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Sketch Comedy on Tik Tok
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The Kombucha King
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i'm a cyber bully
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ASMR has gone too far
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The Wise Men of Instagram
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The Couples of Pinterest
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Fitness Comedy
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Trashtagram: Violin Guy
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good news :)
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bad news :(
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Crea Tyler is back.
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5 Minute Beauty Hacks
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Tik Tok is trolling me
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Bad YouTuber Music
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5 Min Crafts
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Roasting Fans pt. 2
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My mistake...
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Worst of Buzzfeed
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Q&A with my parents
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Lele Pons is bad
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Dogs on Instagram
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Making fun of your art
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2017 In Review
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Googling myself
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Reading my DMs (pt 2)
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Our first time...
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Cole Labrant *IM SORRY*
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Hvar'dly know her!!
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  • sky 21
    sky 21 2 hours ago


  • Sandra Deutl
    Sandra Deutl 2 hours ago

    He has a new epic morning routine so can y'all please react to that

  • JoshuaRajDrums 328
    JoshuaRajDrums 328 2 hours ago

    They look like siblings.

  • Kassandra Harrison
    Kassandra Harrison 2 hours ago

    I want to go to a mark mcgrath concert or whatever just to call him sugar gay

  • Dylan Guerrero
    Dylan Guerrero 2 hours ago

    Quinton looks like sid from ice age😂

  • Kassandra Harrison
    Kassandra Harrison 2 hours ago

    whats the kids name tho

  • Namjoon's Dimples
    Namjoon's Dimples 2 hours ago

    Awe I love the lighting guy 😂

  • Cale Smoothie
    Cale Smoothie 2 hours ago

    Ok but the soup one was kinda funny

  • fluffyugs
    fluffyugs 2 hours ago

    turned off ad block for this video only to find out it isnt monetized............................

  • Baghwan Singh
    Baghwan Singh 3 hours ago


  • Kassandra Harrison
    Kassandra Harrison 3 hours ago

    girl defined is honestly half of everything that's wrong with the world

  • Aaron Patmor
    Aaron Patmor 3 hours ago

    That merch is so fucking meta

  • Samir Grg
    Samir Grg 3 hours ago


  • Sawyer Miley
    Sawyer Miley 4 hours ago

    Cody u vape ewwwww

  • Stunna
    Stunna 4 hours ago

    “You feel things so hard” IM CRYING

  • Annika Davis
    Annika Davis 4 hours ago

    8:56 why did I think this was Gordon Ramsay

  • snivam sharma
    snivam sharma 4 hours ago

    Dont bring minions into this u piece of shit

  • Playboi Carti
    Playboi Carti 4 hours ago

    no ones calling cody a boomer and it’s upsetting me

  • lissapissa
    lissapissa 4 hours ago

    I tried watching this video while working out. And I laughed so hard that I dropped my dumbbells 😞

  • I'm gonna die alone ;-;

    She should have her own youtube channel.

  • Em Queen
    Em Queen 5 hours ago

    Chloroform Comedy. That's what King Bash does.

  • myangsuma
    myangsuma 5 hours ago

    8:01 he looks like lord farquad edit: he's called quinton so he's the dre drexler of eboys

  • Ms HayS
    Ms HayS 5 hours ago

    They call themselves short?!...I bet they're like 5'9 n above. I'm like 5'5-- wat?! WAT DO U CALL ME?! FUCKING MIDGET?!

  • m_884
    m_884 6 hours ago

    They literally sound 11-

  • David Larin
    David Larin 6 hours ago


  • Fuller 1
    Fuller 1 7 hours ago

    5:04 the maths textbooks where true

  • Benjamin coderre
    Benjamin coderre 7 hours ago

    What is that podcast that Cody cut to? Asking for a friend

  • I’m NotCrazy
    I’m NotCrazy 7 hours ago

    10:59 how could someone have so much hatred

  • Pattosaurus
    Pattosaurus 7 hours ago

    0:55 that is a lot of hand gestures for a 1/2 second long clip..

  • ok rerards
    ok rerards 7 hours ago

    Cody looks so attractive here

  • Thijs Castricum
    Thijs Castricum 7 hours ago

    sub guys look ar his subs

  • Shaun Mantell
    Shaun Mantell 7 hours ago

    Its impossible to look dumb next to a Paul.....It just made you more popular.

