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  • martin branwood
    martin branwood Minute ago

    Do u think they say act like a prick for the cam

  • Danger Mouse
    Danger Mouse 2 minutes ago

    The way she was swinging that box of ferrets and how he picked them up so roughly like they were objects was upsetting , poor little things

  • martin branwood
    martin branwood 3 minutes ago

    Until watching this I felt like I was doing bad but wow am smashing life

  • System32
    System32 4 minutes ago

    Stupid woman picking the dog up that way! could have ended up injuring the dog severely or even kill it! Careless.. Why is it that these stereotypes are always the ones treating animals poorly and stuff.. I'm not saying she does not love the dog because she probably does but they have no sense on whats the right thing to do, No wonder the guy is in a bad situation he did not get raised properly.

  • Lewis Keyes
    Lewis Keyes 4 minutes ago

    Thanks to my father- I binged watched all 12 episodes. One of the most brilliant shows I have ever seen.

  • Nick Adams
    Nick Adams 6 minutes ago

    preaching hate

  • Dom Burger
    Dom Burger 7 minutes ago

    My man walks through gay mans legs at 16:00

  • Vidyut Krishnasrinivas
    Vidyut Krishnasrinivas 10 minutes ago

    The hippies become the emos. The emos have become.... these... young... smart.... revolutionaries? If another new group emerges from this, I am literally moving to Antarctica!

  • Gucci Wheelchair
    Gucci Wheelchair 15 minutes ago

    Man the UK is on top of shit when it comes to homeless and people needing places to live. These girls are so broken and lost that she found beauty and joy in just the little packet of colorful stickers on the rack

  • 96k BD
    96k BD 16 minutes ago

    No one: Guy on tag: 5 finger discount

  • The spilling tea
    The spilling tea 16 minutes ago

    Sam is honestly someone who has learnt from his mistakes and wants to move on and start fresh.I think he’s doing great from this episode and is trying his hardest and best.

  • Rebecca McCready
    Rebecca McCready 22 minutes ago

    it is a very interesting video would like to say to all of the helpers your amazing to help these who are on the drink I used to be very bad on my driking and I use to go to pubs on my own but now I have stopped going to pubs on my own my dad use to leave the beer at night and I used to go Down to get more beer and now my dad have to hide the beer because uesed to drink them all now but I still go down to go and get more beer until my dad hides it all of the beer my mum and dad are worried about me and I have never seen an take away for booze before

  • Scottish Docs
    Scottish Docs 23 minutes ago

    Your on a planet spinning around a ball of fire ,tel them to fuk off

  • Shrek
    Shrek 23 minutes ago

    top class nitties

  • Patrick Joseph O Reilly
    Patrick Joseph O Reilly 24 minutes ago

    Prophet Mohammed said ' Hellfire has been created for the senseless and women are the most senseless of all? Hard to argue with him after watching this.

  • ImWreck
    ImWreck 24 minutes ago

    So happy my taxes are funding these rats

  • elliott debell
    elliott debell 30 minutes ago

    A £20 debt 😂 bad man

  • cz productions
    cz productions 30 minutes ago

    He should of waited until his natural testosterone peaked

  • Scottish Docs
    Scottish Docs 30 minutes ago

    Only a dick would get tagged,fannys

  • That’s cool Animations


  • bruce mcclendon
    bruce mcclendon 32 minutes ago

    Too many people are being released after serving 10, 20, 30 and more years because new evidence or DNA proves they were innocent to begin with. I think the death penalty should be reserved for those who are literally caught in the act by video or multiple witnesses or those who confess, because justice in this country is slanted as hell and is not fair. Convicted by a jury of 12 only means that 12 people wanted to hurry up and go home

  • Wendy Muller
    Wendy Muller 34 minutes ago

    Don't think that fat won't come back if you do nothing but sit on your ass and eat

  • Andrew Wright
    Andrew Wright 35 minutes ago

    This country is going to the dogs. One completely shite government after another they don't give a shit about the people only their own pockets. We need total change, some decent politicians with vision, half a brain cell who actually care about this country and sort it out before its too late.

  • iseeu1980
    iseeu1980 35 minutes ago

    My question is: is he retired from touring in 2016, what happened between then and his death?

  • Brandon Boily
    Brandon Boily 41 minute ago

    Little mix 💕💕💕💕

  • Zorshyan Sailo
    Zorshyan Sailo 43 minutes ago


  • Jayakanth J
    Jayakanth J 47 minutes ago

    In India if a woman does that she wud get a tight slap on her face ! I don't support domestic violence or rape but nor do I support the henpeckered hapless men from west just licking a woman's boots.

  • Joe Wedg
    Joe Wedg 48 minutes ago

    Chavtastic 👍🏻

  • Spencer Rees
    Spencer Rees 49 minutes ago

    Have you tried speed, it used to keep us awake for days!

