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  • chalupa batman
    chalupa batman Hour ago

    Go to Alaska with Steve rinella

  • Han
    Han Hour ago

    21:40 that got me 😂😂😂

  • Brooke S
    Brooke S Hour ago

    i want a 3rd sequel with tuna

  • D Vaughn
    D Vaughn Hour ago

    ....Do you know how long...Ive waited for this VIDEO?? BRAD AND MATTY NEED A SPECIFIC SHOW TOGETHER!!

  • Not Crush
    Not Crush Hour ago

    Brad gave the video life

  • Wyatt Wilson
    Wyatt Wilson Hour ago

    I love skip lol

  • argella1300
    argella1300 Hour ago

    You don't have to go to Antarctica to see penguins. You can find them in the Galapagos and in Australia. Also theater kid me is humming Oklahoma this entire video, I'm sorry

  • Emily Ferenczy
    Emily Ferenczy Hour ago

    Just dudes being dudes

  • Frank Hanna
    Frank Hanna Hour ago

    Can skipper have his own show please?

  • Frank Hanna
    Frank Hanna Hour ago

    Can skipper have his own show please?

  • Frank Hanna
    Frank Hanna Hour ago

    Can skipper have his own show please?

  • Sean C. Brophy
    Sean C. Brophy Hour ago

    Tuna fishing in Nova Scotia!

  • Rachael Donaldson

    Best bon appetit video yet!!!! Send them more places

  • Amelia Thomas
    Amelia Thomas Hour ago

    Truly guys being dudes

  • Rajashree Sooji
    Rajashree Sooji Hour ago

    Hats off for Ur efforts mam🙌🏻👍🏻

  • Rajashree Sooji
    Rajashree Sooji Hour ago

    Hats off for Ur efforts mam🙌🏻👍🏻

  • Kevin Durants Burner Account

    Can they please do this every week? Matty and Brad featuring Coach Skipper. “Showing Them the Ropes”

  • dv314S
    dv314S Hour ago

    go flyfishing next!!

  • Samira Bou
    Samira Bou Hour ago

    The end made me happy 😂❤️

  • John Roa
    John Roa Hour ago

    i think 4 min on each side was too much

  • knots nchains
    knots nchains Hour ago

    Chris your ways of approaching things is amazing. The fact that you got an 85% is incredable. You got the flavour and the look but missed on the preparation. I love that you smell everything before you eat it. I love that you had an obsession with strawberry shampoo. I like to smell things. I'll be on a walk with my husband and stop, walk up a drive way and smell roses. I always smell my homemade Jun before I drink it. I smell the bread before making a sandwich... I don't want to consume something that doesn't smell "Right" ; then there is that I want to know what "Right" smells like. Some people might think that smelling before eating is stupid, of funny. I like to think that it's smart.... wouldn't you hate to make a beautiful sanwich, put it on a plate sit in your comfy chair turn on your tv to your recorded show with a cold beer and a sandwich. you set the plate on your lap pick it up bite in and OMG the meat is OFF........?

  • Max H.
    Max H. Hour ago

    I want Amiel to tell me about everything

  • gus bus
    gus bus Hour ago

    Tuna fish would be awesome and Alaska

  • НИКОЛА! Без

    The editing in these videos is spot on! I’m dying from laughter 😂

  • Mazoureoursky
    Mazoureoursky Hour ago

    perfect bromance. love u both,

  • Sin
    Sin Hour ago

    Y'all should go to Cambodia and catch some spiders. 😅

  • Mikhail Angela
    Mikhail Angela Hour ago

    When is the next Making Perfect coming out

  • Maria Pletneva
    Maria Pletneva Hour ago

    Claire is totally rocking those earrings

  • Scott Brown
    Scott Brown Hour ago

    Possibly the best video BA has made. Ever.

  • Opamigaaa
    Opamigaaa Hour ago

    virgins are out in force in the comments.

  • MoonlightCharizard
    MoonlightCharizard 2 hours ago

    '' M&M's are everyone's favourite candy '' *Canadians looking at their Smarties* NOPE. No M&M's in my world! I dont mind the almond and the mini M&Ms but i really dont care for them as much. I'd throw myself in Smarties waaaaaaaaaaay before that. Good episode tho!