  • Joshua Ladlee 🎥 GPUabuse

    Imagines all the peoples

  • EmbunWidia
    EmbunWidia 8 hours ago

    I gotta make my 16 y.o baby brother listen to this song. He's a great dude, yet very self conscious about his height.

  • ajay choudhary
    ajay choudhary 8 hours ago

    proceeds to cremate the dude just after saying he not gonna roast him

  • Cameron Stuart
    Cameron Stuart 8 hours ago

    Oi leave cats alone

  • Eddie Juanez
    Eddie Juanez 8 hours ago

    6:50 should have been your thumbnail

  • yalikejazz123
    yalikejazz123 8 hours ago

    *mr* *struggle*

  • Jiminsi Boi
    Jiminsi Boi 9 hours ago

    Your just getting the worse of tiktok, the scraps of the bottom. There’s some actually funny ones💀💀

  • Ashley Reynolds
    Ashley Reynolds 9 hours ago

    "then get drafted for the war" that sent me

  • I’m Tired
    I’m Tired 9 hours ago

    Here’s a suggestion, stop talking like a 13 year old who listens to MCR’s most famous songs bc he doesn’t think that the others are emo enough and doesn’t actually like the band.

  • stream persona
    stream persona 9 hours ago

    all i feel is pain

  • Jack
    Jack 9 hours ago

    'You said this already b*tch' Exactly what I was thinking

  • Tim Daddy
    Tim Daddy 9 hours ago

    Love you Cody but Love Island is just pure shit

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 9 hours ago


  • Stevie Nines
    Stevie Nines 10 hours ago

    “Ask a rich widow if she’d rather have her husband back or her money” Or maybe just don’t

  • Kevin van Niekerk
    Kevin van Niekerk 10 hours ago

    I enjoy watching most of your stuff but I feel like making fun of people's religious beliefs is really below the belt. Doesnt matter if think its BS or not or what way of life you follow. Some things are better to respect and leave alone.

  • Cassi Collins
    Cassi Collins 10 hours ago

    Zatch Clayton

  • Makaela Mahoney
    Makaela Mahoney 10 hours ago

    It's kinda SAD-vage. I know, you're welcome.

  • Sam Devine
    Sam Devine 10 hours ago

    Ik this waaaaaaayyyy late but damn Cody that shit actually slap 😂

  • The Cynster
    The Cynster 10 hours ago

    I think she’s making fun of people

  • Ramiz Zaman
    Ramiz Zaman 10 hours ago

    That jet is not even moving. Just a sound in the background

  • spooky
    spooky 10 hours ago

    "aneger" wooh boy, aint you miss a bullet

  • Miranda
    Miranda 11 hours ago

    I find it very hard to believe he has never eaten fruit or veges before. That's some of the first food babies eat.

  • D Delfina
    D Delfina 11 hours ago

    Wow. I literally have this on my eye rn too :/ but now it’s gone down.

  • Leah F.K.
    Leah F.K. 11 hours ago

    “they never taught us in school how to be entrepreneurs” i’m currently learning how to be an entrepreneur in my business class so false

  • hunter montgomery
    hunter montgomery 11 hours ago

    Marks Instagram bio says sugar gay all day

  • Sienna T
    Sienna T 11 hours ago

    can u please do a review of russ's new self help book

  • Jezza Cool
    Jezza Cool 11 hours ago

    Tik tok is full on doing identity fifth

  • skipper m
    skipper m 11 hours ago

    *this man graduated from duke university*

  • fxcking meteors
    fxcking meteors 11 hours ago

    noel saying 'sorry baby' makin me feel some kinda way

  • zazinombie fingerboarding

    6:00 how it feels to chew 5 gum

  • Chucky Schultz
    Chucky Schultz 11 hours ago

    Cody please react to @kumailrazvi3 on tik tok

  • Jtone Philthy
    Jtone Philthy 11 hours ago

    Lol look at the guy that is saying all of that to his gf at the end!!! Lmfao bruuuhhhhh you are a fucking Doofy fucking loser and I’m not kidding btw 😂😂

  • Leah F.K.
    Leah F.K. 11 hours ago

    I don’t even think 12 year olds find this attractive tbh

  • PsychedDose
    PsychedDose 11 hours ago

    10:50 did u predict the future my guy! I think so

  • Bruna Donđivić
    Bruna Donđivić 12 hours ago

    She had her taste buds surgically removed, that's the only thing that makes sense. That, or she eats an onion whole every week so she kills her taste buds.

