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  • Just STOP
    Just STOP 3 hours ago

    Not all Christians are like this, sure if they are but not all. She shouldn’t be bashing anyone’s beliefs unless they’re beliefs are bad.

  • Taylor Q
    Taylor Q 3 hours ago

    Mean girls quote haha I love it!

  • Ajay Dhodiya
    Ajay Dhodiya 4 hours ago

    I miss the year 2017😢😢😢 That was the year I had started watching your videos

  • Dhvani Solanki
    Dhvani Solanki 4 hours ago

    Stages of having crushes

  • Ashley White
    Ashley White 4 hours ago

    That's a nice car, what model is it ?

  • Paula Aresu
    Paula Aresu 4 hours ago

    Create cool that ain't working srsly

  • sanjeev shaw
    sanjeev shaw 4 hours ago

    Now you recommend me this?

  • Parveen Kausar
    Parveen Kausar 4 hours ago

    The second song you were listening to is called blood sweat and tears by bts.

  • Taylor Q
    Taylor Q 4 hours ago

    My mother is also obsessed with cleaning.

  • NamiAnAngel
    NamiAnAngel 4 hours ago

    ahahahahah omg last scene xD

  • Mila Prentice
    Mila Prentice 4 hours ago

    I’m the youngest and it’s the best

  • Paula Aresu
    Paula Aresu 4 hours ago

    I laughed so ooooooooooo hard

  • Janessa Danielle Cosme JanessaDC

    I'm half Indian Hi

  • sajal jain
    sajal jain 4 hours ago

    She used to be so funny.

  • Nimisha Miyan
    Nimisha Miyan 4 hours ago

    I love this video ❤ especially paramjeet 😂😂😂 he's so funny

  • Rekha Grewal
    Rekha Grewal 4 hours ago

    Being vegetarian for Indians is easy. India is an agricultural based country with alot of spices and herbs.

  • zainn firoz
    zainn firoz 4 hours ago

    Im simple...I see BTS I click...

  • Enzo Manzi
    Enzo Manzi 4 hours ago

    Why do they always say “bloody” in all sentences, is that something Indians like doing?

  • Saundarya Jaiswal
    Saundarya Jaiswal 4 hours ago

    And this is exactly why i love you❤

  • Einfach Pola
    Einfach Pola 4 hours ago

    "Ladies, I'm about to spill all of our tea!" Me: holy crab, this is going to be amazing

  • Einfach Pola
    Einfach Pola 4 hours ago

    This video shows exactly my opinion: America is overrated 😂

  • Mangesh Howale
    Mangesh Howale 4 hours ago

    Not to tech savy but drunk but u r sweet realised wen I wasn't u n ur family Lilly

  • SinGearX
    SinGearX 4 hours ago

    Listen it yesterday :This is sick Today : What is lyrics arghh

  • Mangesh Howale
    Mangesh Howale 4 hours ago

    Love u Lilly n uncle mom dad n aunty u know what I mean I love them alll

  • Ghacha Ghost
    Ghacha Ghost 4 hours ago

    Lilly loved the vid u should do if rappers were doctors next I watched this when it came out but just thought of it

  • SamGaming
    SamGaming 4 hours ago

    “You got my cow ? No give me my cow back?!?!?!” I died 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Luiza Ayvazyan
    Luiza Ayvazyan 4 hours ago

    Omg that is the actor from family reunion!!!!!

  • Phoenix117
    Phoenix117 4 hours ago

    instagram comedy in a nutshell.

  • Btszen Army_Too
    Btszen Army_Too 4 hours ago

    The 'Indians are better at math' thing is TRUE in my school/class

  • MS Malika
    MS Malika 4 hours ago

    Dwayne Johnson

  • Viddhi Vaid
    Viddhi Vaid 5 hours ago

    Damnnnnnnn that dance .my God superwoman... start making dancing video also

  • Bella Bella 101
    Bella Bella 101 5 hours ago

    You and the rock together is the perfect combo of funny

  • bhxnvi
    bhxnvi 5 hours ago

    When u just realised that at 1:36 Lilly gave us a hint she was bi XD

  • Sudha Kashyap
    Sudha Kashyap 5 hours ago

    soo cute

  • Tanya Kumar
    Tanya Kumar 5 hours ago

    Why is this SO ACCURATE😹😹

  • MS Malika
    MS Malika 5 hours ago

    Hilarious lo l

  • Bella Bella 101
    Bella Bella 101 5 hours ago

    At my house I’m the one who always gets a In trouble and I’m the older sibling

  • Mohit Bhardwaj
    Mohit Bhardwaj 5 hours ago

    Nargis Fakri 😍😍😍

  • Jay Lastname
    Jay Lastname 5 hours ago

    Your racism is why your show is failing. Stop being an bigot towards white people

