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  • QuadQ
    QuadQ 11 minutes ago

    Bestival 2018 2-CP ultra potent, long lasting hallucinogenic nightmare death of beautiful 24 yr old Louella Fletcher-Michie is the high profile actors daughter death referenced here. Died begging for help, I can barely imagine a more unpleasant way to die. When are the idiots making drug laws going to understand all these problems are as a direct result of enforcement. People will always want to take drugs, why not legalize, enforce quality & tax? make every one safer & happier. The other option is what you are doing already just feeding crime, misery & death - how can you be so stupid?

  • Bass Sass
    Bass Sass 13 minutes ago

    She is beautiful she can gladly come and live with me.

    DEADASTRONAUTFX 16 minutes ago

    classic lefty liberal middle class student the bbc who are partially funded by the eu as well as demanding 150 pounds from every household with menace whether you want it or not.....the bbc needs to be scrapped its well overdue, these students are the very same people who love mass immigration whilst safe in the knowledge that they will never actually encounter any of the effects of it...but you can, and you will, you will pay the price for their ''virtue'' just look at the double barrel names of these ''enlightened''

  • Erica Arlante Cox
    Erica Arlante Cox 34 minutes ago

    Jehovah will bring back your love ones John 5:28,29 Don’t worry...

  • Dennis van Toor
    Dennis van Toor 35 minutes ago

    dear god, is everyone fukked up on over there? why is that ?

  • Rose H
    Rose H 39 minutes ago

    Love this!

  • Jason LeBlanc
    Jason LeBlanc 43 minutes ago

    Blame the government's and the lobbiest. We took that ish from Vietnam. And again in Afghanistan! It all came from a plant that doesn't grow in America. For states to just go after Purdue and other companies.... It's a dog and pony show for the dumbed down civilians! There always has to be a "fall guy" when ish hits the fan. That's just extra $ and an EXCUSE until the UN gets a hold of the trade route... Guess where? Middle East and the horn of Africa.

  • Andrea B
    Andrea B 44 minutes ago

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Story of my life

  • Gabriela Silva
    Gabriela Silva 48 minutes ago

    I have always trained MA and the competitions are always private, filming isn’t allowed. Today they make something that was supposed to be used to save your life in an emergency, in a show to enrich the Entertainment Industry. It’s gross!

  • Sarahcha spicysauce
    Sarahcha spicysauce 51 minute ago

    YoU tHiNk YoUr LiFe Is HaRd I’m A hIgH sChOoL jUnIoR wEaRiNg SiZe 13 NiKeS mEn’S 13 nIkEs

  • Cinnamon Donkey
    Cinnamon Donkey 54 minutes ago

    What a load of nonsense!

  • Bryan Lint
    Bryan Lint 59 minutes ago

    I have lived with people who were addicted to alcohol/drugs. You have to push them out the door as the drug becomes them. It only ruins the family. When they are cured, then you welcome them back.

    WTF_ENIGMA Hour ago

    Wow basic hoes do makeup but Ellis is good his RUclip is good

  • Caligula
    Caligula Hour ago

    He is right. Immigrants stealing jobs is a not a myth as the new left tries to fool the people into believing. In fact labour party and labour unions in britain where some of the most vociferous opponents to both immigration and the EU before they turned neoliberal and finance in the 90s. Labour always opposed immigration because it was specially detrimental for the working class. This is logic after all there arent unlimited job but now college liberals will treat the working class as hicks for speakig up about the reality they are experiencing and stamp the nazi label on anyone who dares defy their dogma that theres an endless source of jobs and theres plenty for everyone, something that is extremely cynical.

  • tigress attavar
    tigress attavar Hour ago

    Damn her husband knows how to tc of her ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • A man With his cigarette

    why my laptop often going into hibernate condition?? its malware? virus? the battery? or just the "setting" option?

  • Crisperdad
    Crisperdad Hour ago

    She's doing really well on those crutches. Very impressive!

  • Lina Pesz
    Lina Pesz Hour ago

    He is so unattractive

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson Hour ago

    Wow!!!!! Dude's will pay for anything. These girls are the worse for ware. The street's will take a pretty girl with a sparkle in her eyes into a former shell of herself at best with dull dead eyes. The poor girl that gets raped ~ tortured and killed by a trick ~ imagine that's the last face she sees as she takes her last breath. It's a sad state of affairs

  • BlueSpyUSA
    BlueSpyUSA Hour ago

    The pupils under the camera lights in the car....'mind if I try some...?'

  • KSoloviev
    KSoloviev Hour ago

    SO, so gorgeous!!! And the makeover team is just fantastic. What an inspiring group of ladies!!

  • Keld Marstrand Wang

    This is why I hate religion

  • Anti-Anxiety Drugs

  • Equinox_Shocka
    Equinox_Shocka Hour ago

    God bless you and I hope you're doing well today. let that girl rott in jail she's scum of the earth. Look after your kiddies and yourself and stay safe.

  • Chad Paquet
    Chad Paquet Hour ago

    She can fly to vancouver and stay with me.

