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  • Gregory S
    Gregory S 6 hours ago

    I do not receive very many robo calls. I do not see any spam as well. In my opinion, there are three things you can do to help. Use an email program that allows you to mark junk as junk. And to keep track of those decisions to build a "record" of the junk coming in. Secondly, turn off your cookies. They are there to track you. At the very least, clear out your web history often. Third, stop answering incoming calls if you do not recognize the number. I have done this for years and not once did I miss an important call. Manage YOUR activities. My wife does none of this. When we are in her car, she gets call after call on her dash screen. She gets so much spam in her email, she hunts for a legitimate post. And it is relentless. She must get 10 calls in a 40mile trip. She just hits "cancel" on the screen.

  • Nicholas Brooker
    Nicholas Brooker 6 hours ago

    Corpo servant, nothing more.

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 6 hours ago

    Creepy Joe ! Hey Joe what about the billion You held from Ukraine if the prosecutor wasnt fired for investigating Hunter ? Your on video bragging about him getting fired !

  • Pedrucho C
    Pedrucho C 6 hours ago

    This guy is vaginaphobic!

  • Mike Fazzini
    Mike Fazzini 6 hours ago

    Just say no to the bootyjudge

  • S. Cocci
    S. Cocci 6 hours ago

    Karlan didn’t help the democrats case. She hurt it. When any independent sees her in action will only motivate them to vote republican .

  • T J
    T J 6 hours ago

    He seriously couldn't muster more people, or is the small meetings by design? If so, it's a stupid move. If not, then how sad.

  • Farfen Koogle
    Farfen Koogle 6 hours ago

    Whenever I read so much anger at Pete in the comments, it makes me think he's probably doing the right thing for most people out there. The stuff people get mad about online are good indicators of what normal, stable people don't care about.

  • Sandie Smith
    Sandie Smith 6 hours ago

    Bored rich kid in a big expensive boat. Glitterati parents. Endorsed by jet yes JET setting celebs. Representative of about 0.5% of the populus. Yet yet...without getting the other 99.5% on board it's all worthless. Is that the plan?

  • lucky1dawg1
    lucky1dawg1 6 hours ago

    He even looks like a homosexual- America should be embarrassed that these people are able to get any attention/support

  • SpadaccinoLuciano
    SpadaccinoLuciano 6 hours ago

    Please drop out. No one likes you.

  • Impeach The Orange Buffoon

    The weirdest inauguration speech EVER! WOW!!!

  • Theo Jamal
    Theo Jamal 6 hours ago

    i dont eat mayo

  • Walter Malone
    Walter Malone 6 hours ago

    President's kids should never be the target of attack especially a 12 year old Democrats have no respect

  • Lilah B
    Lilah B 6 hours ago

    Did she said black something when he closed the door it sound like she did a little bit

  • Allen M
    Allen M 6 hours ago

    I f’n hate this guy

  • paldo1321
    paldo1321 6 hours ago

    The problem for this man is that the city for which he is mayor is a dump.

  • Sila Noma
    Sila Noma 6 hours ago


  • Chris Le Chat
    Chris Le Chat 6 hours ago

    Polished like an old school politician. Trump will unfortunately win if this guy and Biden are shoved down liberal throats.

  • states1950
    states1950 6 hours ago


  • Sandra Vanderleek
    Sandra Vanderleek 6 hours ago

    Hundreds and hundreds of bills waiting for the senate... only ones not doing their jobs are Republicans.

  • FN Silly
    FN Silly 6 hours ago

    i like what he said here but i hate his white supremacists ideology

  • Tara Drolma
    Tara Drolma 6 hours ago

    Anyone who has been threatened by raging wildfires will have compassion for New South Wales.

  • Ok Then
    Ok Then 6 hours ago

    Why is this muthafuckah always talking about Obama???

  • Ian Monam
    Ian Monam 6 hours ago

    Kellyanne is doing a tremendous disservice to her country. Her boss, and not her husband, is the one with a mental problem.

  • Arthur Johnston
    Arthur Johnston 6 hours ago

    This is what a real man looks like folks.

  • Biohazard Bungholes
    Biohazard Bungholes 6 hours ago

    Peter's excited for Iowa's cockus.

