Unit Lost - Great British Gaming
Unit Lost - Great British Gaming
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  • Tiyon
    Tiyon 24 minutes ago

    It better be Echo or riot! 😩😩😩

  • Michael Tellez
    Michael Tellez 42 minutes ago

    Blue overwatch symbol on back of forklift of volk industries

  • Austin McClure
    Austin McClure 51 minute ago

    I am also an ana player and moira is great but ana does so much more and can be more useful with all her abilities. the only thing moira has going for her is her dps half of her. she as insane range and self heals while doing it. double hit with a damage orb and she is better than most dps ( not to mention she stole symmetras leachiness) one side of her needs nerfed either she becomes more zen like or she becomes more mercy like

  • Love you 3000
    Love you 3000 Hour ago

    I’m lvl 96 why am I watching this lol

  • Fahad Almusallam

    I would really love to play old hog I would pay money to do it even if it was for a week

  • jonathan giles
    jonathan giles Hour ago

    mechanically not bad. but this game didn't show the Ana under pressure through the hole game. nice sleeps on the doomfist but a better doomfist would be on her ass all day long.

  • RioIsTrash
    RioIsTrash 2 hours ago

    4:43 okay but why are there london spitfire sprays? I mean, I get they're the best team #aceshigh 💗 but neither team are the spitfire

    • SolaR Derp
      SolaR Derp 10 minutes ago

      If they were the best they would be in the playoffs?

  • Corey Franklin
    Corey Franklin 2 hours ago

    This Reaper sounds like Cavalry

  • Corey Franklin
    Corey Franklin 2 hours ago

    If this is low diamond I guess I'm a GM smurf

  • Dr Kirb Kenneth kirby

    First problem; don't main Ana right now

  • clericneokun
    clericneokun 2 hours ago

    SBB = Team Dad POG

  • Matt
    Matt 2 hours ago

    When it come to playing vs this comp ppl are brain dead. People just refuse to counter it and play whatever they want. It’s so annoying

  • Blake -Zakave-
    Blake -Zakave- 2 hours ago

    Not quite related to Bastion, but with the barriers... They are energy fields right? What if placing barriers from the same team too close together (or potentially even enemy teams for more strategy) caused feedback between the barriers and made them quickly degrade?

  • Mr strangled
    Mr strangled 3 hours ago

    I like how fast the meta's have been changing since role lock. Something like bunker comp can be combined with double barrier with different selection of heroes.

  • Elite XBOX
    Elite XBOX 3 hours ago

    What if blue is the Space Overwatch Station, stay with me, the blue Overwatch logo could be the Overwatch Space Station, the same station Sigma was at. Grey could be another scientist there experimenting on nebulas

  • jonno46b
    jonno46b 3 hours ago

    It’s the MMR. I don’t put crazy hrs into the game, but I was stuck in bronze ~700. So I made a new account and was put straight in gold. Which annoys me because I have put all my time and energy in my main account that’s where all my skins etc are.

  • Ian Master
    Ian Master 3 hours ago

    i've been saying for a while that Bastion should just do half damage vs heroes (keep the 500 Dps vs shields)

  • al3for
    al3for 3 hours ago

    I think this is a case of "here's the best game I've ever lost, review it please". Also, for advice, not nading often enough, and reloading too often.

  • farrex0
    farrex0 3 hours ago

    I think bastion is ridiculously OP, but the only reason it is not dominating the Meta is because everyone knows that you must kill the Bastion in order to win. It becomes the highest priority character to kill whenever they are running Bastion, because if left uncontested it can easily kill your whole team. Now giving him more survivability or even buffing him in any way can break the whole game entirely. Having a character that by itself can kill a whole team without an ult or skill is just ridiculous, then he has the highest HP out of all the dps, and then he has armor and ironclad and then he can heal himself, thankfully he has no movility. That by itself makes him the strongest character in the game, but because of that he is the only character that makes teams play together and coordinate just to take him down.

    • farrex0
      farrex0 3 hours ago

      To clarify, by strongest character in game, I meant the one that gives the biggest value with the least amount of effort. I have played against widows that do not hit me even standing still and then they swap to Bastion and wreck my team. No one with that little amount of skill should have that power, but then again just having one dps that is skilled enough to deal with the Bastion or a coordinated team makes the Bastion not so scary anymore. I am all in favor of buffing him, but it should be a buff that adds a level of complexity to make him less of a braindead pick, and add a layer of skill and or gamesense needed in order to thrive.

