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The Real Daytime
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How Do We Do It?
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How to Fall Asleep!
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Doing WHAT Naked?!
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  • Aaliye S
    Aaliye S 3 minutes ago

    I’ve never slept with a stuffed animal. 🤷🏾‍♀️ However I did think about buying one. 😂😂

  • Salamasina Blu.Her.53
    Salamasina Blu.Her.53 4 minutes ago

    That's a lot of contouring on her face.

  • note2owns
    note2owns 4 minutes ago

    I eat whatever taste good. I have known white people that will not eat a certain food because it's associated with the black race. How foolish is that?! If a food taste good, I eat it. I don't care what race it's more prodominantly related to. As far as sweet potatoes, I love them and in a pie....even better!!

  • pink
    pink 7 minutes ago

    They dont look alike but God do they sound the same

  • Asia Nagi
    Asia Nagi 8 minutes ago

    Wow I just cried. Because she just saved so much heartache and lives and etc.

    💁🏽KYESHA KNOWS 8 minutes ago

    I can see about replacing the water with mouthwash. For example, wetting the toothbrush with mouthwash & then rinsing the toothpaste out with mouthwash. But just straight dry action ewwww😂😂

    YUKON DX 9 minutes ago

    Kamela Harris.... Dirty Girl who sucked her way into politics !!! San Francisco mayor (Slick Willie Brown)

  • Victoria Justicefan11
    Victoria Justicefan11 10 minutes ago

    0:09 “it’s time for woman of colour, to stop putting each other down” I loved that ❤️👏🏽

  • candance greene
    candance greene 10 minutes ago

    Tam look very uncomfortable

  • I need 1000 subs
    I need 1000 subs 12 minutes ago

    She’s leaned on a wall. 👍 She addresses it in a late show episode. Not sure which late show though.

  • T&M Eternal Perspective
    T&M Eternal Perspective 12 minutes ago

    This segment is just hilarious And Then Adrienne's Sneeze at the end just did it🤣 Ladies of the real yall stay keepin it reaaaal 💯✊😂

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else 13 minutes ago

    Women should not be slut shamed . We are all human and trying to live our lives how we see fit and people really need to shut they mouth .

  • angel's live blog
    angel's live blog 13 minutes ago

    lol, worked as a waitress forever in australia and we never get tips. such a weird concept ://

  • Asia Nagi
    Asia Nagi 14 minutes ago

    And he will be safer in jail I would also do that cause I can save him and everyone.

  • Marion M.
    Marion M. 14 minutes ago

    I am glad Big Loni stopped disrespecting the other co hosts and acting life it is HER show

  • Asia Nagi
    Asia Nagi 14 minutes ago

    God bless her cause that was gonna be not only her loosing a son but a lot more loosing there kids. Omg I hope peace and love for her.

  • Swt P
    Swt P 15 minutes ago

    Jeanie mai I love you evn more now🥰

  • LEGEND Panther 1992 Jennings

    I love Monica. & i love how She mentioned Aaliyah

  • Tiffany M
    Tiffany M 17 minutes ago

    Lol I don’t like how Adrienne makes faces when she disagrees with someone.

  • Anthony Lockley
    Anthony Lockley 19 minutes ago


  • Daniela Marquez
    Daniela Marquez 19 minutes ago

    I’m with Loni

  • MaeKae
    MaeKae 19 minutes ago

    It was a set up, (PREMEDITATED)! She went there to specifically shoot him! The idiot could not get her lies straight!

  • Rose J
    Rose J 20 minutes ago

    Preach Tamera!!! After The Real she can go into the ministry!

