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Joker - Ending Explained
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A.I. Ruins The Lion King
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The Next Avengers Villain?
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  • Miguel Caratão
    Miguel Caratão 12 seconds ago

    I accept Rey being the hero But NOT the chosen one. So don't know how, but somehow Anakin Ghost will mentor both Rey and Kylo against Emperor. The new kids Get the Win but the chosen one saves it all.... Anakin Skywalker

  • Steef Lee
    Steef Lee 19 seconds ago

    I really really liked the pilot episode and have high hopes for the series. It did a very good job and setting up a very uneasy feeling like there’s something just under the surface that’s about to boil over. I thought it was brilliant and very much in line with the themes of the original comic more so than the film.

  • Billy Bob Baldilocks
    Billy Bob Baldilocks 17 minutes ago

    A lot of the major channels, like Rawist, are coming out saying it was boring and not what they wanted. I loved it... a bit slow, but any universe built well needs that story establishment. I mean, some are treating like GoT season 8... I just don't see it.

  • soup
    soup 17 minutes ago

    You are wrong about the Hawkeye not ever being said, since in the final battle of the Avengers, while nat is driving the chitauri craft, and is getting shot by different chitauri crafts, she says Hawkeye, a little help?

  • Dash Gener
    Dash Gener 28 minutes ago

    That is not a modified Darth Maul lightsaber its a lightsaber made by anakin. Do your star wars knowledge.

  • Lester John Fajemolin
    Lester John Fajemolin 40 minutes ago

    what if the person behind the cloak is actually darth rey? like c'mon you'll surely get chills if you saw yourself in evil form..

  • John Flemings
    John Flemings Hour ago

    What? Horseback riding on a star destroyer? Epic! Take my money J J.😆

  • DoctorWeeTodd
    DoctorWeeTodd Hour ago

    4:28 I interpreted the egg metaphor with more meanings. (I also thought of the racial divide analogy and of course noticed the smiley face.) In the comic Rorshach’s mask is made of two viscous fluid between layers of clear plastic that never mix, so they always stay black and white (like his viewpoint on morality) so I see this as an allusion to his mask. I also thought that because this story examines racial and police tension as one of the main themes that this implies that if bad actors enter places of power that everything collapses.

  • Michael Hovsomething

    Good series on its own. But it feels like they shoehorned in the Watchmen premise onto an existing story.

  • evan griffith
    evan griffith Hour ago

    The Son of Mortis is masquerading as Emperor Palpatine.

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex Hour ago

    I think that Rey is looking at Ben Solo who also have blue lightsaber.

  • Bill Scurry
    Bill Scurry Hour ago

    Is it possible we're not going to have Ian MacDiarmid other than his voice? There's been a lot of speculation that Palpatine returns as a result of lifeforce possession.

  • Justin Streeter
    Justin Streeter Hour ago

    Good job.

  • Joe Emm
    Joe Emm Hour ago

    excellent analysis. must be a film student

  • DisneyTimeLord
    DisneyTimeLord Hour ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Daisy Ridley looks like she's in labor in the thumbnail? Since The Force Awakens Rey (especially the actress of the year Daisy Ridley) has always had a look on her face like she's in labor. When she's gasping or taking in air she sounds like she's doing that pregnant woman Morse code breathing exercises they teach in birth classes. Sorry Daisy, it's your acting. I don't whether to try to enjoy the film or encourage you out loud to push.

  • The Malk
    The Malk 2 hours ago

    „Your my hero n shit“

  • Sci Fi Central & Pop Collectibles

    Love your logic, champion! Lots of great insights there :)

  • stan jones
    stan jones 2 hours ago

    I like the show...cant wait for the next.

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams 2 hours ago

    A little preachy but overall good.

  • Adriyan Slavchev
    Adriyan Slavchev 2 hours ago

    Ray is preparing to die in the last shot ,when Luke and Leia are talking to her ... She will be killed from Kylo ren in the similar way to Obi wan...

  • Sentry Ward
    Sentry Ward 2 hours ago

    the thumbnail is discount Jeremy Iron so hard, I have to double check to make sure its not him

  • Michael Brent
    Michael Brent 2 hours ago


  • Modnarer
    Modnarer 2 hours ago

    I believe i read that they are Clones, not robots

  • Kimberley Morris
    Kimberley Morris 2 hours ago

    Hasn’t the plot leaked??

  • saine414
    saine414 3 hours ago

    Jack was crazy in a more funny way while Ledger was crazy in a more serious way.

