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  • Laputa
    Laputa 31 minute ago

    Bought at 6k and waiting for 15 to sell,just pump it :D

  • Anthony Schrader

    Da Bulls

  • Numberofthings
    Numberofthings Hour ago

    Carl, you’re the best 😎

  • Posi Trades
    Posi Trades Hour ago

    a reversal at $7,400 would indicate a Head and Shoulders on the weekly chart and project the price to $14,000!

  • David G O
    David G O 2 hours ago

    Are there any alternatives to RUclip that we can all go to? Maybe a blockchain, decentralized tube? Bitchute has little else except some blogs, no music, no movie clips, nothing. Steemit is pretty limited too. No instructional vids, music or art, just lots of blogging and opinion shows.

    CDBTC 3 hours ago

    I just made a Video Challenge for you, MMCrypto, DaVinciJ15 and others. Go to my channel and watch it.

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt 3 hours ago

    I've been accumulating bitcoin through robinhood for the past 10 months, and some points have been brought to my attention making me realize I need to purchase mine through a different exchange. I was just looking for suggestions on what exchange I should be purchasing from I am US based. I would be interested in a VPN but I find it sketchy because what if my vpn fails and im not able to withdraw any crypto. Also when purchasing if I only own a fractional portion of BTC and not a whole coin am i not able to receive the key for that portion until I own one whole asset? Thank you very much guys!

  • Psychic Bubblegum Man

    7500 to 7700 till we start up

  • TheEVGAftw
    TheEVGAftw 3 hours ago

    Exactly why I changed my picture guys, let's be heard

  • JESSEverything
    JESSEverything 4 hours ago

    That profile picture with MM looks like you could be brothers lol

  • Alex Krab
    Alex Krab 4 hours ago

    You keep TA short , simple , no BS . Thanks

    INFINITY 4 hours ago

    This is not over, it's coming soon.

  • Dj Crazy J
    Dj Crazy J 5 hours ago

    Let me quote the late great Nikola Tesla. "The present is theirs, but the future is mine." this is true for youttube at the moment but the future is decentralized.

  • Simply Connected
    Simply Connected 5 hours ago

    They are just desperate to keep people AWAY from Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, and even Cash ! They want everyone's money ring-fenced within the Stock Market !

  • Hash beats Cash
    Hash beats Cash 5 hours ago

    "The Crypto News Crew" Those matching jackets make you look like news broadcasters. Great Collaboration guys! lol

  • Gougal Dougal
    Gougal Dougal 5 hours ago


  • wheminghou
    wheminghou 5 hours ago

    Greta is a puppet, not a leader!

  • 1967SuperG
    1967SuperG 5 hours ago

    Did the Moon just refer to Greta as a world leader? wtf

  • Erik
    Erik 5 hours ago

    Why do you use time after time the same headers and clickbate bullshit Carl? Who's gonna take you serious at the end?

  • J H
    J H 6 hours ago

    very good video

  • Ramon Rodriguez
    Ramon Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    what would we do without carl, i have learned so much , explained so clearly we all love you carl .you are sharing your knollege with the early crypto world and because of you we will be more confident in trading, thank you

  • J H
    J H 6 hours ago

    they're getting u guys all ready so that when BTC price doubles instantly, NONE of you will get any info out. then a bunch of fake channels that look like u guys start up and have as many views as u guys instantly cuz no one has you guys to watch

  • Gnemine Rift
    Gnemine Rift 6 hours ago

    CupNHandle still in play

    CDBTC 6 hours ago

    But you are the guys who can effect change by beginning to push decentralized video platforms. Saying we don’t have the eyeballs there yet is never going to solve the problem. I’m a small fish and I already moved to my videos being ported over to LBC. Super easy and no double work. Same YT video gets ported over automatically.

  • Crypto Poussin
    Crypto Poussin 6 hours ago

    To all 3, about the reach 1 solution not the best is twitter. However I know best is reach via youtube obviously...

