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Rod Wave
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Rod Wave - Heart On Ice
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  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi 7 hours ago

    Bro I FEEL this bop

  • Tyson Gilbert
    Tyson Gilbert 7 hours ago

    This song go hard

  • Ťyrecus Ďale
    Ťyrecus Ďale 7 hours ago

    Ion like how people hating let him be great he becoming a great rapper

  • Chiqita Solomon
    Chiqita Solomon 7 hours ago

    Make uh yellowlight plz 😍😍😍😍😍 greenlight though

  • HypeDudeJay
    HypeDudeJay 7 hours ago

    Man who tf put a thumbs down on this 😫 lames

  • suzy kwangka
    suzy kwangka 7 hours ago

    Hello help this upcoming artiste with an add on Snapchat Handrix_p

  • Jade Kohly
    Jade Kohly 7 hours ago

    You can't miss it👉

  • Synera Griffin
    Synera Griffin 7 hours ago

    dang Rod wave boy I bet you rich all I'm all them twenties for your bills boy you make me Rich

  • Zoolu Hundon
    Zoolu Hundon 8 hours ago


    GVXNG 8 hours ago

    Rod wave the new YoungBoy foreal!

    • Colorful Rose
      Colorful Rose 7 hours ago

      If him and yb do a song that mf gon be 🔥

    • GVXNG
      GVXNG 8 hours ago

      I aint askin for likes either I just need some respect for this comment

  • Marqwain Givhan
    Marqwain Givhan 8 hours ago

    My boy 💪🏾💪🏾💯

  • Deborah McGruder
    Deborah McGruder 8 hours ago

    Rod wave is the best

  • Kendell Fisher
    Kendell Fisher 8 hours ago

    Every song I hear I fall in love with 💕💕

  • Kyli Holmes
    Kyli Holmes 8 hours ago

    The love that Kevin radiates for Rod is so beautiful 😍

  • Emeon grier
    Emeon grier 8 hours ago

    God bless 🙏👏😭

  • Kiana Chavez
    Kiana Chavez 9 hours ago


  • kiki and stephy its k and s

    I can’t stop hearing his song omg it’s so good

  • Ajay Kelly
    Ajay Kelly 9 hours ago


  • YoungCuhz
    YoungCuhz 9 hours ago


  • jahmir 's world
    jahmir 's world 9 hours ago

    Im crying because of this song 😭😭😭👍💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Austin Purvis
    Austin Purvis 9 hours ago

    I feel a Grammy in this man's feature🤷🏼‍♂️👀

  • Svn !!
    Svn !! 9 hours ago

    rod wave been round since 17 , 18 probably before that and all u jit s on his jock n shit now talm bout some og fans 😂

  • King Trell Records
    King Trell Records 9 hours ago

    I’m bout to be bumping this everyday 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • King Trell Records
    King Trell Records 9 hours ago

    He’s Too Dope 💯 fuck who ever hating on Lil Bro

  • Tapeka Neal
    Tapeka Neal 9 hours ago

    ❤️💪🏽❤️ LOVE THIS SONG🤞🏽🤞🏽GO HARD🤞🏽❤️🤞🏽

  • Josalyn
    Josalyn 9 hours ago

    Bruh Kevin gates make me laugh and smile every time I see him😍

  • mustapha ward
    mustapha ward 9 hours ago

    You just feel that pain every song BIGROD makes. Seems sad but it aint just life. Shout out#RODWAVE

  • Shaqmoney Music
    Shaqmoney Music 9 hours ago

    Wen you kno u can’t give up

  • Tyerria Avery
    Tyerria Avery 9 hours ago

    Your song is bolw

  • Marcus Jakpa
    Marcus Jakpa 10 hours ago

    man we need dis shit on Apple music

  • Lil Lonzo
    Lil Lonzo 10 hours ago

    If you dislike Rod wave music you crazy 💯🤞🏾 bro really da truth I ain’t hea Pain music like dis Fa a min 🔥🔥🔥

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 10 hours ago

    My shorty put on to dude...he nice I just play eight song

  • Broke Boy1800
    Broke Boy1800 10 hours ago

    only if he ain’t run out of breath and make the songs longer

  • Aquila Danglad
    Aquila Danglad 10 hours ago

    This One Touch Me 🙇‍♀️

  • Erick Gomez-Mendez
    Erick Gomez-Mendez 10 hours ago

    Great song 🔥

  • Donny Morgan
    Donny Morgan 10 hours ago

    people should not sleep on this woooooo fiiirrreee Rod Wave killing it god bless bro

  • Jaheim Laving
    Jaheim Laving 10 hours ago

    He help me out when I play this song because my brother died 4 days ago

  • Shawn Latonya
    Shawn Latonya 10 hours ago

    Im late on the track.... but this joint is an instant classic...... #RESPECT

  • Taliban BigDub
    Taliban BigDub 10 hours ago

    Someone please tell me where he got dat sweatsuit that bitch hard

  • Peppy MSP
    Peppy MSP 10 hours ago

    “Heart been broke so many times “😞

  • Alexander James
    Alexander James 10 hours ago


  • SLX GoCrazy
    SLX GoCrazy 11 hours ago

    This mf rod wave need to be at the top fuck YB I fuck with Rod wave way more now🤷🏻‍♂️💯