  • danteelite
    danteelite 3 hours ago

    It bugs me when people use terms like "lush green planet", or "ice planet" or "desert planet" because earth can be categorized as any of those at a glance! It's just a small area of a planet we see in these kinds of clips in Star Wars/Trek, but people always generalize it as a whole planet. A bit of trees doesn't make it a Forrest moon, lol snow doesn't equal snow planet hoth. Planets are crazy yo! I'd bet any life sustaining planets like earth would be just as varied and inconsistent. Just a nitpick, but I've seen several Star Wars breakdown videos just recently and they ALL use terms like that lol it really bugs me. That is my rant... sorry. Great video anyway!

  • Curt Landgraff
    Curt Landgraff 3 hours ago

    There is A real fight of Good vs. Evil. And so many ways it's man-made.

  • Bat Taz
    Bat Taz 3 hours ago

    Star Wars R. I. P. Killed by Disney and a political agenda.

  • TB HD
    TB HD 3 hours ago

    Maybe all along Palpatines plan never failed is he bringing order Order 66 More Jedi hunted down Yoda gone Obi Wan gone Luke Skywalker gone Finally rey and Kylo He will be the final force user in the galaxy

  • mickor
    mickor 4 hours ago

    I have a real bad feeling about everything concerning the Emperor, Skywalkers and the main storyline of the saga in this movie. All I'm really hoping for is an awesome space battle and some cool looking shots. I hope they can at least pull that much off.

    • Michael Edwards
      Michael Edwards 3 hours ago

      they will make the old sequel and prequel fans unhappy most definitly.. JJ and Kathleen don't care, they should be brought into a dark room and get the crap beat out of them along with Rian Johnson

  • Idrankyourcoffeewhileyouwerereadingmyusername

    So where’s jar jar?

  • Kiran.T. Mohan
    Kiran.T. Mohan 4 hours ago

    We can see for a brief moment Dr Manhattan making what looks like ozymandias' home before the structure crumbles to dust

  • Nicole Jasmin B
    Nicole Jasmin B 4 hours ago

    still nothing about rey´s parents ... ?

  • Jeff Mizner
    Jeff Mizner 4 hours ago

    Who says it's Rey training at the beginning of the trailer? Sure looks like it could be Leia (maybe a flashback scene).

  • Christopher Cole
    Christopher Cole 4 hours ago

    the old man is def hooded justice. the colors match (red and purple). Timeline works (he insists he is 105). I mean, the guy has a hoodie on at the end! The fact that the american heroes show depicts him as white maybe speaks to the way we've white-washed our history...

  • Rust Cohle
    Rust Cohle 5 hours ago

    God this is why I hate time travel Movies

  • Andy Webb
    Andy Webb 5 hours ago

    I’m Mary poppins ya”ll. 😆🤪🤥🤢🤮

  • Adam Fackelman
    Adam Fackelman 5 hours ago

    10:46 I think the helmet is geared more towards Adrian Veidt’s fascination with Alexander the Great.

  • Jeffrey Ruesga
    Jeffrey Ruesga 5 hours ago


  • Chinaski
    Chinaski 6 hours ago

    There's a theory that the one running and jumping at the begining of the trailer is not Rey but a young Leia, and that scene it's a flashback to Her training under Luke.

  • daneg007
    daneg007 6 hours ago

    slaughtering them while they sleep isn't what the seventh cavalry is trying to do, it's exactly what they did. that's what the white night was.

  • daneg007
    daneg007 6 hours ago

    robert redford has been president for 30 years. they say it in the episode.

  • daneg007
    daneg007 6 hours ago

    i thought redfordations were given to the the cops that survived the white night and to families of the cops that were killed. they get money, don't have to pay taxes, and receive government assistance when buying a house, opening a business etc.

  • daneg007
    daneg007 6 hours ago

    don't they use the pagers because they can't be hacked like cellphones, which would reveal the identity of the people sending and receiving the message?

  • Johnny Xanax
    Johnny Xanax 6 hours ago

    The pictures of Hank and Gomey in the movie teaser were not memorials. Remember, Walter gave Skyler the lottery ticket with the coordinates of their graves the day he dies and frees Jesse. About two days later, the LowJack of El Camino is activated. The interrogation must of happened much later. I mean they will have to send a team to the desert and dig the bodies the bodies out, then send a forensics team. Later, start an investigation. That does not happen in a day. Don't forget Jesse's finger prints and hair will be all over the car in the crime scene. He is going to be wanted throughout the entire country, maybe not as the shooter as the guns that killed them will be found in the nazi compound, but definitely person of interest. You can hide your identity but not your DNA.

