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  • Alain Revelo
    Alain Revelo 43 minutes ago

    F16 not F35

  • Khaosateika
    Khaosateika Hour ago


  • William Smith
    William Smith Hour ago

    Sink a carrier and lose your navy

  • Bradley Anderson
    Bradley Anderson 2 hours ago

    Well that might be important except that the development contract for the AIM 260 went to Lockheed.

    • Bradley Anderson
      Bradley Anderson 2 hours ago

      Still Raytheon's missile might be a better choice for the F 22 and F 35.

  • Will Andersen
    Will Andersen 3 hours ago

    Got your hypersonic missile right here: 🍆

  • Angel Castillo parra


  • Zeek M
    Zeek M 4 hours ago

    So essentially this video does not show any laser weapons.

  • Theresa Lawson
    Theresa Lawson 5 hours ago

    I believe that Almighty God has these fellas in His loving care. They are such an asset to our 2 legged guys & gals.

  • 88mroux
    88mroux 7 hours ago

    China's recent military parade included several new weapons systems and a flyover by the J-20, a stealth jet that many think incorporates stealth technology stolen from the US into a design built to destroy weak links in the US Air Force. Russia has also been testing a stealth jet of its own that integrates thrust-vectoring technology to make it more maneuverable, which no US jet can match. But the US has decades of experience in making and fielding stealth jets, creating a gap that no amount of Russian or Chinese hacking could bridge. "As we see Russia bring on stealth fighters and we see China bring on stealth fighters, we have 40 years of learning how to do this," retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Mark Barrett told Defense News' Valerie Insinna at a Mitchell Institute event on Wednesday.While China's J-20 seeks to intercept unarmed US Air Force refueling planes with very-long-range missiles, and Russia's T-50 looks like a stealthy reboot of its current fleet of fighters, a senior scientist working on stealth aircraft for a US defense contractor told Business Insider that other countries still lagged the US in making planes that could hide from radars. The scientist, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the classified nature of their work, told Business Insider the J-20 and T-50 were "dirty" fighters, since the countries lack the precision tools necessary to painstakingly shape every millimeter of the planes' surfaces. Barrett said of China's and Russia's stealth attempts, "There are a lot of stuff hanging outside of these airplanes," according to Defense News, adding that "all the airplane pictures I've seen still have stuff hanging from the wings, and that just kills your stealth." Additionally, the US has stealth-fighter tactics down, while China and Russia would take years to develop a similar playbook. Meanwhile, the US has overcome the issue of external munitions blowing up a plane's radar signature by having internal weapons bays and networking with fleets of fourth-generation aircraft. Because the F-35 and F-22 can communicate with older, non-stealth planes, they can fly cleanly, without weapons hanging off the wings, while tanked-up F/A-18s, F-15s, or F-16s laden with fuel, bombs, and air-to-air missiles follow along. The F-35s and F-22s can ensure the coast is clear and dominate battles without firing a shot as older planes fire off missiles guided by the fifth-gen fighters.

  • nitroxide91
    nitroxide91 7 hours ago

    She's a predator

  • Ty Lee
    Ty Lee 7 hours ago

    Why trade stealth away when you can just make the weapons your caring stealthy. I don't want to hear the cost is to high when the u.s has spunt trillions on the millitary over the years.

  • Jesus Silvadasilva
    Jesus Silvadasilva 8 hours ago

    Really? What's next? Now carrying missiles as any other aircraft is a big accomplishment? even if is heavier and as agile as a flying pregnant cow? ...... And this great "figter" only cost taxpayers a trillion dollars? Wonderfull!

  • Dave Burks
    Dave Burks 11 hours ago

    Extremely poor editing, transitions far too long, not a professional job. Electronic narration always will get a thumbs down rating from me. I truly question much of this as to accuracy. Just so much click bait to try to make someone a few pennies.

  • Mr Mike
    Mr Mike 12 hours ago

    I wonder if it’s compatible with Ryzen 3000 series.......

