenians. Which state did the Armenians have before? if you have, tell me your capital city before. Do the Armenians hear me? answer my question

    WOLF RIVER 20 hours ago

    proud to be Alaskan!

  • Chewbacca Cat
    Chewbacca Cat 20 hours ago

    Trump will go to jail

  • Chewbacca Cat
    Chewbacca Cat 20 hours ago

    I love Julia. My favorite host.

  • Ula Nelson
    Ula Nelson 20 hours ago

    American kid with Citizenship in St. Lucian 🇱🇨🤟🏽 Next is Guyana 🇬🇾

  • Dirk Scholten
    Dirk Scholten 20 hours ago

    Tell the truth for once plz!

  • Johnny Feve
    Johnny Feve 20 hours ago

    Like it did before

  • Johnny Feve
    Johnny Feve 21 hour ago

    Scotland can take its place until it been drained

  • The Koopa Prince
    The Koopa Prince 21 hour ago

    We have ikea bro

  • •`natsukashii - Almond’•

    Espanish & imglish I am from Argentina and I do not hate the English. sincerely for me as a citizen Argentina I am very offended that they only tell the story of the UK and not that of Argentina since they make us look stupid. Beyond that, the Falkland Islands are in Argentine territory, it is not that it occurred to Argentina that they were closer to our country, and the truth is that NO, The Falkland Islands are in Argentine territory.that the English won not only for winning in numbers of soldiers, weapons, etc. but because of the war the Argentine government sent children under 18 years of experience. They would honestly have to tell things better because Argentina suffered a lot. Español e inglés Soy de Argentina y no odio a los ingleses. Sinceramente para mí como ciudadano argentino, me ofende mucho que solo cuenten la historia del Reino Unido y no la de Argentina, ya que nos hacen parecer estúpidos. Más allá de eso, las Islas Malvinas están en territorio argentino, no es que se le haya ocurrido a Argentina que estaban más cerca de nuestro país, NO están en territorio Argentino Que los ingleses ganaron no solo por ganar en número de soldados, armas, etc. pero debido a la guerra, el gobierno argentino envió niños menores de 18 años de experiencia. Honestamente, tendrían que contar las cosas mejor porque Argentina sufrió mucho.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 5 hours ago

      No, it isn't in Argentine territory. It's 250 miles, nations can only claim up to 200. Britain was also there first. And yes, Britain fought with 16 year olds. Boo hoo?

  • SandboxArrow
    SandboxArrow 21 hour ago

    He had done more bad things than good things

  • DGTasdiq
    DGTasdiq 21 hour ago

    India and Afghanistan, rise up!

  • sanger Hamarashid
    sanger Hamarashid 21 hour ago

    Thank you for all comments ! kurdistan is the oldest human with 700 years before Jesus christ! We are strong and bein stronger with good human like support kurdish peapole! kurd dont wanna hurts anyone , but all this human like to destory kurdish peapole is the last dream for them. They are afraid from kurds thats all! Thanx for all love evryone. Iove u world <3

  • HearSpeak
    HearSpeak 21 hour ago

    Kurds are the only Muslims who usually mind their own business until you mess with them. I love the Kurds.

  • Laurence Bowman
    Laurence Bowman 21 hour ago

    Update: in 2016 the vault got flooded due to permafrost melting, and it might have to move somewhere else. What does that say?... how can we expect mankind to save the planet if they can';t even protect this seed bank from climate change?... very depressing

  • The Champions League King

    Scotland will be allowed independence by britian

  • Øthmãnë .Ēl
    Øthmãnë .Ēl 22 hours ago

    Sahara is Moroccan!!!