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  • Randy Smith
    Randy Smith 11 hours ago

    HELP! I get "Found one MASKROM device" and it instantly fails with message "Download Boot Failed".

  • Jamnadas Polra
    Jamnadas Polra 11 hours ago

    Thanks. for yr inputs. BUT as i do not have a pc, hwo can i view this input later when i get my BEELINK GT King box in about a week , iam in Australia

  • royzer79
    royzer79 22 hours ago

    Hi mate I’ve got a t95z plus box, but my remote won’t work on the main home screen but here’s the strange part, when I do a factory reset with putting match stick in the back and the reset menu comes up in there my remote works to pick the action I need so I went ahead doing the reset then when my box starts back up to the home screen my remote doesn’t work any ideas

  • Nicolas Souza
    Nicolas Souza 2 days ago

    It's possible to install a WebOS on MXQ 4K and 4k PRO?

  • ushilives3
    ushilives3 2 days ago

    Will this work for mecool bb2 pro?

  • Renato Gomes
    Renato Gomes 2 days ago

    hello, i have been using lakka on my m201d these days and i find it great.your tutoring is very good. however, in the s805 version there is no core for ps2, is this a limitation of s805 or will it still be implemented?

  • Isa Cousins
    Isa Cousins 2 days ago

    what if i want it to write to the nand how would i do it i dont want it on my sd card as i want to use my sd

  • Gaetano L.
    Gaetano L. 3 days ago

    Useless for me. My tvbox does not have the reset button inside

      MXQ PROJECT 2 days ago

      This is so it can be done without reset button

  • João Valois
    João Valois 3 days ago

    Have you considered developing an Android system for Tv Box? A desktop experience for TV Box?

  • Rowan
    Rowan 3 days ago

    the dab database is down. do you have a copy of s905x dub? thanks

  • Xavi İniesta
    Xavi İniesta 3 days ago

    Can you make a updated video about magicsee n5 ?

      MXQ PROJECT 3 days ago

      Nothing new to report far as I am aware

  • Michael Julius
    Michael Julius 5 days ago

    Download links are down. Can you please re-upload? I'm looking for s905x firmware.

  • Jessica Sommy
    Jessica Sommy 5 days ago

    just google Stodoys :))

      MXQ PROJECT 5 days ago

      these builds are my designs, nothing to do with whoever stodoys is

  • ray peet
    ray peet 5 days ago

    Has anyone tried on yoka kb2 pro ?

  • TheVdub1980
    TheVdub1980 6 days ago

    no command reboot found

  • ESD Serviços
    ESD Serviços 6 days ago

    bom dia! gostaria de saber se alguém, poderia informar onde encontro um manuel em português Night Vision system (led infrared)

    GAMER DEL TUBO 7 days ago

    help please, I would like to flash it but I can't because when I try to recover the TV box it is done automatically and is not recognized by the program, I am going crazy help me as soon as possible

    GOOGLE ACCOUNT 10 days ago

    This format doodle is not helping to make the point. Good info not a fan of presenting format

  • 6godp Lewis
    6godp Lewis 10 days ago

    How to update the projector manually

      MXQ PROJECT 8 days ago

      we have a video on how to do this, but don't think theirs any updates.

  • StyledTortoise
    StyledTortoise 10 days ago

    like my box wont go in to the android recovery any more

      MXQ PROJECT 8 days ago

      its the risk you take when installing. Need to recover

  • StyledTortoise
    StyledTortoise 10 days ago

    ur lolipop iso bricked my box

  • hanspoulsen
    hanspoulsen 11 days ago

    Is it possible to flash the tv box with Armbian? Would that give a speed increase compare to flast card which usual is slower when booting a PC fx.

    • hanspoulsen
      hanspoulsen 11 days ago

      Ok - thanks for the fast answer

      MXQ PROJECT 11 days ago

      Probably won't see much or any speed increase unless your using SD cards that are below class 10

  • david Lubo
    david Lubo 12 days ago

    Hello, I have tried the firmware and it seems excellent, but I had a problem with the Wi-Fi on my TV box H96 mini with amlogic s905w, is there any solution?