  • D Bates
    D Bates 2 hours ago

    Catherine: lunch

  • Borderline Stef
    Borderline Stef 2 hours ago

    Come to Nova Scotia and catch lobster with yer toes!!! Yes, it is a thing.

  • Nathalie Buzaglo
    Nathalie Buzaglo 2 hours ago

    “Eat before they start to leak” hahaha

  • Sweet Jones III
    Sweet Jones III 2 hours ago

    Matty looks like the current Bam Margera 🤣

  • V V
    V V 2 hours ago

    Brad's dialogue with skip was WAY too erotic

  • Kyle Cronin
    Kyle Cronin 2 hours ago

    Pretty sure Molly hates Adam. The reason is a total mystery.

  • Penguin
    Penguin 2 hours ago

    They should go hunt Turkey or maybe deer when the season starts

  • Faith R
    Faith R 2 hours ago

    Try becoming ranch hands for a day in Texas

  • ArmouredUnicorn
    ArmouredUnicorn 2 hours ago

    Just put a cup of basmati on after watching this.

  • Michael Blais
    Michael Blais 2 hours ago

    nobody grills lettuce you weirdo

  • D Bates
    D Bates 2 hours ago

    7:38 is the quality editing I’m here for

  • RPG RagePlaysGames
    RPG RagePlaysGames 2 hours ago

    My toaster literally has a pop tart setting

  • Justin D
    Justin D 2 hours ago

    U did it!!! You guys need to do more videos together.

  • Chipiricuiki0083
    Chipiricuiki0083 2 hours ago

    freze frame on 31:34... I need someone to paint this in the Neoclassical or romantic style... what a portrait

  • Queen Snivy Plays & More!

    Contains less that .5% of NATURAL FLAVORS

  • Luciano Catizone
    Luciano Catizone 2 hours ago

    I think Matty should stay on it's alive

  • Allen Blackwell
    Allen Blackwell 2 hours ago

    just saw this and molly sounded a bit too excited to "start a fire" at carla's making her seem like a pyromaniac or arsonist xD honestly though great going molly

  • Emily Megan
    Emily Megan 2 hours ago

    wait... did she use sign language for "i have pasta timer problems" (9:10)? that's awesome!

  • MyPoliticsTM
    MyPoliticsTM 2 hours ago

    31:00 Good old Tommy Beringer!

  • Owen as mr. M
    Owen as mr. M 2 hours ago

    This is the best episode I've seen in a while. MORE MATTY X BRAD

  • Al-Bader Bu-Hamad
    Al-Bader Bu-Hamad 2 hours ago

    I love this show. I would even love to do it myself. It's like something I feel like I would enjoy but too time and money consuming to just be doing it for my own curiosity. Doing it as a show kinda makes it pay itself pay of some sort. But I couldn't be better than you. So I really appreciate and enjoy watching you do it!

  • Brian A.
    Brian A. 2 hours ago

    Skipper needs his own show.

  • Gabe The Yid
    Gabe The Yid 2 hours ago

    Best. Video. On. The. Internet.

  • Marcos Severo
    Marcos Severo 2 hours ago

    Skipper 2:skipper goes to new york

  • joe RUSSELL
    joe RUSSELL 2 hours ago


  • Omar Josef
    Omar Josef 2 hours ago

    For the love of God. This is BA. Stop raping Paella!

  • Chanelle Lockhart
    Chanelle Lockhart 2 hours ago

    Elk hunting with a bow

  • omegasage
    omegasage 2 hours ago

    Honestly, as someone who dislikes fish, my Southern family had me try some fried catfish and alligator gar at one of their fish fries and it's really good. It's like...sweet? A neutral tasting fish (not stinky)!

  • Chris Sherer
    Chris Sherer 2 hours ago

    spear fishing grouper in Florida

  • anna youngblood
    anna youngblood 2 hours ago

    I’m from Kentucky catfish frys are like a regular thing all summer long.

  • Virtual Rose
    Virtual Rose 2 hours ago

    I hope Adam is just one of those people that doesn't have a ton of camera presence but if you meet him in person is super cool and nice,

  • Chipiricuiki0083
    Chipiricuiki0083 2 hours ago

    Possibly the greatest piece of food media ever made. Matty, Brad, Vinny, The Crew, BA, Everyone... You've outdone yourself

  • Scott Vince
    Scott Vince 2 hours ago

    Skipper was awesome!! Next should be Asian carp.