  • oliver mansfield
    oliver mansfield 49 minutes ago

    They act all hard, but really they're as soft as boiled eggs

  • Rachel Foster
    Rachel Foster 52 minutes ago

    I just don't make my gender explicit on any site I can receive private DMs from. Problemo solved.

  • Liam E-H
    Liam E-H 52 minutes ago

    Finally someone from st.helens

  • 8 sidewayz
    8 sidewayz 53 minutes ago

    Patrick! Get out of ma clas rumm noiiiiii..

  • KrystalKstar
    KrystalKstar 54 minutes ago

    Love the hair color

  • Rosie :0
    Rosie :0 56 minutes ago

    No I want more episodes now

  • Shanay Felton
    Shanay Felton 56 minutes ago

    They need to put her on bipolar medication it will help her maintain her orgasms in her control.

  • Sivolee Paul
    Sivolee Paul 59 minutes ago

    I can tell it was all alcohol. He even said it himself. Before performing in any show, he kept drinking alcohol and that caused his health to go down-level. He did it non-stop. Not blaming him for all of this. He just never knew this until his hospital days.

  • BoxEntertainment

    No one wears shorts as much as a guy on tag lol

  • sunny sandhu
    sunny sandhu Hour ago

    Awww should make a movie 2 lesbians journey

  • KrystalKstar
    KrystalKstar Hour ago

    What a beautiful soul.

  • UtahRaptor
    UtahRaptor Hour ago

    Some comments are funny

  • b o o l o o p
    b o o l o o p Hour ago


  • Myra Kahn
    Myra Kahn Hour ago


  • Lorianne Corno
    Lorianne Corno Hour ago

    Can't wait for the third season

  • ginny may
    ginny may Hour ago

    I’m on the autism spectrum and I get sick a lot when eating certain foods.. but I got confused on what was causing the rejection with foods.. for awhile I thought it was my endometriosis.. but endometriosis usually counts for dairy, gluten and coffee intolerance but even lettuce, broccoli, Spanish, tea and tomatoes make me feel like I will vomit.. but I have to stomach it every single time.. but I am allergic to mangoes still.. I can’t have chocolate even though I still have it.. it makes me feel really sick and angry..

  • klickclack
    klickclack Hour ago


  • Rachel Foster
    Rachel Foster Hour ago

    I knew someone who had two of these "dangerous dogs", but they were legit dangerous. Not the dog's fault, they just weren't trained or treated well! They were obviously scared of other dogs, so they'd attack them instantly! But when their owners weren't around and you were calm and very gentle around them, they were absolute little sweethearts! They deserved better than what they got.

  • Horse Cow Gaming

    What a nice person. She soooo nice.

  • Robin Popps
    Robin Popps Hour ago

    I'm sorry but this just looks fake

  • I am Not a troll

    Omg please come back to tvvvvv

  • júba zahirov
    júba zahirov Hour ago

    A man dressed like a female!! The west is fucked up i'm telling u guys

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C Hour ago

    worst crack ever!! HAHAHA plaster

  • Crilleri
    Crilleri Hour ago

    Cmon we ii yolo jjj

  • B3NN10N
    B3NN10N Hour ago

    5.55 You hear a trump... No need to thank me..

  • Mr Spud
    Mr Spud Hour ago

    Death sentence is no deterrent. It makes you as bad as them.

  • Tcave 12345
    Tcave 12345 Hour ago

    Is the narrator the guy who played as Johnny’s friend in the Lord Luck episode in Friday Night Dinner?

  • paul lunney
    paul lunney Hour ago

    and as they grow up and carry on being losers when they hit 35 they will realise they wasted their whole life

  • Allan Stanway
    Allan Stanway Hour ago

    Klitchko deserves a lot of respect for that quote at the end. You could tell it took a lot for him to say that given his delivery of it

  • Jack Allnutt
    Jack Allnutt Hour ago

    So sorry I didn’t do It but I m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorr o you are a butterfly

  • tihotamo
    tihotamo Hour ago

    the show is okay but the guy is so loud and annoying

  • Swetti
    Swetti Hour ago

    What if he killed the camera man?

  • Sandra Osetek
    Sandra Osetek Hour ago

    If she is allergic to hair then how does she have eyebrows and eyelashes?

  • Dan DA little Man

    Hey, at least they got the publicity 👍

  • Howzer The man
    Howzer The man Hour ago

    My last drink was new years eve 1999.

  • nkam9
    nkam9 Hour ago

    Casualy just dealing cigarettes in the middle of class 😂

  • Joanne Harries
    Joanne Harries Hour ago

    Her eyes are amazing. Such an unique colour.