  • S. Cocci
    S. Cocci 6 hours ago

    This “woman” at any level of government or education is a sellout of our values and morals. Karlan is a ransid piece of sht.

  • William Williams
    William Williams 6 hours ago

    I really do believe Trump supporters lack the intellect of critical thinking...they give Trump a free pass to do as a dictator does...ANYTHING he wants. What about Trumps children, their businesses, Trumps businesses...conflict of interest...Trump is the most corrupt president EVER!!!

  • Alun Arus
    Alun Arus 6 hours ago

    "You're too old to vote for me. Alright, here we go. Someone back here, I want one of the kids from the sch.. from the.. from the grade school." - Joe Biden 2019 BAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHAA

  • elroy the great
    elroy the great 6 hours ago

    Biden would be impeached immediately by any standard.

  • Barry G
    Barry G 6 hours ago

    This is what you get when you hire activists instead of journalists

  • s b
    s b 6 hours ago

    bravo mr biden, we have to destroy trump, we have to destroy the gop !!!!!!

    • Bagrilla Jenkins
      Bagrilla Jenkins 6 hours ago

      They are your fellow Americans. Have you no loyalty to be able to just disagree? It's about power for you? Mob mentality. Tribal.

  • bleh kore
    bleh kore 6 hours ago

    So all dressed?

  • Sila Noma
    Sila Noma 6 hours ago


  • the82spartans
    the82spartans 6 hours ago


  • mikeyh0
    mikeyh0 6 hours ago

    I keep picturing him a big black c^ck in his mouth. His profile name on Pornhub is BottomBoy123. Is "Dope and Change" his motto? There are no Christians in the Democrat Party. That would be impossible. He was mayor of South Bend(over), Indiiana? Sounds about right.

  • Kurt Cyrier
    Kurt Cyrier 6 hours ago

    Ohhh buttplug go away

  • Sean Bailey
    Sean Bailey 6 hours ago

    Lot of trumpistas commenting. Intelligence terrifies them. That's why they kiss Drumpf's enormous behind - he speaks on their level.

  • S. Cocci
    S. Cocci 6 hours ago

    Pam Karlan you vile mother fvking liberal POS.

  • Sila Noma
    Sila Noma 6 hours ago


  • Eric Hanson
    Eric Hanson 6 hours ago

    Holy crud, check out that like/dislike ratio! Welp, I may as well add more (well deserved) scorn.

  • Jjones Fn
    Jjones Fn 6 hours ago

    She is so nosey

  • Flag Waver
    Flag Waver 6 hours ago

    I love it when radical leftists crash radical leftist events.

  • Lucien Morningstar
    Lucien Morningstar 6 hours ago


  • Pet Lover Mitchell
    Pet Lover Mitchell 6 hours ago

    is there even one lonely Dem. with even one brain cell rattling around upstairs. American people are smart...at least most are...They are NOT sheep and will NOT BE LED TO THE SLAUGHTER. You offer all these so-called free GOODIES...COME ON, EVERYONE CAN SEE THE ARE ''NOT'' FREE. FACTORIES,PLANTS AND JOBS..POOF..GONE! GUNS...GONE...SAFETY...A THING OF THE PAST. FREEDOM OF WORSHIP...WORSHIP WHO? THE DEMS? YOUR SUPER HIGH TAXES WILL MORE THAN COVER ''THE FREEBIES..THEN yeah hoo. YOU CAN GIVE AWAY THE BALANCE TO OUR ENEMIES AND POCKET SOME TOO...WIN/WIN/ RIGHT? NO THANKS...REPUBLIC ALL THE WAY!!!

  • John Welke
    John Welke 6 hours ago

    Lol they found the 30 African Americans interested in what Pete has to say. Not enough to bring him up to 1% Minority support lol

  • Michael Goodman
    Michael Goodman 6 hours ago

    That man hasn’t the curly leg hairs to ask joe Biden a non-scripted question... no curly leg hair having man!!! What will the children play with when Joe’s not around??

  • 5argeTech /\
    5argeTech /\ 6 hours ago

    Samuel L. Jackson was there... SAY THAT AGAIN!!!!!

  • T K
    T K 6 hours ago

    Dang. I forget what a responsible, thoughtful adult sounds like.