  • Russ Paxman
    Russ Paxman Hour ago

    When Japanese business men wear a suit and tie - when an African drives a car - when a South American plays football - are they committing the heinous crime of cultural appropriation ?

  • Dorian Sanchez
    Dorian Sanchez 2 hours ago

    They should have happened to Amber guyger I should have in your life b**** life who killed at the dude in this house that's messed up

  • Walking Freeman
    Walking Freeman 2 hours ago

    Errr Geezer, cover your eyes, highly distingushing features, thus the mafia interviews are always, blacked out faces and voice overs. This is bullshit, honestly.

  • Philp Ttofari
    Philp Ttofari 2 hours ago

    Look up the presenters story ,she is about as brave and courageous as any human can get .

  • Jennifer S
    Jennifer S 2 hours ago

    I don't believe a lot of these videos. I think they are dishonestly setup to produce a result consistent with stereotypes. No bravery behind it. She's is the video of the pretty blonde walking alone through a other neighborhood? Where is the video of a white person walking through no go zones for whites in europe? Where is the video of what employers do when a woman reports sexual harassment? Where are the videos of jealous ugly fe males going out of their way to make life miserable for younger attractive females? See? N o videos that don't fit into one of the socially acceptable injustice stereotypes will ever be in these videos . That's why I think they are all crafted cherrypicked nonsense.

  • Walking Freeman
    Walking Freeman 2 hours ago

    if that dealer was real, he,d be dead now , you can make out who he is, if you knew him, you,d know it was him, his bosses would have him sorted out , he would know this and never agree to work on TV , unless he wanted his family threatened and himself killed. Just more BBC bullsht as per usual. who in there right mind involved in serious drugs, would let a camera follow them about, the pigs, the gangsters, would all be after you , why owuld you do it? KNOWONE WOULD THIS IS FAKE.

  • RN
    RN 2 hours ago

    I also lost my beloved and closest sister early this year and I can't move on.... the grieving doesn't go away... very painful...I cried alone

  • Mr Mawao
    Mr Mawao 2 hours ago


  • S̶e̶n̶s̶e̶i̶ ̶j̶j̶

    Still can’t believe she made a porn video 😂☠️

  • ClashOfGamesV1
    ClashOfGamesV1 2 hours ago

    This is sad man, don’t ever give up on someone you love. Connections like this are rare to come by

  • Living Life With Librity

    I’m in a school with a lot of Mexicans

  • Joeli Tamani
    Joeli Tamani 2 hours ago

    why are we searching how to ask a girl out ((((like if true

  • K H
    K H 2 hours ago

    The bald girl should have let the dad talk rather than finishing his sentences and putting words in his mouth.

  • amberry
    amberry 2 hours ago

    i thought this was normal

  • donald ekpe
    donald ekpe 2 hours ago

    America captured Afghanistan, now America is experiencing an opioid epidemic, mmmh.

  • Yves Bungudi
    Yves Bungudi 2 hours ago

    What would you do in the case being a black male with all the stories cop shooting black ppl for no reason and they all get away with it 🤷‍♂️

  • Jasper Marlow
    Jasper Marlow 2 hours ago

    Insanely good. Please continue

  • King David
    King David 2 hours ago

    British are idiots....LOL....Ugly idiots.....LOL

  • Toyosi A
    Toyosi A 3 hours ago

    Tgf broooooo

  • Agnė Valentinavičiūtė

    IF she is allergic to everything.then why she can use makeup?

  • Mikaela Pena
    Mikaela Pena 3 hours ago

    Human Koala

  • Hussam Maskoni
    Hussam Maskoni 3 hours ago

    7:49 to 7:59 is so fake

  • Shannon Gibson
    Shannon Gibson 3 hours ago

    Bet she's the best Gf in the world. Not talking and b**tching all the time

  • jim tex
    jim tex 3 hours ago

    yah of course the wife is some fat dumb ass lmao, rip that poor young guy:(

  • Johnny Erinn
    Johnny Erinn 3 hours ago

    Just say NO, it's not that hard. Why been emotional when you made the choice to use it. Damn it

  • Natalie Andrew
    Natalie Andrew 3 hours ago

    Her understanding of this sport and art must be amazing. Her understanding of how hard but amazing it is

  • Ayesha Haz
    Ayesha Haz 3 hours ago

    So proud of you!💕

  • 1life To live
    1life To live 3 hours ago

    WHITE Americas's opioid problem. Good luck with that guys...

  • Erica Steinson
    Erica Steinson 3 hours ago

    Music helps everything 👏🏼

  • Benjamin Destefano
    Benjamin Destefano 3 hours ago

    So sorry brother. Really. My heart gos out to you and your family

  • bob2000and10
    bob2000and10 3 hours ago


    MI CLASE 4 hours ago

    Britishers are the worst in world they made devolute civilisation upto 100 year back during 18 to 19 th century

  • Outstanding Drip gawd

    Dis world is ass backwards

  • puertorricane
    puertorricane 4 hours ago

    The UK has more serial killers than any other nation followed closely by their US cousins. Would their incest history have anything to do with it?

  • Keely Bannister
    Keely Bannister 4 hours ago

    What happened to Kayleigh’s dog?