  • T3hKa5
    T3hKa5 4 hours ago

    Welcome to the life of a good support main.

  • Aweave 24
    Aweave 24 4 hours ago

    Budha is a person Yes

  • Scared Camel
    Scared Camel 4 hours ago


  • Gustavo Allfadir
    Gustavo Allfadir 4 hours ago

    This Meta is dumb as hell. That's why I don't even play overwatch now

  • ???XZ
    ???XZ 4 hours ago

    So uh pharahs things blue too...

  • Yomi Sama
    Yomi Sama 4 hours ago

    Give me Echo D<

  • HumbleCanadian 420
    HumbleCanadian 420 4 hours ago

    when i play comp with a uk accent i climb

  • Evie WeeVie
    Evie WeeVie 4 hours ago

    im legit diamond ps4 and better than this guy how is he T500

  • dshredmusic
    dshredmusic 4 hours ago

    With the respect of everyone above masters, this is why I've always thought most high level players are somewhat echo chambered towards the elo hell topic... They don't know what it feels like to try your most awful best on a low-mid rank and fail miserably. Those players don't have the experience or know the gimmicks of higher level play. Take it from someone who made it from Bronze to High Masters... It's a real nightmare. Low rank worthy players are too easily allowed into mid ranks and allowed to do nonsense because it's not bannable (not to mention the alarming amount of low skill high reward heroes)... In a game where one guy doing stupid shit is more than enough to make a game unwinnable unless there's a hard smurf to make up for it. That's where I think the matchmaker fails horribly. It's too chaotic and it literally destroys a player's mindset... I've seen very decent players become the most toxic fucks on the planet because of it and they even stop caring about wanting to win a game.

  • MaceDu
    MaceDu 4 hours ago

    This definitely isn't a gold player, and I'm in the same boat. Game after game lost on Support because my team doesn't understand the basics of positioning, target priority, and taking out low health targets. I played Ana, Mercy, Moira a lot and just kept losing. So I decided to play Zen and have been on a crazy win percentage around 80% since then and am climbing back up to plat (I was mid diamond before the Role Queue change, and just started back after a few months away from the game). Zen solves the issue of target priority because I discord the target that needs to be taken out and people instinctively shoot at what's discorded. Also I can dish out DPS from range so I can take out low health targets myself. Positioning is still an issue, and I can't count how many times I've tried to tell an Orisa to set up on the high ground on maps like Dorado instead of right in the middle of the street, only to watch them die 6 seconds later. But as Zen with proper positioning you can survey the field and preemptively Harmony orb people when you know they'll need it soon. I also can't count how many times I've had the gold medal for healing...as Zenyatta. TL;DR: Your teammates need way more help taking people out at these low levels, so play someone where you can heal and help attack simultaneously.

  • Christy Es
    Christy Es 5 hours ago

    Funny that it coincides with the area 51 raid

  • Christy Es
    Christy Es 5 hours ago


  • zachary sampson
    zachary sampson 5 hours ago

    Woah how wierd its like i called it i hope the guy who was talking crap saw this

  • jink junk
    jink junk 5 hours ago

    I waited 10 mins for some shit team that doesn't know how to push or heal

  • MegaXecutioner
    MegaXecutioner 5 hours ago

    How about a character that sucks life out of shields adding that shield to their health. Great for contesting but can be countered if the enemy team removes the shield. What about a gas attack that leaks through barriers, deals damage like a widow mine or maybe compounds over time while you stay in the cloud. Great for flushing out an area

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure 5 hours ago

    Look how much damage that team comp just eats. Have blizzard watched this gameplay and reflected on it AT ALL?!?! This is not the overwatch i want to play

    • Malidictus
      Malidictus 5 hours ago

      It's the Overwatch I want to play, however. The game's finally moving away from being a just TF2 with Blizzard characters and into a more rigidly class-based system where - yes - sometimes damage isn't enough.

  • Dekunt
    Dekunt 5 hours ago

    I subscribed for Sty; not to be bored by some random talking about pros for 20 mins

    • RebelWhomper Gaming
      RebelWhomper Gaming 5 hours ago

      The channel is unit lost, not stylosa. He has multiple people that talk/co host and do the show with him.

    • Aquarius
      Aquarius 5 hours ago

      You don't have to watch you know.