  • Raymond P. Kot II, Esq.

    Won't the Corona Virus epidemic raise the demand for gold, silver and Bitcoin? Assuming it keeps spreading through mainland China, the economic effects should be very serious causing a run to safety.

  • Justin Chris
    Justin Chris 6 hours ago

    Your a dumb fuck

  • Mainhattencalling
    Mainhattencalling 6 hours ago

    my man!

  • timmy song
    timmy song 6 hours ago

    How old is Carl? He looks about 17 :/

  • SAFU MAF00
    SAFU MAF00 6 hours ago

    hey @theMoon why dont you charge for your TA? thanks for the free work

  • Nelson Muntz
    Nelson Muntz 7 hours ago

    No, try and be right 100% of the time if not fuck off you scrub

  • Yousef Nasir
    Yousef Nasir 7 hours ago


  • Anddy M. Andersson
    Anddy M. Andersson 7 hours ago

    Carl, Ivan and Chris are the 3 muscitures in crypto. 🤺🤺🤺 Love to see you guys discuss this topics! 💖👍💖

  • Roy Coin
    Roy Coin 7 hours ago

    Carl: "I've talked alot about the price targets of the rising wedge and i'm not going to repeat myself" Also Carl: proceeds to talk about price target.

  • Anddy M. Andersson
    Anddy M. Andersson 7 hours ago

    Support at $8k. 200 EMA will become foundation for the rest of the this bull run.

  • SEO Service
    SEO Service 7 hours ago

    bro just pull up the 100 day MA 7950, matches the vpvr

  • Mike Barbetta
    Mike Barbetta 7 hours ago

    THanks Carl, great video!

  • SherryH
    SherryH 7 hours ago

    Two words, in my opinion, Craig Wright. Bitcoin is under attack and he is on the record as saying that there are other ways to take down Bitcoin.

  • bob thebuilder
    bob thebuilder 7 hours ago

    So key levels are 7.9k/8k by vpr, 8.2k from 200 ema, and 7400 and 7500 from fib retracement and rising wedge target?... Are u playing any of these Carl or?..

  • Emre i
    Emre i 7 hours ago

    Nice TA Carl👍

  • Gio Vanni
    Gio Vanni 8 hours ago

    My 200 moving average is higher than yours.. wtf

    • Dj Crazy J
      Dj Crazy J 5 hours ago

      It will keep following it down until the 3 day crushes it and has a big correction and capitulation faze then build again. We had no market structure last run up so it fell fast.

    • Gio Vanni
      Gio Vanni 5 hours ago

      Dj Crazy J exactly

    • Dj Crazy J
      Dj Crazy J 5 hours ago

      you are right it never broke it, it just went right up to it.

  • James Miller
    James Miller 8 hours ago

    enjoyed the interview part here.

  • Live Vids
    Live Vids 8 hours ago

    DUMP RUclip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    There was a recent golden cross of the 50 and 200 sma, so I'm leaning bullish for a new macro trend. :)

  • Marcelo Lima
    Marcelo Lima 8 hours ago

    The little funny girl was there.....😂😂😂😂....the forum became a joke

  • Bryan Santos
    Bryan Santos 8 hours ago

    My advice to you and other crypto tubers. Be careful with the fundamentals you want to share, make sure it's evidently and undeniably true. Otherwise just keep it to yourself. Apparently you guys have no idea what kind of people there are on this planet. I do believe that you guys have not the intention to misinform other people. Since you guys are completely ignorant about the real wars that has been going on. Apparently ignorance is bliss. However that won't stop "others" from silencing you, regardless when you're unconsciously misinforming. Example... in this video, you are putting world leaders, Trump and Greta Thunberg in the same sentences... It may seems insignificant to you, but it's certainly not. Needles to say, you're pretty much playing with fire there. Don't be surprised when you get your fingers burned once again. With that all having said. I have learned a lot from your TA, see this as a token of my unconditional appreciation. For I am taking my time and hoping to have enlightened you with this information. Remember, knowledge and experience is the most valuable things in life. These are thing you don't want to mess with. In addition, Crypto tubers are not the only content creators that are being purged, you might want to get that out your head. Good luck & I sincerely hope "they" will leave you alone from now on.

