Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show
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  • E G
    E G 4 hours ago

    u just threw back a 400 dollar crab mister!

  • Vii bunny
    Vii bunny 4 hours ago

    man, that guy who won the pupa must be so lucky...

  • amir koliver
    amir koliver 4 hours ago

    yesssss finally

  • MrDoom4all
    MrDoom4all 4 hours ago

    YES!! Break these barriers man!!! Love!

  • TelevisionEnthusiast

    Filipino and Indonesian just look the same my god. While watching I don't feel they are different people except for their language haha

  • Glendel Arotcha
    Glendel Arotcha 4 hours ago

    You've already eaten a lot of balls. Really. Ahaha

  • sikander sayyed
    sikander sayyed 4 hours ago

    Iran more video plz download

  • UltiMate LeGenD GamInG

    You should go Nepal for momo's

  • david songsong
    david songsong 4 hours ago

    the best chicharon is in Sta.Maria Bulacan

  • Ajit Meitei
    Ajit Meitei 4 hours ago

    Wow with vomiting style 😝😝😝😝😝😝

  • jjh lk
    jjh lk 4 hours ago

    Why are you in Iran? They're a terrorist nation. They just bombed Saudi Arabia and took out half of their oil production and attacked oil ships and a US ship. Are you this much of a douche bag?

  • Qasim Khan Hott Baloach

    1:12 song name?????

    ANURADHA VENKATESH 4 hours ago

    This was posted on my bday

  • Chingkhiu Palmei
    Chingkhiu Palmei 4 hours ago

    Wow..I am excited for this! looking forward for the videos ahead!

  • TelevisionEnthusiast

    I love his reactions HAHA WAAAAH! 9:56

  • snow pens
    snow pens 4 hours ago

    Lets talk about oil after the meal✌

  • britemun
    britemun 4 hours ago

    Well, before it was probably. But now there is no shadow of doubt in you being the NUMBER ONE food traveller in the WORLD. cheers, cant wait to see the whole series.

  • Eric S.
    Eric S. 4 hours ago

    Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved Say Father in Heaven, I believe that Jesus died for my sins And God will impart eternal life to your spirit

  • Linh Lee
    Linh Lee 4 hours ago

    Phở is made in the North

  • shazesh Rajbhandari
    shazesh Rajbhandari 4 hours ago

    Fuck CNN 🖕🏽

  • Mahalingam N
    Mahalingam N 4 hours ago

    i am your big fan

  • ManlyMan TheMan
    ManlyMan TheMan 4 hours ago

    I wanna run around in a hoodie and climb the buildings

  • لبناني سني
    لبناني سني 4 hours ago

    Fuck Iran fuck America

  • Being Stupid
    Being Stupid 4 hours ago

    2:26 those eyes are mesmerizing

  • wang leevon
    wang leevon 4 hours ago

    Very interesting job I like it

  • Joseph foreman
    Joseph foreman 4 hours ago

    Hope you make it out safely brother :)

  • Psalm Valloso
    Psalm Valloso 4 hours ago

    Ayos ung sounds ng taxi.."like a virgin😂

  • Putu Suhartawan
    Putu Suhartawan 4 hours ago


  • That Random Short Guy

    I really hope you do a $100 challenge

  • 1Life2Little
    1Life2Little 4 hours ago

    Do they spice it with home made uranium?

  • S D K W P F A
    S D K W P F A 4 hours ago

    Hi IRAN namaste 🙏🇮🇳 from ASSAM INDIA

  • Mangalore diaries
    Mangalore diaries 4 hours ago

    Public seems more friendly than americans.

  • king bahador
    king bahador 4 hours ago

    you need vpn bro:)

  • Nini Mibang
    Nini Mibang 4 hours ago

    2:26 min... lady is so beautiful....she took my ❤️!!!!