  • Gagan Ray
    Gagan Ray 12 days ago

    Please make a video on h6 boards linux complete install

  • Shkumbin Ibraimi
    Shkumbin Ibraimi 12 days ago

    Hi there and I really hope that you can help me with this box! I have bricked with une update and my screen on TV shows nothing at all, is dead. Can you please advise me where to short pins in this box and save my favorite box?

  • Hermano Aley
    Hermano Aley 14 days ago

    Eu tenho o mesmo adesivo da caixa h96, qual seria a ROM Android TV para colocar nele? Grato pela atenção !!

  • Hermano Aley
    Hermano Aley 14 days ago

    I have the same box h96 sticker what would be the rom Android TV to put in it? Grateful for the attention !!

    • Hermano Aley
      Hermano Aley 7 days ago

      @MXQ PROJECT my box is : CPU: S912 Amlogic Octa core-64-bit Sistema Operacional: Android Saída de Vídeo: HDMI 2.0 Bluetooth: Não Memória: 2G DDR3 Armazenamento Interno: 16 GB eMMC Sem fio: Sim Ethernet: 100 M Modelo Número: H96 PRO MINI PC Controle Remoto: Não IncluídoPeso: 0.3kg Atualização OTA: Sim Atualização do sistema: Sim GOOGLE Elenco: Não IPTV: Não Energia: DC 5 V, 2AMax. Capacidade Estendida: TF Cartão Até 32 GB Marca: H96 GPU: ARM Mali-T820MP3 GPU up to 750MHz (DVFS) Model Number: H96 PRO Mini PC Remote Control: No OS: Android 7.1 SDRAM: 2GB DDR3 FLASH: 8GB/16GB EMMC Flash(optional) WIFI: 2.4GH Internet: Ethernet 10/100M

      MXQ PROJECT 8 days ago

      need more info about your box?

  • jadonv
    jadonv 14 days ago

    Hey I saw you getting the same issue on another forum around "error to prepare_sysroot: mount_common: Could not mount /flash/SYSTEM" but I have no idea how to get to the file: CONFIG_CMDLINE you changed or how to compile the img.. any help would be appreciated. At this point i cannot get anything to work, let alone this openelec version.

    • jadonv
      jadonv 14 days ago

      Even better if you could compile us a version with your "noram" fix. I have no access to a Linux OS..

    • jadonv
      jadonv 14 days ago

      ok found location in the source code! but need some direction on rebuilding for the MXQ s805

  • J Wilson
    J Wilson 14 days ago

    Thank a treat

  • My Home
    My Home 15 days ago

    Hi, I installed this update and its always repeat the welcome and select language, after connecting to wifi comes back to this screen. and I cannot goto recovery mode hardware rest is now also not working. all i see is welcome screen select languange choose wifi and come back to same step. there is only always red light on the tvbox. Amlogic S805, Sumavision BOX. looking for help. thanks.

      MXQ PROJECT 14 days ago

      Yeah, known issue. Need to reinstall and instead of selecting 'always' select 'just once' at the start of setup

  • Mariam gh
    Mariam gh 15 days ago

    I did what you said and now all iam getting is a black screen , the blue button is on but all i got is a black screen !!! WHAT TO DO ?

    • Mariam gh
      Mariam gh 14 days ago

      @MXQ PROJECT how to do that ? since i can't acess that page where i do the installation from sd card , i tried to reset but nothing happened still get a black screen

      MXQ PROJECT 14 days ago

      Not much you can do other than recover to a previous firmware

  • Miraç
    Miraç 15 days ago

    I can‘t download ☹️

  • Luiz Eduardo
    Luiz Eduardo 17 days ago

    i want zip file for flash on twrp .. please

  • CV. Tatamas Pacific
    CV. Tatamas Pacific 17 days ago

    Should I uncheck erease bootloader first ?

