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  • Kerrie Jones
    Kerrie Jones 8 minutes ago

    God that sand one was so boring

    Atia ADONKO OBIBINI 8 minutes ago

    I just don't know why. But I love her voice. And she knows how to sing too. Love you

  • Sweetpotato Johnson
    Sweetpotato Johnson 8 minutes ago

    Melissa wsa already a star!!!!!!!!!

  • SaiSamarth Jadhav
    SaiSamarth Jadhav 9 minutes ago


  • Dennis S.
    Dennis S. 14 minutes ago

    Very C00l smart Kids !!! ;-)

  • Soum Ayyah
    Soum Ayyah 14 minutes ago

    Who came here after britains got talent?

  • Kent Zu
    Kent Zu 19 minutes ago

    Im so happy and i cry in the first clip because they give him trust and he has a real talent

  • Kyra! Hamilton
    Kyra! Hamilton 21 minute ago

    Wait was that dude on America’s got talent as a walrus and fell off stage and also was a giraffe and a Caterpillar

  • sword begin
    sword begin 23 minutes ago

    Is not good is gross

  • Good Citizen
    Good Citizen 23 minutes ago


  • Oliver Spenc
    Oliver Spenc 28 minutes ago

    What tf is this

  • Daniel Ludwig
    Daniel Ludwig 29 minutes ago

    Something that's really confusing me (and I've not been able to find any comments addressing...), was the 4th judge just sitting there until the very end because he was overwhelmed with emotion and pretty much couldn't function, or because he didn't want to give a "Yes" but feared appearing like a total Jack*ss? When the camera first showed him at the very beginning of the performance, it looked like we was about to burst into tears (a resounding Yes, I thought), but when he finally did stand at the end, it seemed hearted. Like he didn't want to, but HAD to. So.... was he a Yes or No?

  • Müll Peter
    Müll Peter 31 minute ago

    Support me 😻😻

  • Prince jailon Mirate
    Prince jailon Mirate 35 minutes ago

    Is that her brother i just saw?!

  • Mr_pro_Ninja YT
    Mr_pro_Ninja YT 38 minutes ago

    So creepy

  • Mr_pro_Ninja YT
    Mr_pro_Ninja YT 42 minutes ago

    So cool with marshmallows

  • Paul Mtaita
    Paul Mtaita 43 minutes ago

    Like here if u watch 2019 October

  • O'shit Marléy
    O'shit Marléy 43 minutes ago

    I love this guy

  • Marylyn Versoza
    Marylyn Versoza 47 minutes ago


  • Padma Patidar
    Padma Patidar 51 minute ago

    It’s Indian music are they Indian and how they get her in bgt they should be in Indian got talent. Edit : I liked my own comment because no one did like all my comments ,:(

  • Erika Godoy
    Erika Godoy Hour ago

    Que increíble ser humano que Dios lo bendiga en su camino y ese abrazo con su madre es lo más 😢increíble lo que transmite te lleva a otra dimensión genio total lo mejor para ti saludos desde ARGENTINA 💖👋👋

  • My channel From London

    Was david the batman voice actoe 😞

  • thank you
    thank you Hour ago

    Damn beautiful.

  • Oziriz
    Oziriz Hour ago

    Moral of the story. Don't be so quick to judge.

  • james Enciso
    james Enciso Hour ago

    Tang inang talent yan

  • MaestroHamz
    MaestroHamz Hour ago

    5:19 ninja?

  • JustSome Lad
    JustSome Lad Hour ago

    The two girls with the glasses looked like hamsters.

  • lone 1214
    lone 1214 Hour ago


  • Namz Lee
    Namz Lee Hour ago

    Idol ko si roben pero parang ayaw kona sa kanya.. Bkit sa america got talent pag hnd marunong mg english pwd nmn grabe si roben oa masyado

  • Prosykito
    Prosykito Hour ago

    una puta patraña

  • AciN 29
    AciN 29 Hour ago

    That Pinoy crowd and judges tho.. pare it sucks na tignan ang kapwa pinoy nag perform tas kapwa rin ang judge pero ndi maka appreciate ng talent.

