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Why Palm Oil Is So Cheap
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What’s Next for Juul
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The Rise And Fall Of Playboy
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How WeWork Makes Money
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  • Mortality Fast
    Mortality Fast 16 minutes ago

    He forgot to mix the spaghetti

  • Michael Bailey
    Michael Bailey 16 minutes ago

    America still got Chick Fil A👌🏼

  • dluen Mogstar
    dluen Mogstar 18 minutes ago

    I want a feast sub

  • Grrd Fhm
    Grrd Fhm 18 minutes ago

    We'll turn into fanta in the end

  • Vancleeth
    Vancleeth 19 minutes ago

    True meaning of controlled crash tests Tesla's are not safe judgment is from the impact crash points you used against the normal real world crash test that are used

  • Dallin Lamb
    Dallin Lamb 20 minutes ago

    I think they both suck, buy a gas truck

  • Michael Kec
    Michael Kec 21 minute ago

    Honestly sandwiches from Panera are not great, and potbelly is okay

  • Oodle Richhy
    Oodle Richhy 27 minutes ago

    R1T is just a battery-powered truck. Cybertruck is a stainless steel tank on wheels, not to mention the price.

  • P4RTY K1D
    P4RTY K1D 29 minutes ago

    When they make this video to make people think the TSA is critically important.

  • Chris Lombardi
    Chris Lombardi 30 minutes ago

    I would get it in matte black and wear a Batman suit. Not Keaton or Kilmer Batman but Christian Bale Batman.

  • Kenneth Massey
    Kenneth Massey 33 minutes ago

    Instructions unclear, attacked the annoying lady stressing me out at work. Now im in jail.

  • Garry Allison
    Garry Allison 34 minutes ago

    The young folk are dooomed if they listen to this fucken dick

  • Dapold
    Dapold 35 minutes ago

    How tf did he get 18.75 bathrooms?

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez 35 minutes ago

    This truck won’t make it to any street til 2024

  • Ashlynn_
    Ashlynn_ 35 minutes ago

    I have VIB Rouge status and I don’t even know how I managed to do that because it doesn’t seem like I spend that much 😳 Sephora is dangerous lol

  • Young Grizzly
    Young Grizzly 36 minutes ago

    It never made the cities money. The world economy just made it look like it did. Now EVERYONE has to trim the fat.

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez 36 minutes ago

    Break the glass! Oh no too hard! Lol

  • Muhidden Misbak
    Muhidden Misbak 36 minutes ago

    So many politicians here doesn't know what they are talking

  • Alex’s Reviews
    Alex’s Reviews 37 minutes ago

    When I go to Subway: $8 for a 6 inch sandwich with lettuce, turkey and mayo When I go to the Supermarket: Half-Pound of Turkey, and Ham for $5

  • Matty Icee
    Matty Icee 40 minutes ago

    Add my sc👻: mwarren_69

  • peacheeful
    peacheeful 40 minutes ago

    Just a rant I am an artist (not a professional one,but I do still draw) and I am frustrated that Splattering goddamn paint can make you millions. "But art is an expression and it is subjective",well yes BUT it saddens me to see artists with alot of creativity because they dont just splattering paint or paint a goddamn color in a canvas. Theyre UNNOTICED. So,if I wanna make millions as an artist I just have to splatter paint or put paint in canvas. Utter BULLSHIT

  • Rüzgar gülü
    Rüzgar gülü 41 minute ago

    They didn't update their sandwich menu , everytime i go there , there s no any other attractive choise for me other than chicken teriyaki which s boring😏

  • Antony Cole
    Antony Cole 41 minute ago

    Rather have a few Rolls Royce’s

  • BOB Lord
    BOB Lord 41 minute ago

    What about JFK

  • Mika Hamari
    Mika Hamari 43 minutes ago

    I am in 2:05 and full of this. It is true that Olympic Games have grown too big, but the worst examples you mention are there only because of corrupted choices of host cities. The biggest problem is IOC itself as an organization, in the bad company with FIFA and IAAF. The Olympic Games could only be in danger because of IOC greediness. The Olympic atmosphere has still something very special for those people, who love seeing the best athletes in the same games.