  • Phlexx K
    Phlexx K 17 days ago

    hi there how to get the 3D to work on Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short throw it doesn't show the display option it only show tv options image sound and HDMI when i press the middle button. when i bought it the english setting was already installed cuz it was in english , can someone plz show me how to get display option.

    • Party Time
      Party Time 4 days ago

      Phlexx K @ what version have u got, Chinese or international?it’s the bottom right one it looks like 3 lines of dots ... ... ...

    • Phlexx K
      Phlexx K 4 days ago

      @Party Time what is the dot dot button

    • Party Time
      Party Time 4 days ago

      Hold the dot dot dot button down for 3 seconds brings sub menu with 3d

      MXQ PROJECT 8 days ago

      I honestly cannot remember. But you do need DLP 3D glasses and from memory, they auto-connect when playing a 3D file

  • Calaf_72
    Calaf_72 18 days ago

    Do you have a video how to install to WetekPlay 2?

  • rody rayan
    rody rayan 18 days ago

    Split screen preinstalled????????? It's support Miracast and Google cast??????

  • Diêgo Santana
    Diêgo Santana 20 days ago

    Where is the s905w files? I didnt found it.

  • Walter Santos
    Walter Santos 20 days ago

    Mi ne povas instali Debian en mia rokŝipo r329q v3.1. Ĉu iu havas lernilon? I can not install Debian on my rockchip r329q v3.1. Does anyone have a tutorial?

  • Redmi Note
    Redmi Note 21 day ago

    On my TV box (Cx-x3), this firmware works except for wifi and bluetooth. There is a wifi Ampak 6212 chip. Please help me, how to add support for Ampak 6212 ?

      MXQ PROJECT 20 days ago

      Your in same boat as pretty much everyone.

  • Joseph Lo
    Joseph Lo 22 days ago

    I have a M8S II. Which DTB file should I use? I have tried a bunch of the DTB files in the DTB folder. I cant boot at all from any of them.

      MXQ PROJECT 8 days ago

      Maybe need to try another DTB

    • Joseph Lo
      Joseph Lo 21 day ago

      @MXQ PROJECT Thanks. I now use gxl_p212_2g.dtb and it now boot but hang at the audio: set audio param line and does not proceed further. Any ideas?

      MXQ PROJECT 22 days ago

      M8S Pro Mini II ? That has a S905X so you need use dtb with P212 name in file.

  • Pabsac
    Pabsac 23 days ago

    Hi, is the T8E better than the Wowoto H9/H8? It is seen with lights on, since I would need it to give classes and I cannot completely obscure the classroom because students must take note, notes? Regards.

      MXQ PROJECT 22 days ago

      I have already answered your question regarding wowoto projectors

  • Pabsac
    Pabsac 23 days ago

    Hi, is the T8E better than the Wowoto H9? It is seen with lights on, since I would need it to give classes and I cannot completely obscure the classroom because students must take note, notes? Regards.

  • Pabsac
    Pabsac 23 days ago

    Hi, is the T8E better than the Wowoto H9? Regards.

  • p33
    p33 23 days ago

    What about Unity? Is it possible to install? Thx

      MXQ PROJECT 22 days ago

      Unity the game engine? I highly doubt it would run

  • Rappanda
    Rappanda 24 days ago

    Link do not working

  • egje39 jong
    egje39 jong 25 days ago

    can i install ProtonVPN in LibreELEC ? thanks

      MXQ PROJECT 22 days ago

      Yeah you'll need to configure through openvpn

  • Juliano Mello
    Juliano Mello 25 days ago

    I'm following the procedure with the ROM I have but the failure. What can it be?

    PAULINO TECH 26 days ago

    Este programa es mejor que ese que usas win32.

