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  • YL Plays
    YL Plays Minute ago

    Lily’s friend: Watch that spider Lily: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Billie Burritos
    Billie Burritos Minute ago

    i’m older and that’s the only reason i’m screamed at

  • Angela Maiorca
    Angela Maiorca 6 minutes ago

    “ Shopping for A cute summer outfit.” Wait... only one outfit for summer. That’ll be interesting

  • Holly Miles
    Holly Miles 7 minutes ago


  • Jane’s Corner
    Jane’s Corner 7 minutes ago


  • NEhA SInHa
    NEhA SInHa 9 minutes ago


  • christinamforte
    christinamforte 9 minutes ago

    The sound of the roti slapping is terrifying!

  • Jozi Quraishi
    Jozi Quraishi 9 minutes ago

    I am in 7th grade and brown and my parents still don’t let me do it. Can relate.

  • Chu Chu
    Chu Chu 16 minutes ago

    Wait is this rly out in the movie theater??!! 😂 if it is ima watch it

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star 16 minutes ago

    War-uh Wa-ur Wa-uh! water?

  • Megan Boyle
    Megan Boyle 16 minutes ago


  • LifeLikeRoaylty
    LifeLikeRoaylty 16 minutes ago

    She was spot on when she said you're probably watching this video instead of doing your home work

  • Yebe
    Yebe 21 minute ago

    Why is this scarier than an actual horror movie

  • Vinoth G
    Vinoth G 25 minutes ago


  • Nachoo
    Nachoo 27 minutes ago

    lmao I paused at the perfect time and I saw the blur picture

  • It'sjustme
    It'sjustme 31 minute ago

    The real question tho. Did Allison back her up or was she a snitch?

  • Jennifer Gilbert
    Jennifer Gilbert 35 minutes ago

    Hope this never happens to me lollll my parents are South Indian. Fortunately I’ve never gotten caught

  • Angela Maiorca
    Angela Maiorca 37 minutes ago

    How is it that the barista in this video looks more like Conner Franta than his own sister!

  • HeyItz._.Jazzy
    HeyItz._.Jazzy 38 minutes ago

    Why couldn’t my dad have a little boy like he wanted 😭😭😭😭

  • Almond Milk
    Almond Milk 43 minutes ago

    Omg no, not "el taxi" my aunt is always singing it in spanish, she loves it 😂😂😂

  • One Love
    One Love 44 minutes ago

    Loved the chapati scene

  • phil roger
    phil roger 45 minutes ago

    This is SO relatable!!!

  • One Love
    One Love 45 minutes ago

    Hahahah..!! Cannot stop laughing ...!!!

  • Meghna Pillai
    Meghna Pillai 46 minutes ago

    3:28 😂😂😂 his face tho 😂

  • Mina Row
    Mina Row 49 minutes ago

    ur logo is a rhombus #stillinschool

  • Tropic Tolliver
    Tropic Tolliver 54 minutes ago

    hope you feel better

  • vulcan2050ful
    vulcan2050ful Hour ago


  • janey
    janey Hour ago

    I miss the old Lilly

  • The Warrior Cat Hashtag

    Test have no relation to what u just learned they be like: *Billy has 2 apples.He eats all 5 of them. Now Billy is late for school. What does he do?* Like bish I didn’t sign up to solve riddles *I didn’t sign up for anything*

  • Kira Moore
    Kira Moore Hour ago

    I have a bro and a kacchan in my phone I use code names most

  • Alexandria Jimmison

    * 2:10* Hello fun? me: YOU CALLED??

  • Malaika Kashif
    Malaika Kashif Hour ago

    I’m weirdly scared....

  • Princess Peyten
    Princess Peyten Hour ago

    Oh my gosh I hate Kanye he’s rude I’m still mad about what he did to Taylor Swift

  • Kira Moore
    Kira Moore Hour ago

    Try a month in moorea...

  • The Cool Gaming Ear Boy

    Is it jackal is from family guy

  • Kira Moore
    Kira Moore Hour ago

    This is way too relateable

  • H. G.
    H. G. Hour ago

    Is it bad that I awed

  • Dan Wilson
    Dan Wilson Hour ago

    Haha love your shirt

  • 1000 SubsWithNoVids

    My sis has a seal laugh 😂

  • The Warrior Cat Hashtag

    *Rhombus’s are just tilted squares*

  • Donovan Krejcarek

    My mom called in the middle of this video and I got scared lmao☠️😂

  • s a
    s a Hour ago

    Im so scared right now

    KRAZY Hour ago

    Now thats scary

  • Galaxia Candyfall

    3:01 let the girl enjoy the damn popsicle

  • StarxMsp
    StarxMsp Hour ago

    Everyone in 2019: Still Waiting On The Series

  • Super push guy Moive and shorts

    Thevy showed bum bum

  • Rania Khan
    Rania Khan Hour ago


  • It’s just A name

    Lol that tickles lmao 🤣

  • Cait Mcggoil
    Cait Mcggoil Hour ago

    I love candy Corn

  • DrunkonKpop
    DrunkonKpop Hour ago

    Anyone else just going on an OLD SUPERWOMAN VIDEOAS spree to rewatch them lol

  • Giannis Kos
    Giannis Kos Hour ago

    The more the merrier 😁😁😁😁

  • Leslie Copperhead

    Why did I actually get scared?

  • Sara O Mary
    Sara O Mary Hour ago

    You are in Washington d.c

  • Discord
    Discord Hour ago

    I text first and I text instantly. If I like talkin to you. I want you to know.