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 12 hours ago

    Beast mode? This is what every other jet can do.

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 10 hours ago

      troll oracle f35 does not carry 20 missiles

    • troll oracle
      troll oracle 10 hours ago

      Can other jets carry 20 missiles?

  • E.P. Manne
    E.P. Manne 13 hours ago

    *Looks at crew chief names on jet. Looks at weapons troops* Some of this video footage is at least 2-3 years old.

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee 15 hours ago

    I’ve herd that the military is also using the F-117A in tandem with the A-10 just to do high level bomb drops & then the A-10 can come in afterwards to do clean ups with its new upgrades then the F-117A will drop out of the sky to do low level sweeps just as a precaution . Bad assed if you get into this kind of thing .

  • cherdster
    cherdster 20 hours ago

    the question is....How did we react when we heard your voice?

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 20 hours ago

    We need enough space base power to destroy all russian and chinese sattlites and all missle there able to launch at the same time.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 20 hours ago

    Sounds like a good plan.! We need fire power in space ASAP! Enough to destroy every missle that enters space and the atmosphere... We need a weapon to strike russia from space no need for ground base rockets we need space base rockets!

  • Shan Bowen
    Shan Bowen 22 hours ago

    You just can't fuck with U.S armed forces Period.

  • Carba
    Carba 22 hours ago

    Did u ever wonder why CHINA never fired a single shot>>?????

  • Carba
    Carba 22 hours ago

    Just do it

  • Carba
    Carba 22 hours ago

    Come on China....destroy just 1 USA ship inside China sea close to Paracel isl

  • MrGriff305
    MrGriff305 23 hours ago

    brrrrrrrrrrrrrrt boom

  • Dominick Sforza

    The low frequency radar have alot of noise on the scope but they were able to see the f117. I'm more worried about the f22 as the su35 can do crazier acrobatics and the f22 is vulnerable. Area 51 better have some new stuff as at $100million+ per plane we aren't getting what we paid for.

  • eduardo botoloti

    Vídeo bosta

  • Nick Costa
    Nick Costa Day ago

    If 35 is an overrated piece of crap end of story

    • E.P. Manne
      E.P. Manne 13 hours ago

      @Nathan Peterson If he works on the airframe he's saying so because the program is new, and/or the internal storage is very limited (for stealth). If he doesn't work on it, he's just being ignorant. I've worked on these and I now treat each airframe like a new computer operating system. People are adverse to change and new things always have a few bugs.

    • Nathan Peterson
      Nathan Peterson 21 hour ago

      How so?

  • Filming life to Remember it.

    Yet, you're able to make a RUclip video of it so 98,000 gullible viewers watch it. Gota call Bullshit on this.

  • assassin
    assassin Day ago

    Russia must payid a Ukraine and Chechenię!

  • crazyt1ger08
    crazyt1ger08 Day ago

    US warship finishes its tour and leaves the South China Sea and that's when the little yellow navy waves a furious fist and boasts that they told em' to "piss off and don't come back go!", then goes off and rams and sink some more fishing boats leaving their crews to drown out of spite. The USN should've ordered the ship to turn back around and ask, "I'm sorry, you were saying what?"............Little yellow navy runs back and hides behind their Made in China islands poking their tongue out and squeezing their little yellow dick in a two finger tweezer hold in defiance........YOU GO!!!!!!

  • George Hunter
    George Hunter Day ago

    F15X, F22 B1, B2, and B21 Raider. Endless possibilities.

  • Jaak Anari
    Jaak Anari Day ago

    TÕ KRETIN, PONYAL``? maloletka, go to somwhere and try do something what is good for you, Fking a s e tuber

    • Jaak Anari
      Jaak Anari 4 hours ago

      @Phoenix One sa haisev sittur, sul pole ettekujutust sellest kui sa tapad kedagi, nii et peksa pihku , ma pole sulle mingi kid , jobukakk

    • Phoenix One
      Phoenix One Day ago

      No need to cry kid.