  • Beck Carman
    Beck Carman 5 hours ago

    Isn't the logo on the ecopoint Antarctica truck that you stopped and looked at a dozen times blue at the top? 9:44

  • James Middleton
    James Middleton 5 hours ago

    i tell you why this player is gold and it's the same reason i'm gold, I get bored. I start climbing and i get bored and start either playing stupid for a laugh of i switch to off meta heroes because they are more challenging. i know i will get a challenge if i get to diamond or whatever but that's so long. my winrate on pharah btw which is my best rank up is 89 percent in about 30 games. i just get bored of her

  • Michael C
    Michael C 5 hours ago

    In most of the tiers of Overwatch, running Reinhardt + Orisa + Bastion + Torbjorn + Baptiste + Mercy completely destroys the enemy team when used on defense or even payload maps. Thinking about it in my head, I think Reinhardt is better for protecting Bastion than Sigma because the enemy has to respect getting too close to Reinhardt due to his big hammer; that and Reinhardt's barrier is better than Sigma's, Fire Strike is amazing for bursting down targets at range, charge is a massive threat for people trying to rush on your team, and earth shatter is super strong when you break the enemy barriers fast.

  • Matthew Streacker
    Matthew Streacker 5 hours ago

    It may be grey matter

  • Assassino Bro
    Assassino Bro 6 hours ago

    I rooting for Titans!

  • un-bear-able
    un-bear-able 6 hours ago

    Huge mistake that they made was pretty much just putting all the resources into the tank that is throwing while the sigma player did tons of work but was starved of heals but that rienheart was low silver at the highest

  • Nick Sbordone
    Nick Sbordone 6 hours ago

    I don't understand why ppl get so tilted in this game. You know you will get bad teammates sometimes. Why get mad over something that you already know is going to happen?

  • Justin Tomsky
    Justin Tomsky 6 hours ago

    I think he'd do batter as a tank, (not only cuz he literally transforms into one,) but in a way you can think of him as a less mobile and more CC focused roadhog. If he just had a spot more armor and maybe made the healing into an automatic reaction to damage that only repairs the armor not the base health with no time limit, kind of like a non-max heal mercy's passive. Then he could zone out teams and still survive being dived while dishing out suppressing fire. It would also be a good choice for DPS mains to play on the tank role. It would also remove one of the shields from 2/2/2 so he wouldn't be so pirate ship auto-win. Another option with this idea is to boost ironclad to maybe 45 or 50% and make the self-healing only possible in recon mode or only when he wasn't shooting. This would encourage more scouting and position changes or at least give a window for counterplay.

  • !?
    !? 6 hours ago

    Any meta with bastion in it is a shit meta.

  • xAnimee
    xAnimee 6 hours ago


  • Scottson Knight
    Scottson Knight 6 hours ago

    I like your idea of a support that counter barriers but I'd rather turn Brig into a support like that so there is a reason to bring her into the game again.

  • matthewgb28
    matthewgb28 7 hours ago

    Im not 100% titans, just 0% shock

  • Ancienturtle 12
    Ancienturtle 12 7 hours ago

    GO AGANE said xQc?

  • Ahmed Adel
    Ahmed Adel 7 hours ago

    Classic OW >>>>> New OW

  • Eric Davies
    Eric Davies 7 hours ago

    How do look around the cockpit with this controller

  • Mateus Nicolini Bezerra

    Our cheesy double shield meta is being eaten alive by the worst dps in the game??? We cant have that! Nerf within a week. A support literally breaks the game in all possible ways and becomes a must pick that makes you almost always lose if you dont have it but the other team does? Better wait 6 months to nerf it (heppened both with Mercy and Brig). Yeah fuck this game, I had hope the devs were actually trying to balance it, but were just horrible at doing so, but it seems the devs just want to push a meta they like at all costs, ignoring if it's fair and fun or not.

  • Philipp Soellei
    Philipp Soellei 7 hours ago

    Give bastion his own barrier back kappa. This would solve the problem with him dying XD

  • Владимир Королёв

    20:46 30% accuracy because it includes 6 shots with rightclick after flash.

  • Ash Catchem
    Ash Catchem 8 hours ago

    Pull a Mercy. Make bastion only in tank form so he's mobile and he gets rockets on a LONG cooldown and make his ultimate a speed boost.