  • Zach
    Zach 6 hours ago

    People should stop pretending that he's a good candidate. Anyone that intends on voting for him in the primaries should stay home and become politically informed instead.

  • Sila Noma
    Sila Noma 6 hours ago


  • 3 Toe Sally
    3 Toe Sally 6 hours ago

    This is hilarious

  • Caio Raz
    Caio Raz 6 hours ago

    As a Democrat, Pete ButtzEdegeEdge makes me feel like I'm back in Calculus class. 😴😴😴

  • Jeff Ong
    Jeff Ong 6 hours ago

    stupid white guy

    CIRCLE OF TONE. 6 hours ago

    Lobbyists and donors of monopolies like Comcast (who own NBC) chose whatever strategy Pete has on his teleprompter. NBC is just an arm of the DNC that along with select Republicans like Romney is about as corrupt as you can get.

  • Jacob S.
    Jacob S. 6 hours ago

    NBC: "Is it problematic that you're taking money from VETERANS?!" Pete: "No, I love veterans. I won't tell them what to do." What a SOFTBALL question! What about the other dark money being funneled into his campaign? What about the dozens of billionaires donating to his campaign? These are very carefully crafted questions to make him seem the least horrible (which he is horrible).

  • William Williams
    William Williams 6 hours ago

    LOL unlike Trump who is calm and reasonable...are you kidding me. Biden is light years ahead of Trump in intellect. The fat 82 year old questioning Biden was a liar and it can e verified online via many sources.

  • tiffsaver
    tiffsaver 6 hours ago


  • LCarefortheworld
    LCarefortheworld 6 hours ago

    The one white protester at the event is a Bernie supporter. Bernie, please say something and brings out the best in your supporters.

  • MCR Media
    MCR Media 6 hours ago

    Kim jung uns presence seems to have the ability to make anything look cheap

  • Darlene Canterbury
    Darlene Canterbury 6 hours ago

    Shes such an inspiration she didnt deserve this at all I wanna hug her and her family this makes me so sad !!!! Such a beautiful driven strong intelligent woman!!!!! Bless your beautiful heart and I wish you closer continued success and love !!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • pmagoo100
    pmagoo100 6 hours ago

    Sorry Pete... but Nancy Pelosi just committed political suicide to the Democratic Party. You won’t even get you mayor job back

  • Against All Hope Ministries

    the dems are the demise of America. this is not speaking of the democratic people but the democratic leaders, they look possessed and controlled. they spew the kool-aid like clock work.

  • deep mind
    deep mind 6 hours ago

    Pete is life, pete is love.

  • Nick Chilson
    Nick Chilson 6 hours ago

    this dude's brain was grown in a vat at the CIA

  • You Tube
    You Tube 6 hours ago

    I'm looking forward to seeing Pete Buttigieg's face on the new 3 dollar bill someday.

  • Dale Lucassen
    Dale Lucassen 6 hours ago

    Lol...Bernie people just came with the purpose of just hitting the dislike button.

    CIRCLE OF TONE. 6 hours ago

    Why do liberals think she represents them? How obvious does it have to be for lobbyists to take over a party?

  • Will Rueb
    Will Rueb 6 hours ago

    If Biden gets into office it'll be a sad day in America.

  • Sila Noma
    Sila Noma 6 hours ago


  • Bleu Bird76
    Bleu Bird76 6 hours ago

    Pete is a change nothing establishment centrist neoliberal. He's not progressive at all and doesn't care about diversity. Just because someone happens to be LGBTQ that does not make them progressive. There are LGBTQ people that are racist and selfish just like Pete.