    PAULINO TECH 26 days ago

    Hay un programa mejor que win32

  • Pabsac
    Pabsac 26 days ago

    Hello, I wanted to know if you know the Luxcine Z4000 and Olympia XX9900 projectors very similar to the Wowoto, but with Android 5.1: _JM I was looking for a portable projector to teach and I wanted to know if the Wowoto or any of the ones that I mentioned to you - if you have knowledge - work with a little sunlight or artificial light, since I can't totally obscure the classroom because the Students must take note. Best regards from Argentina.

  • Pabsac
    Pabsac 26 days ago

    Hello, I wanted to know if you know the Luxcine Z4000 and Olympia XX9900 projectors -very similar to the Wowoto, but with Android 5.1-. I was looking for a portable projector to teach and I wanted to know if the Wowoto or any of the ones that I mentioned to you - if you have knowledge - work with a little sunlight or artificial light, since I can't totally obscure the classroom because the Students must take note. Best regards from Argentina.

      MXQ PROJECT 25 days ago

      Yeah since the release of this projector their being a number of copies made. Unsure who the original designer is, although Wowoto claims they are but iv seen this exact model produced by a well known western company called Optima. Anyway, this is a good little projector, it will be alright as long as the projection surface does not have any direct sunlight and should handle some light in the room to allow your students to make notes, etc. Xgimi produces some excellent and very bright projectors for around the same money as a this Wowoto, but it really comes down to your budget.

  • rogue angel
    rogue angel 26 days ago

    I try it but it's stuck on black screen

  • Shawn Regan
    Shawn Regan 26 days ago

    Link to the downloads page:

  • Laurent Emery
    Laurent Emery 26 days ago

    it s compatible with gt1 mini ?

  • Sreenivas Docca
    Sreenivas Docca 27 days ago

    Will it suoort 3D

  • Henrique Schwelm
    Henrique Schwelm 27 days ago

    Good afternoon my friend, how are you? I have a BOX MX9 with an Allwinner H3 CPU board, 1GB RAM and 8GB eMMC. I did tests with Retrorangepi version Sunvell R69, it starts normally by MicroSD card, but I would like to know how do I pass the Retrorangepi system to the internal memory eMMC? When starting the Retrorange system I noticed that the internal eMMC (NAND) device is not recognized by Linux Armbian 5.59 when using the df -h command. Thanks

      MXQ PROJECT 25 days ago

      Don't think Nand install is enabled, purely limited to dual boot as so to not potentially brick lots of devices.

  • helder lima
    helder lima 28 days ago

    hi there they blocked ATV Experience can you get me s905w tools so i can flash x96mini?

  • salvatore cognetta
    salvatore cognetta 28 days ago

    how do u active the voice control

  • Pedro Coelho
    Pedro Coelho 29 days ago

    Not certified anymore lol... beelink scamming users

      MXQ PROJECT 22 days ago

      yeah didn't think it would last long

  • Adel Tabsh
    Adel Tabsh 29 days ago

    I followed the instructions and was able to completely upgrade my MXQ box. Then I noticed that the MAC address changes randomly. Any clues of what's making this happen?

      MXQ PROJECT 22 days ago

      not a clue am afraid, this rom is only experimental at best.

  • Giwin Zachariah Mathew

    I have mecool M8 Pro l lb version pictame with Android seven the normal version of Android I want to install the the Android TV operating system which comes with the same model that has the voice remote I have the infrared remote version running the normal Android but this box does not have a reset button inside the AV port so is it possible to install the image which I have of the Android Operating System onto this box by shorting the pin and using the amlogic card maker method please reply the firmware is almost the same I believe in the sense that it is belonging to the same model and the same hardware configuration please reply

  • Bradley King
    Bradley King Month ago

    Question for you brother. Thanks for making the video. I can't for the life of me get my windows 10 PC to recognize the fact that the bee link is plugged in. Any insight? Using a USB-A to USB-A cable.

      MXQ PROJECT 22 days ago

      You could try using burn card maker

    • Bradley King
      Bradley King Month ago

      Thank you for responding! One more quick question. It seems like a USB A to USB A plug is required for this? That's known to possibly damage electronics. Any work around for that? I still can't get the damn program to recognize that the Bee-Link is plugged into my computer.