  • Mikel williams
    Mikel williams 5 hours ago

    very relatable

  • Kgolo Bontsi
    Kgolo Bontsi 5 hours ago

    I love the way your dad reacts to NICKI Minaj

  • Maneki Neko
    Maneki Neko 5 hours ago

    Where is the educational parents ??

  • Mangesh Howale
    Mangesh Howale 5 hours ago

    I wish I would have been ur real

  • Crystal Hendricks
    Crystal Hendricks 5 hours ago

    The prigelles part😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mangesh Howale
    Mangesh Howale 5 hours ago

    U r very sweet dear Lilly........I love ur Mon and dad uncle aunt n u Lilly so sweet can't leave a day without watching u n ur mom aunt dad ...Lilly u r too sweet

  • Megan Harrison
    Megan Harrison 5 hours ago

    This isn't my parents but it's definitely my grandparents 😂

  • Steve Storm
    Steve Storm 5 hours ago

    You are crazy and I love it. Keep going.

  • Camille Eloise Carbajal

    totally can relateeeeeeee this happens to my mom HAHAHA

  • Hannan Saleemi
    Hannan Saleemi 5 hours ago

    Every time I watch this I always laugh soo hardd😂🤣because it is incredible. Like if you also laugh madly during watching this!! 😂

  • Benny Rempel
    Benny Rempel 5 hours ago

    I'm eating while watching

  • Rays VIDEOS
    Rays VIDEOS 5 hours ago

    I do it

  • Dude Hammerake
    Dude Hammerake 5 hours ago

    Did i just watch Swoozie?

  • zeze bean
    zeze bean 5 hours ago

    This sounds like the Titan,now this sounds like the lion king,ARE U KIDDING THIS IS THE HUNGER GAMES....I CANT DEAL

  • Elibana awet
    Elibana awet 5 hours ago

    im totaly brown girl but im Africa SIS

  • Pavani Manjunath
    Pavani Manjunath 5 hours ago

    this lady doing overacting

  • Mangesh Howale
    Mangesh Howale 5 hours ago

    Y r u so cute lilly y r u so sweet y do u I like u so much

  • Grace
    Grace 5 hours ago

    4:21 "Oh Bapre" 😂😂😂 for my fellow Indians

  • Tineke Philip
    Tineke Philip 5 hours ago

    Cool,that rag u had on your fave represents the national colours of Trinidad(where I'm from)and Tabago

  • Marissa Lanza
    Marissa Lanza 5 hours ago

    Yes 🤨🤨🤨💕💕💕💕💕

  • Prod. by MiB.
    Prod. by MiB. 5 hours ago

    Lilly is clearly stuck in a recycled RUclip bit from 2008.

  • SquishyLilMeowMeow
    SquishyLilMeowMeow 5 hours ago

    I'm sort of like a mix of the first and the last. My mom says all the food I eat makes me grow taller 😂

  • Tineke Philip
    Tineke Philip 5 hours ago

    Hi,I'm from Trinidad,I'm in my country rite now,i am one of your biggest fan💙continue making cool vidoes💜 Like if u love this video❤

  • Sultana Razia Mukta
    Sultana Razia Mukta 5 hours ago


  • Sultana Razia Mukta
    Sultana Razia Mukta 5 hours ago

    I don't know but I hate them✌️

  • •AnnXCookie•
    •AnnXCookie• 5 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣thats soooo me😂 0:26

  • Ethan Del Prado
    Ethan Del Prado 5 hours ago

    She did NOT just say Dracarys at 4:52 😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️

  • Its Denisss
    Its Denisss 5 hours ago

    62k homophobics.. that's a great way to spott these bastards

  • AM Bros
    AM Bros 6 hours ago

    Wait how tall?