  • Silent Mike
    Silent Mike 6 hours ago

    My guess is, they´re sending 3PO as a spy to the enemy, erasing his memory first, so he´s not been evil, but makes the ultimate sacrifice. That´s why this scene is played to be heartbreaking an d makes the sentence about the last look at his friends even more emotional and strong.

  • Just TikToks
    Just TikToks 7 hours ago

    Most of C-3POs friends are dead they died like 70 years ago

    TRUE 2 MYSELF 7 hours ago

    RUINED. what's next all the characters of avengers will be replaced by girls. and we'll hear is hayaar and sex moans when they get hit or hurt. LMAO

  • Super Hive Productions

    I want another movie like the last jedi

  • Zoes Dada
    Zoes Dada 8 hours ago

    The dark tower movie was so bad it was unwatchable

  • AwesomeMan
    AwesomeMan 8 hours ago

    This show is kinda trash.

  • Bob56565
    Bob56565 8 hours ago


  • Mukit Hyder
    Mukit Hyder 8 hours ago

    separating egg yolks from white to make cookies symbolizing racial divide? are you fucking kidding me? this is high school English teacher level exaggeration deep inner meaning of unnecessary details.

  • John Smithens
    John Smithens 8 hours ago

    Either ign ripped you off or vise versa... wouldn’t put it past them.

  • Ninth Tride
    Ninth Tride 8 hours ago

    you find 83 easter eggs, and can't be bothered to count the stars on the flag? lol this is the second video i've seen claim that there are "a lot" more than 50 stars on it, when the exact number is really 51

  • Omar Rivas Bustinza
    Omar Rivas Bustinza 8 hours ago

    My guess is that they are going to fix C3PO memory so Rey can see Anakin and Obiwan

  • Matthew Flores
    Matthew Flores 9 hours ago

    That not Anakin taking as a force's luke to be corrected.

  • German Ungo
    German Ungo 9 hours ago

    The ozymandias castle looks like the dr Manhattan castle on mars

  • Hobnob Head
    Hobnob Head 9 hours ago

    In the duel Jesse's coat is on fire, much like Walt's hidden weapon in the finale, I can't help but think that was on purpose.

  • Melany Romero
    Melany Romero 9 hours ago

    8:21(Chase) the guy from Electric Company .....I just realized this

  • Jessica Trejo
    Jessica Trejo 9 hours ago

    Todd being a whole lot bigger made it feel so off

  • masterYoshimistsu
    masterYoshimistsu 9 hours ago

    I'm the only one that knows that Rey is the daughter of Ezra Bridger

    • paqueenb
      paqueenb Hour ago

      masterYoshimistsu She is the daughter of Luke Skywalker. And there are dozens of clues in both episode seven and eight to prove it.

  • Lester Spartan
    Lester Spartan 9 hours ago

    Kylo-ren does the avenger Infinity War Thor style he say bring me Sidious

  • HypeBeast Dad
    HypeBeast Dad 9 hours ago

    Thank you for being the first video to calling 1921 a massacre and not a riot. You definitely had me from there.

    • danteelite
      danteelite 3 hours ago

      I agree. History is written by those in power, it's written by the victors. If we decide to call things what they are, speak truth and honestly and not sugar coat bad shit. The future can be brighter. Tell kids about *massacres* like that one, explain the fucked up slavery parts of America's past, explain how we dropped nuclear weapons on other humans... etc. If we use actual terms like "massacre, slavery, ownership, dehumanization," and call these events what they actually were... maybe we can actually change stuff. Or at least hope our kids can change things in the future.

    • We Eat Pizza
      We Eat Pizza 4 hours ago


  • JakesNation98
    JakesNation98 9 hours ago

    I get really tired of the trend of every youtuber under the sun making a video about the same thing when a TV show season or movie comes out. Like yo 20 other channels covered all these same things... Given the frequency of that I find it hard to believe you aren't aware of that. There isn't even that many easter eggs in the movie for any channel to spot any fresh ones cause it's a 2 hour film its not like there's season after season of content to look through so you can immediately assume its gonna be a lot of unoriginal examples.

