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  • Nowhite White
    Nowhite White 7 minutes ago

    Did any of u seen that weird dude 4:19

  • Dakota Johnson
    Dakota Johnson 15 minutes ago

    I hate you my boyfriend's

  • Sanika Sultana
    Sanika Sultana 39 minutes ago

    Where are you ARMY's? 👇

  • M.r x wolf
    M.r x wolf 57 minutes ago

    so funny

  • pooja shree
    pooja shree Hour ago

    Woahhh!! 🔥

  • M.r x wolf
    M.r x wolf Hour ago

    so very nice

  • psalms salvan
    psalms salvan Hour ago

    That 6:31 .bailey killed that step🔥

  • Queen Mikki
    Queen Mikki Hour ago


  • Woshi the pro
    Woshi the pro Hour ago

    3:03 Grav gang noice😁

  • Venetia Noronha
    Venetia Noronha 2 hours ago


  • Haris Mughal
    Haris Mughal 2 hours ago


  • almer kian saraosos
    almer kian saraosos 2 hours ago

    BaSIC Moves!

  • Nikola •Chan•
    Nikola •Chan• 3 hours ago


  • Ms Trabajales
    Ms Trabajales 3 hours ago

    Gabe and Tati 🔥🔥

  • Md rakib
    Md rakib 4 hours ago


  • gerry kline
    gerry kline 5 hours ago

    Guts\gals, there is a dude in Pittsburgh that jams out Breakin, pop lock, and drops, and is crazy unstoppable fun! 2019!

  • Michelle Obryan
    Michelle Obryan 5 hours ago

    Wish I could dance like that

  • Michelle Obryan
    Michelle Obryan 5 hours ago

    They are so good on there feet wow!!!😊

    MUNA THAKUR 7 hours ago

    Luv from India....❤️❤️❤️

  • Fabricio Lima
    Fabricio Lima 8 hours ago

    Brasileiro aqui

  • Desirae Vang
    Desirae Vang 9 hours ago

    8:28 got med DED 😂😂🤣🤣 I love him

  • anselyn putri patricia


  • Chris Workman
    Chris Workman 10 hours ago

    Does this dance come with instructions 😂

  • Cindy Matol TV
    Cindy Matol TV 10 hours ago

    Hello to all fans of matt, lets hug to hug. Visit me and i will visit you too to hug 💚💙💜

  • Cindy Huynh
    Cindy Huynh 11 hours ago

    0:25:You got that new body Me:she definitely got a new body

  • ErikaVsEveryone
    ErikaVsEveryone 12 hours ago


  • M.nalatgn Fnaf
    M.nalatgn Fnaf 12 hours ago

    Did Kenny just... Squat kick? True comrade

  • T C
    T C 13 hours ago

    how old is kaycee

  • Christine Mendoza
    Christine Mendoza 13 hours ago

    @Matt i hope to join your class choreo soon! i really want to learn all your dance 😄😊

  • Carol Oliver
    Carol Oliver 13 hours ago

    Jhope corre aqui migo♡♡k

  • DDE
    DDE 13 hours ago

    I swear I love fancy footwork #BIBLE

  • TommaJo Maxwell
    TommaJo Maxwell 13 hours ago

    This is one of the best videos I've seen yet! Great job

  • Rose A.
    Rose A. 13 hours ago

    Awe she preggo so cute so happy for chachi bless her

  • Dany Ponce
    Dany Ponce 14 hours ago

    Danna Alexa ❤️ perfect

  • zuck_a_ baker
    zuck_a_ baker 14 hours ago

    3:14 like if she is hot

  • V_ Ng
    V_ Ng 14 hours ago

    I will try it

  • Riiizzy B Thomaz
    Riiizzy B Thomaz 15 hours ago


  • Tyree Gates
    Tyree Gates 15 hours ago

    Bailey bailey Bailey Bailey Bailey Bailey Bailey

  • Riiizzy B Thomaz
    Riiizzy B Thomaz 15 hours ago

    an iPhone actually great

  • Camilax
    Camilax 15 hours ago

    I heard someone say “Esooo” LATINO PRESENTTTTT 🇩🇴🇩🇴🎉🎉

  • Bannanna Squad
    Bannanna Squad 15 hours ago

    I tried doing the easy move 😑Here’s crack in back 😰

  • Ma. Kristina Cassandra Alcorin

    perfect partner 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ravenn Blöøm
    Ravenn Blöøm 15 hours ago

    In that video which was bailey?