  • Alex West
    Alex West 8 hours ago

    i hate looking at youtuber faces

  • Liam Lake
    Liam Lake 8 hours ago

    Yea I think bastion needs a rework so he can be used in more situations he so easily countered sombra hack, tracer pulse bomb, genji deflect, I think they should decrease his damage just a slight not alot but increase his survivability so make it so you can shoot and repair yourself but you cant out dps him when he heels his self kinda like road hog

    • Liam Lake
      Liam Lake 6 hours ago

      @GhostDragon it's just a thought due to how easy he is to counter

    • GhostDragon
      GhostDragon 7 hours ago

      Dude he is fine, a little niche pick for some situations, if you buff him to much then he will destroy everything, espacially with Bap

  • Dark Reaper
    Dark Reaper 8 hours ago

    PRO and Bastion are 2 things that should never be in the same sentence. At least not in this universe.

  • Lumpy Gash
    Lumpy Gash 8 hours ago

    I prefer the use of high skilled heroes. Genji, tracer, soldier. When you add rng or pure luck its so dumb. Not enjoyable. Most of the One shot abilities are annoying.

  • Slothh
    Slothh 8 hours ago

    Though I agree with points made take into consideration the fact that Stylosa has never passed masters

  • P5 Satanael
    P5 Satanael 8 hours ago

    bastion wars: the rise of skybunker

  • Gibz
    Gibz 8 hours ago

    as a support/tank main i understand this guys struggle. Even if youre giving solid support if your team plays as though they are invincible then theres nothing you can do. That brig player for example: his team was essentially down a support most of the game because Brig isnt supporting... A major problem i noticed from bronze to ~plat is that most players dont believe in focusing on their role. Everyone goes for flanks and 6k's etc. Its like getting POTG is more important than winning the match.

  • LitghterDawn :3
    LitghterDawn :3 8 hours ago

    D.va’s wink is just priceless

  • Gerard Johannes Nijholt

    idk if this would work. but maybe play with genji, doom and hammond against double barrier. if they all go in at the same time and the enemy doesnt expect it they will all die in less than 2 secs. slam from the hammond, dash melee from genji and slam uppercut from doom. this should be more than enough to kill the dps and the supports. idk if it works. it does work on paper, but not so sure if it works in-game

    • Lumpy Gash
      Lumpy Gash 8 hours ago

      Main problem is the coordination And collaboration with your team. Most of the time you will die before your team decides to push/dive with you.

  • TheGamerStrix
    TheGamerStrix 8 hours ago

    ur boosted af

  • Albert Gordon
    Albert Gordon 8 hours ago

    I swear I saw this like four days ago and no one believed me

  • Vincent Chow
    Vincent Chow 8 hours ago

    Stylosa: How is this player gold?! How is this player gold?! @20:34: There's your answer.

  • Cowz Blerb
    Cowz Blerb 8 hours ago

    The truck said research team which could just be the broad name of ecopoint, or it could be referring to the actual research division, in which case Adams is the only researcher we’ve seen (cryochamber) so maybe he was able to escape/will get help to escape in the future, or smth like that. 🤷‍♀️

  • Nightpire
    Nightpire 8 hours ago

    Suggesting to rework a hero because he is good in meta of the month is a little drastic and just leads to more chaos in the long run.

    • ReviewPirateUSARGH!
      ReviewPirateUSARGH! 5 hours ago

      Nightpire argh! All heroes need some type of balance change or rework because of 2/2/2.

  • Solomontor
    Solomontor 9 hours ago

    I suck you pp

  • cold
    cold 9 hours ago

    i actually didnt know it was posted super early i just watched the vid lmao

  • sean spursss
    sean spursss 9 hours ago

    Oh noo please anything but this

  • GXD Leon
    GXD Leon 9 hours ago

    As Uber said during that broadcast, “Oh, look at all this intense gameplay, THESE GUYS ARE SWEATIN!!!!”

  • Matthew Clements
    Matthew Clements 9 hours ago

    Could you possibly do a “What Support hero for which type of strategy” kind like of a macro breakdown. Also, is Dive back with Brig nerfed?

  • Colby L
    Colby L 9 hours ago

    I watch this channel for you, Stylosa. Please stop doing this.

  • Overlord Laharl
    Overlord Laharl 9 hours ago

    As much as I hate bastion I’m glad that as soon as one dies the fight is pretty much over

  • gadbesavage
    gadbesavage 9 hours ago

    Im so dissapointed that this is not called proveranalyzed

    • gadbesavage
      gadbesavage 8 hours ago

      @Capserino pro-over-analyzed, i am talking about prOveranalyzed 🤦‍♂️

    • Capserino
      Capserino 8 hours ago

      It is

  • titus nwachukwu
    titus nwachukwu 9 hours ago

    I love this videos so much🔥

  • PizzaParker__00
    PizzaParker__00 9 hours ago

    Yes! Now is bastions time!