  • Bb Bbaxe
    Bb Bbaxe Hour ago


  • Annaliese Cancilla

    I legit can’t watch a perfume now without thinking about this video

  • Donjai Youtuber
    Donjai Youtuber 2 hours ago

    Natalie Eva Marie is in this video #PurpleReign

  • Makayla Myler
    Makayla Myler 2 hours ago

    The fact that her goal was 3M is so wow... to think how far she has come.

  • Kelsey Rivera
    Kelsey Rivera 2 hours ago


  • Bontot Babun
    Bontot Babun 2 hours ago

    The capati scene is so funny

  • Joann Larbi
    Joann Larbi 2 hours ago

    Ur song is so dhop

  • miranda panda
    miranda panda 2 hours ago

    It’s sad how many times I watched and how I memorized the lines 😅😂

  • Alexa jai
    Alexa jai 2 hours ago

    Oh wow her singing wasn’t bad it was pretty good

  • Jellyfish Studios
    Jellyfish Studios 2 hours ago

    “And magazines are just shiny books.” Shiny gossip books. Shiny gossip books with hot people in them.

  • Kozie Embers
    Kozie Embers 2 hours ago

    We all know who disliked this video... sexist

  • Butch Mitch
    Butch Mitch 2 hours ago

    This is awesome. I want to see this movie!!!

  • Alexandria Jimmison
    Alexandria Jimmison 2 hours ago

    I am and forever be a DANCE TEAM TURD I'm DEFINITELY NOT on a IISuperwomanII marathon ;)

  • Chuli Diaz
    Chuli Diaz 2 hours ago

    You look so beautiful 😍

  • Emina Tricic
    Emina Tricic 2 hours ago

    yo youu keep breaking out becuase of the brushes and not washiing your make up off

  • Niyat Teklemariam araya

    Who else thought he said JHOPE??? 🤔just me okay 😏

  • Yea Yeah
    Yea Yeah 2 hours ago

    This trailer is based on an Indian mother! It’s true 😂

  • Lindsy Abundez
    Lindsy Abundez 2 hours ago

    The life story of every one who are from Mexican households. Beware the chancla and cinturón.

  • Mariama Hassan
    Mariama Hassan 2 hours ago

    I barely remember that’s lily😅

  • Adina Qazi
    Adina Qazi 2 hours ago

    Im scared and my friend is like “they are so cute tho” and I’m like “mhm yeah definitely”

  • Gabby Yww
    Gabby Yww 2 hours ago

    The thing about your degree doing do thing with your job is so true. My mother majored in marketing in university but she’s an accountant. This is finance-

  • Valeria Rosario
    Valeria Rosario 2 hours ago


  • Doniyor Utamishev
    Doniyor Utamishev 2 hours ago

    Did anyone see the glass at 1:14 it’s a manic-an

  • Denise Tidwell
    Denise Tidwell 3 hours ago

    I so relate to this. I am terrified of spiders and have extreme reactions to them.

  • Shikahah Khardli
    Shikahah Khardli 3 hours ago

    مافي عرب

  • Potato lover. Join and unite with meh! XD

    *warner mothers*

  • Rebecca Lynn Music
    Rebecca Lynn Music 3 hours ago

    Omg this is awesome!!!!

  • Maria Fajar
    Maria Fajar 3 hours ago

    The part where u were talking to the kid was pretty scary 😂😂😂😱

  • Kat Chojnacki
    Kat Chojnacki 3 hours ago

    That looks funny 😂

  • Naomi Reber
    Naomi Reber 3 hours ago

    U look unbelievably skinny...have u been losing weight

  • Waddup Fam
    Waddup Fam 3 hours ago

    1:09 me when I’m at my Mexican bff’s house making flour tortillas from scratch. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Charlie and Emma Todoroki x Deku

    Um it's Called cosplay. Soooo yeah.....(❤️💜💙 u)

  • Claire Loan
    Claire Loan 3 hours ago

    So you’re telling me that you don’t try to sleep with that relaxing music while lying to yourself that you are taking care of yourself? Oh really? Who watching in 2019

  • SmartestGirl Alive
    SmartestGirl Alive 3 hours ago

    Omg I know my Indian mom does that too when she brushes her teeth 😩

  • Chim Chim
    Chim Chim 3 hours ago

    i love btssss

  • Dany1054
    Dany1054 3 hours ago

    3:03 😂😂😂

  • Gacha Donutzz
    Gacha Donutzz 3 hours ago

    OML! LOL!

  • Waqas ALi
    Waqas ALi 3 hours ago

    I don't think her Videos Makes any Sense, she's just Hyped & Got Viral

  • min yoonglez
    min yoonglez 3 hours ago

    *"how to be a baws-e"*

  • Jungshookie xx
    Jungshookie xx 3 hours ago

    10/10 would watch lol

  • Rehan Sharif
    Rehan Sharif 3 hours ago

    I love you I am Afghani so I love this video

  • Jane’s Corner
    Jane’s Corner 3 hours ago

    I got out of school a month before this video...

  • dree webster
    dree webster 3 hours ago

    I love you Gabby

  • Lucky X
    Lucky X 3 hours ago

    Low key Hella scary

  • White Head Ice Prince

    3:50 Daddy is wearing nail polish !!

  • Daniel Orris
    Daniel Orris 4 hours ago

    Dear Canadia, You're a Commonwealth punk. Sincerely, The World