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  • Cyanessence420
    Cyanessence420 22 minutes ago

    Look guys its lean diesel!

  • NardZFilm
    NardZFilm 55 minutes ago

    0:22 I thought it's Cheetos

  • U Smell Dirty
    U Smell Dirty 55 minutes ago

    11:39 he didn’t actually drink it people.

  • Hershewed
    Hershewed 58 minutes ago

    Who are the 2k soulless fucks who disliked this video?

  • elian lj
    elian lj Hour ago

    why am i so amused by *_ean_*

  • Thomas Witter
    Thomas Witter Hour ago

    Lol you can tell he has never been to a cold state her feet were cold so she warmed them

  • Hahahaha, You
    Hahahaha, You 2 hours ago

    *15:08* ∴ hat = fap

  • elian lj
    elian lj 2 hours ago

    Three Ridiculously Intelligent Adults Do Stupid Things should be the title

  • elian lj
    elian lj 2 hours ago

    just reading that title made my crippling motion sickness worse

  • The Bridge
    The Bridge 3 hours ago

    My house in Florida burned down on December 23rd last year. My pets unfortunately passed away in the house from the smoke. I know how bad this feels. I'm still not over it. It was my entire childhood. Everything. It fucking sucks, man. I hope you're doing okay by now.

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 3 hours ago

    Activated charcoal for your teeth is legit

  • brassberserker 4
    brassberserker 4 3 hours ago

    William: it's just a bump Me:its just a bump Google:William has cancer and will die in one day

  • Chetkara
    Chetkara 3 hours ago

    The issue that Caretaker had is aiming. You should reprogram Michael's eye finding robot to find butts and aim the hose at it.

  • Oliver King
    Oliver King 4 hours ago

    If 1 finger is $90 then i see a business opportunity

  • simon
    simon 4 hours ago

    Yeah but how'd you zoom in on the roof with the flah

  • Lee Chwe Lan
    Lee Chwe Lan 5 hours ago

    Life hacks: exist William: I'm bout to end this man's whole career

  • Carl Vedin
    Carl Vedin 5 hours ago

    They did surgery on mr.bones

  • CLbro 1
    CLbro 1 5 hours ago

    Camera man John is just like butter side down

  • Heroix
    Heroix 6 hours ago

    Can you put thermite in a pumpkin and light it off under sand

  • Berra Saral
    Berra Saral 7 hours ago

    Well he did walk on tiptoes so I'd call that a win

  • Berra Saral
    Berra Saral 7 hours ago

    I'm afraid my mom would buy this cause she always says I shake the house when I walk around.

  • Badtodabone 2345
    Badtodabone 2345 8 hours ago

    If you still have the pedal my birthday is coming up and I would love a gift from my favorite inventor!

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith 8 hours ago

    Holy fuck i got that cat in a baby carriage too! Did you also get it from walmart?

  • E Tea
    E Tea 9 hours ago


  • jct gaming
    jct gaming 10 hours ago


  • Michael Mann
    Michael Mann 10 hours ago

    Will got the RUclip algorithm jackpot on this video and he deserves it!

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith 10 hours ago

    👏 👏 👏 👏 good job buddy, i just figured out how to use em wrong but you do you

  • Hunter Evans
    Hunter Evans 12 hours ago

    Nice lisp

  • feral coochie
    feral coochie 12 hours ago

    My youtube recommendations 2 years ago: My youtube recommendations now: Hey what’s up you dipshit, watch this

  • Laura Allen
    Laura Allen 13 hours ago

    How much you want?

  • Turbo Dill
    Turbo Dill 14 hours ago

    Nose Tampon

  • Capn Tizzy
    Capn Tizzy 14 hours ago

    *"Bananas, much like Michael Reeves have a tough exterior and a soft interior"* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Vampire King
    Vampire King 14 hours ago

    That orange soldering thing isn’t one it’s a wood burner

  • LightningBoy3000 Demas

    I thought this video was new

  • Cyborg Ostrich
    Cyborg Ostrich 15 hours ago


  • Brant Engel
    Brant Engel 15 hours ago


  • Heroix
    Heroix 15 hours ago

    can you fill a pumpkin up with thermite and bury it in the sand

  • Gina Chung
    Gina Chung 16 hours ago

    it's amazing these two guys who build pointless and amazing machines room together

  • Ivan Sanders
    Ivan Sanders 16 hours ago

    This man should go to shark tank

  • OddBall
    OddBall 16 hours ago

    I came here for the 🅱️EES

  • Sal7_one
    Sal7_one 17 hours ago

    Idk man. If your landlord sees this they might kick you out

  • caleb jones
    caleb jones 18 hours ago

    I need it

  • David Niegowski
    David Niegowski 18 hours ago

    2:03 what is that damn sound effect

  • BruceNJeffAreMyFlies
    BruceNJeffAreMyFlies 18 hours ago

    0:11 When the boss says you're buying too many grinder discs...

  • Faith Lininger
    Faith Lininger 19 hours ago

    Micheal and William are the equivalent of the Big Bang Theory apartment.

  • Chad & Carless
    Chad & Carless 19 hours ago

    I loved this and I really appreciate both me and my daughter may do this. I hope everyone had a blast and Michael's face when you gave too him was so Sweet. If you still have cut out puppets I would love one

  • Grainne 99
    Grainne 99 20 hours ago

    These things were the best craic when you'd get a big line of like 8 people holding hands and then someone had to grab the fence haha

  • Hank Richard
    Hank Richard 20 hours ago

    How are you holding up? Because I’m a potato!