  • Pokemon Test
    Pokemon Test Hour ago

    0:33 I go by da name of da MC grinda Alongside, *DJ decoy* 🙃👋 *AND* DJ Steves 🤨 **EXACTLY** 😡

  • Csoma Roxana
    Csoma Roxana Hour ago

    This is stupid.. She's freaking gourgeous... so what if she is not the standard weight? I like the fact that they promote body diversity... people need to take a chill pill. She's human... the weight should not be a judging factor. She's talented and beautiful... weight is nothing... we should be happy with who we are... as long as she is a good person, she can be whatever she wants... happiness comes from within. People should stop listening to what others says... Live a good happy life.. that's all...

  • SB Rider
    SB Rider Hour ago

    I want to have Tourette, sounds like a blast

  • Sophie May
    Sophie May Hour ago

    Not been funny but if u don’t like been on tag then don’t do stupid shit to get put on tag it’s as simple as that

  • Seba Dames
    Seba Dames Hour ago

    Alright. Now I know to just don't talk to people like them. Leave the freaks alone 👍

  • HK 67
    HK 67 Hour ago

    imagine trying to get a tattoo and u have really bad tourette’s... the “weee” lady would probs have a line that says weeeeeee all over her blessssssssss 😕

  • justin onyx
    justin onyx Hour ago

    I am proud of u mate

  • Bean she
    Bean she Hour ago

    You beautiful precious Soul....sending love .....Cork ....

  • SquishEESpark
    SquishEESpark Hour ago

    Warrington isn't actually that bad in most places, but St. Helens is a complete shithole.

  • Sριяιт Dιмєиѕισи


  • Tusia D
    Tusia D Hour ago

    I can understand only about 40% of what they’re saying just because it is sooooo british

  • TheWutangclan1995

    Not that I've had the sashimi but Japan does have tight standards for cleanliness and sanitation so that's acceptable. Still the salmonella thing got me dead lmaooooo.

  • green queen
    green queen Hour ago

    These women just need love...

  • Megan Moore
    Megan Moore Hour ago

    Like just had my first kid anddd man I miss buying expensive trainers

  • Lewis Gardener
    Lewis Gardener Hour ago

    Just do it at night

  • black char
    black char 2 hours ago

    Scam nation

  • delafruze
    delafruze 2 hours ago

    Wow is there anyway to reach you or write to you..I love ballet so much but as our times were bad Couldn't learn ballet and I had to earn. Today my 7yr old kid I m encouraging her to love ballet and I want her yo grow like a beautiful ballerina as she loves ballet..I wish to have blessings from such a beautiful Angel like you..and wish I succeed as a mother to encourage her..I m from India..Mumbai

    IBZSUPEREME _ 2 hours ago

    His hair line tho

  • Elle Louisë
    Elle Louisë 2 hours ago

    I'm not normally a fan of green hair, but it really compliments her skin tone

  • Anna Grace My Life With Bipolar Disorder

    It's so frustrating when people assume things about me just because of my diagnosis.

  • David Sim
    David Sim 2 hours ago

    David, be proud that you have put your whole honest self in the public eye. You deserve to get the best help. Don’t give up. I can see you are a good man and very far away from being a Ned .

  • L bo
    L bo 2 hours ago

    That man is amazing thank bro

  • Prince Peter
    Prince Peter 2 hours ago

    BBC oh so PC ,

  • TheOnlineAthlete
    TheOnlineAthlete 2 hours ago

    Fighting is something you no your good at ? Pmsl cant even punch ffs

  • Huzaifa Afridi
    Huzaifa Afridi 2 hours ago

    Honestly people if you want people to stop doing crimes you can’t be mocking them in the comments because that’s gonna ruin them mentally and they’ll think “screw this, I’m gonna do it again I don’t care” you have to think about these peoples feelings as well since they are humans.

  • CoolElite 49
    CoolElite 49 2 hours ago

    I have a tic where I don’t have Tourette’s and why is this recommended

  • Ail M
    Ail M 2 hours ago

    And the same people say immigrants took our jobs .disgusting pricks

  • ғʟᴏʀᴇʟ Hᴇᴀʀᴛs

    What’s wrong with moms wearing Buraq: Me: hey mom I got the milk Me: tapping on a woman Woman: wt- Me: oh sorry- Me: *looking at my mom to know it is her* mom I got the milk.. Mom: thanks :D

  • A J
    A J 2 hours ago

    A documentary about inbreds in the UK. You can tell these people stink like shit.

  • joey200867
    joey200867 2 hours ago

    50 homeless maggots hahaha

  • joey200867
    joey200867 2 hours ago

    All scabs lol should put these maggots down dregs of society hahaha

  • Shazlossus Shazam
    Shazlossus Shazam 2 hours ago

    Man. I would’ve split that bill with her 💀, she thinks she’s slick

  • Rob Lewis
    Rob Lewis 2 hours ago

    I hate interaction with other humans in general. The human race makes me sick and I'm ashamed to call myself part of the human race.

  • Reilinski
    Reilinski 2 hours ago

    She's actually really pretty before the makeover, but after she looks gorgeous! I think it's because she feels so much more confident that it makes her even more beautiful!