  • Skinnymarks
    Skinnymarks 4 hours ago

    Ya it would be wrong to kill Hitler too.

  • deserteagle gamer
    deserteagle gamer 4 hours ago

    I like Mykenzie attitude about things it not about color its about who that person is inside that make them who they are. good for you young lady

  • Jeff Perry
    Jeff Perry 4 hours ago

    this is one of the saddest documentaries I have ever seen!!! I'm a few.different ways...the kids talking about their parents...the woman who died a month lter....t

  • The Key board Warrior

    It should be illegal for people like this to drive no offence.

  • RamekStar
    RamekStar 4 hours ago

    Where are all the cops who murdered people, why are they not on death row. So if you go to some place to study and come back as a police officer, your life is more valuable than mine.

  • fessells ahmed
    fessells ahmed 4 hours ago

    She has anger management issues.

  • Zazu Grey Chicken
    Zazu Grey Chicken 4 hours ago

    I am so proud of all the people that are staying sober! You freaking ROCK!! Thank you for sharing your story to help others to do the same!

  • Angelina Sledge
    Angelina Sledge 4 hours ago

    Nooo 🙅‍♀️ dont ask addiction. Ask your parents why are THEY so weak .... take responsibility 🤷‍♂️ you font just wake up dependent 'addicted ' it's all a process. They like the high. They knew what road they were driving down 🤦‍♀️

  • meep meep
    meep meep 4 hours ago

    2:27 I don't know why but just thinking about what she said and how she responds to see him I just think she felt instant regret

  • Brooke Stonex
    Brooke Stonex 4 hours ago

    Just stay addicted. This is end times. Live it up

  • Un On Kun
    Un On Kun 5 hours ago

    they all have *TIT DIRT*

  • Biraj Baishya
    Biraj Baishya 5 hours ago

    God bless you 😢

  • Choklet Macaron
    Choklet Macaron 5 hours ago

    Person: You must be using steroids. Bodybuilder: the only thing on steroids is your bad manners. 😎😎😎

  • Free The Drones
    Free The Drones 5 hours ago

    Imma dip my balls in some thousand island dressin. In all seriousness... I appreciate this video.

  • L Smaccks
    L Smaccks 5 hours ago

    These people are great😭we need more like them

  • tina
    tina 5 hours ago

    me everyday

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James 5 hours ago

    What a waste of human life. Tragic. I hope they all get their much needed help. When I did my ER rotation I saw a couple of patients, usually very young people. As I said such a waste. I’m so glad that we have narcan to help those that od. I hope Stephen maintains his sobriety.

  • Kimberly Janice
    Kimberly Janice 5 hours ago

    Ten seconds in and i already love them all! They are awesome people and i would like to have a conversation with them one day

  • Luke T
    Luke T 5 hours ago

    Man, don’t end his life. He doesn’t deserve to die.

  • Choklet Macaron
    Choklet Macaron 5 hours ago

    Who's here after Tall Girl?

  • T X
    T X 5 hours ago

    I'm very mistrustful of religious people for this reason. They're fucked up people

  • brxnnii sxine
    brxnnii sxine 5 hours ago

    Im allergic to dairy and lemon... *people think im cool*

  • 27273100
    27273100 5 hours ago

    You definitely have my support. May positive vibes come your way and be with you through this non-stop battle.

  • SiliconValley Attorney

    Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. No one forces you to take anything. So annoying.

  • ELHipnacio
    ELHipnacio 5 hours ago

    I wonder what Izzy from innocent voices would tell this fellow purp aki

  • Jaden Black
    Jaden Black 5 hours ago

    i can't stop using my phone

  • The Proud Asshole MGTOW

    Depression is not real change my mind...

  • Lizzye Graunstadt
    Lizzye Graunstadt 5 hours ago

    (puts elbow on head) "how's the weather down there" Me: (unimpressed) "peachy. how's the wind?"

  • fessells ahmed
    fessells ahmed 5 hours ago

    He just needs good treatment. He will improve

  • Crabs Rice
    Crabs Rice 5 hours ago

    Benzodiazepines are worse

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay 5 hours ago

    I half Korean Japanese and French

  • camilainthesky
    camilainthesky 5 hours ago

    This video made me bisexual

  • fessells ahmed
    fessells ahmed 6 hours ago

    Its so sad that he didn't give her another chance and work things out. They look really good together

  • Elizabeth Porter
    Elizabeth Porter 6 hours ago

    I just feel numb and paralyzed like I’m frozen while the world is going on.

  • Bart Bartolo
    Bart Bartolo 6 hours ago

    Things to say to a non binary person

  • ron long
    ron long 6 hours ago

    fry him

  • Raymond Sawyer
    Raymond Sawyer 6 hours ago

    God help you if you used someone's mug

  • Bass Sass
    Bass Sass 6 hours ago

    MANSPLAINING? 🤮🤮🤮 she looks like a man, if greta thunberg was here she would tell her "HOW DARRRRE YOU"..

  • Braymar Ramos
    Braymar Ramos 6 hours ago

    She is just GORGEOUS 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jäger Main
    Jäger Main 6 hours ago

    I love life, i am happy i was born'la