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Sexiest German Accent/Dialect
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Reacting to Your Comments
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Sexiest Slavic Language
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BEST OF 2017!
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  • Kumar Vlogs
    Kumar Vlogs 37 minutes ago

    Very Soon we will take over. The first wave is already in the way: Google, Microsoft, Master Card, PepsiCo, Adobe, Global Foundries, Nokia and many more.

  • Jolika Janssen
    Jolika Janssen 42 minutes ago

    I'm half Russian, I can relate half.

  • Marie Mirian
    Marie Mirian 49 minutes ago

    swiss men plz

  • Kpop World
    Kpop World 52 minutes ago

    I love the accent I can’t spell

  • Marie Mirian
    Marie Mirian 57 minutes ago

    swiss men plzz

  • Kuma The Tyrant
    Kuma The Tyrant Hour ago

    Moroccans aren't arab so stop

  • Sunflower123
    Sunflower123 2 hours ago

    Haha wow migrants paradise. They give you apartment, pay wellfare and girls are easy to fuck all the time :)

  • Mag Senju
    Mag Senju 3 hours ago

    defs should have put someone from Vorarlberg in there

  • ayseee chee
    ayseee chee 3 hours ago

    Dombra!!! 😍😍😍

  • Vieira
    Vieira 3 hours ago

    Fudeu kkkkkk

  • Shaun Nee
    Shaun Nee 4 hours ago

    Gosh, I want a Russian man!

  • Helena Cipher
    Helena Cipher 4 hours ago

    Haha xD this is so funny and accurate. Except for the "latino" part. I don't know anyone from my country with a problem with being called "latino". We call ourselves Latinos too.

  • Helena Cipher
    Helena Cipher 4 hours ago

    So prepare for lots of socializing, boludo! Jaja me mató el final

  • Alfredo Lopez
    Alfredo Lopez 4 hours ago

    xaxaxa I have the same blanket in my living room lol

  • Αλέξανδρος Γκόγκας

    Same with Greeks😂😂🇬🇷🇮🇹

  • Lizard Hierophant
    Lizard Hierophant 6 hours ago

    I married a Trini. Was a pain in my ass after two years of marriage. After divorce ran back to his Cameroonian aunties so someone could do his laundry and cooking.

  • Deborah Barnes
    Deborah Barnes 7 hours ago

    So funny.

  • Joni Central
    Joni Central 7 hours ago

    6:40 típico hablando así con tus amigos Jajajajajajajajajaja aguante Argentina viejaaa

  • Adrian Magana
    Adrian Magana 7 hours ago

    Love the dominican accent she a babe too.

  • A230385
    A230385 8 hours ago

    All Latin American countries is actually of european descent. Or Spanish people are from Africa??

  • Oriana Sarai Rangel Mora

    Venezuelan women next!!

  • Nata Natan
    Nata Natan 8 hours ago

    Марина, я вас обожаю!

  • Nicole Dean
    Nicole Dean 8 hours ago

    YA'LL CAN'T USE THE "IT'S RAINY ALL THE TIME" CARD ANYMORE. Wtf do you think Seattle folks are thinking of you huh? Try and top our rain. Just try. And we don't spend the year drinking. Effing lazy ass twat British whingers. My gawd the inbred alcoholic excuses. That Twilight author placed her vampire books in Washington state because we're under clouds 9 months of the year.

  • citlali villegas
    citlali villegas 8 hours ago

    Honestly if my man was that excited about camping I wouldn’t even interrupt his plans lol

  • LG Voiceovers by Osagie

    I’m not interesting in dating yet. 😮

  • sheets0f metal
    sheets0f metal 8 hours ago

    I like going to Greece and tasting the fisherman's sea urchin food with olive oil and bread

  • ChuzTKD
    ChuzTKD 8 hours ago

    You need to add Costa Ricans to the mix

  • Marcely Escolastico
    Marcely Escolastico 9 hours ago

    As a Dominican woman, I approve this message! 🇩🇴🖤🖤

  • BacktoGood1
    BacktoGood1 9 hours ago

    Bugger that.