  • king bahador
    king bahador 4 hours ago

    welcome to iran bro

  • Vani Aggarwal
    Vani Aggarwal 4 hours ago

    Hey sunny pls visit my mom n aunt can cook works class cuisine.....I request...vani

  • Gaming Minati Is Here

    Where tf vada pav go? -_-

  • nikhil maroli
    nikhil maroli 4 hours ago

    Is there any similarity between Iranian and Indian cuisine

  • Queen Mina
    Queen Mina 4 hours ago

    OMG!! WOW!!

  • TelevisionEnthusiast

    I think it is too unhygienic to just use his hand to kinda flatten the food? If you ask me, yes I would eat it because I want to try the food how would it taste like, but I do not know if I go again cuz it's really unhygienic tho. 9:15

  • Pepper Luck
    Pepper Luck 4 hours ago

    MY name is literally Dani

  • imax digital
    imax digital 4 hours ago

    Duterte is *literally* a murderous psychopath...

  • Last Name
    Last Name 4 hours ago

    It's true that Iranians hate foreighners. It's just that they are realising now that if foreigners visit their country then their tourism will grow and so their GDP.

  • Mahmoud Takieddin
    Mahmoud Takieddin 4 hours ago

    Beautiful country ......very bad government khomaini and his f... Slaves

  • Veezty
    Veezty 4 hours ago

    Ah, finally a channel that live up its name

  • Hafeez Mohideen
    Hafeez Mohideen 4 hours ago

    the women are so pretty....omg! I'm going to Iran, buh bye guys!

  • Last Name
    Last Name 4 hours ago

    Iran is not safe.


    I love you sonny but I guess brain has a cute impression

  • Anas Jalle'
    Anas Jalle' 4 hours ago

    I'mma gonna love this

  • Onion Tears
    Onion Tears 4 hours ago

    i dont care how kind they act in a video..... can not trust them and their religion.

  • San jen
    San jen 4 hours ago

    Hi sonny

  • Pepper Luck
    Pepper Luck 4 hours ago

    me dad you could say controls papua

  • Pepper Luck
    Pepper Luck 4 hours ago

    I live in papua

  • fhardlie rahman
    fhardlie rahman 4 hours ago

    Wow you already come to malaysia nice, but you didn't come to state of kedah,here you can enjoy more bizarre food.

  • lydia HM
    lydia HM 4 hours ago

    Hado mzlhom 3aychin 😂😂😂

  • Naveen Tiku
    Naveen Tiku 5 hours ago

    Look forward to your Iran escapades. Cheers Sonny you rockstar!

  • saman vandadi
    saman vandadi 5 hours ago

    welcome and i hope you enjoy it

  • Rahul Ibitdar
    Rahul Ibitdar 5 hours ago

    Music god what a choice....

  • Nomaden Adnan
    Nomaden Adnan 5 hours ago

    mukanya sampai merah

  • Khalid Al-Khanjari
    Khalid Al-Khanjari 5 hours ago

    i soo love this

  • xavier smith
    xavier smith 5 hours ago

    That only got me very freakin' Hungry!!!! Thanks a lot!!! it was a cool video!!!!

  • Papa Joe
    Papa Joe 5 hours ago

    Pigs eat shit.

  • Asad Ullah
    Asad Ullah 5 hours ago

    Sonny: " like aquaman armpit" lool

  • Jay Zz
    Jay Zz 5 hours ago

    Americans are not good why allowing into Iran??

  • 鸧鸧
    鸧鸧 5 hours ago

    I'm gonna just ignore the green trash bin.

  • Michael Enda
    Michael Enda 5 hours ago

    Somehow its sad to watch those KIDS have to take their own "WILD adventure", selling things in the middle of rush hours dealing with some strangers which they don't know what would happen next and might be some dangers lurk around while actually they can have a better "world". They're still underage for god's sake, and life is like forcing their hands to do those kind of dangerous stuff, what a perspective of harsh world indeed.

  • Kishor Gayke
    Kishor Gayke 5 hours ago

    When you come next time in India plz come in Maharashtra and test Maharashrtiyan POURAN POLI.