  • Jada Seymone
    Jada Seymone 20 minutes ago

    ok but Tamera looks amazing in this episode

  • Kaylee N
    Kaylee N 21 minute ago

    2 weeks easily

  • Nelly& Gabby
    Nelly& Gabby 27 minutes ago

    Loni is so beautiful 😩😍😍😍 I mean they alllll are but Loni was looking bomb this episode

  • Marc Bryant
    Marc Bryant 27 minutes ago

    Women are supposed to be so highly intelligent and this is what they concern themselves with...😂

  • ButtahBunnie Vixen
    ButtahBunnie Vixen 28 minutes ago

    Tamera just been glowing lately you go girl 💕💕💕💕

  • urbanrose51
    urbanrose51 29 minutes ago

    unpopular opinion: chick fila is TRASH. and not just because theyre homophobic, their food is nasty

  • Keyontae
    Keyontae 30 minutes ago


  • Gemini Love
    Gemini Love 31 minute ago

    One thing I can say about the younger generation is that they are being more true to themselves. They dont want to be corporate slaves going to a job they hate based on fear like most people in corporate america.

  • Neelofer Seward
    Neelofer Seward 31 minute ago

    Love you guys. You are beautiful and amazing. Loni love you from Chelsea's show.

  • Neelofer Seward
    Neelofer Seward 33 minutes ago

    I cook and my hubby has the job to clean. I did everything for forty years and now I have been recuperating from knee(both) surgeries in the past six months not doing it anymore.

  • Kennedy Lynch
    Kennedy Lynch 33 minutes ago

    I followed my mom on Facebook.

  • Talia Voider
    Talia Voider 35 minutes ago

    Adrienne is lying with that face expression and being a Scorpio. 😑

  • Eunice Martinez
    Eunice Martinez 35 minutes ago

    I think its a bad move to have her on the show...

  • Juanita Michelle
    Juanita Michelle 37 minutes ago

    I’m black (not American though) and I prefer pumpkin. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • BuRGHsBOi
    BuRGHsBOi 39 minutes ago

    Comments full of cornball self centered losers.. I'm surprised yall even have phones to post on.. yall sure youtube ain't the devil?

  • iLove Krysti
    iLove Krysti 43 minutes ago

    When people say you’ve lost sooooo much weight sometimes it’s like damn was I that big??? I don’t like the exaggerated “compliments”

  • Shasha Vengesayi
    Shasha Vengesayi 45 minutes ago

    A conversation is an exchange, not just a sober person or another drunk person finding out dirt and secrets about a drunk person.

  • MeMe So Free
    MeMe So Free 46 minutes ago

    Thanks to our President you see a lot of racist, hateful behavior! People been showing their true colors! (If the President can say racist things, they think why can't I) But when Trump's reign of racist idiocy is over, I will NEVER look at certain people the same again! I will always be suspicious and have my side eye in full effect! Trump is a horrible rotten person, but he has taught me that people will turn their backs on what is right to preserve their own race! Police are having target practice on innocent people, we have a concentration camp at the border, and we have a traitorous President who has lied, raped, and stole, and hates this country enough to betray it! and people will turn a blind eye to this behavior! He keeps feeding racist rants to these hungry dogs!

  • Iamdejaimari
    Iamdejaimari 48 minutes ago

    I don’t like how they are putting down the younger people in their 20’s who are meillenials. Plus not all older people have wisdom Jeannie!! I’m sick of people putting younger people down like we have less knowledge than the older generation. 🙄🙄

  • Isiah Cline
    Isiah Cline 48 minutes ago

    Very easy decision for real women. You can't have your children out here causing mayhem.

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay 48 minutes ago

    Awe so nice of the real. Ellen would've given her all that and a check for 10,000. Lol

  • Destiny washington
    Destiny washington 49 minutes ago

    Idk why but i want to eat a sandwich more when it's diagonal

  • Salamasina Blu.Her.53
    Salamasina Blu.Her.53 50 minutes ago

    Because drake is a bitch for turning his back on Michael. I'm with Alfonzo on turning down drake 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽💯💯💯

  • iSuavemente
    iSuavemente 50 minutes ago

    I’ve just watched this TWICE and I don’t TRUST Amanda’s (presumptive) “CULTURAL EDUCATION” PERSPECTIVE at all ❗️and I don’t like it, one little bit....‼️ Behavior, in public spaces (on the whole) is tantamount to CLASS and not RACE..... RACIST non-blacks however, reserve their COURTESIES for “their own kind” hence, the perception (and reaction) by us, of DISRESPECT and provoked aggression ❗️ In other words, these types PROVOKE the CONFRONTATION and REACTION, (as seen in the clip) THEY WOULD CLAIM THEY WISH TO AVOID - solely, by “THEIR” very CONDUCT......‼️ The Politics of: Avoiding ANY interaction, in pursuit of “Non-Confrontation”....... That there, “Amanda” is naked and unadulterated RACISM” Amanda’s inference into RACE and COMPLEXION on this is both LOUD and PATRONISING, if not CONDESCENDING - Doing way too much, in that BS’ explanation......🤬