  • Joel Engebretson

    I would want this such as bad fire control box workaround or fix instead of downtime. It may not look pretty but it may be a good alternative.

  • wouter kellerman

    The Flop35, the most expensive political money making scheme by the mic

    • Jesus Silvadasilva
      Jesus Silvadasilva 8 hours ago

      Wonderfu..... it can carry missiles as any other aircraft.....and in "beast mode" is slower and heavier and is not stealth anymore......but it flies! Slow but great accomplishment

    • Jared P
      Jared P Day ago

      How’s it a flop? It’s done everything it was built to do and more. It’s exceeded expectation.

    • Michael Arcune
      Michael Arcune Day ago

      Dont worry. Laser cannons and super lightnings are soon to follow.

  • Santa Klaus
    Santa Klaus Day ago

    Hello from Kazakhstan the end of Russia

    • Esala Lomani
      Esala Lomani 12 hours ago

      Yep The Russians always in other countries waters

    • RKKH Hansen
      RKKH Hansen Day ago

      Santa Klaus L O O O O O O S E R 6 6 6

  • Fozz Gate
    Fozz Gate Day ago

    Is this some kind of joke? Give me some of whatever you'll are smoking, i want to think that i can rule the planet just by a snap of my fingers.

  • Pate Livid
    Pate Livid Day ago

    air to air missile?

  • Sharron Clark
    Sharron Clark Day ago

    I don't think people under stand what this plane is capable of! I saw a video of this plane. An A-10 worthog! Nose down tree top level circling the tree firing at a tank that was hiding under said tree. Distroyed that Tank! I was living outside of barksdale air Force Base years ago, I was in my car late in the evening sipping beer in the woods on this pipe line, secluded area . One of these planes came down that pipeline shinning it's light down on the ground it was flying so slow I thought it was a UFO! Surely a plane couldn't fly that slow and stay in the air. Scared the crap out of me until it eventually flew over and isaw what it really was. I started gaining respect for that plane at that time some thirty years ago,it's only grown ever sense!

  • Sharron Clark
    Sharron Clark Day ago

    Fantastic! I am not a pilot, I always want to be but never got there. But man I love this plane! I think it is a Beautiful plane awesome! Manly!

  • Riyadh EpaL
    Riyadh EpaL Day ago

    wow, that's a good news......

  • Skilllie
    Skilllie Day ago


  • terry waller
    terry waller Day ago

    The old F4 got a optical targeting system in the mid 70's. It could track a target using a long range camera and not turn the radar on until well within missile launch range. Fun to play with on the ground while doing maintenance. Best part birds with it got a new digital computer and much better radar displays.

  • 394pjo
    394pjo Day ago

    After the abortion of our failure to defend Saudi Arabia against some stone age cavemen in Yemen its pretty obvious we are going to need some new missiles and new radar systems that _actually_ work.

  • The Outlier
    The Outlier Day ago

    Robot voice causes mild irritation in my ear canals.

  • Foxtrop13
    Foxtrop13 Day ago

    f22 used to protect daesh cool

  • Kurt Hamblet
    Kurt Hamblet Day ago

    Who are they going to sell it to since the US scrapped it?

  • DukeOfChirk
    DukeOfChirk Day ago

    Why is this an advantage over having those joint hulls as separate aircraft carriers in themselves? Also, the reason I think American carriers don’t have large offensive/defensive artillery is that they’re designed to project power (their air wing) from a distance. If the enemy get close enough that firing cannon at them is an option, then things have gone catastrophically wrong - never going to happen. Carriers are too valuable to risk in a close ship to ship engagement. If this were to become a newly viable naval doctrine (it might, with new technology railguns, having much greater range), then America would start building or recommissioning battleships.

  • Jeff Anderson
    Jeff Anderson Day ago


  • ingl wud
    ingl wud Day ago

    We need hundreds more of these!

