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phuck you KSI.
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We had to call 911...
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meet the new jana...
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the results are in...
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i jake paul got arrested..
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we broke up.
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  • jayden mcmillan
    jayden mcmillan 32 seconds ago

    They are so cute

  • Kevin Wright
    Kevin Wright 59 seconds ago

    Marriage doesn't benefit men anyway

  • Loco Lefe
    Loco Lefe 2 minutes ago

    Funny Mike you make any thing funny it's in the name

  • Jay D
    Jay D 2 minutes ago

    Who are half these anyway? Its sad that there is music like this. Half these people cant even sing. They're worse than singing birds.

    RENEE COWLING 3 minutes ago

    U said lil Tay roasted bhad babie I think she roasted you more 😂

  • Navraj Braich
    Navraj Braich 3 minutes ago

    What have u become

  • Kevin Wright
    Kevin Wright 4 minutes ago

    It's all about the money

  • Grace Finnegan
    Grace Finnegan 4 minutes ago

    This song is made by the same guy who's wears goggles on the SIDE of his head

  • eric anderson
    eric anderson 5 minutes ago

    Jerika is still real too me

  • DawnBob Riegert
    DawnBob Riegert 5 minutes ago

    I miss this Jake

  • Claribel Duran
    Claribel Duran 7 minutes ago

    I saw Erika’s phone she turned it off then started speaking

  • Grace Finnegan
    Grace Finnegan 8 minutes ago

    1 like = 1 prayer for that teacher

  • QBD1 Nation
    QBD1 Nation 9 minutes ago

    Is she sure KSI is a superstar he looks gay

  • SGT_ LEE
    SGT_ LEE 11 minutes ago

    Jake u made him a MAN brooooo you are the G

  • Lanisha Ennis
    Lanisha Ennis 13 minutes ago


  • Mohammad Zubair Shafiqi
    Mohammad Zubair Shafiqi 14 minutes ago

    Jake Paul can’t be talking at three but I live behind bars

  • Chance Mahoney
    Chance Mahoney 14 minutes ago


  • Gacha Beast
    Gacha Beast 15 minutes ago

    She’s already the annoying orange

  • Gacha Beast
    Gacha Beast 15 minutes ago

    Quite literally my if she sh!ts on my mother I swear I will roast to we’re she looks like a burnt chicken nugget

  • Katherine Santana
    Katherine Santana 16 minutes ago

    You are such a hero

  • Alejandro Flores
    Alejandro Flores 16 minutes ago

    Agust 25 is my birthday

  • Shanta Jamhour
    Shanta Jamhour 19 minutes ago

    I'm in this

  • Linda DeCasper
    Linda DeCasper 20 minutes ago

    Your my hero Hi NinjaGagesHyper

  • Mamer Goljok
    Mamer Goljok 21 minute ago

    My dad haves a Lamboorghini

  • the king of VYBE
    the king of VYBE 21 minute ago

    you all sleep together

  • mario guerrero
    mario guerrero 23 minutes ago

    Why do we still listen to this

  • Justin Martinez
    Justin Martinez 23 minutes ago

    Jake can you help me plz

  • Stacy St Godard
    Stacy St Godard 25 minutes ago

    Jake Paul I'm a very beg fan

  • Kasey Graham
    Kasey Graham 25 minutes ago

    It’s ok jake

  • lil mace
    lil mace 25 minutes ago

    Cancer charity

  • Alicia Logan
    Alicia Logan 25 minutes ago

    Ha ha really funny si

  • lil mace
    lil mace 26 minutes ago

    Loang pauler tidus

  • Joe Deming
    Joe Deming 26 minutes ago

    :jakepaul pewdiepie is next :PewDiePie laughing I have 100m bro XD get noob!!!!

    • atsshl
      atsshl 17 minutes ago

      101 million now :^

  • Kenia Fernandez
    Kenia Fernandez 28 minutes ago


  • Stefan Carman
    Stefan Carman 28 minutes ago


  • Bradley Brule
    Bradley Brule 28 minutes ago


  • Insane
    Insane 29 minutes ago

    Lol irrelevent

  • Anderson Turnmyre
    Anderson Turnmyre 31 minute ago

    This song is ass cheeks

  • bilsamils
    bilsamils 31 minute ago

    I love Cody

  • Mr. Japperlingo
    Mr. Japperlingo 31 minute ago

    Oh boo hoo

  • splash _master
    splash _master 32 minutes ago

    He didnt even tried to fight you idiot

  • Zeek
    Zeek 32 minutes ago

    Jake Paul: "pewdiepie is next" Pewdiepie: *laughs in 100mil*

    • atsshl
      atsshl 16 minutes ago

      Pewdiepie has 101 million now :<

  • Christine Phillips
    Christine Phillips 34 minutes ago


  • Kasey Graham
    Kasey Graham 34 minutes ago


  • Kasey Graham
    Kasey Graham 34 minutes ago


  • Kasey Graham
    Kasey Graham 34 minutes ago


  • Kasey Graham
    Kasey Graham 34 minutes ago


  • Addie's World
    Addie's World 34 minutes ago

    That Guy Looked at the Jake when He Hugged His GF Lmao That was akward

  • Sophia Sánchez
    Sophia Sánchez 35 minutes ago


  • Sm1te-Aiden
    Sm1te-Aiden 36 minutes ago

    I just called him he said “Hello?”

