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GRWM! My Mourning Routine!
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  • Adrian Chicken Boi
    Adrian Chicken Boi 2 seconds ago

    Irene reminds me of nonnie from insatiable on netflix

  • Cassidy Simmons
    Cassidy Simmons 12 minutes ago

    I do the same thing with the cramps lol it helps so much!!!

  • Im Bored
    Im Bored 13 minutes ago

    Something really scary happened to me once I was asleep but I felt awake but my eyes were closed I couldn't open them and I couldn't move but my mind was awake and I thought there was something wrong and then suddenly I felt all my oxygen dissappearing and I couldn't breathe and I wanted to scream for help I really thought I was going to die and I remember saying to myself "well you're going to die" and I had to accept that. I really thought I was going to die but then I just woke up and I could breathe it was so fucking weird I have no idea what happened! Pls if anyone ever had a similar experience tell me cause I have no idea what happened to me it was so weird and sooo scary

  • Miranda Drake
    Miranda Drake 15 minutes ago

    Tbh Irene is realllllllllyyy cute

  • CraftyElle
    CraftyElle 24 minutes ago

    Only hearing this now, unbelievable Gabbie!

  • Parsley The Herb
    Parsley The Herb 28 minutes ago

    Dooring school

  • lisa Loves rose gold
    lisa Loves rose gold 29 minutes ago

    I love how gabbie kept saying she can’t paint UMMMMM BITCH THIS IS HONESTLY AMAZING 😍

  • Alex Flammia
    Alex Flammia 32 minutes ago

    ok but i miss her in david’s vlogs🥺

  • Emma Loving
    Emma Loving 38 minutes ago

    She is an awesome singer

  • Bella Perfetti
    Bella Perfetti 39 minutes ago

    Is that Zane

  • williewonka
    williewonka 43 minutes ago

    Gabbie Seems so happy, Irene literally loves her

  • alpaquita
    alpaquita 58 minutes ago

    there's no such thing as the perfect music video--

  • Victoria Danskine

    What is the song @13:06?????

  • McKenzie Knowlton

    Yasssssss girl panic at the disco is one of my fav artists too.high hopes is my fav song too

  • Genevieve Kashey

    i love Gabbie but her nose piercing video was ok. also shes a baby..(im so sorry gabbieeeeee) im 13 and i have 3 ear piercings a nose piercing and a Tripple helix, i didn't cry or flinch once... (AGAIN IM SORRY GABBIE I JUST- IM SORRY)

  • Abigail Sulpizio

    I absolutely, 1000% had to pay to ride the school bus in middle school. We had little cards that were linked to our lunch account that we booped to get on

  • Jacob Billings
    Jacob Billings Hour ago

    I wish I had the words to explain how good this is

  • Snugget
    Snugget Hour ago

    Why did i think she would just be gluing candy corns to a naked cob

  • Gertus life
    Gertus life Hour ago

    Gabbie:ahw no iws it haunted?

  • katherine d380
    katherine d380 Hour ago

    "Because i'm very awkward in these situations and I don't know what to do." GIRL I RELATE SO FUCKING MUCH

  • Littleladybug 14

    Damn this got deep

  • ShookWeekly
    ShookWeekly Hour ago

    The middle of the night and I want pizza.....😡😡😡😡 I WANT PIZZA 😡😡😡😡😡

    JULIA SATRE Hour ago

    Hi Gabbie! just rewatching this video and I remembered something weird about the dreams I would have when I had a fever. The first one always started out in a white room then all these super tall and skinny giants would come and surround me. Btw they were SUPER tall. The second one is just me living my everyday life but everyone is talking super fast and it gave me the worst anxiety. After I would have these dreams and I got little older I told my mom about them and she said when she was little her and her sister would the same exact dreams when they had fevers and they called them big dreams and fast dreams. After she told me this I got chills.

  • pupcorn
    pupcorn Hour ago

    Gabbies brain sounds like my step dad...

  • Shell Shell
    Shell Shell 2 hours ago

    Thank you Gabbie!

  • Celesta W
    Celesta W 2 hours ago

    I love this

  • Eric Cook
    Eric Cook 2 hours ago

    OK just so you know I'm Evra Cook not Eric Cook but you are not lazy you just use your time in relaxing ways

  • zoe smith
    zoe smith 2 hours ago

    in school now (well at least mine) ppl are accepting of gay guys but if its a girl nbdy will say anything but they would talk abt them behind their back

  • LivandMaddieVlogs
    LivandMaddieVlogs 2 hours ago

    y’all 22 minutes of of the video wasn’t the story 😭😂!