  • Shady Girl
    Shady Girl 16 hours ago


  • Bella Thangthong
    Bella Thangthong 16 hours ago

    When I just notice that there’s the Eiffel Tower there XD

  • Libby💓💓
    Libby💓💓 17 hours ago

    Me looking at the title “Did...did I.... did I read that right?”

  • Gita Persaud
    Gita Persaud 17 hours ago

    Great dancers, female with blue, and male with white vest.

  • samrin naz Mughal
    samrin naz Mughal 17 hours ago

    Two ledgends are together

  • Fati Nori
    Fati Nori 17 hours ago

    Wow you did great guys 💜💜💜💜😍 Jhoooope💕💕💕💕💕

  • Crystal Hernandez
    Crystal Hernandez 17 hours ago

    You should dance to BTS songs with the others from diversity! They can challenge you

  • Lillah Gash
    Lillah Gash 17 hours ago

    you should call it MATTser class and not master class and they did ten!!!!!!!

  • deebram dancer
    deebram dancer 18 hours ago

    í wαnnα gєt tσ thє lєvєl σf thíѕ guy

  • HarveyisonYT
    HarveyisonYT 18 hours ago

    I think the pants are cool, pretty diverse

  • The Wisdom Schoolhouse

    Hes for sure in la because the grav gang was there

  • savvas Hadjisavavas
    savvas Hadjisavavas 19 hours ago

    Or I'm also thinking you do Circles by Post Malone

  • lonfebos
    lonfebos 19 hours ago

    La música va a un ritmo y ellos bailan a otro, uhnm

  • Glowbeatss o
    Glowbeatss o 19 hours ago


  • candyoffical *
    candyoffical * 19 hours ago


  • Metung Dadda
    Metung Dadda 19 hours ago

    Was she in Justin Bieber's cold water ???

  • Marie Robbie
    Marie Robbie 19 hours ago

    Name a more iconic dance couple Bet you can't

  • Melany Victor
    Melany Victor 20 hours ago

    Me encanto😍

  • Danikagrier1
    Danikagrier1 20 hours ago

    Omg it is marshmello

  • Melany Victor
    Melany Victor 20 hours ago


  • ayeisha pingol
    ayeisha pingol 20 hours ago

    ive been looking at the comments for half an hour already.. dont u ever see a comment and say “wow why didnt i write dat” cuz i do 😂

  • Angelina Mendonca
    Angelina Mendonca 20 hours ago

    4:04 he gave himself a high five lmaooo😂

  • Kevin Wahba
    Kevin Wahba 20 hours ago

    These girls will have a good future and god will Protect

  • Lijo Lee
    Lijo Lee 21 hour ago

    Crazy song 🔥

  • Dukhan Tay
    Dukhan Tay 21 hour ago

    Oi Matt put a dance vid song by P-Square=Alingo it's amazing

  • Kram Santos
    Kram Santos 21 hour ago

    Still the best!

