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Minecraft - Western Town
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Minecraft - Epic Castles
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  • Lee Barnes
    Lee Barnes 30 minutes ago

    Major fallout infringement

  • ponygirl gamer
    ponygirl gamer 48 minutes ago

    4:59 Keralis: * leh gasp * shashwammy void * sneaky snitch starts playing * Me: r.i.p shashwammy XD

  • Alessio Arbustini
    Alessio Arbustini 52 minutes ago

    congrats for the sheep thing

  • Mia Gonzalez
    Mia Gonzalez 5 hours ago

    Thank you for this nice video my little brother and I are making a city and he wants me to watch all of your videos to see what else we can build

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 5 hours ago

    I have to give a compliment, i first watched you about 6 years ago when you did the tutorial of the italian mansion/villa. and back then you gave such clear and awesome instructions and walkthrough, laid out all the materials you were using and everything, and i am so happy to see that you have stayed true to yourself and everyone and do the same thing today. Awesome channel, awesome creator.

  • Sky Is there
    Sky Is there 6 hours ago

    Its funny how most of British people dont like/understand accents from round the world, but at the same time Most people from different countries can understand each other speaking english, looks like British people are just dumb.

  • maofan
    maofan 8 hours ago

    Creepy laughs

  • єяιкηєѕs
    єяιкηєѕs 8 hours ago

    amazing game and good video!

  • X-TSM-reaper
    X-TSM-reaper 8 hours ago

    Please build modern houses

  • chubby spuddy
    chubby spuddy 9 hours ago

    Its funny how bedrock edition now gets more frequent updates than java. Oh how the tables have turned

  • Madalyn Osborne
    Madalyn Osborne 10 hours ago

    I used to watch this when I was like 9. I’m 14 now. And it’s 2019 😅 I missed this series so guess who’s back!

  • Benedict Nichols
    Benedict Nichols 10 hours ago

    I loved the settlers growing up, and their soundtracks massively influenced me in becoming a game composer. So I really hope the somewhat sparodic jazz guitar chords and noodles that you hear too frequently are just very early stages of an adaptive music system being implemented. @Ubisoft if you're listening, I'd LOVE to help :D

  • CosimoColdKingHD
    CosimoColdKingHD 13 hours ago


  • William Waugh
    William Waugh 13 hours ago

    Love your videos, been watching since you first started making tutorials on that super flat world <3

  • Sharon Sinha
    Sharon Sinha 13 hours ago

    How exactly am I going to make the pool

  • Marukabaraja Marukabaraja


  • Jack
    Jack 19 hours ago

    Does anyone else here window penises

  • Yak Kup
    Yak Kup 19 hours ago

    Dawn of Discovery et Anno 1800 tres bien .But other versions really bad i think . I like your Dawn of Discovery videos.

  • Lauren Walter Gaming
    Lauren Walter Gaming 22 hours ago

    Shop At Saharah

  • Joel happel
    Joel happel 22 hours ago


  • Gabi Koonings
    Gabi Koonings Day ago

    Oh man this is still gonna be a long wait i am afraid, i wanna play this one so bad. Probably gonna be the best one since the 10th Anniversary one.

  • Adira Ifidi
    Adira Ifidi Day ago

    Derpy shapes

  • محمد الصيفي

    8:26 "Farm automation? I don't wanna do that, because that means more unemployed people and unemployed people get sad" *Clicks research anyways* hhhhh

  • notthat guy
    notthat guy Day ago

    Well you could charge 50 diamonds if you offer to build the design for the customer

  • Ethan Lawson
    Ethan Lawson Day ago


  • awkward potato

    That amour stand stuff is sick do it in your builds more

  • sirociper z
    sirociper z Day ago

    "Dash 4 Ca$h" is now open at Ravager Run!

  • Me Tube
    Me Tube Day ago

    Now i can build a secret basement under it growing weed

  • Vidar Gustafsson

    The angle is not 30 degrees though. In fact, it is impossible to make a such angle in Minecraft.

  • 7thSojurn
    7thSojurn Day ago

    you bass hurt my ears on videos suck

  • Funk the duck
    Funk the duck Day ago

    My brother used to buy and gift me Age of Empires Collectors editions , i used to get hyped over the small items inside the boxes and still keep em to date. This is in very similar style but the metal box is a nice addition.