  • jesse
    jesse 2 hours ago

    the doll won

  • Nancy Martinez
    Nancy Martinez 2 hours ago

    Make a video of muaically am I dump or she romoved musically😂

  • Uniart Girl
    Uniart Girl 2 hours ago

    Who else is here from the cleaning my hoarding room again video?

  • Klára Nedbalová
    Klára Nedbalová 2 hours ago

    This just got recommended to me. I don’t remember Tana looking like this.. It’s like watching a different person talk exactly like Tana ! 😄

  • jessica barbosa
    jessica barbosa 2 hours ago

    I’m watching this in 2019 & MY GOD TANA is a baby here

  • Rebecca Malloy
    Rebecca Malloy 2 hours ago

    I know that song we would sing it at my elementary school

  • No Face Grace
    No Face Grace 2 hours ago

    Forgot how different Tana looked before lmao

  • Karen Martinez
    Karen Martinez 3 hours ago


  • Rocketman 108
    Rocketman 108 3 hours ago

    It's tue 99.9% of people hate candy corn.

  • Random Personyoudontneedtoknow

    Fly On My Pillowcase :)

  • Alice Oden
    Alice Oden 3 hours ago

    I love you and Irene’s videos 😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼♥️♥️♥️

  • Piers Kryslak
    Piers Kryslak 3 hours ago

    L M A O so you did know about air conditioning filters

  • Gammer Mama
    Gammer Mama 4 hours ago

    Gabby i doubt u will ever see this but my kids love this song. This one and pillowcase. I was listening to Selena gomez new song and they saw this thumbnail and told me to play this one with excitement. Clicked it and now they r singing along :)

  • Badass Panda
    Badass Panda 4 hours ago

    at 2:44 to the end I got it I'm not used to feelings at all like my friends call me sociopath hell even I do! and sometimes I just like watching or thinking of sad shit to be sad and I feel great and relived afterwards because I get scared I can just lose my feels ya know

  • Katelyn Eddy
    Katelyn Eddy 4 hours ago

    Yes queen

  • Angelina Lobel
    Angelina Lobel 4 hours ago

    Wow I didn't know she wrote these songs that got dark fast

  • Angelina Lobel
    Angelina Lobel 4 hours ago

    I didn't know she made this song

  • soda monger
    soda monger 4 hours ago

    A little bothered the blue books are all random and probably not books she loves. :\ BUT besides that it's a beautiful room. Definitely goals. 😊👏

    VIOLET GRAMAZIO 4 hours ago

    Stop calling your self fat and ugly gabbie youre pretty stop lieing!!!

  • Mika HARDER
    Mika HARDER 4 hours ago

    What If I'm The monstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Rayna Hiner
    Rayna Hiner 4 hours ago

    candy corn is amazing

  • Lacey Fisher
    Lacey Fisher 4 hours ago

    I love this

  • Slime Brothers
    Slime Brothers 4 hours ago

    You said cun t

  • nata_xx
    nata_xx 5 hours ago

    ummm I have to pay like a A LOT for my school bus..... I thought that was normal ? ...anyone? ?

  • Yvette Mariee
    Yvette Mariee 5 hours ago

    Tana was soo much prettier this way... I miss the old her.

  • LR Blankenship
    LR Blankenship 5 hours ago

    i do to 😓😓😓😓😓 o sheet i herd that o sheet

  • c e c i l i a
    c e c i l i a 5 hours ago

    so what if im the monSTEEEEEEEEEEEEEER

  • Anna Getman
    Anna Getman 6 hours ago

    7:27 what if I’m the MONSTER 😂

  • Laura Rodriguez
    Laura Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    That face Gabbie makes when Irene put her therapist outta business

  • medusa626
    medusa626 6 hours ago

    Wow, First world problems. How about making a video telling people to vote, recycle, donate or help the needy. I have anxiety & depression and I think you're over reacting. Get off the internet & connect back with the real world, this isn't a real problem.

  • Lauren Rebecca
    Lauren Rebecca 6 hours ago

    3:47 every theatre kid when everyone is jokingly singing

  • Carrilyn Zingerella
    Carrilyn Zingerella 6 hours ago

    i had to stop listening because she kept cussing.