  • J Zilla
    J Zilla 11 hours ago

    St Pete 14th street stand up boys

  • Moe Rvnn
    Moe Rvnn 11 hours ago

    This song is such a vibe 🔥

  • quiniyia wright
    quiniyia wright 11 hours ago


    WALDY 11 hours ago

    yo is rod wave gay? song go hard doe

  • The Work At Home CHANNEL

    Rod Wave be speaking my inner thoughts 👊🏾

  • drummerboy sp
    drummerboy sp 11 hours ago

    I fuck with it 💯%

  • Ben Choice IV
    Ben Choice IV 11 hours ago

    Please god save me 😔...

  • Vortex Beats
    Vortex Beats 11 hours ago

    every damn track my bro brings that heat!!!!!...well time to grind harder just dropped a rod wave type beat thanks for inspiring with every track fam 🙏🙏

  • thomas malin
    thomas malin 11 hours ago

    Mad tune g, wank to this daily

  • Sifa Mariam
    Sifa Mariam 11 hours ago

    This is dame ass music I've never heard of it

  • The Work At Home CHANNEL


  • Kaliyah Best
    Kaliyah Best 11 hours ago

    Right now todayyyy

  • Victoria Johnson
    Victoria Johnson 11 hours ago

    Please please if you come around give me something to smile it’s so many dark days it’s so many dark dark clouds lord I’m just a nigga trying to win.

  • J 5trucking
    J 5trucking 11 hours ago


  • zae kidd
    zae kidd 11 hours ago

    this bih put me in my feelings erri time

  • jackwithdoodles
    jackwithdoodles 11 hours ago

    Who’s Been a fan before 2019? I’m gifting my next 50 loyal subscribers with notifications turned on🤩

  • Genesis's Carey
    Genesis's Carey 11 hours ago

    I like it that is a good song because I do the same sometimes to but you will be ok I believe in you

  • Benjamin Ibarra
    Benjamin Ibarra 12 hours ago

    Rod wave beast

  • LIL Jay
    LIL Jay 12 hours ago

    Hey the goat, god please don’t take this one

  • Jay Moore
    Jay Moore 12 hours ago

    AK The Menace would've killed this on god

    • Overrated Hation
      Overrated Hation 10 hours ago

      Jay Moore I would’ve I just need the beat 🤷🏽‍♂️😪

  • AngelthaDevil
    AngelthaDevil 12 hours ago

    Now this "rapper" is a gangsta and has pistols in the video man if you don't get yo plate done broke so many tiimess look ass

  • Live Tru Media
    Live Tru Media 12 hours ago

    Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago Pipe that shit up, TnT Tre made this beat Let's talk 'bout hard times, real bottom boy survivor Way before the jewelry, the groupie hoes, and designer Back when I was tryna find a way for all my partners Rema hit the window, popped the door for me and Lijah 'Member wakin' up with no destination But I had some dedication, couldn't use my education 'Cause no nine dollars could help me face what I was facing My light bill due, envelope blue, that mean you behind on payments Rap slowed down and I was low on cash Fresh out of high school, kicked out the house for living fast Went and got a spot, then got a job, 'cause pops was on my ass Then that's when pops had went to jail so it didn't last Hit the block with Brock 'cause I was tryna pay my bills Like fuck a rap career, let's touch these streets and make a mil' Fast forward, like Rod Wave, tell me how you feel When I think about my past, that shit give me chills, uh Wake up in the morning, hit my knees, and I pray Because He finally made a way I been runnin' up that paper, mama And before I let 'em come and take it, mama I'ma die in these Cuban links I'm gon' die in these Cuban links (bangers again) Die in these Cuban links (right now today, let's go) Die in these Cuban links (yes, Lord) All my life it been a struggle You on and fall off, you find out who really love you Playin' in the storm drain, came out the gutter Good relationships, I admit I had a couple Making love to the money, me and bae lil' couple Yola cooked down to the oil in it, don't switch around I need everything when it lock in the pot, yeah Grab it off the top, let it dry, work the clock, yeah Finally up in rank, movin' blocks, holdin' sham, yeah Havin' my lil' way, ghetto pussy used to act funny Now I'm hittin' her hard from the back, she throw it back for me And when I went to jail, shawty left, turned her back on me Flexin' on they ass, pants sag with them racks on 'em Wake up in the morning, hit my knees, and I pray Because He finally made a way I been runnin' up that paper, mama And before I let 'em come and take it, mama I'ma die in these Cuban links I'm gon' die in these Cuban links Die in these Cuban links Die in these Cuban links

    JAS& LANA 12 hours ago

    Pllzzzzzz if you come around do some to make me smile 🤭💔🔥🔥

  • emmanuel williams
    emmanuel williams 12 hours ago

    tell me why he had to hold up his stomach

  • Mvrshvn
    Mvrshvn 12 hours ago


  • Amauria Webster
    Amauria Webster 13 hours ago

    I lpve this song so much this is how he feel

  • YT Gang
    YT Gang 13 hours ago

    He gonna be like NBA YOUNGBOY🗣💯

  • chop fatts
    chop fatts 13 hours ago

    Family and family is

  • isaac rivera
    isaac rivera 13 hours ago

    He looks like Fatboy SSE

  • thebigbosss1000
    thebigbosss1000 13 hours ago

    Remix with Blaatina tho !???