  • Mateo Somo
    Mateo Somo 9 hours ago

    The proper term us yankee

  • Justice Duchovny
    Justice Duchovny 9 hours ago

    German hands down 😍😍😍😍

  • david Soberanis
    david Soberanis 9 hours ago

    I am mexican and i wish i can travel to Iceland

  • Justice Duchovny
    Justice Duchovny 10 hours ago

    German accents are so sexy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • ahmb alhbe
    ahmb alhbe 10 hours ago

    I am from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, living in Texas,i wish I know a Texas girl😉

  • Gorgoroth Bergen
    Gorgoroth Bergen 10 hours ago

    Definitely this girl has Serious issues; In2015 was in Modena as IT; By the way " Astonishing Town; FC .Football club ....? Suc.s. Apparently were in serie A Italien league. Italien girls are " Hot; Kinda spicy in bed" ; Absolutely jealous of her Man. 24/7 with Parents " Mama papa ; Cousins...yeep😳 loads" Best S.x according Norwegian Standards, Very keen on house cleanings overall " Cosy night? At 21:00 pm , Movie starting " She's decided.... to clean🙄 ; Forget Norwegian " True McCoy fish n'Chips ; Domino's pizza. ... She has to cook !!Especially tordellinis " Hand made pasta with ham; parmesan cheese mortasdella pork ....stuffed. Delicious during cold winter evenings, Yesss i miss it. Bed time " Only for Men....BTW" Italien girls" 24/31. Love posh Underwear; kinda sexy, Please her......take your time as she comes. ...All neighbour know about having a" Relaxing 😏🙂👍 good time" Espresso is the official coffe...short und very strong. My Nescafe' with milk.....Actually Nobody like it. Families are VERY Catholic oriented; Especially elders so be prepared. Definitely was an unbelievable experience; Ciao Modena 🙋‍♂️🇧🇻🐺

  • Florencia Terreno
    Florencia Terreno 10 hours ago

    PERO ES SIERTO BOLUDOO! TODOS SOMOS AMERICANOS tipo xq men, yo soy Americana xq ellos son los únicos q se llaman americanos???? >:'v

  • Gorgoroth Bergen
    Gorgoroth Bergen 11 hours ago

    She has ... a crush on him 100%🇧🇻🙋‍♂️ Good italien waitresses 👍😁😛 Laura....

  • Thiago Amorim
    Thiago Amorim 11 hours ago

    Gente Portugal e o menor que meu estado.. Gente e sério isso ?só fui sabe hj. Por que Minha irmã vai para lá viajar aí olhei no Google. Deve ser um país lindo, cada foto linda.

  • everson
    everson 12 hours ago

    i'm a brazilian and I like skinny

  • Elias EDUARDO
    Elias EDUARDO 12 hours ago

    Eu sou do Brasil, e acho mais bonito o sotaque do Brasil mesmo kkkk os queridos Portugueses tem um sotaque muito arrastado / carregado na minha humilde opinião, =)

  • Magatama Agitsune
    Magatama Agitsune 12 hours ago

    Am I the only guyanese here? Lol

  • lucas reinoso
    lucas reinoso 13 hours ago

    2:10 bring your A game , not for her ... For her friends , be social , and treat everyone like you known theme ( we make friends very quickly ) and if there drinking, go buy some more beer and some snacks ( its like your contributing to the party ) AND NO , YOUR NOT GETING ANY TONIGHT. So chill. Chat with the other girls and don't be a kiss ass. And not being with her all the time is not personal but they do value the time you spend with her.

  • lucas reinoso
    lucas reinoso 13 hours ago

    Long story short , we love to hang out with friends and hook up with girls all the time. We're not player's we're just having fun. We're touchy but it's normal to us , huging or wrapping our arm around you is just being friendly. Fernet con coca is 60% coca cola 30% fernet and 10% ice. (Veteran's go 50/50 )

  • I want be a designer UK

    I love yellow cheese bc it reminds me of cheese strings

  • erikss
    erikss 14 hours ago

    You know that he's British when he is losing his shit because Aston Villa drew 1-1 with Wycombe Wanderers

  • Pasion Tanguera
    Pasion Tanguera 14 hours ago

    La del mate me mato!!

  • Deion Goldsmith
    Deion Goldsmith 14 hours ago

    Me personally I don't care much about race nor color or even nationality but when it comes to faith you've gotta be spiritually compatible with your partner. So dating outside my faith is a big no from personal experience. And also when you get married you don't marry just her you marry each others families and unless you're strong enough to flip your families the bird and do things alone faith is very important unless. Unless your an atheist my faith based rules don't apply but still its nice to be able to talk to your partner about everything rather than having that one thing that sets them off like faith

  • johnny Cage
    johnny Cage 15 hours ago

    That dominican girl 💋💋💋

  • Ali Diwan
    Ali Diwan 15 hours ago

    This is spot on!!

  • Ali Diwan
    Ali Diwan 15 hours ago

    I don't know if this is all true, but most of it is, so good job ya'll!! Howdy from Texas btw

  • Angelohdf
    Angelohdf 15 hours ago

    Nós é pika rapa, passamos o rodo nas gringa

  • Supercuate
    Supercuate 15 hours ago

    4 dates just to have sex?? Damn thats looks boring as hell...