    SMIZZLE BEATZ 8 hours ago

    I think we could all use another Peter Schiff bear comment about now would be nice 😄

  • goodelectricinc
    goodelectricinc 8 hours ago

    You guys should get on bitchute as an alternative

    AVLRECORDS 9 hours ago

    Herding the sheep once again. RUclip protects the PUMP and dump scheme. Mc afee is now the youtube CEO 1 million end of 2020

  • Oliver Badura
    Oliver Badura 9 hours ago

    Also the ema ribbon is strong support now (20ema)

  • Noel G
    Noel G 9 hours ago

    Bitcoin is better than any politicaly made digital currency.

  • David Arulnathan
    David Arulnathan 9 hours ago

    you tube has its head buried in sand with regards to BTC & Crypto !!

  • Simon Plumber
    Simon Plumber 9 hours ago

    Carl, I hope you get a strike...….for sitting on the fence with your presentations!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Castellano
    Paul Castellano 9 hours ago

    BCH $48.00 soon

  • Paul Castellano
    Paul Castellano 9 hours ago

    Bitcoin $2,000 soon XRP 0.07

  • Isocortex Gaming
    Isocortex Gaming 9 hours ago

    Like i said more then a week ago, 7600-7700 ;)

  • Abel Romero
    Abel Romero 9 hours ago

    You guys give me so much hope that "I CAN" become financially independent! Thank you for all you do! 👏

  • Thomas Landry
    Thomas Landry 9 hours ago

    I hope it stays under 9k for just a bit longer.

  • masoud memari
    masoud memari 9 hours ago

    Is Bitcoin likely to die. C theory?

  • JRMObrien
    JRMObrien 9 hours ago

    Philakone has been right most of the time. I believe yes 7500 bounce

  • Napolean Macro
    Napolean Macro 9 hours ago

    Hey Carl! Is it just me or did you also notice your video views surged during and after the Crypto purge?

  • volvo09
    volvo09 9 hours ago

    If a mega bull run starts in crypto again I guarantee RUclip will "act" to prevent people from "harmful content" (their own greed and fomo) and many crypto channels will be toast. They've already publicly stated (on hidden camera) that trumps election was a "situation that they need to prevent" and wether you like him or not that statement doesn't need to only be applied to politics, they will act on bitcoin.

  • Как реально зарбатывать 3000 в день через интернет?

    Хoршее видео пoлучилоcь.. Спаcибo за стapaния автору!!

  • masoud memari
    masoud memari 9 hours ago

    Hi. Professor Moon. I follow your channel every day on youtube. Please talk about C theory !!! Is it true about Bitcoin?

  • masoud memari
    masoud memari 9 hours ago

    Hi. Professor Moon. I follow your channel every day on youtube. Please talk about C theory !!! Is it true about Bitcoin?

  • Sankha B
    Sankha B 9 hours ago

    "Huge bitcoin bounce/move/upside/bull market coming " the heading for all Moon's videos for the past year

  • Steffi Steff
    Steffi Steff 10 hours ago

    Ivan reading Kafka, chapeau!

  • Douglas S. Noble
    Douglas S. Noble 10 hours ago

    Golden pocket completes second shoulder on inverse head and shoulder

    BITCOIN GOLD 10 hours ago

    Great guys 😘 😘😘

  • Dr. Craig
    Dr. Craig 10 hours ago

    Greta a world leader? I don't think so. 👎

  • ultrasom som
    ultrasom som 10 hours ago

    Reaching the golden pocket. Waiting for it to go all in! Cheers from Brazil!