  • Dreamiie
    Dreamiie 12 hours ago

    I think they meant measurements? Dimensions makes it sound like she’s a geometrical shape

  • Win Nguyen
    Win Nguyen 12 hours ago

    Power thoughts are just the 1981 film Scanners

  • mademoiselle madeleine

    not: you. it’s eww.

  • Mtv Madness
    Mtv Madness 12 hours ago

    the mean tweets you can tell he cherry picked out of a see of accurate points and racial slurs

  • Jill Nguyen
    Jill Nguyen 12 hours ago

    There are people with the biggest stomach ever and fastest metabolism so I guess she has poison proof ingestive system

  • NeNe
    NeNe 12 hours ago

    the moment you sat down you had me laughing

  • Sasha x
    Sasha x 12 hours ago

    1:35 i was wondering why she looked so familiar. SHE LOWKEY LOOKS LIKE GABBIE HANNA

  • Georgia Fyfe
    Georgia Fyfe 12 hours ago


  • talxn lol
    talxn lol 12 hours ago

    Congrats on 4 mil

  • Treasa O’Sullivan
    Treasa O’Sullivan 12 hours ago

    make a part two cowards

  • Dogle Doos
    Dogle Doos 12 hours ago

    5:40 everyone- that dads nipple- and I opp

  • lunox vise
    lunox vise 12 hours ago

    he should part his hair in the middle😞

  • Danhi Sheffield
    Danhi Sheffield 13 hours ago

    What if piques's friends didn't catch him when he was about to jump off the building

  • Maddie Harrell
    Maddie Harrell 13 hours ago

    Matty smokes has a TikTok 😑 matty fucking smokes 💨

  • Enso Elmeri
    Enso Elmeri 13 hours ago

    This shit made my ears bleed

  • huntercollier
    huntercollier 13 hours ago

    This is the most chaotic Cody has ever been and I’ll never get over it. Like I thought about this the other day and it’s still physically killing me. I just LMFAO go off cody keep being weird.

  • MercedesBT
    MercedesBT 13 hours ago

    One pump and you busted... Mr.Struggle

  • Blaaz3 ↇ
    Blaaz3 ↇ 13 hours ago

    That mom is definitely a milf Wish she was my stepmom

  • Lucidity
    Lucidity 13 hours ago

    mad litty ahahaaaa

  • Hey Hi
    Hey Hi 13 hours ago

    imagine u meet tom holland? yes

  • Naren Kimi
    Naren Kimi 13 hours ago

    0:48 DEMI !!!!

  • SepticSoldier25
    SepticSoldier25 13 hours ago

    10:41 When you see lewd memes during nnn

  • lunox vise
    lunox vise 13 hours ago

    cody pointing at the weirdest looking person: *SUPER HOT*

  • Casey C.
    Casey C. 13 hours ago

    i am the interior designer looking for recipes.

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 13 hours ago

    5:47 ight cody, I see how it is

  • Sike_Its_Mike
    Sike_Its_Mike 13 hours ago

    This kinda slaps tho

  • Christian Dunne
    Christian Dunne 13 hours ago

    "Most of us cannot afford to be *this* delusional." That destroyed me completely.

  • Josie
    Josie 13 hours ago

    10:50 That killed me the second time. 🤣

  • Alexia Beatriz
    Alexia Beatriz 14 hours ago

    "who apologize to inanimate objects when they break them?" MY ANXIOUS WAS, CODY. THAT'S WHO

  • kim humphrey
    kim humphrey 14 hours ago

    I need that shirt !!!! Where did she get it ?!

  • Gabiethecommie
    Gabiethecommie 14 hours ago

    The one time my name was actually in something it ended up being a fanfic

  • Ariya C
    Ariya C 14 hours ago

    kelsey is so cute omg i just started watching cody and i like her more than him already oopsie sorry cody

  • Tara Osborn
    Tara Osborn 14 hours ago

    Cody you absolute dump head, you're supposed to add your own name where they put Y/N so you can IMAGINE that it's you! Sincerely, I definitely didn't read these in high school.