      MXQ PROJECT Month ago

      Yeah windows 10 hates burn tool, well in my experience anyway. Need to find a windows 7 machine.

    PAULINO TECH Month ago

    Buen video hermano sigue así me está gustando tu video aunque no entiendo ni un chingo de lo que dice

    PAULINO TECH Month ago

    No se puede en la tV Vox mxq s885 V3??

  • MasJoko
    MasJoko Month ago

    somehow i got t95z plus 2/16GB with s905x chip.. it should be s912 right? am i got scammed?

    • gary2984234
      gary2984234 24 days ago

      Sound more like you got an mxq pro

  • Араб
    Араб Month ago

    If you connect to computer dont use hubs or front USB ports, use back ports (on motherboard) !!!

      MXQ PROJECT 22 days ago

      Need to locate the OTG port located on the front side or back, is different on all tv boxes

  • Jota Pérez
    Jota Pérez Month ago

    I have tried every dtd file on my ENGELDROID EN1007Q plus. It `s suposed to have an amlogic S805 chipset, but I didn´t get it to work. There´s a welcomming engeldroid screen after pressing reset button+power supply + power button, and it freezes.

    PAULINO TECH Month ago

    I get this error when I create the card with linux and try to access the files

    PAULINO TECH Month ago

    I get this error when I create the card with linux and try to access the files

  • Red Dead
    Red Dead Month ago

    What happens if the device gets bricked? Like for example power outage in the middle of the process or wrong firmware or any other unforseen circumstances.

  • Riccardo Simonetti

    I have a Yundoo Y2... which firmware should i flash?

  • Claucio Filho
    Claucio Filho Month ago

    ubuntu gonna run everytime we turn MXq on?

      MXQ PROJECT Month ago

      Yeah, need remove SD to boot android

  • Maciej _
    Maciej _ Month ago

    great idea with dinosuar in window :)

  • Adam Delgado
    Adam Delgado Month ago

    I have it working but when I go into the connection section my wireless doesn't display .. what can I do?

      MXQ PROJECT Month ago

      Not much, you must have some unknown WiFi chipset

  • Giwin Zachariah Mathew

    Is there any possibility that we can upgrade the Android box to Google Android TV operating system because I am having the same model running the normal Android version please help me also will it support voice feature if I buy a replacement bluetooth for this Android box as my remote control only has infrared

  • Giwin Zachariah Mathew

    I have the same Android Box with the same model number and specification but it is not running the Android TV operating system with the Google lean back launcher it is running a different version of Android and also I receive the Android Box with the normal infrared remote control it did not come with the Bluetooth remote control is there any way I can convert the box into the Google TV operating system and buy an extra Bluetooth remote and use it please suggest me I am new to this

  • Edmond Gurguri
    Edmond Gurguri Month ago

    Do you guys also have a ota update so with a zip file for usb without a usb male to male cable?

  • nico di chiano
    nico di chiano Month ago

    Hi how to install it

      MXQ PROJECT Month ago

      Check out about 90% of the video on dual booting systems on this channel, that is how.

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User Month ago

    got this error:disk initial error HELP ME PLS!

    • Oscar Sierra
      Oscar Sierra Month ago

      Este error ocurre muy a menudo aunque lo arregles, es la rom la que viene mal

  • Alexander Steinmitz

    That's amazing! I've ever waited for the time to use the honestly low end, but still way better than most Raspi devices (from hardware perspective), Rk3229 machines to run native Linux for the same proposals than the raspberry pis. These devices are way cheaper, you have onboard flash, a box around, remote and proper native Ethernet (not shared like with raspi). So I hope a lot of projects will start with these decent devices! - I mean I haven't tried you're image yet, but I'm sure hw acceleration for videos will suck under Linux, but if you don't need a multimedia machine I think it's a really good choice also from power consumption perspective! I messured mine with 3W operating power consumption under android with HD decoding under Kodi.