  • Kyra NZ
    Kyra NZ 21 hour ago

    You did the challenge so well!! The freestyle was really good( as usual) and your choreography mixed with the challenge was lit🔥🔥🔥 I tried to do the challenge but I failed haha( I'm not really good in coordination so ya😌) If you want to do a next challenge that is different from what you do usually, you can maybe try the Rosalina🌹( break your back) challenge or the Yo Pe challenge🔥! Those are African(from Congo) challenges that are popular all around the world! I think it would be really interesting if you did it✨🔥 You can also see some videos of the challenge before doing the choreography just to see how it is!!! Anyway, you are one of my fav choreographers out there💛 Keep up the good work✨🔥🙌

  • LizzyThe Lizard
    LizzyThe Lizard 21 hour ago

    Is no one going go talk about “Mat is ripped up like a bad report card”😂😂

  • Meenaz Mulla
    Meenaz Mulla 22 hours ago

    Hey Matt m from you

  • Moonchild • jinnie
    Moonchild • jinnie 22 hours ago

    This is the weirdest crossover in my life lmao I love it

  • BbhEXO 10
    BbhEXO 10 22 hours ago

    You should check out fancams ... EXO Kai’s fancam for tempo ... blew up once it was out

  • veve's vlogs
    veve's vlogs 22 hours ago

    I wanna go to dance classes like that but we dont have the same as this and i told my parents i would like to go to dance classes here

  • Thalia Fun Page
    Thalia Fun Page 22 hours ago

    S was the & was the one you e the i was really good for a one year ago but the i is really good game is a one game you really really like it you really really like the one ☝️ is really good tyyy was the best one game you in one one ☝️ is a good way game you can get the best one you really really like it you can really like it and you you really really like the i was really really it was a really

  • Thalia Fun Page
    Thalia Fun Page 22 hours ago

    You know the i is the one one you really really like you really like me you really really know me and I like that I like the one ☝️ you really really like me you really know you really really like you really like me you really really know me and I know that really is really good hypocritical people that really like me you really really like you you really know how I feel you you know that I know that one one is your problem

  • Zhia Sunflower
    Zhia Sunflower 23 hours ago

    bailey is my most fave!!!! 😎 😍

  • Tokyo-AF1
    Tokyo-AF1 23 hours ago

    What’s this BPM this song? 120?

  • Aurela Meta
    Aurela Meta 23 hours ago

    Wow ur dancing is amazing JHOPE will be so happy 😍😘

  • Aratrika Tarafdar

    Come to Guwahati, Assam!!! You are incredible!!! We would love to learn form you!!

  • rania gasmi
    rania gasmi Day ago

    The best dance cover yet

  • Cookie Jar
    Cookie Jar Day ago

    4:29 why did I read the shirt as "death note" 😂heh... When you watch anime *cough*

  • uneee 225
    uneee 225 Day ago

    Levy jones ?

  • It's Salem
    It's Salem Day ago

    5:35 this I'd the cutest thing I've seen today

  • litha antony
    litha antony Day ago

    Like somewhere someone said.."the population in India helps"😂😂

  • Pinya Gaming
    Pinya Gaming Day ago

    Bts sucks they are not that good svt ,exo,nct are better than bts

  • Alessandra Avelino

    Waiting water

  • Alessandra Avelino


  • Thalia Fun Page

    Sf you know you really really like the way

  • Saifi Naaz
    Saifi Naaz Day ago

    Ek no

  • Thalia Fun Page

    Dsc was

  • Masego Mashishi

    Matt is the best teacher period

  • Vie Montes
    Vie Montes Day ago

    do you dance sunflower please

  • areccus10
    areccus10 Day ago

    Ricegum killed it XD.

  • Habanz Nonglang

    She doesn't know Bollywood herself. . .try to colap with other artist. . She's a noob. .😂😂

  • Nflames REAL
    Nflames REAL Day ago

    ╔══╗░░░░╔╦╗░░╔═════╗ ║╚═╬════╬╣╠═╗║░▀░▀░║ ╠═╗║╔╗╔╗║║║╩╣║╚═══╝║ ╚══╩╝╚╝╚╩╩╩═╝╚═════╝ *This is completely off topic to the video, but to whoever sees this comment I hope you have a wonderful life filled with joy and happiness.🖤*

  • jiminie Pabo
    jiminie Pabo Day ago


  • Aidai UnIcOrN
    Aidai UnIcOrN Day ago

    Now United 😍🔥❤️

  • Michael Velarde

    Kid: I love Gucci Me: -_-k