  • Jim McCandless
    Jim McCandless 6 hours ago

    This is the real news not fake news propaganda! If treason against the U.S.A. is known what does the law say who we should report it to. § am jurisprudence Title 18 section 2382. Misprision of treason Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the (" President") to who? (" the President ") or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both. Why do we report treason to the President because He is the Commander in Chief! Duly elected by We the People that believe the Commander in Chief will be the Greatest Defender of our Constitutional Republic ! 👍 The Socialist that have infiltrated our once Great Democratic Party are not holding public hearings of impeachment because of evidence that reveals treason committed by members of their own party! Self Serving Socialist Dictators that have infiltrated our once Great Democratic Party and our News media Cnn, Msnbc (Microsoft ) have become an International Embarrassment! Spreading Gossip, Snide Innuendo, Libel, Slander and defamation of character ! Source : Dems overwhelming vote for Trumps immigration plan! Clinton we build the wall straight from the horses mouth! CNN ruclip.com/video/LDHXkerIchU/video.html While Bill Gates and other "new world order" self serving socialist public servants, sell off the U.S.A. and eliminate U.S. Competition software companies like Dbase, Word perfect, Borland, and many more ! Sending our best jobs that secure our intellectual properties, offshore to enemies that have infiltrated and threaten the U.S. ! Communist China, Russia and economic Adversaries and their scammers in India that are given access to sensitive data on our U.S. computers under the guise of technical support ! The deep state ! ( new world order)? Plunder our Great Nation. Source : 5 Biggest US companies that offshore to India | 31West www.31west.net/blog/5-biggest-us-companies-offshore-india/ Source : Silicon valley! Home of Google, Microsoft, and many telecom and cellular companies send there call center operations, IT services, and other business processes to India and China . Resulting in. More than 10,000 people living without shelter across San Jose and Santa Clara only a portion of (Silicon valley ) on any given night in 2016, though that figure is probably low. Source : www.businessinsider.com/photos-of-silicon-valley-homeless-population-2017-12 The Obama Biden and Clintons ! They conspired with the communist governments and sold 20 percent of our nuclear weapons grade uranium 1 to our Adversaries Russia! Even though we the U.S. import 90 percent of our uranium! Source : Russian Uranium One Deal And Hillary Clinton In The News Again www.forbes.com/sites/jamesconca/2018/12/13/russian-uranium-one-deal-and-hillary-clinton-in-the-news-again/#3de95049526d They said sure just make a donation to the Clinton foundation, our military intellectual secrets sure just make a donation to my campaign. Our peoples homes no problem they can live on the streets and we will use the cheap labour of illegal aliens who we will subsidize with welfare. We will implement chain migration. Go ahead flood Silicon valley with your communist thereby you can infiltrate and take over our high tech industries! Just make sure illegals register to vote for me. Fools Participating with United States Adversaries enemies in Economic Warfare against the United States ! Source : 5 Biggest US companies that where sent offshore to India | 31West www.31west.net/blog/5-biggest-us-companies-offshore-india/ SOCIALIST that have infiltrated our once Great Democratic Party Sabotage our private industries! Source : Former CIA says Biden blackmailed Ukraine ruclip.com/video/r5A8a_NX5wo/video.html Source : Ukrainian releases proof that Joe Biden was paid off and fake news does not report it. Fake news creates diversion, goin after Giuliani ruclip.com/video/wFtmRzlxpww/video.html Source : Bidens real whisleblower Telizhenko blackberry ruclip.com/video/YpxPWGov-14/video.html Source : Joe Biden and his sons linked to billion dollar deal to sell military industry to communist China ! Wow ruclip.com/video/F0VGXy_AJjs/video.html Source : Nancy Pelosi's son has some explaining to do with his Ukraine connection! ruclip.com/video/dXDGQjfkSj8/video.html Why the socialist fake democrats are mad because Trump has put the kibosh to USA for sale! No more pay to play scams! That make Bernie Madoff look like a beginner! Source : Trump routs communist out of California ruclip.com/video/owEQc5s3bu4/video.html Source : Republic vs democracy ruclip.com/video/8lh6e4VoSAw/video.html Source: . Patrick Henry Give me Liberty or give me death speech!👍👀👌 ruclip.com/video/DbghWFMLyiA/video.html

  • Guzel Fetkulina
    Guzel Fetkulina 6 hours ago

    Idiots. Ruining kids psychology from the day 1.

  • RubberWilbur
    RubberWilbur 6 hours ago

    its funny watching this plagiarist fat shamming a Democrat voter.

  • Carlos Peirano
    Carlos Peirano 6 hours ago

    I’m a conservative & have always considered myself a Republican. I will be voting for Pete. There simply is no better candidate! Pete Buttigieg will make Trump wish he never stepped foot on the debate stage.

    • Natural Man
      Natural Man 6 hours ago

      You are about as republican as Sea-Hag Pelosi.