  • Alessandro De Crypto
    Alessandro De Crypto 10 hours ago

    Would have been nice if you would have shared some live walkthrough the roads in Davos. I remember many crypto events last year where viewable for everybody directly from the streets. Also Davinci was last year there for a speech. Have fun in Davos guys. You must see the Ex-Bar and the Pöstli Club ;)

  • masoud memari
    masoud memari 10 hours ago

    Viva mm cripto 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

    • MMCrypto
      MMCrypto 6 hours ago

      masoud memari 🔥🔥🔥

  • Paulius Barvainas
    Paulius Barvainas 10 hours ago

    You should consider a messenger list strategy as well.

  • m t
    m t 10 hours ago

    Give some link to interesting channels on RUclip

  • Handy Rams
    Handy Rams 10 hours ago

    I got a warning for playing Public domain music on my channel (at least that's what I think the warning was for). I tried to appeal earlier this week and there is still no response from RUclip. I stopped playing music altogether and so far, so good.

  • Dan Gir
    Dan Gir 10 hours ago

    great guys

  • Fredy Arriaza
    Fredy Arriaza 10 hours ago

    That's what I was thinking decentralized from that way everybody can see it not only two RUcliprs but to all of us come on come on guys I think we are a lot of people in crypto there is a lot of us in digital money let's make and ICO let's make it happen you are you are The Three Amigos sweet and Friends it could be done so it's very valuable with the resources and money

  • Brandon Ducci
    Brandon Ducci 10 hours ago

    Hi Carl. Great video bud. Keep up the good work. Been watching you and mm crypto for loooong now when you guys werent even collabing so its great to see two of my favourite youtubers collabing:). I wanted to know what price or level would worry you if bitcoin got there? I.e. what price might make you think a double bottom is looming? Ive already dollar costed averaged in from 8k to 11k but still interested to hear your thoughts:)

  • Leonardo Flores
    Leonardo Flores 10 hours ago

    Drink dat green tea with some real honey so you can keep dat corona viruz in check man.. ;D

  • CryptoTakeOver
    CryptoTakeOver 10 hours ago

    Thanks Carl I like how you keep your TA simple!! Looking forward to hearing more from you

  • Stranger
    Stranger 10 hours ago

    Slay all victims that don't believe in btc. Hodl

  • Tales_of_the_crypto Crypto

    Thanks Chris, Carl and Ivan appreciate all of your dictation to keeping us informed!👍💫🙏💞👌🎉 enjoy your time in Switzerland.💞💞💞💞

  • Dani M
    Dani M 11 hours ago

    Love Kafka

  • Crypto Coatings
    Crypto Coatings 11 hours ago

    Wow Three Great Influencers together. Very good Idea...

  • Ivan on Tech
    Ivan on Tech 11 hours ago

    Amazing speaking with you guys!!

  • Alexandre Gabriel
    Alexandre Gabriel 11 hours ago

    Flat earth also get censured... it should ring a bell

    • Alexandre Gabriel
      Alexandre Gabriel 6 hours ago

      Are you for real? Curvature has never been demonstrated, not once by no experiments whatsoever. No need to look into your vid library. You want to debate and talk about science for real, go on Nathan Oakley’s channel or Sleeping Warrior’s. Those dudes will destroy you but I can give you a taste of what’s happening right now in the globe debate. You CANNOT have gas pressure without a container but the air we breathe is clearly under pressure. How is it not sucked by the vacuum of space? 2ND law of thermodynamics says it is impossible. A gas under high pressure will always flow towards low pressure, it is a law, not a théorie. Now you globtards will say it is gravity that keeps it all together, that is if gravity were a force but according to Einstein’s law who superseded Newton’s ones, gravity is NOT a force, it is the effect of curvature of space time, whatever that means. But if it is not a force, it cannot push or pull so it cannot do anything. What then is keeping our atmosphere together? You fools need to wake up!