  • BLU Ulima
    BLU Ulima Day ago

    Hacking a satellite it take too long only two options I can think of maybe three, first option is jamming the signal, lazer, and short the circuit board by shut down the power

  • Gabriel Morla
    Gabriel Morla Day ago

    the u.s. navy The U.S. Navy *THE U.S. NAVY*

  • Shan Bowen
    Shan Bowen 2 days ago

    So proud of our military. Most powerful armed forces on the planet.

  • GOMEZ gomez
    GOMEZ gomez 2 days ago

    Let me get this straight so the F 22 can’t scare the SU 35 because you can’t show his missiles?! I would think it would get more scared by the side of the F 22 without him detecting it with his radar. And as for better handling airplane at the F 22 doesn’t need it but at the same time it’s more maneuverable that’s not a question. Wow I do believe you’re Russian

  • Proj.WSantos Santos

    What is the name of the soundtrack?

  • Proj.WSantos Santos

    What is the name of the soundtrack?

  • Proj.WSantos Santos

    Qual o nome da trilha sonora?

  • dennis donovan
    dennis donovan 2 days ago

    Here comes the Russian and Chinese trolls

  • fan gong
    fan gong 2 days ago

    Are you sure it looks like a toy plane,why don't you fucking idiots people started ww3

  • Devon Kellum
    Devon Kellum 2 days ago

    It would take a lot to get any where near a carrier. They're never alone.

  • WasWilstDu????? LI
    WasWilstDu????? LI 2 days ago

    Der Deutsch Tank ALLES GUT !!! (AUF DEUTSCHLAND)

  • Coda Avery
    Coda Avery 2 days ago

    Army Aircraft Carriers are more Heavily Armed

  • Luo Pilot
    Luo Pilot 2 days ago

    Tw no.1

  • Extremely Salty Player

    Anti ship, anti air, anti missile, torpedoes, air to air, cruise missles

  • Ed Coke
    Ed Coke 2 days ago

    almost 30 years behind..!! the B2's fist flight was in 1989!!

  • Patrick Ozment
    Patrick Ozment 2 days ago

    Why is there no date on this video? This is useless!

  • Thomas Morningstar
    Thomas Morningstar 2 days ago

    THUDS??? Really???

  • American Motorsports Gaming

    They need to reopen the assembly line and build a few more of these and develop the A-10B N/AW into a production weapons platform.

  • Derrick Holzhey
    Derrick Holzhey 2 days ago

    Are enemies miss butt boy obama that try to destroy my country of greatest above all

    • bowblizz
      bowblizz Day ago

      Derrick Holzhey what a moron.

  • Derrick Holzhey
    Derrick Holzhey 2 days ago


  • what the hell
    what the hell 2 days ago

    still upgrading despite plans on retiring it?

    • seth Thomas
      seth Thomas 2 days ago

      The Army won't allow the Airforce to retire the A-10 until a suitable replacement can be made. That replacement being a dedicated CAS aircraft.

  • Scott Jackson
    Scott Jackson 2 days ago

    There needs to be a new and significantly improved version of the A-10. That having been noted, do we really need an ALL NEW, design? Improved systems, tougher airframe, greater thrust, mission lethality/survivability. A new airframe with stealth capabilities, the F-35 already exists. So an all new production version of the A-10 is more than warranted.

    • seth Thomas
      seth Thomas 2 days ago

      Agreed specifications are as follows. One has to have a 20k payload capacity, two a range of at least 1000 miles.Three still maintain that massive 30mm cannon. Fourth can be deployed from an Aircraft carrier.

  • Charles Greer
    Charles Greer 2 days ago

    As a marine with a career navy brother best I can say about another country attacking a carrier would be dumb. Like president Ronald Reagan said " if you counted on America to be passive you counted wrong"

  • Lester Garcia
    Lester Garcia 2 days ago

    nuc of russia going to china and china nuc going to russia thats great god bless america

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown 2 days ago

    This video was put out by china....

