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  • Katherinegomez
    Katherinegomez 2 hours ago

    What happened to all the “here before BA changes the title” comments :(

  • Vonna
    Vonna 2 hours ago

    First off milkyway trash...

  • Aly Nolasco
    Aly Nolasco 2 hours ago

    I saw this in a comment but I thought I’d restate because it would be a total missed opportunity : ~a concept~ All the BA chefs switch shows “gourmet makes, its alive, etc.” for April fools YALL BETTER DOOO IT

  • welette .
    welette . 2 hours ago

    this is perfect timing, i just finished an annotated bibliography and a group presentation, gonna watch Claire stress for nearly an hour yet again to relax

  • Emma Feldman
    Emma Feldman 2 hours ago

    This made me feel poor

  • Clarice Chau
    Clarice Chau 2 hours ago

    I love it every time Gaby appears on this show. She is always so nice and kind to Claire

  • Heenay Ray
    Heenay Ray 2 hours ago

    ive never wanted to be a cauliflower before this video

  • Mafuko Chan
    Mafuko Chan 2 hours ago

    2:26 the way the clips were put together was genius

  • Rollin Leonard
    Rollin Leonard 2 hours ago

    i think we need to get more strict with claire and make her make it perfect. like perfect soft nugget and super glossy tempered chocolate. imagine the struggle! the triumph! ride to die!

  • corsican lulu
    corsican lulu 2 hours ago

    make caramellos next!

  • mcg825
    mcg825 2 hours ago

    Ummmm Claire’s ring?? EngagedAF?

  • LeagueOfCasuals
    LeagueOfCasuals 2 hours ago

    He's goofy but that's why we love him. Carla is incredible. I loved this cross over soo much!

  • Ella Obico
    Ella Obico 2 hours ago


  • leggdegienbusk
    leggdegienbusk 2 hours ago

    clearly needs a lot more sugar... and hotter

  • Ele Hanson
    Ele Hanson 2 hours ago

    Claire should do mint chocolate Milano cookies next, they're the best omg

  • Clare Taylor
    Clare Taylor 2 hours ago

    Today I learned that a Milky Way in the US is actually a UK Mars bar. I haven't eaten one in years, but I was really confused by the caramel. Mars bars are gross, UK Milky Ways are better.

  • Cuix
    Cuix 2 hours ago

    That ~phat~ J U I C Y vanilla bean

  • Olivia Wenrich
    Olivia Wenrich 2 hours ago

    “Maybe it was gonna be perfect but then I screwed it up” is me following any recipe

  • Derek Hodson
    Derek Hodson 2 hours ago

    Claire: "it's not a curse" 5 minutes later Claire: "this episode feels particularly cursed"

  • Tom Kuklinski
    Tom Kuklinski 2 hours ago

    i love gourmet makes but can y’all do more pastries??? these chocolate/candy episodes are getting old

    • Tom Kuklinski
      Tom Kuklinski 2 hours ago

      also claire’s haircut looks really good

  • P00NM45T3RFL3XXX
    P00NM45T3RFL3XXX 2 hours ago

    Clair's laugh makes me happy.

  • Yuri Seo
    Yuri Seo 2 hours ago

    We see that ring, Claire!!

  • Cassie Smith
    Cassie Smith 2 hours ago

    If this was a sitcom Claire and Brad would be the ‘Will they won’t they’ couple

  • snowshoe144
    snowshoe144 2 hours ago

    Seems like the Bon Appetit folks could get Claire a decent mixer.... I've seen her struggle with the mixer options several times. She and the many other chefs in the test kitchen are pulling a lot of followers on YT and Insta; get the girl some power tools!

  • withApinchofSTEPH
    withApinchofSTEPH 2 hours ago

    The most slept on bar!!!

  • withApinchofSTEPH
    withApinchofSTEPH 2 hours ago

    Can we collab in the future 😩🙌🏾💪🏾💫

  • Allison Holly
    Allison Holly 2 hours ago


  • Jessica
    Jessica 2 hours ago

    can we have a 3 musketeers episode🥴 its my favorite chocolate bar

  • Brenda Castillo
    Brenda Castillo 2 hours ago

    Is that a ring on her ring finger 😦

  • Megan Reilly
    Megan Reilly 2 hours ago

    Sees 40 minutes "Oh Claire...."

  • Lily Ortiz
    Lily Ortiz 2 hours ago

    Why is it in plastic?????