  • Charlene Pleas
    Charlene Pleas 50 minutes ago

    No one is saying hide just remember people will always judge period famous or not

  • Nanshasha
    Nanshasha 51 minute ago

    I dont know what I am doing here. But I would never pay the rent if I am dating the guy. What the hell is going on here? Women are crazy nowadays...kissing my teeth...

  • Julia Gonzalez
    Julia Gonzalez 53 minutes ago

    Adriana don’t even have a New York accent

  • Jay Janzee
    Jay Janzee 53 minutes ago

    My playlist is all over the place. I have from Christian music like MaryMary and Barlowgirl to 50 Cent/the Game and Suga Suga. Then Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Taylor Swift littered here and there. To 80s theme songs like Rick Roll song and the breakfast club song. Ariana Grande, Shania Twain, and lil. Lloyd/lil Wayne. Then I have Kenny G and Yanni. 2 of Tamar Braxton's songs. Simply put, my playlist is bipolar. 😂😂😂

  • Bokky's Closet
    Bokky's Closet 57 minutes ago

    Hahahha woow

  • stripmakah215610
    stripmakah215610 59 minutes ago

    Hollywood is Satan playground. All these women have orgies as rituals. Don't let them fool you.

  • Morsal Hamidi
    Morsal Hamidi Hour ago

    Jeannie looks so good after her divorce

  • jonny davis
    jonny davis Hour ago

    so Jeannie didn't want to be married? why am I not shocked. she wasted 10 yrs of that man's life

  • Chrissy Got The Coils

    Wow the privilege some people get to get ahead......

  • Jay Janzee
    Jay Janzee Hour ago

    I don't get nor like Drake's music neither. I rock with Alfonso and his musical choice

  • Payton Popcorne
    Payton Popcorne Hour ago

    Never make plans because they never work out and your actions speak louder than words so don’t say it just do it my Grandma Alivina Echum told me that and too always stick up for yourself handle your business and first is god then you’re family then your education then your job

  • jtyshi7
    jtyshi7 Hour ago

    Adrien is too old to still be saying “like” between every other word.

  • Ty Kin
    Ty Kin Hour ago

    I love that song. She so modern and it's nice

  • jonny davis
    jonny davis Hour ago

    she is not strong. all she does is diss Freddie.

  • J Taylor
    J Taylor Hour ago

    I'm shocked that half the ladies took the stance they did. I dont have an issue with paying the mortgage...but all the bills? Nope. At that point you're an expense and a potential liability from a financial standpoint. Only one person gets to live off me for free and he's 6 years old. End of story

  • 1234 5678
    1234 5678 Hour ago

    On my way to CVS 😍😍😍 her hair is beautiful 😍😍I need her hair products

  • ali cam
    ali cam Hour ago

    I hate when people put up offensive posts and then apologize later most of the time they aren't even sorry and that gets me really angry.

  • Sparks Armstrong

    I went to see that video 22 Summers; I have no comment.

  • Jin shil Binene
    Jin shil Binene Hour ago

    The only person who is capable of seeing me naked is me, myself and I. With that being said, this event is definitively a NO for me.

  • iSuavemente
    iSuavemente Hour ago

    There’s no “IF” - Clearly, there MUST have been provocation and the Mother had “every freakin’ right” to REACT... Simple case of CAUSE & EFFECT ‼️ No ‘splain-in nothing....... Who raised THAT girl on the panel ⁉️

  • Chrissy Got The Coils

    The video 🤣

  • Rita Brown
    Rita Brown Hour ago

    Louis you are beautiful black women and glad find u truly man that reeling love u ok keep up good work ok

  • Cutie W
    Cutie W Hour ago

    💛 The Real BUT....I can't hold back no more. Jeanie with her freakin' 🤷 hands, all the dam time! Relax girl!! U do not need to be extra whenever u talk. We can all hear u. #ANNOYING

  • adeline melor
    adeline melor Hour ago

    I agree with Jeannie!!! She spoke to my spirit!!!