  • Self proclaimed Idiot
    Self proclaimed Idiot 20 hours ago

    You should just snap on them on another video

  • Byybz
    Byybz 20 hours ago

    Hell i want one

  • TimLikesCats
    TimLikesCats 20 hours ago

    I just saw illy and continued watching

  • pterodons had rounded wing tips ・。・

    Art students watching them use black and white paint to make grey: *LOUD CRYING*

  • pterodons had rounded wing tips ・。・

    Will, you should really expand on this! Not only is it a neat gadget, but it’s also a great tool for foreigners - AND it’s perfect for those with disabilities who have much difficulty or can’t use chopsticks. I know I sure as hell would buy one of these if you made more!

  • ryan lemons You Tube Channel!!!

    Cameraman john must be jealous

  • Mitchell Hoover
    Mitchell Hoover 21 hour ago

    Get another mic!!!

  • RJ Blankenship
    RJ Blankenship 21 hour ago

    I've watched so many of your videos it recommended this one from 2016 crazy to see the progress I thought your tone was a part of a big joke in this

  • tatidy the first
    tatidy the first 21 hour ago

    Man this is really bad I feel bad he felt the need to make a joke about how house burning down for us

  • Hjsndj
    Hjsndj 22 hours ago

    Give me all your trade pupppet cards and camera john

  • Septic Stache
    Septic Stache 22 hours ago

    “I am going to put cool stuff there” Looks- two videos Me-WHAAaaaaaaaAAAAAATTTTT DO YOU MEEEEeeeEeEEaaaAAAAAaaaN

  • Rachel Martz
    Rachel Martz 22 hours ago

    friend of mine: so what kind of content do you watch on RUclip? me, having an intense flashback to this video: uh.... science experiment type... stuff. very sciency.

  • HarrierHawk
    HarrierHawk 23 hours ago

    Lol I thought he was gonna say hi i am eilliam osman and I actually caught my house on fire

  • catamatic
    catamatic Day ago


  • elian lj
    elian lj Day ago

    you don’t realize how many things you really cherish until it’s all gone :( man this is a sad ass video

  • tstuff
    tstuff Day ago

    At least you didn't pee on the fence.

  • tstuff
    tstuff Day ago

    I have a friend that has found a way to get a lot of free things from Amazon sellers. Basically they give him free things for Amazon reviews. Most of the stuff is cheap things that he will never use but he has gotten some great things like knife sets, a microscope,.... A lot of the products are not name brands you will find in the US but still not that bad.

  • Young Don The Sauce God

    4:52 omg you can hear camera man john 😲 omg wtf amazing reeeeeeeee

  • Noah Ali
    Noah Ali Day ago

    Whats with that magic smoke loss man

  • The Unseen
    The Unseen Day ago

    You could have sold the gold for cash and used that for the nuggets

  • Sean Yu
    Sean Yu Day ago

    at least i drive a jetta

  • Sophfa
    Sophfa Day ago

    £5 says those are Madeline McCann’s bones

  • MrKaiyooo
    MrKaiyooo Day ago

    I think Michael is rubbing off on him.

  • Mckay Posugac
    Mckay Posugac Day ago

    not booze

  • Pontierent
    Pontierent Day ago

    I know I'm late in the comment section, but make a washing machine that is also a dryer.

  • Heroix
    Heroix Day ago

    could you just use a powered infrared led, it should give a brighter signal

  • VVunderfull
    VVunderfull Day ago


  • InfernoCore
    InfernoCore Day ago

    It would be cool if you put a tank track on a bike and make it work

  • Silva De Hedgehog

    Morgan looks like the Hacksmith a bit

  • The Unseen
    The Unseen Day ago

    So if you own a lemon farm you can get free electricity forever

  • Kae saysstfu
    Kae saysstfu Day ago

    Girl just died from a life hack making popcorn. If only they listened to you first of all

  • Kae saysstfu
    Kae saysstfu Day ago

    Will: "Everythings on fire." Also will: playing with fire. Everyone else: on fire.

  • Ava Not you business

    Me: *sitting on the roof watching this* wait is this illegal

  • Oxi
    Oxi Day ago

    just mix the top of the bowl and the bottom sometimes and it will be fine

  • Raf Lievens
    Raf Lievens Day ago

    This fucking channel. I like it.

  • Capn Tizzy
    Capn Tizzy Day ago

    "It is wednesday my dudes" *cut to William caressing wood.*

  • Charles Forte
    Charles Forte Day ago

    This video aged poorly...

  • Billy Hall
    Billy Hall Day ago


  • Kim Granndal
    Kim Granndal Day ago

    Haha, I like that you´re still using the edited version of Mark Rober´s straw failure ;)

  • yOuRoNFiReBrO
    yOuRoNFiReBrO Day ago

    No one: William: *utterly dissapointed that the first hack isn't life threatening*

  • Capn Tizzy
    Capn Tizzy Day ago

    "Is there any way I can pay with gold?" *McDonalds employee has radical shift of thinking.*

  • Henry Secco
    Henry Secco Day ago

    can i please have a cattoo

  • Llolipop studios

    Meat beater

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    hacksmith's version looks better

  • Duck
    Duck Day ago

    Thanks to this video we now know that William is a vape god

  • Divelust
    Divelust Day ago

    lower the pressure on the oxygen. keep same settings and speed. It should work

  • jasmine garzon

    Wait I actually want to know all the nerdy science stuff behind this so I can do it

  • Patrick D
    Patrick D Day ago

    3:57 oh the irony, the charred smokey irony

  • Donnie Montoya

    0:15 F

  • Space Potato
    Space Potato Day ago

    Can you catch a fly with them though

  • Gravity's Daughter

    This is one of those: just because you can don't mean you should, moments

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    How dare you create something usefull.