  • Emely Delao
    Emely Delao 6 hours ago

    I’m binging your old videos but I forgot how relatable they are 😂

  • Samuela Simon
    Samuela Simon 6 hours ago

    and im shocked im from india to

  • Samuela Simon
    Samuela Simon 6 hours ago

    ye im brown

  • •AnnXCookie•
    •AnnXCookie• 6 hours ago

    Omgg! Am i the only one here in 2019??

  • ItsSammyE JustBeingMeYo

    You would totally suit being a Bollywood star. I'd have no idea what you were saying but I would totally make the effort to try to figure it out lol

  • Rocel Ann
    Rocel Ann 6 hours ago

    "most of the math you learn in school is completely useless" and I AM TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS...🤣

  • Shagun Jadli
    Shagun Jadli 6 hours ago

    M kadi ni wapas ana ithe🤣🤣

  • AY Production
    AY Production 6 hours ago

    She really did the song from 3 idiots 😂

  • ~AestheticSxn~
    ~AestheticSxn~ 6 hours ago

    *"Lilly! Listen to your sister she older"* *brother does something, **_my name_** DID YOU DO THAT?!*

  • sridevi mallya
    sridevi mallya 6 hours ago

    U look like Mr. Bean 😃😃

  • Zaineb Badri
    Zaineb Badri 6 hours ago

    'Now let me tell you about this lavender' i died

  • Varsha Chakravorty
    Varsha Chakravorty 6 hours ago

    Girl me to I’m Indian and I always forget the song lyrics or name and sing the wrong thing.#INDIAN’S life

  • Zaineb Badri
    Zaineb Badri 6 hours ago

    'who if i punched him in the face' thats so meee

  • Aparnna Prajith
    Aparnna Prajith 6 hours ago

    Amen to that mobile phone which fell down a thousand times :D And which somehow magically got back on her bedside table :D:D

  • Zaineb Badri
    Zaineb Badri 6 hours ago

    you know first, I thought that Miranda was just collin but then I figured it out that they are different

  • Emily Moyles
    Emily Moyles 6 hours ago

    Ha ha 😂😂

  • rusty stealberg
    rusty stealberg 6 hours ago

    Ah yes, the unfunny narcissist. Hopefully this all will whip you into reality

  • Shobhit Mishra
    Shobhit Mishra 6 hours ago


  • hadil la jolie
    hadil la jolie 6 hours ago

    عندها شعر كيما هذا وتزيد تتشرط😕😕😒

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    Royal Lps 6 hours ago

    Huh.... I kinda what my own youtube channels!🤣

  • weissbubbles6
    weissbubbles6 6 hours ago

    Useful idiots at it again!

  • Matt Perkins
    Matt Perkins 6 hours ago

    Idk i am a teen and i brag about how well my cows are or my tractor

  • Shams Alzubaidy
    Shams Alzubaidy 6 hours ago


  • Prateek Gangwal
    Prateek Gangwal 6 hours ago

    My gf is exactly like point no..... Allllllllllll of it 🤣🤣🤣

  • Poushali Das
    Poushali Das 7 hours ago

    I love you lilly sissy... I just loved the way you tried to show how our Parents react... It's 100 percent accurate... I'm an Indian as well.. And loved the Indian-ness that impacted on your you-tube Parents.... But, it doesn't matter from where our Parents are ... They are just the same... And we just ❤️ them...... Keep making such videos.... Love you superwoman

  • super minty gacha
    super minty gacha 7 hours ago

    Lillys dad: I drink her cha I see god! Me: sir am concerned for ur health

  • Prachi Sharma
    Prachi Sharma 7 hours ago

    Don't know when I'll learn to apply eyeliner so perfectly !

  • Archita Nath
    Archita Nath 7 hours ago

    Woahhh who else thinks Priyanka looks like Selena Gomaz in this video?!?! Don’t tell me it’s just me!!!

  • super minty gacha
    super minty gacha 7 hours ago

    who cares if that guy didn't get tea HE GOT TO EAT A BITE OF THE FOOD😐🤤

  • super minty gacha
    super minty gacha 7 hours ago

    You. Little. Peace. Of. DIM SUM😂

  • Anakin the Emo Spunge ÒWÓ

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    yogashree eee 7 hours ago

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