  • Yungin X
    Yungin X 13 hours ago

    Best song by rod wave 😴💔

  • Cedric Henderson
    Cedric Henderson 13 hours ago


  • AlwaysDay Trendy
    AlwaysDay Trendy 13 hours ago

    best artist out like if you agree

  • Cherry Lee
    Cherry Lee 13 hours ago

    I cry everytime i hear this song

  • Civic Guest
    Civic Guest 13 hours ago


  • Isaiah Thomas
    Isaiah Thomas 13 hours ago

    i’m not mad i’m exhausted 💔💔

  • Shontorria Smith
    Shontorria Smith 13 hours ago

    I love this much pain in his voice😍😍😥

  • Tasha Red
    Tasha Red 13 hours ago

    iG: yungjass_

  • Flaykes Music
    Flaykes Music 13 hours ago

  • Badnate2nd
    Badnate2nd 13 hours ago

    Youngboy on this track wouldve been gold

  • J O E E
    J O E E 13 hours ago

  • Prettyboyjay
    Prettyboyjay 13 hours ago

    Hottest man out like if it’s true💪💪

  • Quvantay Burdette
    Quvantay Burdette 13 hours ago

    Name of the song at the end?? Bihh sound 🔥

  • THE AG Fam
    THE AG Fam 13 hours ago

    You make some good songs yo good looking🙏🏽❤️😋

  • Trimeca Reese
    Trimeca Reese 14 hours ago

    I’m really misunderstood 😩

  • Diesel Mechanic 101
    Diesel Mechanic 101 14 hours ago

    Tired of this fucking song randomly playing on my fucking phone. This nigga is trash, you got it youtube

  • Afro Girl
    Afro Girl 14 hours ago

    Yeah am for real... ...fuck it... A-a-and it that soldier shit you know I'm saying... You major baby Now this one for the pain that I felt over the years This shit ain't been the same ever since a nigga was lil Be too much on my brain make me wanna shed a tear I be tripping, reminiscing but I'm thankful I'm still here And I'm so misunderstood this the real soldier shit I never thought I'll see the day where I could go legit I was just on a stroll with my cuzzo tryna flip Sell over 30 minutes he said 'You need more than this' Cause we swanging better have your fire I got my fire, this shit be dangerous I woun't tell no lie before I die I'll go out banging Just tryna survive but this is the life of a gangster It be hard to believe that I made it this far Made it when it was raining, boy that shit there left me scarred Often reminiscing about dasia, that shit hurt me to my heart No trauma auntie crazy cause she died right in her arms And I made it to the funeral but wishing that I didn't I been dreaming about that casket ever since I seen her in it I ain't tryna see no casket, I ain't tryna see no sentence My bitch don't understand me and my family in they feelings They say I might win a Grammy fuck a Grammy I need a million It hurt me that I hurt you can't believe the way I did you I really thought that we'll be married move away and have some children And I can't even explain it, that shit be crazy And I'm so misunderstood if I could ooh, then I would But I don't get it, I admit it Pain that I'm feeling, make me wanna cry sometimes ooh It make me wanna cry sometimes yeah uh And I'm so misunderstood If I could then I would But I don't get it I admit it while reminiscing It make me cry sometimes, ooh oh Lord knows I cry sometimes That real soldier shit though, you know that-that That pain shit don't go no where like you know what I'm saying But sometimes I be in my feelings about this shit Am forever a soldier to soldier life, you know I'm saying Thug to the bone, you know I'm saying

  • Michelle Msshell
    Michelle Msshell 14 hours ago

    🔥🔥🔥 I’m soo misunderstood I wish I could explain it I felt that

  • cheryl smith
    cheryl smith 14 hours ago

    Go like tori Jackson and Mariya davis

  • myles Smith
    myles Smith 14 hours ago

    Some music just touch yo soul dis 1ne 4 the next century

  • Lamont Sanford
    Lamont Sanford 14 hours ago

    Another pot head rapper gangsta wannabe

  • Kimyah Hogan
    Kimyah Hogan 14 hours ago

    i love this song so much it go hard this my mood everyday

  • Afro Girl
    Afro Girl 14 hours ago

    I wanted to let you know I was here since day one and u inspired me to rap

  • OneTwo
    OneTwo 14 hours ago

    All I need is one mic ima show the fuck out rod wav sing what I rap about rod wav yu killing em keep it coming

  • Booda 2x
    Booda 2x 14 hours ago

    Who shot the video

  • Anotheruseforaname
    Anotheruseforaname 14 hours ago

    This should be a single

  • VDK601
    VDK601 14 hours ago


    ZONEDOUTTV 14 hours ago

    Gates went dumb on this shit 💯🙏