  • NthMetal
    NthMetal 2 hours ago

    should have called them Andromeda bars

  • Colby Kortas
    Colby Kortas 2 hours ago

    Reese’s Fast Break is by far my favorite candy bar. Would love to see Claire’s approach to it.

  • SophieLPS11
    SophieLPS11 2 hours ago

    The way Claire says nougat makes me 😬

  • CommanderDEV
    CommanderDEV 2 hours ago

    I feel like if chris is a hogwarts teacher he would be snape's teacher. He has impossible poker face and silently enjoy frustrations, i love him so much 🤣

  • Cecia Esquivel
    Cecia Esquivel 2 hours ago

    Claire is a leftie. We have that in common!!! 😭

  • Sophia Komadina
    Sophia Komadina 2 hours ago

    I don’t even like eggs

  • Ultra C Captain 14
    Ultra C Captain 14 2 hours ago

    What about ketchup? He forgot the most used tomato thing!

  • Tina Morales
    Tina Morales 2 hours ago

    Plz halp. I don't know what on Earth I did wrong, but mine came out super thin & way too crispy lol. They're also mega oily. I thought I followed the recipe to a T but... The cookie crap I made says otherwise.

  • Liz Gaby
    Liz Gaby 2 hours ago

    I would seriously not be suprised if he just attacks a cow (cave man style) and eat it while the cow is still alive....

  • Lorena Vodniza
    Lorena Vodniza 2 hours ago

    I love Yerba Mate

  • leggdegienbusk
    leggdegienbusk 2 hours ago

    isn't it easier just to make like a soft torrone?

  • Pelli
    Pelli 2 hours ago

    Nobody: Claire: delightful

  • Richard Patterson
    Richard Patterson 2 hours ago

    My heart broke so hard when your chocolate nougat ran lol.

  • Sydney Woody
    Sydney Woody 2 hours ago

    Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate Milky Way is my favorite candy bar! The dark chocolate has a complex flavor that the sweetness needs to balance it out. As a kid, no one ever wanted that kind, so I always got those. Same thing with almond joys and mounds

  • kageyama.a
    kageyama.a 2 hours ago

    "Don't try to make me have fun Dan" That was the MOST half-sour-saffitz thing I've ever heard 😂

  • Kactus Jones
    Kactus Jones 2 hours ago

    why aren’t these in season 3

  • Monicasdestiny
    Monicasdestiny 2 hours ago

    If Claire doesn’t enjoy this why are they always choosing her to do these?

  • Monicasdestiny
    Monicasdestiny 2 hours ago

    If Claire doesn’t enjoy this why are they always choosing her to do these?

  • Darby Heffer
    Darby Heffer 2 hours ago

    chris needs to be in charge of tempering next time to show claire how to do it

  • robert stanley
    robert stanley 2 hours ago

    I made this stuffing for thanksgiving and now Im being asked to make it again for Christmas Thanks Carla xo

  • xspager
    xspager 2 hours ago

    Nailed it!

  • Vapor Duck
    Vapor Duck 2 hours ago

    What’s that holf mixer?

  • Gottalove Walruses
    Gottalove Walruses 2 hours ago

    Idk why I loved the part when brad was telling the baby powder story and showed the clip of them having the same conversation before

  • aeh
    aeh 2 hours ago

    That caramel apple looked SO good don't worry Brad

  • Lauren Ali
    Lauren Ali 2 hours ago

    This isn't a Milky Way. It's a Mars Bar!

  • alexa kuri
    alexa kuri 2 hours ago

    so no ones going to mention 16:59? our claire isn’t ours anymore i-

  • D J
    D J 2 hours ago

    Ok, when did Chris start getting hot? I think he's one of those people who actually get more attractive later in life. And I"m here for it.

  • Zach Arizmendi
    Zach Arizmendi 2 hours ago

    I’m proud of you Claire!!!!

  • Adam Rivera
    Adam Rivera 2 hours ago

    Gaby, you and Chris don't see eye-to-eye because there's about 4 feet of difference.

  • Vapor Duck
    Vapor Duck 2 hours ago

    What’s that holf mixer?

  • Dana Cherski
    Dana Cherski 2 hours ago

    I want to see Claire tackle Coffee Crisp or Crispy Crunch!

  • Big John
    Big John 2 hours ago

    Make Nerds!!!!

  • Channing Choi
    Channing Choi 2 hours ago

    Why have a milky way when you can enjoy a snickers...?

  • Iffah Winna
    Iffah Winna 2 hours ago

    36:16 wauw so cinematic

  • Laurayne
    Laurayne 2 hours ago

    Instant noodles!!