  • Louisa McCann
    Louisa McCann 7 hours ago

    We didn’t know what we had until it was gone 😔

  • Angi x
    Angi x 7 hours ago

    I'm always getting Goosebumps while listening to it

  • H C
    H C 7 hours ago

    Damn you suit blue, oof

  • ky- -liann シ
    ky- -liann シ 7 hours ago


  • ky- -liann シ
    ky- -liann シ 7 hours ago

    nice nose ya got there

  • Cheyanne Wolpert
    Cheyanne Wolpert 7 hours ago

    Quilted Northern 2 ply is my go to

  • Angela Challita
    Angela Challita 7 hours ago

    Gabbie I know you’re of Lebanese origin, but please pin this comment and stand with the Lebanese people who have been suffering from poverty, hunger, oppression, over taxation, lack of electricity, lack of water and jobs, and basic human rights. Please, just raise awareness on social platforms, and help us take a down a corrupt government, in the hope that globally people can stand with our pain and our cause. God bless ❤️💋

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 8 hours ago


  • Juan Romero
    Juan Romero 8 hours ago

    on min 5:36 my screen smelled like tuna

  • Emily Thibodeau
    Emily Thibodeau 8 hours ago

    The sound of Gabbie's brain sounds very similar to mine lmao

  • Melissa Memory
    Melissa Memory 9 hours ago

    Ok gabbie is an amazing person and people judge her singing because they can't people bully what they see in themselves and my god she can bloody sing and if you don't like her singing then why the heck are you here this is a beautiful song with a beautiful meaning and if you can't see that then think about what your saying to others and ruining her career by making stupid Meme you talking horridly about her is ruining her career now that's what bullies want and its happening don't let people influence you because you never know not everyone tells the truth I love gabbie she's such a wonderful girl and she can sing in my eyes if you do not like my opinion then please do not comment it will be a waste of your own time I hope you have an amazing day|night xxxxxx❤️❤️❤️

  • Christina
    Christina 9 hours ago

    tana looks so innocent

  • Boston Book Bitty
    Boston Book Bitty 10 hours ago

    I had a roommate that bought costume glasses so she could “hide” her face when she didn’t feel like wearing make up. And honestly, it’s a great security blanket.

  • Daisy Mae
    Daisy Mae 10 hours ago

    Butterflies, butterflies 🦋♡

  • Wade Cloudt
    Wade Cloudt 10 hours ago

    Your adorable

  • Franny worldxo
    Franny worldxo 11 hours ago

    I LOVE THIS 😍😍❤️ Ok I'm I the only one in October 2019

  • littlevoicebigworld
    littlevoicebigworld 11 hours ago

    when that door slammed it actually scared the sh*t outta me. I full on jumped

  • Heather McLoughlin
    Heather McLoughlin 11 hours ago

    when a stylist massively messed my hair up and completely got my colour wrong and it washed out weird I reached out to them and they did it wrong again i didn’t cause drama I just went else where to get it done, notes for girls just find a salon you’re comfortable with and trust, I go to a salon for cuts and a different one for when I get it dyed

  • Jess Wright
    Jess Wright 11 hours ago

    Kinda random but I full have a friend like this lol

  • Alison Crippen
    Alison Crippen 11 hours ago

    Gabbie talking about important things like birth control lowkey attractive af loll I’m weird.

  • Best Belle
    Best Belle 12 hours ago

    You should put tiny lights of different colors on different people/things

  • Grace Haigh
    Grace Haigh 12 hours ago

    Wait Americans have to pay for their contraception?!! That’s so bad

  • m g
    m g 12 hours ago

    Shouting!! This is not singing.

  • m g
    m g 12 hours ago

    Boy look at your t#ts because they are hanging out of your shirt

  • m g
    m g 12 hours ago

    Amateur quality. This is shouting not singing

  • m g
    m g 12 hours ago

    You are NOT a celebrity.

  • TheArtyUnicorn
    TheArtyUnicorn 12 hours ago

    I have watched this video so many times I’ve lost count 😂

  • Carlos Sibal
    Carlos Sibal 12 hours ago

    She starts at 7:56

  • V A.R.M.Y
    V A.R.M.Y 13 hours ago

    Well I did not know that blind people imagine their face by personality learning facts

  • Nicholas Macke& Natie's gacha edits

    Gaaaabbbbbbbiiiiiieeeeee ...... Is it true you did vines!?

  • K0rUpT ;D
    K0rUpT ;D 13 hours ago

    Btw Big Mouth made fun of u

  • Growinthegardn
    Growinthegardn 13 hours ago

    17:38 Molly: WIN WIN She’s too cute

  • Tia Sharday
    Tia Sharday 14 hours ago

    Roomie remix's your music the monster

  • Mallory Reed
    Mallory Reed 14 hours ago

    OMG I Used to live in Georgia, not the dumb US Georgia but the country Georgia 🇬🇪!!!!!!!!! Please tell him!!!!!!!!!

  • Elliot Lyons
    Elliot Lyons 14 hours ago

    Gabbies videos will never get old

  • Tatiana Grullon
    Tatiana Grullon 14 hours ago

    Still my favorite song and video she’s ever done

  • CertifiedCash519
    CertifiedCash519 15 hours ago

    i love your videos you are amazing #day1

  • Downtown Motors ABQ
    Downtown Motors ABQ 15 hours ago

    You are fucking annoying. 😶