  • GrizzlyAmos
    GrizzlyAmos Day ago

    What Texture pack is this

  • Sidgend
    Sidgend Day ago

    I hit the like button, likeaso!

  • Kryptic Armoured

    Let's get our window penises. Window penises over here, window penises over there.

  • googleyoutube
    googleyoutube Day ago

    what accent do you have?

  • Adira Ifidi
    Adira Ifidi Day ago

    This house is straight up awesome

  • Only Dreams
    Only Dreams Day ago

    Can someone give me steps to download this? It doesn't seem to work for me

  • x Victimized
    x Victimized Day ago

    Looks like Civ.

  • 。Адриан 。

    Pozdrawiam 🤙🏼

  • jakesta104
    jakesta104 Day ago

    Ty ubisoft now hurry the fuck up

  • Lukas Baran
    Lukas Baran Day ago

    How? you unlocked Workertent? I got it at the beginning of the game there. Sorry google translator

  • ha! look at your nose

    achacha leaves <chacha real smooth>

  • ☮ Vorwärts mit Leidenschaft, Furchtlosigkeit, und Abenteuerlust ☼

    Hey Keralis have you checked out the new post-apocalyptic city builder "Surviving The Aftermath" by Paradox?

  • Grenades
    Grenades Day ago

    Song at 9:33 ??

  • Shadowser _14
    Shadowser _14 Day ago

    Ahhh the memories

  • Aaron Kuehner
    Aaron Kuehner Day ago

    The pirate roller coaster ride thing... It needs to be something fantastical, like tropical islands... Maybe the Caribbean like Jamaica. And ghosts! Yes, lots of ghosts or undead that suddenly appear to drive people mad. It could be called "Undead Pirates of Jamaican Me Crazy". I think that would sell in the real world. Let's see if maybe Universal Studios in Florida would go for this... or perhaps Disney. Nah, Disney would never go for this. Seriously, Universal would totally go for a ride about undead pirates in tropical islands. I think it could even lead to a movie deal!

  • noheader
    noheader Day ago

    I wish you mention here the texture pack you are using, I love all your stuff since I start playing Minecraft.

  • Adira Ifidi
    Adira Ifidi Day ago

    I know I was just complaining but he freakin just said ‘don’t go raging bananas on me’

  • Shadowser _14
    Shadowser _14 Day ago

    I love when youtube was nice

  • pantat monyet
    pantat monyet 2 days ago

    23:36 *lapis lapulis*

  • Wesley Peters
    Wesley Peters 2 days ago

    He got everything spot on, from the blue water tanks, to the framing in the horse shed and the rustic beams. This reminded me of some of the farms in Iowa.

  • Żurek
    Żurek 2 days ago

    Keralis why you don't record Polish videos?

  • TeddyEdition
    TeddyEdition 2 days ago


  • progamer batur
    progamer batur 2 days ago

    good job

  • Lion Master 1019
    Lion Master 1019 2 days ago

    I can't find the texture pack by name can you please link it for us.

  • Marvin Schmitt
    Marvin Schmitt 2 days ago

    Hey Guys! New to Keralis... Which shader does he use?

  • Billy Cenn
    Billy Cenn 2 days ago

    Can u make a video of your texture pack and shaders mod and how to install it pls?

  • SynthSaxon
    SynthSaxon 2 days ago

    This is definitely one for me to check out I'm thinking Cheers Keralis 👍

  • Revan Noct
    Revan Noct 2 days ago

    14:24 .__. Dirty mind stop

  • nalle puh
    nalle puh 2 days ago

    Paska video, puhut vammasesti ja selität huonosti

  • ColegaBill
    ColegaBill 2 days ago

    "Slavic castle..." I'll let that sink for a few centuries.

  • Yuki Abendanio
    Yuki Abendanio 2 days ago

    I'm Amazed.. BTW its Butterflies not Fairies! That's a fox reaching the grapes, and that's a boar with a black stair block nose..