    • Carlos Peirano
      Carlos Peirano 6 hours ago

      @Kyril J It’s sad to read low IQ, ill-informed, bigoted comments, please grow up!

    • the82spartans
      the82spartans 6 hours ago


    • Kyril J
      Kyril J 6 hours ago

      Carlos Peirano You're hoping to get him up your butt, aren't you?

  • Joseph Thompson
    Joseph Thompson 6 hours ago

    Blank page,...

  • Chief Onahoe
    Chief Onahoe 6 hours ago

    A sour old man that didnt make it in life looking for anyone to blame.

  • seabert otter
    seabert otter 6 hours ago

    Throw Trump out for betraying the Kurds in northern Syria.

  • seabert otter
    seabert otter 6 hours ago

    Throw Trump out for betraying the Kurds in northern Syria.

  • GJC 0621
    GJC 0621 6 hours ago


  • Smokey The Bear
    Smokey The Bear 6 hours ago

    This is only on here because they are white. That's a fact!!

    CIRCLE OF TONE. 6 hours ago

    NBC music be getting mad cash from the DNC to push this floater out into the mainstream. Lobbyist owned media is a joke.

  • Howdy Justice
    Howdy Justice 6 hours ago

    Black dudes hair is crisp?

  • Timothy Farr
    Timothy Farr 6 hours ago

    I dont think Conservative Dems will support globalistic views like human editing cloning and abortion

  • Against All Hope Ministries

    so smart yet so dumb. the left are so weak sensitive and great liars,

  • Gonçalo Veiga
    Gonçalo Veiga 6 hours ago

    Turn coat on universal health care. He said one thing six months ago and says another thing today. Complete turn coat.

  • Sila Noma
    Sila Noma 6 hours ago


  • Jacob S.
    Jacob S. 6 hours ago

    I hate this guy so, so much. So smug.

    • Darth Wiffy
      Darth Wiffy 6 hours ago

      Surviving combat does tend to give one a confidence boost so deal with it.

  • Timothy Farr
    Timothy Farr 6 hours ago

    Laying the groundwork for anyone who opposes the democrats will be impeached, deep state will backfire, #notrustintheelectionCommission

  • Landrew Landrew
    Landrew Landrew 6 hours ago

    These questions will follow Biden to whichever end of his campaign. Hopefully that's a week from now. The only thing worse is Hillary Clinton believing she can run again or for the first time.

    • T J
      T J 6 hours ago

      Oh, no, no no. We don't want bidens campaign to end a week from now. Nope, we want him to manage to make it all the way to the debates with trump. See, the other candidates, while far left and insane, still have excellent oratory skills and are capable of some tear jerking, inspirational speeches. No substance, but if too many people can be swayed by emotion by some of these impassioned lefty speeches, then that could be a problem. Bidens the dumbest candidate and therefore should be encouraged to continue. There's a reason obama won't back him. And it's the reason conservatives should.

  • Manoj Jacob
    Manoj Jacob 6 hours ago

    Biden cannot handle stress.

  • Patriotic Asian Populist

    Funny how Orwellian Propagandist don't seem to challenge any of these candidates with the letter D by their name. 🤨🤔

  • windyduck123
    windyduck123 6 hours ago

    Not cool

  • Sarah Petty
    Sarah Petty 6 hours ago

    And this is the Best Dems can do against President Trump??? Looks like Electoral will be over 400 for Trump this time around~

  • znu Z
    znu Z 6 hours ago

    Biden is a creepy, corrupt, clown. Great representation of the Dems. Clueless.

    • William Williams
      William Williams 6 hours ago

      The creepy clown is the Orange glob of mucus in the White House

  • Hairtrigger83
    Hairtrigger83 6 hours ago

    Nope to both Pete and NBC.

    CIRCLE OF TONE. 6 hours ago

    Don't forget Hillary made millions from the Ukraine energy sector too. And hundreds of millions via Wall Street 20 min speeches along with Bill over the years. Not donations to her party... Cold cash in her personal bank account. NBC is lobbyist owned trash.

  • Joao Felix
    Joao Felix 6 hours ago

    future présidente usa.

  • omar a
    omar a 6 hours ago

    And this is way you dont mess with a black old lady and here cain