    SAMRAT MONDAL Hour ago

    Everything was planned before show...

  • Jerrico Munar
    Jerrico Munar Hour ago

    where's boogie storm's performance?

  • Olivia Eide
    Olivia Eide Hour ago

    21:55 lmaooo

  • linh v
    linh v Hour ago

    darci layne made 80 different accounts to dislike this account

  • Daniel Pulido
    Daniel Pulido Hour ago

    amazing Angelica hale

  • SoyRazer ツ
    SoyRazer ツ Hour ago

    Diablos señorita, JAJAJA

  • Olivia Eide
    Olivia Eide Hour ago

    The third thing is sad but he’s trying to win of sympathy That dog is amazing thooo

  • Fluo Hime Pain
    Fluo Hime Pain Hour ago


  • Olivia Eide
    Olivia Eide Hour ago

    The dog thing... i would’ve said no lmao

  • Eltestra
    Eltestra Hour ago

    Is it possible?, Physically no Magically yes

  • Gurwinder Singh
    Gurwinder Singh Hour ago

    God bless you great baby

  • Wlodi90KKS
    Wlodi90KKS Hour ago

    John Cho ? :D

  • Elisha Figura
    Elisha Figura Hour ago

    Damn she has a better voice than me

    ANIME GOKU Hour ago Pls watch my video guys

    ANIME GOKU Hour ago

    Pls guys watch my video

  • Enter text here
    Enter text here Hour ago

    Di- did Heidi really use her hands as binoculars

  • Sonia Polak
    Sonia Polak Hour ago


  • Park Kia
    Park Kia Hour ago

    12:13 he’s a vampire Nooo a human beatbox VAMPIRE This bich got FANGS BROO

  • Debanjan Chakrabarti

    Who else cried while listening to his song😭😭😭😭

  • Milan Nguyen
    Milan Nguyen Hour ago

    best way to kidnap someone.

  • Fullmoon Lyngdoh

    Wht do u speak,I don't understand..

  • Park Kia
    Park Kia Hour ago

    7:45 I thought he said DUBSMASH

  • ikene gak
    ikene gak Hour ago

    OMG! The TEQUILA won The guitarist,

  • ชญานันท์ รอดแก้ว


  • TH3 P3NTAG0N
    TH3 P3NTAG0N Hour ago

    thats my girlfriend

  • ชญานันท์ รอดแก้ว


  • simiColangelo
    simiColangelo 2 hours ago

    song at 6:27???

  • Владимир Аленичев

    Пацан в зеленом просто раскачал зал!!!

  • Park Kia
    Park Kia 2 hours ago

    Human Beatbox: replaces Oxygen with GOD knows how many lungs Me: MAAAAAAM I NEED A TALEENTTTTT

  • Hot Pepper
    Hot Pepper 2 hours ago

    Enough with the talent shows why the hell isnt she already making a Album. Her parents need to get that going or are they doing both letting her have a childhood and a career

  • Y e s - N o
    Y e s - N o 2 hours ago

    _janitor: At least the dark king did it_

  • Behnam Ghodsi
    Behnam Ghodsi 2 hours ago

    You guys are bullying

  • digler freaky
    digler freaky 2 hours ago

    i hate that last girl

  • xx_parishey_xx gacha

    I bet Charlie Puth is better than him

  • Nekiah biggs
    Nekiah biggs 2 hours ago

    So sad 😭

  • sen senkhmer
    sen senkhmer 2 hours ago

    Amazing girl

  • waleed eladawy
    waleed eladawy 2 hours ago

    سيمون انت تمتلك قلب ملاك تمتلك احساس مختلف عن البشر ربنا اعطاك حنان وحب وعطف تحياتي