  • Georges Kelzi
    Georges Kelzi 5 hours ago

    Can you go to lebanon

  • gaurab VR46
    gaurab VR46 5 hours ago

    cool can't wait..Love from 🇮🇳🤗

  • Daryll John Talosig
    Daryll John Talosig 5 hours ago

    Try Baguio sir. there were so many native dish that im sure you'll like it😊 especially pinikpikan ☺️

  • Sk Rumon
    Sk Rumon 5 hours ago

    You so cute 😍❤️

  • Asad Ullah
    Asad Ullah 5 hours ago

    Trump will attack you for that oil out

  • Dalavine
    Dalavine 5 hours ago

    Never thought I'd say this about a guy but Oro has beautiful hair o_o

  • ananda fikri
    ananda fikri 5 hours ago

    8:30 The laddy: wh...whatt?

  • Treasure Ireland
    Treasure Ireland 5 hours ago

    Really looking forward. Love Iran, its culture, people and of course the food

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 5 hours ago

    The only enemy of Americans is USA

  • Hoanghai Nguyen
    Hoanghai Nguyen 5 hours ago

    Can you turn the "DICK" on pls??? haha Bloody hell, the "DICK'' is so hot

  • Lokman Hakim
    Lokman Hakim 5 hours ago

    Iran shitt place

  • Nitesh Agrawal
    Nitesh Agrawal 5 hours ago

    Iran is beautiful

  • アコマリニス
    アコマリニス 5 hours ago

    These are teasing too much, can’t wait the full clips

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy 5 hours ago

    18:17 *i drop my phone* Guys hold your phone tight

  • Jude Sampang
    Jude Sampang 5 hours ago

    Why all the iranian girls looks like princess jasmine ?😯

  • Adityanovski
    Adityanovski 5 hours ago

    YOU ROCKS!!!!

    JB HORIZON 5 hours ago

    Love Iran no doubt stay blessed

  • Bryan Hurdle
    Bryan Hurdle 5 hours ago

    Don't think I've ever heard the words, "we are in a yurt and we have our horse".

  • Marcus StaAna
    Marcus StaAna 5 hours ago

    8:14 Opposite day punk!

  • thebong bust
    thebong bust 5 hours ago

    What you are doing is truly historic ! Respect from north east india brother

  • Kalimuddin Ansari
    Kalimuddin Ansari 5 hours ago

    Love you Iran and all iranians greetings from India I want to be there.

  • Clowww nnn
    Clowww nnn 5 hours ago

    Try to compete with filipino people sir.

  • Pej Jam
    Pej Jam 5 hours ago

    Hello Sonny! Please do go to Esfahan and have Beryani (Akhavan Beriani ) in darvazeh dolat is the best. Also Shahrzad resturant in chahar bagh is the best

  • Liezel Regpala
    Liezel Regpala 5 hours ago

    That's not lemon is kalamansi 😂😂

  • Darkstorms Dota 2
    Darkstorms Dota 2 5 hours ago

    I am so extremely jealous... looks amazing

  • People Pip
    People Pip 5 hours ago

    Come to Mizoram... Come eat Sachek 😆😀

  • Dipesh Dudhaiya
    Dipesh Dudhaiya 5 hours ago

    That's what I'm talking about, man !! Home made food tastes different than restaurant food. I liked that episode.

  • Hida Tafolli
    Hida Tafolli 5 hours ago

    That mystery powder is coke

  • Millz Tamo
    Millz Tamo 5 hours ago

    No matter where your from, what color skin or language you speak, Food Brings us all together!! Maybe All our governments should just share more meals together!! Love the show Bro!!

  • Staicy Tran
    Staicy Tran 5 hours ago

    the dog tho 9:10

  • jase keppler
    jase keppler 5 hours ago


  • Music Review
    Music Review 5 hours ago

    We in Serbia call that '' pecenje'' meaning baked meat or lechon.

  • Purushotham Raj
    Purushotham Raj 5 hours ago

    Wow she is beautiful