  • Chaywatchesvideos

    Adrienne made me cry, because while she can always go home, some of us don’t have a family to go home to

  • Dara Sudarshan
    Dara Sudarshan Hour ago

    Girl, get free from the shaved hairstyle and wrinkles. White women and lightskinnned black women age like fruit.

  • Michael Angst
    Michael Angst Hour ago

    tipping has always been a scam for men to pay for their dates meal as well as the waitress 15-20% tip... No thanks... I'm not afraid to eat at an expensive restaurant and not leave any tip. The days of me being used in anyway are over...

  • Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell Hour ago

    Take your tooth brush, put toothpaste on it, then put the water on it.

  • Stephanie Gomez
    Stephanie Gomez Hour ago

    They’re running out of things to talk about 😂

  • IBelieveInMiracles

    I wish Tamar was there like old times, coz I’d love to hear her take. No sugar coating there.

  • Jae Wills
    Jae Wills Hour ago

    Yes, Jeannie. My man is shorter than me but our chemistry is the If I were to focus on that I would have missed out on a chance at happiness.

  • berightwithyou
    berightwithyou Hour ago

    Aren't alot of these hosts single and old af? I'd rather wait and get it right the FIRST time then have 4 baby daddies and 14 ex husbands

  • aande126
    aande126 Hour ago

    Hold up, he complaining as if he was actually pushing out the baby himself lol what a twit

  • JungleYT
    JungleYT Hour ago

    Dr. Carter is a D*ck... Click Bait - I was hoping for something Dirty LOL

  • Inspirational Nomad

    FOMO is: A state of mental or emotional strain caused by the fear of missing out.

  • Chrissy Got The Coils

    Yes I have a friend like that. It's annoying

  • Life as Jo felix felix

    What is PMS

  • Rose J
    Rose J Hour ago

    They could do a show on fatherless daughters and sons and impact of that as a person "grows up"

  • Mason Perry
    Mason Perry Hour ago

    I just tip $10 No more no less no matter the service. But I don't leave it with the receipt I hunt down the person I want to have it. So if the food wasn't great but the waiter was amazing, I put the tip in the waiter's pocket directly. I give my tip to my hair stylist directly. I don't have time to be figuring out what 20% of my total and tax and what not. $10 that's all.

  • Chrissy Got The Coils

    They are all looking at her crazy 😂

  • Jessica Wade
    Jessica Wade Hour ago

    Best Words of Wisdom -"I don't care if you found your soulmate. If you can't get along with his family it isn't worth it" I look forward to spending time with my In-laws and that takes all the stress outta of the Holidays.

  • Shanta Frederick

    Jeannie should do stand up comedy!!

  • Latoya Mason
    Latoya Mason Hour ago

    Loni said Drake Jr. 😂😂😂😂

  • Chrissy Got The Coils

    Wow 65 shows in 3 weeks, those networks don't play 👏🏾

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan Hour ago

    No talent, no personality, no education and she’s worth a fortune - so f’d up. Why do people care about these whores?

  • Jonee
    Jonee Hour ago

    I would send my son to a mental institution not jail he needs help that he probably won't get in jail

  • Scott D
    Scott D Hour ago

    What the cheap acrylic table is going on

  • Evangelina Vargas

    Adriennes husband looks like trash anyway wht she talking about

  • Dee M
    Dee M Hour ago

    I love him for loving US, thank you Wale 💙🌙

  • Pierre Michel
    Pierre Michel Hour ago

    Loni lies ! Dayum, she need to stay off that fried chicken.

  • Conswella Adams
    Conswella Adams Hour ago

    Water ,toothpaste, water

  • brown buter
    brown buter Hour ago

    Jeannie is probably the wisest of all of them

  • Destiny
    Destiny Hour ago

    I love Tamera’s hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