  • Mark Daran
    Mark Daran 2 days ago

    What’s the name of the soundtrack?

  • peace brother
    peace brother 2 days ago

    He he he he , so funny . All countries will navigate thru international Waters. No country owns it . Chinas PR people needs to stop smoking crack .

  • Jaime G
    Jaime G 2 days ago

    thats becouse china has somting to hide

  • Matt The Donkey
    Matt The Donkey 3 days ago

    They dont even mention that carriers typically are meshed into a battle group, so many layers before the ill advised attacker even got close

  • jeffery davis
    jeffery davis 3 days ago

    pla rip or in hell.

  • Frank Crawford
    Frank Crawford 3 days ago

    No way it did. We are always in international waters.

  • Prince Ironborn
    Prince Ironborn 3 days ago

    Lockheed Martin on behalf of all the blessed U.S. citizens , Thank You all.

  • humungous09
    humungous09 3 days ago

    No one... Can't beat! I'm not going.... Nowhere! WOW! These guys are amazing.

  • Frederick Henderson

    I'll take the one with two engines anytime over the one engine

  • Jo Ll
    Jo Ll 3 days ago

    Exactly how much did they steal from the electronic files of the USA?

  • Star Scream
    Star Scream 3 days ago

    If the Chinese are looking for trouble, they have come to the right place

  • blastman8888
    blastman8888 3 days ago

    I wonder how much money this channel pulls in with these automatic video production. You guys know this video is just sucked off some other video and over dubbed with text to speech reading from some news source. This video was made by a computer program.

  • Danny Donuts
    Danny Donuts 3 days ago

    Su 57 stealth fail and no sale.

  • Barry Johnson
    Barry Johnson 3 days ago

    The US at one time has catamaran hull ships but gave them up due to hull failure. The sea waves were too rough and hulls began cracking along the joining deck plates.

  • xoxoxo
    xoxoxo 3 days ago

    I believe, an underground group/army has obtained many high direct energy laser drones and have used them to start the amazon fires, the recent US coastal boat/ship fires,the arctic circle fires, the Saudi Aramco fires They want to take over the world and be the only ones ruling it! So, they hope to destroy our complete energy infrastructure. They may even have put in ground targets in every US state as the union workers helped them obtain the drones and do the road work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leutchik
    Leutchik 3 days ago

    You think maybe the Saudis would like to provide some HURRY UP money for this project? Just askin'.

  • Wanna toe job Papi
    Wanna toe job Papi 3 days ago

    The US bought 80 f-15X

  • Wanna toe job Papi
    Wanna toe job Papi 3 days ago

    The us made the f35 so it wouldn’t be beating the f15 because they wouldn’t be fighting

  • Nail Birth
    Nail Birth 3 days ago

    When they say this word Highly advance air defense system (THAAD) Russia: ehemmmm.

  • Rebecca Brewer
    Rebecca Brewer 3 days ago

    I love how these dogs are complete babies, as well as vicious attack dogs

  • Brandon Jimenez
    Brandon Jimenez 3 days ago

    Maybe 4 to 5 percent 10 percents seems like a lot

    • Dominic Jimenez
      Dominic Jimenez Day ago

      I think they mean because we have 10 aircraft carriers currently active so sinking one takes away a tenth, or ten percent

  • Fleet of warships
    Fleet of warships 3 days ago

    This sure does lead to an arguments in the comment section.

  • Brody MacDonald
    Brody MacDonald 3 days ago

    0:33 nice

  • Efren Plaza
    Efren Plaza 4 days ago

    Poor Russia no nation trust them, just like China. Here are the countries that like them, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and a few maybe. Can you guess what these countries in common?

  • Mustafa Bozkurt
    Mustafa Bozkurt 4 days ago

    Su-57 in,F-35 out ! From 🇹🇷