  • Lranee
    Lranee 2 hours ago

    peanut butter M&Ms exists

  • Esenfur
    Esenfur 2 hours ago

    not a years time. please. i want more by christmas.

  • Calamity Sangfroid
    Calamity Sangfroid 2 hours ago

    im waiting for the day they go hunting for rabbits using eagles in mongolia

  • mycarpultunnel
    mycarpultunnel 2 hours ago

    Cooking lobster in Maine!!

  • Lorenzo Montanez
    Lorenzo Montanez 2 hours ago

    Petition to fly skipper out

  • Cory Manter
    Cory Manter 2 hours ago

    Pleeeeeeease go tuna fishing!

  • ZeldoFilms
    ZeldoFilms 2 hours ago

    Waiter: And how would you like your chicken? Me: mEdIuM wElL pLeAsE.

  • steven song
    steven song 2 hours ago

    Go spearfishing in California!

  • Matthew McGarvey
    Matthew McGarvey 2 hours ago

    This is honestly the best thing I’ve ever watched on RUclip

  • jaden rodriguez
    jaden rodriguez 2 hours ago

    Ahhh yes this potato is make up of potato

  • liam glockner
    liam glockner 2 hours ago

    This two-part video easily made my week.

  • Hoy Lim
    Hoy Lim 2 hours ago

    You haven't experienced New York until you pay $27 for a pastrami sandwich and a water

  • Hazl
    Hazl 2 hours ago

    I feel Matty on a spiritual level here !

  • lou vu
    lou vu 2 hours ago


  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 hours ago

    She’s gorgeous

  • Alexandre Tollet
    Alexandre Tollet 2 hours ago

    Fishing on ice in Canada!

  • Christopher Blanco
    Christopher Blanco 2 hours ago

    Hog hunting with crossbows !!!!! Catch clean and cook baby

  • vlad luck
    vlad luck 2 hours ago


  • Chipiricuiki0083
    Chipiricuiki0083 2 hours ago

    just the goodest bois

  • baltusd
    baltusd 2 hours ago

    Clicked cuz looked like that actor

  • Kathryn Willson
    Kathryn Willson 2 hours ago

    Claire should make Lindt truffles

  • Kevan Truman
    Kevan Truman 2 hours ago

    OMG - I want to eat slices off of Alex's naked body.

  • murderdogg
    murderdogg 2 hours ago

    Superlative video! I laughed a lot.

  • eyespy3001
    eyespy3001 2 hours ago

    Freeze dried ice cream in space

  • M.k_ Ali
    M.k_ Ali 2 hours ago

    Mattys reactions and comments are priceless! edit: 21:35 that's a capacitor not a transistor.

  • bunky _2007
    bunky _2007 2 hours ago

    Its pronounced "ba-lag-ga-na

  • Fadiel Baker
    Fadiel Baker 2 hours ago

    Such a great show...Alaska the next one please!

  • yura37
    yura37 2 hours ago

    There's 2 bad parts to these 2-part it's alive videos. There's no part 3 and I click part 2 so fast that I forget to like the first one.

  • Kayla Kessel
    Kayla Kessel 2 hours ago

    Im highly curious about frying the dehydrated potatoes

  • Jordan Jones
    Jordan Jones 2 hours ago

    Lobstering in the Florida keys?

  • Matt Mahoney
    Matt Mahoney 2 hours ago

    Matty and Brad go to Antarctica and bake with the AC on.

  • Nathan Boler
    Nathan Boler 2 hours ago

    this is youtube gold

  • CrushClaw
    CrushClaw 2 hours ago

    this is a rick and morty episode im sure it is

  • juice_ atari999
    juice_ atari999 2 hours ago

    The one he cooked in milk seems very fancy

  • Danny
    Danny 2 hours ago

    i can't believe this actually happened

  • Mads415
    Mads415 2 hours ago

    “You better be carful now! You put a little bit of that tartar sauce on your forehead, your tongue will beat your brains out trying to get to it!” -Skipper 2019 (It’s not exactly right but oh well)