  • Aaron Ramirez Rodriguez

    Are We Just Gonna Let Klyo REN Be Good He Killed His Dad And Injured His mom but before You guys call Me out I don’t Hate Him Ight

  • Joseph Cassone
    Joseph Cassone 10 hours ago

    elcamino sucked

  • Mr. Ruff
    Mr. Ruff 10 hours ago

    Maybe the horseshoe symbolizes that Ozymandias isn’t ready to put his plan in motion. His play, or script, for humanity has a flaw. I wouldn’t be surprised if we learn that he has been installing robots, ala Westworld, by kidnapping people.

  • tahna dana
    tahna dana 10 hours ago

    smart enough to spot easter egg is not smart enough to see that this show is shit

  • CoatPockets
    CoatPockets 10 hours ago

    4:27 What Heath’s joker really wanted was just his phone call!!

  • CoatPockets
    CoatPockets 10 hours ago

    Netflix kicked TDK and Batman Begins out of their clique

  • High On Fire 88
    High On Fire 88 11 hours ago

    You fucking crashed it so gooood

  • Young God
    Young God 11 hours ago

    No thanks - Rose Tico is in it - Ima skip this movie.

  • Chidi Okonmah
    Chidi Okonmah 11 hours ago

    The horseshoe is an omagh to armageddon brought by the 4 horsemen. In my opinion.

  • Jeremy Boney
    Jeremy Boney 11 hours ago

    I love how triggered the right gets with this series

    • JCSU
      JCSU 31 minute ago

      I love how delusional you are.

  • Amethyst Crystal
    Amethyst Crystal 11 hours ago

    I'm wearing my Resistance t-shirt today. 💜

  • Grimmjow Jeagerjaques
    Grimmjow Jeagerjaques 11 hours ago

    the chosen one is neo

  • JTW
    JTW 11 hours ago

    2021 Star Wars Ep 10. The search for more Money

  • Solid Mike
    Solid Mike 12 hours ago

    Please stop fucking referencing rebels and clone wars. They were terrible made for tv shows, for kids, made by terrible writers. Nothing besides episode 4 through 6 are worth mentioning. Well, maybe some of the older novels are fine. Don't even get me started on why the cartoons were god awful. Only children and autistic adults would like ahsoka and the inquisitors flying around with spinning lightsaber blades.

    • El flacito 2232
      El flacito 2232 9 hours ago

      Bro why you gotta hate something that's not the original trilogy

  • 200 Subs & No Content
    200 Subs & No Content 12 hours ago

    7:34 Um... I’m pretty sure that’s a beetle.

  • wima13
    wima13 12 hours ago

    Great work!

  • first name
    first name 12 hours ago

    you left out one important part this show will be shit

  • Anthony Feliccia
    Anthony Feliccia 12 hours ago

    I want to know how there is domentional shingles on the house cap and peggy we're dancing in? Those didn't come out till early 90s

  • FoulPet
    FoulPet 12 hours ago

    She still has her mouth open in ever scene it seems

  • Ultralight Player
    Ultralight Player 12 hours ago

    This is like the Pixar theory but darker 💀

  • MrFartboy79
    MrFartboy79 12 hours ago

    Ain’t no cucaracha

  • Wyatt Dufresne
    Wyatt Dufresne 12 hours ago


  • first name
    first name 13 hours ago

    C3P0 is being turned into an assassin droid -- HA HA HA -- who the fuck came up with that idiotic idea

  • first name
    first name 13 hours ago

    "separate from the rest of the resistance" -- LOL -- wasn't the resistance just about eliminated last time ? this is almost as bad as season 8 of Game of Thrones with the never ending army

    T LOCKHART 13 hours ago

    Ozzy In A Prison. He Can Not Have A Knife In Prison. The Robot Or Hologram Handed Him What Was Legal To Cut The Cake.

      T LOCKHART 2 hours ago

      Hologram Horse ???

    • danteelite
      danteelite 3 hours ago

      He asked him if he wanted a knife instead and offered to go fetch one. Neat idea though lol but you aren't free to ride off on a horse in a prison.

  • Mary Rynasko
    Mary Rynasko 13 hours ago

    In Oklahoma! Curly sings "Pore Jud is Daid" basically encouraging Jud to commit suicide -- in this show, Judd tells the dinner party that he played Curly when he was in Oklahoma!... Do we think that this hanging was actually a suicide to cover something up and misdirect attention?