  • Mr. Japperlingo
    Mr. Japperlingo 36 minutes ago

    That’s a bot

  • Icebreaker Nice break
    Icebreaker Nice break 36 minutes ago


    • Icebreaker Nice break
      Icebreaker Nice break 28 minutes ago


  • Runi Thambugala
    Runi Thambugala 37 minutes ago

    ur like a suburb kid who thinks he's hood because he wears expensive shit and listens to trap from soundcloud rappers. congrats, that's ur legacy

  • Harbor View Electric
    Harbor View Electric 37 minutes ago

    4:55 is it just me or is the guy in the orange sweeter yellow

  • Chris Sierra
    Chris Sierra 38 minutes ago


  • Justinwhy2ElectricBoogaloo

    It would have been better it stayed that way

  • Mr. Japperlingo
    Mr. Japperlingo 39 minutes ago

    Yucky poo poo

  • Shane Jouett
    Shane Jouett 40 minutes ago


  • Matt Tan
    Matt Tan 41 minute ago

    This is very disrespectful to the teachers who work their ass off and take their students sh*t everyday while earning less than $50k a year

  • sandawilliams420
    sandawilliams420 41 minute ago

    You are a really cool dude and you have a cool doggy

  • Nikolas Kearns
    Nikolas Kearns 42 minutes ago

    1:38 pause and look on the roof clowns

  • KrazyKiko
    KrazyKiko 44 minutes ago

    69k likes and 669k dislikes *lets keep it that way*

    ECKS DEE 44 minutes ago

    Why tf are you still alive??

  • Gloria Lewis
    Gloria Lewis 45 minutes ago


    • Gloria Lewis
      Gloria Lewis 42 minutes ago


  • Hook Smith Hang
    Hook Smith Hang 45 minutes ago

    *E N G L A N D I S M Y C I T Y*

    ECKS DEE 45 minutes ago

    Your still alive? What?

  • eunyeh Michael l
    eunyeh Michael l 46 minutes ago

    You should do Jericho versus Sharks great white shark

  • Keagan Vaughn
    Keagan Vaughn 47 minutes ago

    Give a like👍👍👍👍

  • Ben Wolfe
    Ben Wolfe 48 minutes ago

    how many does jake cuse

  • Guilherme Bailer Motta
    Guilherme Bailer Motta 48 minutes ago

    the best video I've ever seen

  • Keagan Vaughn
    Keagan Vaughn 48 minutes ago

    Look it up i promise and put tana mounge

  • Carmen Almanzar
    Carmen Almanzar 49 minutes ago

    Is Lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌪🔥🌪🌪

  • Keagan Vaughn
    Keagan Vaughn 49 minutes ago

    Like this for jake tana was on a cheater show

  • flor ramirez
    flor ramirez 50 minutes ago

    Dobre brohther

  • Roberto Carlos
    Roberto Carlos 50 minutes ago


  • Cyprian Chavarria
    Cyprian Chavarria 54 minutes ago

    This is the team 10 I miss

  • Sapphire Light
    Sapphire Light 55 minutes ago

    If Pewdiepie were there, he would be happier

  • Cooper Paus-Easson
    Cooper Paus-Easson 55 minutes ago

    Get back with Erica plz

  • Erin Kelligher
    Erin Kelligher 57 minutes ago

    Wholesome dad jake paul deserves more views on this

  • Alex Gjoka - Minecraft
    Alex Gjoka - Minecraft 57 minutes ago

    Who else just typed MrBeast and fount this video | | 👇

  • Sydney Brister
    Sydney Brister 58 minutes ago

    I’m all for LOVE ❤️

  • Jayc Da Costa Gomez
    Jayc Da Costa Gomez 58 minutes ago

    how's the camera on your hand

  • Alyssa Lynn
    Alyssa Lynn Hour ago

    I miss the old team 10...

  • Chanson Johnson
    Chanson Johnson Hour ago

    That is cool

  • TJ Howell
    TJ Howell Hour ago

    Guys try to get the license plate number

  • Tatiana Thornton


  • احمد حسين Ahmed Hessun

    The song like you flo you flo wow you white you flo no ko ho ho bo ko lo

  • Santana Cheese
    Santana Cheese Hour ago

    He fell

  • Addison Purdy
    Addison Purdy Hour ago

    Hey Tydus it's make sorry

  • Deedee1962 Jan nett

    Is everyday bro happy birthday Jake Paul

  • Collin Crisman
    Collin Crisman Hour ago

    It doesn’t work it says birth date and then says has to be 4 numbers

  • Katie Nelson
    Katie Nelson Hour ago

    Where is chance

  • Bluebeast19
    Bluebeast19 Hour ago

    I’m most recent comment

  • Geovanny E Rodriguez

    Jake paul: I want to box fouseytube Slim: Are you sure about that Jake paul: who else is on the list The list .fouseytube nope .soulja boy nope Aneson Gib Jake paul: oh hell no

  • River Castellanos

    Jack can you give me a shout out

    JELLO BEENS Hour ago

    bruh you never will pass piewdiepie because you poor

  • Lj Lambert
    Lj Lambert Hour ago

    Jake help me please i met this girl named kayla and ive been in love with her for a year and i just cant let go. Help me get with her and it will mean the world to me. She means too much to let her go.

  • Toro Aguilar
    Toro Aguilar Hour ago


  • Tanya Maldonado
    Tanya Maldonado Hour ago

    Ttttttttttttttt me know when you're on your wa

  • Lisa Krstic
    Lisa Krstic Hour ago

    Pennsylvania people are good people.