  • Nanling Wu
    Nanling Wu 43 minutes ago

    I clicked this video bc I want to read people’s comments with this title

  • Ricardo Chavarria Jr.
    Ricardo Chavarria Jr. 47 minutes ago

    I'm sorry, I support what border patrol do but what they to in their basic training compare to what they can really do out here if way different. Not all what this video shows, border patrol are allowed to do out here

  • Lawboy Swagboy
    Lawboy Swagboy 50 minutes ago

    Not for (Scruff app) boyz!! 🤭

    LESTI FISA 50 minutes ago

    It’s fake

  • Rodrigo Souza
    Rodrigo Souza 51 minute ago

    the first guy on the thumbnail has a brown beard tho

  • Bob27
    Bob27 52 minutes ago

    The Millenial is *Triggered*

  • Elite Reaper
    Elite Reaper 53 minutes ago

    Looks like Porsche panamera a bit don't you think

  • Isaias Acosta
    Isaias Acosta 54 minutes ago


  • Daniel Berretta
    Daniel Berretta 58 minutes ago

    No wonder why they’re known as military grade lifeguards, this basic training is a joke compared to all of the other branches

  • GioSpeaks
    GioSpeaks 59 minutes ago

    Fake, the Mustang didn’t hit a crowd

  • Carlos Lima
    Carlos Lima Hour ago

    Did this remind anyone else of the RUN DMC song? I keep hearing it over and over. Weebles might wobble but they don't fall down.

  • Emilio Villarreal

    Use me as a thanks you for your service button

  • vicarofrevelwood

    I'm from New Jersey, I know what a real hoagie looks like! And it never looked like anything Subway made. That cutting a little wedge out of the top to make the sandwich look like it was so much more, what a f****** cheap trick that was! let's face it Subway was a loser from the very beginning when you can get a better hoagie at Wawa they've got nothing.

  • Waleed Saleem
    Waleed Saleem Hour ago

    5 million for a apartment?!?

  • Hvitis
    Hvitis Hour ago

    I bet the guy takes good, sweet warm shower before going to well made bed.

  • Ronald Samson
    Ronald Samson Hour ago

    Meat for another war far away from home... needs programming to make people not think for themselves...

  • ADCArtAttack
    ADCArtAttack Hour ago

    *Sigh "It's really good!" - Doesn't Taste like anything...… "No" Sums up all this freaky stuff

  • nicholas brandl
    nicholas brandl Hour ago

    Good for tax breaks, donate your art to the museum when you're done

  • David Kendall
    David Kendall Hour ago

    This video didn't age well so far

  • 13CrazyDaisies
    13CrazyDaisies Hour ago

    I just snagged a few .99 cent shirts out of a pile at a Forever 21 store that was closing in my local mall. Thanks for falling, Forever 21. You made my first visit ever worth it.

  • cesar marton
    cesar marton Hour ago

    2:32 , seville is spain not france and you only shower 11 cities. Like if you noticed

  • Ma Ve
    Ma Ve Hour ago

    Imagine if they sold those items to Pawn Stars

  • salty1234567890
    salty1234567890 Hour ago

    lmfao not as big as a house and 5.5mil. what bullshit is this

  • Angelo
    Angelo Hour ago

    3:21 Ima tell my kids this is Ford vs Ferrari

  • M Diesel
    M Diesel Hour ago

    #Trump2020 dint get it twisted #blexit

  • PlugOG
    PlugOG Hour ago

    At least he died rich

  • Joley D.
    Joley D. Hour ago

    SO obvi who dosent like to shop at dollar tree EVERYTHING IS 1 :D

  • tempz T.t
    tempz T.t Hour ago


  • DixiewinxEqAndMore

    Why do so many people forget about 2 year(technical schools)? I'm enrolled in a technical college and my books can costs anywhere from $150-$500(without access codes)!