  • Evil ThanosPS4
    Evil ThanosPS4 13 hours ago

    First off, it’s the FOREST MOON OF ENDOR, not actually Endor. We have never SEEN Endor. Just like we have a barren moon of Earth. Why do people keep confusing that. And then when you described them riding horselike creatures on the outside of Star Destroyers sounds cool, couldn’t help but laugh. That sounds ridiculous. 🤣 I’m sitting here laughing just typing it. This just sounds like a cluster of ill conceived ideas thrown together in a mishmash of crap. God help us all.

    • William Rossi
      William Rossi 2 hours ago

      @Evil ThanosPS4 haha you heard from who? One of these RUcliprs that have zero connection to the movie and keep pulling theories out of there ass? Or are you neighbors with JJ?

    • Daniel Moore
      Daniel Moore 3 hours ago

      You need to learn how to chill. Take a couple of big deep breaths and then relax, it’ll do wonders for you 👍

    • Evil ThanosPS4
      Evil ThanosPS4 11 hours ago

      Kevin Brown yeah, I heard up to 75% of the movie is being reshot, but who knows.

    • Kevin Brown
      Kevin Brown 12 hours ago

      Dr. Doomcock is all over this movie being a total disaster. He believes (with reason) they’re desperately doing reshoots after test audiences despised what they had.

    • Evil ThanosPS4
      Evil ThanosPS4 12 hours ago

      Thanks for the heads up. 👍🏻

  • kishan harripersad
    kishan harripersad 13 hours ago

    wished we got to see some action shots of the Knights of Ren and the Sith Trooper

    • Inov8tion16
      Inov8tion16 5 hours ago

      Maybe the international trailer

  • Zero Tsuki
    Zero Tsuki 13 hours ago


  • ThatNativeGamer
    ThatNativeGamer 13 hours ago

    I hate telling people because I always get that same look, but I’m a 29 year old huge StarWars fan! I never get fully excited until the lights go down and the music starts in the theatres!


    Id say you're not far off man. They're posting Kylo and Rey onto the son and daughter. And of chourse Rey is the chosen one

  • Boa Boy
    Boa Boy 13 hours ago

    Darth Fett would be great

  • Ki Adi Mundi
    Ki Adi Mundi 13 hours ago

    Threepio says goodbye to his friends Han, Leia and Luke. He's having a flashback playing in his eyes or something like that.

  • AnakinFan57
    AnakinFan57 13 hours ago

    I really like this breakdown, but I kind of hope that Rey isn’t the chosen one. We’ve been told that Anakin is the chosen one for 20+ years and in countless stories. It would be unsatisfying if this new character we’ve only known for 2 movies suddenly has that glory (I do like Rey though).

    • Miguel Caratão
      Miguel Caratão 21 second ago

      I accept Rey being the hero But NOT the chosen one. So don't know how, but somehow Anakin Ghost will mentor both Rey and Kylo against Emperor. The new kids Get the Win but the chosen one saves it all.... Anakin Skywalker

    • paqueenb
      paqueenb Hour ago

      AnakinFan57 I think Anakin will come back, and save his grandchildren. I can’t imagine that Lucasfilm would destroy that. Anakin is and always will be the chosen one, and I think were in for a great surprise in episode nine.

    • Michael Edwards
      Michael Edwards 3 hours ago

      it will be the final nail in there coffin, they have to know if they make Rey the chosen one its over for them.. just have it end with Reylo to please the new fans and Anakin be once again the chosen one.. if not Star Wars will be boycotted until its gone, sold or fades into space.. Dune will come along next year and take its place

    • Huffle Puff
      Huffle Puff 7 hours ago


    • Jukez 4 Jesus
      Jukez 4 Jesus 11 hours ago

      Agreed, Anakin is my favorite charcharacter too

  • Kevin MacDonald
    Kevin MacDonald 14 hours ago

    After this trailer I have to ask. Is it bad that I'm still not really into seeing this movie in theatres? Like, this trailer doesn't give me the same effect that the last trailer did.

    • paqueenb
      paqueenb Hour ago

      Kevin MacDonald not at all. There was no wow factor. But I think the film will be amazing! I think they’re Keeping their hand close to the vest, to really surprise fans in a great way.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald 13 hours ago

      @ThatNativeGamer I really hope so. The last trailer gave me chills hearing Papatine's laugh. This was a much more tame trailer. There's going to be alot of information to take in over the course of 3 hours.

    • ThatNativeGamer
      ThatNativeGamer 13 hours ago

      Kevin MacDonald their prolly holding out big time with major maybe even minor events. To me this looks like a very long movie