  • Abdulla Al Sakib
    Abdulla Al Sakib 2 hours ago

    So beautiful 1st part

  • Allyshasuperstar roxy

    My mum died from cancer

  • الجوكر- JOKER
    الجوكر- JOKER 2 hours ago

    *الشعب السوري الذي اتى الى بلدي الاردن هوا لم يأتي مهجرآ انما دخل داره بسلام هذه ارضه كما هيا ارضي اغلب اصدقائي واخواني سوريين وافتخر بصحبتهم الله يكون بعونهم اينما ذهبو*

  • B LUE 5688
    B LUE 5688 2 hours ago

    cnhdsum cbfrcbns abnafnaref

  • funny TV
    funny TV 2 hours ago

  • Gouwah Mullins
    Gouwah Mullins 2 hours ago

    I can imagine what's going through the male judges minds 🤣🤣🤣🤣🍆🍆

  • Pepe Buzov
    Pepe Buzov 2 hours ago

    Prekrasan mladić daj bože ako je moguće da ozdravi

  • April jane Sesbino
    April jane Sesbino 2 hours ago

    OhhhOhhh my gasshhh mga vaklang tohhh

  • sirvando vargas
    sirvando vargas 2 hours ago

    No question about it, this Gal makes all the shows perverts feel guilty as she performs . Great talent. Too much woman for some men, she was made for me.

  • correct way
    correct way 2 hours ago

    saw it 100 times, can't stop watching more!!

  • angeline's Playz
    angeline's Playz 2 hours ago

    Your attitude is wrong if they dont like it then just respect it look not respecting people BURNS IN HELL WHEN YOU DONT RESPECT EVEN THEY DONT RESPECT YOU the more you hate the more you love, the more they hate you just respect it not a GRUMPY ATTITUDE NO NO NO THATS A WRONG ATTIDE REMEMBER REEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSPPPPPEEEEEEECCCCTTTTT OTHERS

  • Shelley Romero
    Shelley Romero 2 hours ago

    😍😍Is sofe

  • Luciegaming
    Luciegaming 2 hours ago


  • lastkings91
    lastkings91 2 hours ago

    10:03 yup he was smoking before he judged that day

  • Hailey Clark
    Hailey Clark 2 hours ago


  • u cer
    u cer 3 hours ago

    ngilu anjir itu yang dii idung(nose)

  • تنسي كأنك لم تكن

    المسلم القوى افضل من المسلم الضعيف ليش نبكي ونتباكي على حالنا اصحو ياعرب حالنا أصبح يرثي له ان تنصروا الله ينصركم

  • rishabh rawat
    rishabh rawat 3 hours ago

    what ! this isn't a saw movie.

  • Yunus Yunus
    Yunus Yunus 3 hours ago

    ILOVE you.. Like

  • Egg Incorporated
    Egg Incorporated 3 hours ago

    Skipper: “Africa! That ain’t gonna fly. Rico?!”

  • Ruby Richardson
    Ruby Richardson 3 hours ago


  • Dody Siwabessy
    Dody Siwabessy 3 hours ago


  • Ruby Richardson
    Ruby Richardson 3 hours ago


  • Ruby Richardson
    Ruby Richardson 3 hours ago


  • Ruby Richardson
    Ruby Richardson 3 hours ago

    OMG that's so dangourous

  • potpolima
    potpolima 3 hours ago

    The singing trolls

  • Pyrogue
    Pyrogue 3 hours ago

    Talk about magic fingers.

  • SApPhYrErOsE Valentine

    Aleisha is so beautiful but her one earring triggers me

  • Chleotwelve Romias
    Chleotwelve Romias 3 hours ago

    Nag boang na

  • Ashley Gachaz
    Ashley Gachaz 3 hours ago

    the 2nd and last ones is a janitors worst nightmare

  • Regii
    Regii 3 hours ago

    This guy is a legit wizard