  • AlternativeGeek
    AlternativeGeek Hour ago


  • Kyle Johnston
    Kyle Johnston Hour ago

    The funny thing now is that subway sandwiches give you better food for less money compared to McDonalds

  • Vicki Starr
    Vicki Starr Hour ago

    This is so cool but... Is anyone thinking of how you're supposed to park with this large ass vehicles? Lol

  • Jessiedee Mark Gingo

    i'm laughing 😆 come to the Philippines, we will give it for free

  • Paxus
    Paxus Hour ago

    o.O had no idea ppl would EAT these things!!!!!!!!!! seen heaps snorkling in Australia... not telling where! HAHAHHAA

  • Ess Xraays
    Ess Xraays Hour ago

    I’m up, he sees me, I’m down. Knees weak hand, Prone.

  • svenkat2006
    svenkat2006 Hour ago

    Why its stock has rough time recently. I never saw Canada goose parkas on sale. I made 5000 dollars out of 2300 dollars investment in Canada Goose in its first year of IPO. It started at 23 dollars a share and rose to $79 dollars within 1 year, per share and started sliding since then, now standing at $50/- it never reached that peak again in following years. Seems its time is up. They need a very aggressive sales strategy. Out of this gratitude I am going to buy 1 Expedition Parka this month

  • James Valor
    James Valor Hour ago

    Bull shit news how about that

  • Ming Lee
    Ming Lee Hour ago

    I will never quit being fat and lazy. 😂

  • YOLO Man
    YOLO Man Hour ago

    "When you’re working with Army and Marine Corps units, you immediately notice a difference. The Army is pretty tough, but their performance can depend on the individual unit. Some are excellent, filled with hoorah and first-class warriors. A few are absolutely horrible; most are somewhere in between. In my experience, Marines are gung ho no matter what. They will all fight to the death. Every one of them just wants to get out there and kill. They are bad-ass, hard-charging mother f******!" Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL, American Sniper

  • Sam Malone
    Sam Malone Hour ago

    Its dying because the chain was repped by a Pedo. No amount of time will change that.

  • Mayazee Wonder
    Mayazee Wonder Hour ago

    The majority of Lebanon is nearly Muslim just under 50%.

  • Googlefluff857
    Googlefluff857 Hour ago

    It's almost as if public transportation that doesn't go anywhere isn't useful.

  • YOLO Man
    YOLO Man Hour ago

    "When you’re working with Army and Marine Corps units, you immediately notice a difference. The Army is pretty tough, but their performance can depend on the individual unit. Some are excellent, filled with hoorah and first-class warriors. A few are absolutely horrible; most are somewhere in between. In my experience, Marines are gung ho no matter what. They will all fight to the death. Every one of them just wants to get out there and kill. They are bad-ass, hard-charging mother fu********!" -Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL, American Sniper

  • L S
    L S 2 hours ago

    “...estimates the cybertruck makes ~800 ft/lb of torque...” Elon said the top tier cybertruck would make 1000 lb/ft of torque, which is how he can beat the rivian in both the 0-60 and payload capacity. Both are cool though but I prefer the cybertruck. The bigger bed and the tougher body are big selling points.

  • Kate T
    Kate T 2 hours ago

    I have a velour tracksuit and I love to wear it at home because it's comfortable.

  • Edison Ong
    Edison Ong 2 hours ago

    Well it's not very secret anymore right?

  • El Bicho
    El Bicho 2 hours ago

    so, the problem is democrats.

  • abrudan alex
    abrudan alex 2 hours ago

    Latvia to Romania? Lol study girl

  • El Bicho
    El Bicho 2 hours ago

    so the first issue is leftists-run cities.

  • spicy
    spicy 2 hours ago


  • spicy
    spicy 2 hours ago


  • 朱梅
    朱梅 2 hours ago

    Fam just buy candy at the dollar store. I know for a fact that the people who work there don't give a shit.