      MXQ PROJECT Month ago

      Yeah iv covered Linux on TV boxes many times over the years, mainly Amlogic boxes.

    • Alexander Steinmitz
      Alexander Steinmitz Month ago

      I would love if you show also a bit of the performance in a video. You haven't touched the Linux desktop during the whole video ;)

  • Gary Linnane
    Gary Linnane Month ago

    Do you fix boxes by any chance.

    TECH wORLD Month ago

    Hi any firmware for all winner H5 box IAM using Android 5.1.1

  • Red Smith
    Red Smith Month ago

    Can´t we worst than raspberry pi 3 , will be nice to run some benchmark .

  • Ryan Tucker
    Ryan Tucker Month ago

    I remember when I had these box’s I use to dig everywhere hoping to find a new or modified firmware cause they were just so horrible but worked a little bit. Probably were best for emulation on games.

  • Pabsac
    Pabsac Month ago

    Hello, I wanted to know if they have MHL connection and how it looks with ambient light since I am a teacher and in some schools in Argentina I have no way of obscuring the classroom. Greetings.

  • Mark Heyward
    Mark Heyward Month ago

    Nice product - Cheer's 👍

  • Adedapo Aremu
    Adedapo Aremu Month ago

    Thanks it works for me

  • kos 25k
    kos 25k Month ago

    hello.which dtb file I choose for vorke Z6(same as TANIX TX92)?also is there any addon for Netflix that it can play movies on HD?

  • Abdelghani brinet

    it is compatible with the S905D ???

  • akarsh satya
    akarsh satya Month ago

    When 3d is turned on the movie lose colour (colour shift) do u see same with ur projector?

      MXQ PROJECT Month ago

      It's being a long time since we had this projector so I am unsure of the issue

  • Solomon Atencio
    Solomon Atencio Month ago

    Try to mod android box and add four USB port and cpu fan too to the heat sink

  • Mark Weatherson
    Mark Weatherson Month ago

    Hi I've had the projector for a little over a year. I have the v1 version. I've only just purchased some dlp 3d glasses only to discover that the option for 3d has disappeared?!? Is there any way to get it back? It was definitely there in the past

    • Party Time
      Party Time 4 days ago

      Mark Weatherson it’s still there they just hid it for some reason with the latest update, u have to hold down the button with the dots on it for 3 seconds. Brings up a sub menu with 3d 👌

    GEORGE MIHUTIU Month ago

    If my box has an S905 x2 can I still update with your software? I have an X96max android box. Quad Core ARM Cortex A53. Thank you

  • CipherBytes
    CipherBytes Month ago

    I have one very similar, a OTT TV Box S905. Looks identical to the one in this video. Mine failed to load recovery. However, there was still a way to get it on. I was able to do manual update within settings and select the Lollipop firmware on the SDCard. The first time it loaded, it locked up at the Freaktab screen. I thought I bricked it so I cycled power. Then it made it to the android screen and it took a long time to complete. I had to let it sit for about 10 minutes. After it finally made it to initial setup, I rebooted it and now it loads fine.

    PAULINO TECH Month ago

    Instaló y todo pero se queda en el bombillo rojo, alguna solución para eso?

    RETO TE RETO Month ago

    Gracias por el gran trabajo. tenerlo instalado en un mxq black s805 ver 2.0 - 1g 8g

    RETO TE RETO Month ago

    eres un genio bro! me gusto la explicacion que diste aque solo la vi en ingles es facil d eentender gracias saludo desde RD

  • Clarence Adams
    Clarence Adams Month ago


  • Emiliano Bilbao
    Emiliano Bilbao Month ago

    I need firmware t95z plus with chip wifi AP6255 and 2gb ram and 16gb rom. For use USB_Burning_Tool. Inside say S912_2G + 16G_v1021 Not is Sunvell, i thing is not genuine. Is generic.