  • FantomLightning
    FantomLightning 2 hours ago

    Daddy Delany

  • Kylie Dasher
    Kylie Dasher 2 hours ago

    40 straight minutes of wholesome content that i needed today

  • M Garza
    M Garza 2 hours ago

    BA, please get Claire a digital caliper or digital micrometer!

  • Un1que Arch3r
    Un1que Arch3r 2 hours ago

    No one: The comment section on literally every gourmet makes: “ *i saw the time left, oh no* “

    • Manish Ghosh
      Manish Ghosh 2 hours ago

      Nobody: ^This guy: oooh look at me using a dead meme badly

  • Ze Moch
    Ze Moch 2 hours ago

    So Milky Way bars are basically Mars bars without the caramel? But some do have caramel, so what is the difference between them and a Mars bar?

  • HipHopBops
    HipHopBops 2 hours ago

    24:55 dis is da whey

  • Joseph Naguit
    Joseph Naguit 2 hours ago

    14:32 but that golden hour shot ☀️😍

  • anna_so
    anna_so 2 hours ago

    so whose was the best?

  • laurie26t
    laurie26t 2 hours ago

    god thats a Mars bar

  • Nick Scassera
    Nick Scassera 2 hours ago

    I especially liked the look of discontent right before saying "now for my favorite part..." lol

  • Nude Millennial Cyanide Crust

    I never watch this series, but I would if Conan was on it.

  • Sydney Nañez
    Sydney Nañez 2 hours ago

    Engagement ring?!?

  • Allison Holly
    Allison Holly 2 hours ago

    Ok, what is with people and putting candy in the freezer...why?

  • idzchef
    idzchef 2 hours ago

    You should try Moon Pies. There only chocolate and banana flavor. Lots of room to make it gourmet

  • Maha Hassen
    Maha Hassen 2 hours ago

    Why is no one talking about how he ate about 59 eggs in the video

  • 20817 EmDee
    20817 EmDee 2 hours ago

    it looks like she tend to curse by saying ''I 've done it , it must be easy'' ..😂😂😂

  • funkypenguin3000
    funkypenguin3000 2 hours ago

    u kno what priyas right egg yolks are overrated

  • Carolyn Herowski
    Carolyn Herowski 2 hours ago

    I like to microwave little milky wave bars for like maybe 8 seconds. Soft almost melted milk chocolate and warm caramel improves the taste! Try it!

  • Cedar Wilson
    Cedar Wilson 2 hours ago

    Officially a part of the I Would Die For Claire club

  • Harrison Freund
    Harrison Freund 2 hours ago

    Call them Andromeda Bars.

  • HipHopBops
    HipHopBops 2 hours ago

    I hope the 13 minutes if Italy content was worth it.

  • elcamel1216
    elcamel1216 2 hours ago

    Yall should rename this show "Claire overheats the sugar." ❤️ every. time.

  • ItsBrody
    ItsBrody 2 hours ago

    Do canadian Chocolate bars. They are superior. Crispy Crunch is the top tier. Coffee Crisp is bottom imo.

  • Ava A.
    Ava A. 2 hours ago

    I'm sorry, are we not gonna address that Molly doesn't like chocolate?

  • Chef Vinegar
    Chef Vinegar 2 hours ago

    13:57 you okay Amiel?

  • Stephen Hutchison
    Stephen Hutchison 2 hours ago

    There's a guy in England who does what you're trying to do but he makes them HUGE AND OUTSIZED. And is also on youtube.

  • LeAnn Brown
    LeAnn Brown 2 hours ago

    I would kill for an Apple dipped in caramel rn 😪

  • Zachary Hardin
    Zachary Hardin 2 hours ago

    Do snickers next

  • Leah Sinner
    Leah Sinner 2 hours ago

    I want to see Claire make the candy, Zotz!!

  • James Bhanvra
    James Bhanvra 2 hours ago

    One thing is for sure... you can always count on Gaby to say what Claire is making is her favourite snack

  • Emster234
    Emster234 2 hours ago

    toblerone next!

  • phartattack
    phartattack 2 hours ago

    P'p'p'please!!!! CHICK-O-STICKS!! Please like this comment If you want to see her make it.

  • Mads Hemming
    Mads Hemming 2 hours ago

    ...where is my list of ingredients

  • m s
    m s 2 hours ago

    Love Claire’s laugh, it sounds like a really happy little kid up to mischief