  • Robert Kendall
    Robert Kendall 2 hours ago

    Trump will not only win the popular vote next year thanks to idiots on the left like Steyer, he will get over 400 electoral college votes. Love me some winning.

  • Yung Thong
    Yung Thong 2 hours ago

    Who tf wants that much fat in a steak Jesus

  • Unreliable Narrator 66

    For all the BS from Tesla, they took over a GM factory and hired from automakers to really get productions started,

  • Innocent Civilian
    Innocent Civilian 2 hours ago

    All these jobs are from Obama and the economy is the way it is cause Obama build it up 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️can’t believe people support this communist/traitor to America

  • ji p
    ji p 2 hours ago

    150 k that's for American cars which is a shame, European cars better than America cars but not even close to Japanese cars, specifically Honda,Toyota or Mazda. Nissan it was good in the 70's, 80's and early 90's but not anymore.

  • That sad Bish
    That sad Bish 2 hours ago

    I am honestly not a fan of this kind of art Because honestly anyone could do it Like some acc look rlly good But a lot are just things anyone could do And sometimes nothing Everyone has there own personal liking If a painting fit my style of my house I would but it Wich is why I’m fully not against it But I feel like it’s unfair To everyone else..... :)

  • Massimiliano Apollo
    Massimiliano Apollo 2 hours ago

    10% of the NY fashion week designers are black... are we doing enough to change the industry ? The hell with this statement. You should take your own balls and prove people wrong, and not make the "industry" put you on the pedestal. Like what the F. do you expect. This makes no sense. Reevaluate who you let to do these videos. Being politically correctly and defending others just for the sake of being "nice" its BS. you could have clearly ended the video with reasonings of why this is seemed as racist. full stop. without unnecessary comments that are just stupid. This is the wrong side about media, they feed you with vague shit and you eat it.

  • Spaer A Count
    Spaer A Count 2 hours ago

    And next someone's going to tell me about some weird reason why KFC is popular in South Korea and The Philipenes too.

  • Unreliable Narrator 66

    Well, I would prefer the Rivian because it is a real, complete and excellent design, while the Cybertruck is a rough prototype, incomplete and another Tesla vaporware product. Clearly Tesla is lagging on trucks and got caught with it's pants down, they have a lot of work to do to catch-up.

  • Riley Jennings
    Riley Jennings 2 hours ago

    I wore a full pink juicy tracksuit for decade day senior year I felt so fetch 😂

  • Nazzila
    Nazzila 2 hours ago

    0:00 did anyone else see that one fish fall out the tray?

  • Unreliable Narrator 66

    Not a revolutionary design, a pathetically retro and poorly conceived design. Rivian is a truck to actual truck users, and a multiplier when it comes to utility and features, Tesla is playing catch-up and losing.

  • xenomorph42
    xenomorph42 2 hours ago

    Also you need to factor in the Olympics have become highly political, deeply corrupt add gender, identity politics to it and people will just tune off.

  • WhiteNation Destroyer

    this isnt hard it looks like at all i hired a marine instructor to know how they train promise turkey has like 10x more hard trainings i felt the differences

  • Mike Marley
    Mike Marley 2 hours ago

    Bolsanero was not President then.

  • Exotic Adrian Uzumaki

    This looks fun

  • Mike Marley
    Mike Marley 2 hours ago

    Piss on the olympics.

  • James Burke
    James Burke 2 hours ago

    This has got to suck if you have a 2 inch wiener

  • SyntakaCulnar
    SyntakaCulnar 2 hours ago

    thats torture

  • Tofutaco
    Tofutaco 2 hours ago

    Simply put: Don't move to Arkansas.

  • 375GTB
    375GTB 2 hours ago

    Tufts of yarn had been used in aerodynamics from the very beginning. Aircraft and then racing cars... Wind tunnel work and in the air / on the road d-type Jaguars Bonneville streamliners P-38s thru P-51s An Art! Still used by NASA, today. J.C.

  • Vapory Potatoes
    Vapory Potatoes 2 hours ago

    my dmv boys know that helly hansen is where it’s at