  • Typical Gamer
    Typical Gamer 9 hours ago


  • Kristian Stocks
    Kristian Stocks 9 hours ago

    Bastion vs Bastion = Noob vs Noob Only Ronald Mcdonald shall play Bastion

  • Thebruhmaster 83
    Thebruhmaster 83 9 hours ago


  • Unit Lost - Great British Gaming

    BASTION VS BASTION! You'd think Bastion would annihilate barriers - and well, be the answer to the double barrier meta...right? Well that's not really the case. The problem is barrier sure, but you also have Baptiste's Immortality Field, Sigma''s suck... Bastion isn't as strong sa you'd expect him to be. Do you guys think we'll see much Bastion usage at the finals?

    • Ninjin13
      Ninjin13 8 hours ago

      Something they can do if they make him a support is for every point of damage he does he heals his team a little bit and that doubles if he attacks Shield. Think of Lucios form of healing something like that. His alt could be a big Winston style Shield.

    • André Gløersen
      André Gløersen 8 hours ago

      new main tank(edit: any role) you can stand on.

    • Ironmaidenportugal
      Ironmaidenportugal 8 hours ago

      how to counter barriers??? use bastion to tear down.

  • Mom Fried
    Mom Fried 9 hours ago


  • Langsider
    Langsider 9 hours ago


  • Psycho Autumn
    Psycho Autumn 9 hours ago

    Cursed anal suck *perhaps*

  • KevinGame3
    KevinGame3 10 hours ago

    Way can't we have old symmetra back like 1.0

  • Guy Aston
    Guy Aston 10 hours ago

    1:28 best tip ever :D

  • Beth Zyglowicz
    Beth Zyglowicz 10 hours ago

    Did he say dvas out of a personal ice block?

  • Ilir Krasniqi
    Ilir Krasniqi 10 hours ago

    watching this in 2019 because well i wanted to find ur first impresion playing the beta still cant find it but seriously no one could aim back then and now there all this crazy tech with these heros its honestly crazy how far ow has come

  • Awkwardgamer1
    Awkwardgamer1 10 hours ago

    you can have the best aim but if your positioning/communication is shit youre gonna stay in gold/plat. Also being toxic and shit doesnt help since once youre in that mindset you just end up throwing anyway lol.

  • Valery Tuvakina
    Valery Tuvakina 11 hours ago

    Oh my god..How can I put this? Mcree’s ults were.. awkwardly cute lol

  • SpaceJam45
    SpaceJam45 11 hours ago

    He’s gold because solo climbing in support is nearly impossible at gold. If you have DPS on your team who are not even decent, you will lose. As a support, you cannot make up for the damage that your dps aren’t throwing out while maintaining excellent healing. In my time at gold, I also found you get more people who just play for the loot boxes you get for tank and support in the role queue. Separate problem but please play quick play for those role que rewards instead because you’re throwing a comp match for the rest of us when you play Rein and just charge in. Or when you play Ana and know you can’t hit shots.

  • Cas plays
    Cas plays 11 hours ago

    My ranked games lately: Ppl playing dps moira and dps lucio. Dps not countering, sometimes tanks yolo in than build and give your space way in. Or if other team get stomped one leaves and the game kills the match because we took the point 10-15 seconds in the game. Or people leave because we got extra rounds. No wonder ppl dont want to tank. Hell, as a main tank player who just started to play ranked again since s1 or 3 I really feel nowhere I would want to tank anymore. Its horrendous to not get support nor play as a team. Its impossible to climb because if we do too good one just leaves and the game is over anyway because its happened so fast when the game started the game will just shut the game down. Blizzard please.

  • Bungalobill
    Bungalobill 11 hours ago

    I could c this rein blaming dps lmao

  • Grumpy Goof
    Grumpy Goof 11 hours ago

    Scraping the bottom of the barrel for content again.

  • Irrespons
    Irrespons 11 hours ago

    Antartica is hugely over water. So cooperation of the division.

  • sunnykwan111
    sunnykwan111 12 hours ago

    Unit Lost, making videos on RUclip does not mean you are an idiot - you make quality content. At least, you're definitely smarter than me LOL

  • The Legend 28
    The Legend 28 12 hours ago

    Soujorn or however you spelled her name they already confirmed she wouldn't be a future hero

  • Snorkel Ninja
    Snorkel Ninja 12 hours ago

    Bruh, he’s told because he picked the 1 game he played well