  • Tricia Roy
    Tricia Roy 2 days ago


  • k. k.
    k. k. 2 days ago

    im so sad you dont play conan anymore:( theres a lot of new stuff, dlcs, armour, furniture!!! i d love to see what you create with the new possibilities! <3

  • Ma. Luisa Dela Cruz

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  • Ma. Luisa Dela Cruz

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  • ramiyan22
    ramiyan22 2 days ago

    wow 2019

  • vkarki
    vkarki 2 days ago

    Get cleo to idea

  • Doctor Aussie
    Doctor Aussie 2 days ago

    can you send new link for map?

  • Jayden Ryan
    Jayden Ryan 2 days ago

    can u make a tutorial for the back yard

  • Melon Geddon
    Melon Geddon 2 days ago

    The concorp and Sahara baby=IDEA

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 2 days ago

    Omg i’m in love with your voice, your intro, your building ... JUST EVERYTHING IS PERFECT! New sub!

  • ham cloud
    ham cloud 2 days ago


  • Jack E. Bagbaga
    Jack E. Bagbaga 2 days ago


  • David Martin
    David Martin 2 days ago

    Maby build an awesome old Church like the "la sagrada familia" in Barcelona

  • David Martin
    David Martin 2 days ago

    Gey Sir XD 👍

  • David Martin
    David Martin 2 days ago

    The Diorite exploded.....and Iskall loved it.

  • trainfan1287 The Railfan!


  • Adam Snee
    Adam Snee 2 days ago

    I am 100% APPALLED by your methods of house flipping. Your technique and process is completely OUT OF WACK!!! You do not start with one room!!! You clean the entire house, paint the walls, change the floorboards, AND THEN you decorate. Starting with the kitchen while the rest of the house looked like the inside of my very own butthole was BAD FORM! Your decorating skills were also near NON EXISTENT! There was no room! No space! How you do expect to move??? Do you live in a house?? Or do you live in a pokeball!! I EXPECT more from you in the FUTURE! Thank you. Good Day Sir. Regards, Sneezy02 Professional House Flipper Microsoft CEO's son. My dad is a police officer.

  • Mar kas
    Mar kas 2 days ago

    Amazing build for sure, its awesome how with a pack heavily based on medieval you can still create amazing modern and futuristic stuff!

  • Rise of Alpacas
    Rise of Alpacas 2 days ago

    Is the inside of the buildings decorated too ?

  • Adira Ifidi
    Adira Ifidi 3 days ago

    This very annoying when you can’t use that axe for the command

  • Rubao
    Rubao 3 days ago

    Who came here from watching cleo

  • David Medina
    David Medina 3 days ago


  • Rubao
    Rubao 3 days ago

    Area 77? Area 51!!!

  • Felkin
    Felkin 3 days ago


  • Vipul Says
    Vipul Says 3 days ago

    Pls continue cities skyline episodes. <3

  • Bram Lokhorst
    Bram Lokhorst 3 days ago

    At first I thought it was kingdom come

    • Madhijz -spacewhale
      Madhijz -spacewhale 10 hours ago

      my thoughts exactly. Maybe it was modeled after the same historic castle?

  • At Tick
    At Tick 3 days ago

    Kerala would be an excellent story teller his voice is so calming

  • Alexander Taylor
    Alexander Taylor 3 days ago

    We need an updated version

  • Casothecheezcow
    Casothecheezcow 3 days ago

    This really came out 5 years ago. 5 years ago was a different time :/

  • TRPlayZ
    TRPlayZ 3 days ago

    I think the dislike is to respect the house

  • Daniel Cole
    Daniel Cole 3 days ago

    what texture pack is this? would love to know so I could download it and use in my builds? please let me know!

  • lunelilyonrunescape

    Twelfth place?? TWELFTH PLACE???? How on EARTH did this get anything less than first? What eleven builds were ahead of this???

  • jekeebyeol
    jekeebyeol 3 days ago

    Boner hahahha

  • gamelover46
    gamelover46 3 days ago

    The way you grid out and construct everything is so satisfying to watch. Especially when you planted those sheep farms and they fitted so perfectly with those roads I swear my whole life's stress level went away.

  • We are Strange
    We are Strange 3 days ago

    I more preferred the last season it wasn’t finished and had more a focus on interesting design I miss it

  • Mikael Thorén
    Mikael Thorén 3 days ago

    You´re still the best builder out there. BIG thx.

  • i love wood and axes

    Do conventilos