    • Social Crusader
      Social Crusader 9 hours ago

      OMG explain why the laser dot on a ship rises while the ship sails away from the shoreline towards the horizon? It's called curvature. Apply your time researching something else, perhaps a topic in my library of videos will inspire you in a certain direction.

  • Duarte
    Duarte 11 hours ago

    Bitcoin will die!! Is dying !! Short it !!

  • Polar Roller
    Polar Roller 11 hours ago

    why is RUclip anti crypto?

    • pleaslucian
      pleaslucian 2 hours ago

      RUclip is owned by Google. Google has a vested interest in the centralization of not only money, but of EVERYTHING. Corporations and governments will go to any length to maintain their control over the economic, political and social paradigm. They will not simply acquiesce their control. Despite that many currently seem to view bitcoin (and other cryptos) as a sort of 21st century stock market, what is currently transpiring is far more fundamental, and far more revolutionary, than merely providing people with an opportunity to get rich. These are currency wars, in which the imminent failure of forced money schemes implemented by governments has compelled the invention of a novel technological solution that they cannot easily control (bitcoin). Additionally, the world’s preeminent corporations will attempt to establish a presence with the creation of their own currencies. Facebook’s Libra and the powerful government pushback are an example of the type of tug-of-war we should anticipate for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, bitcoin chugs along, the primary weapon against it being public perception and the crippling of mass adoption. But it’s a desperate effort. Ultimately, the crypto community will be forced to develop an independent solution to the censorship they will increasingly experience. Make no mistake, censorship is inevitable for the simple fact that the interests of Google and the aspirations of bonafide crypto enthusiasts are diametrically opposed. Cryptocurriencies market cap looks like pocket change even compared to gold and governments are already threatened. Anyone surprised by the recent purge attempt is gonna need diapers when bitcoin reaches one or two trillion USD market cap. We would all be wise to hope for the best and plan for the worst. And the crypto youtubers should put their heads together to arrive at an independent solution to the inevitable efforts of governments and corporations to censor their voices.

  • The Russian Bear
    The Russian Bear 11 hours ago

    Realistically, BTC hasn't made any gains in 26 months.

    • Social Crusader
      Social Crusader 9 hours ago

      Yeah because who cares about a 4.382x from $3,150-13,800.... Brilliant.

  • Luskebuksen
    Luskebuksen 11 hours ago

    My boy Carl 😍

  • Jesse Dow
    Jesse Dow 11 hours ago

    We already hit the bottom. It's the 21 EMA. We'll bounce into the start of the week if not this weekend.

  • Bernard Poindexter
    Bernard Poindexter 11 hours ago


  • The Magic Snookerchannel

    most channels are like shitcoins

  • Richie C
    Richie C 11 hours ago

    Carl from the moon looking real warm in that jacket 16:00

  • kwinzman
    kwinzman 11 hours ago

    Who trades with a 200 EMA? 200MA yes, but not exponential.

  • Krypto Koning
    Krypto Koning 11 hours ago

    Could a disclaimer at the start of the video prevent the warnings/strikes? Worth a shot...

  • leebog31
    leebog31 11 hours ago

    RUclip or google is the problem. First they came after alex jones and now they can come after everyone else.

  • Mr. Silva
    Mr. Silva 11 hours ago

    I am not sure about what Iam going to “state” here, I am in SA, and what I sense is that only the Crypto English-speaking RUclip Channels are getting this “strikes”, very odd and fishy indeed.

    • Mr. Silva
      Mr. Silva 8 hours ago

      @NematePojma I see your point but in this case I did not explain myself fully, I was referring to English-speaking crypto RUclip channels.

    • NematePojma
      NematePojma 9 hours ago

      Its not only crypto that's attacked, its the truth in general! Censorship is taking place

    • NematePojma
      NematePojma 9 hours ago

      Ive seen a croatian channel being striked for showing a politician speaking the truth and angainst our ruling politicians.

  • Sway P
    Sway P 11 hours ago

    Excellent guys. Thanks !