  • natalie garcia
    natalie garcia 15 hours ago

    Reeee vuelterosssss

  • Stella Gibson
    Stella Gibson 16 hours ago

    Why is her face so damn yellow? Fix your foundation you cold Icelandic cunt. I just got back from there and they all act catty and stuck up. You can be as respectful as possible and they won't say "you're welcome" or if you hold the door open for them they scowl at you instead of saying "thank you". Fucking bitches. I can't believe I'm saying this as a Russian woman living in Murikkka, but the men in Iceland are like angels unlike in America where the women are nice and the men are violent and asshole and a lot are douchebag incels.

  • Redoflife LOVER!!! -Sophia Arriaga-

    Mexican women from small indigenous towns act like this , modern city Mexican women , don't do this , they wont even fry an egg for you

  • John - Web Designer & Developer

    So I have to say, you're very on point with the examples, I've dated in Europe and USA and there are some significant differences in attitudes towards dating. A tip on your video, your music is drowning out your voice. Also your microphone is probably too far from the camera and creates echo in the room. Overall thumbs up, great work!

  • Habiba Da Silva
    Habiba Da Silva 16 hours ago

    You will find strict Hindus won’t marry out of faith, strict Muslims nor strict Christians. Interfaith relationships success is dependant on the level on devotion to God. As compromise is the key ingredient of a healthy relationship - religion is “too demanding” and absolutist for compromise, unless that person decides to follow it looser/loosely. If cultures are similar and religions are different e.g Christian and Muslim I think there is not a huge barrier to relationships FYI - a quick shout out to the bigots in the comments that seem to think Muslims refuse to marry/ date outside of faith, we in fact large populations in India consist of 1 Muslim 1 Hindu parent, in Middle East especially in Lebanon and Syria it is normal for Christians to marry Muslims. It’s also common European muslim countries such as Bosnia and Albania. Do some reading and grow up

  • TheSkyWookie
    TheSkyWookie 16 hours ago

    I always assumed Norwegians universally had dark hair, and it was Sweden that had the blondes, and Denmark had brownish hair. Huh. Okay.

  • Tommo The Teaser
    Tommo The Teaser 17 hours ago

    The lady in red is horny af 😂

  • Lahlou Ghita
    Lahlou Ghita 17 hours ago

    Italians are so charming

  • Marbas Stark
    Marbas Stark 17 hours ago

    O sotaque português é muito sexy ganha de lavada do brasileiro

  • Sajad Zamani
    Sajad Zamani 17 hours ago

    ت دیگ

    ALETHEIAJABEZ BALA 17 hours ago

    1:21 Was she eating SkyFlakes???

  • JR J
    JR J 17 hours ago

    Like ALL Americans either explicitly racist or concealed racist.

  • Ktalks
    Ktalks 17 hours ago

    It's kind of sad that this is the way they are promoting their country. It seems they are a bit desperate.

  • M_Gurevich _
    M_Gurevich _ 18 hours ago


  • Garima Smriti
    Garima Smriti 18 hours ago

    Indian accent is not funny. Everyone has an accent. I find American accent funny. when they speak it seems their tongue got paralyzed.

  • French Paul Kalbrenner

    Very easy ? You know it when your shoe size is 42 ans her size is 45 ! She can protect you in case of emergency

  • Sunflower123
    Sunflower123 18 hours ago

    She seems so cute and gentle. Weren't they the crazy warrior feminists ?

  • Juan Cabrera
    Juan Cabrera 18 hours ago

    Jajajajaja chileno ql

  • ctguitarguy
    ctguitarguy 18 hours ago

    I will say this about the clearly shows how american women are some of the fattest, most uncultured, entitled, and unapproachable women in the world.

  • Samuel Alves
    Samuel Alves 18 hours ago

    Brasil obvio

  • ctguitarguy
    ctguitarguy 18 hours ago

    Red Flag for men: If she has a kid, or is into feminism/women's issues, veganism, social justice issues, or has brightly colored neon hair. Run. If a woman requires you to pay for the whole date, she is a prostitute. Only whores exchange their time for money with men like this. Men don't have many concerns because they are infinitely less picky. Women, however, are notoriously choosy and find 80% of men as unattractive according to the data. Whereas men, rate women on a very balanced curve. The truth is, most men will remain single and alone, while most women, will not. Good luck. Hypergamy is a bitch. GO MGTOW

  • ctguitarguy
    ctguitarguy 18 hours ago

    Asians are anti social robots focused on material success and honor.

    SORRIDENTE BLITZ 2.0 18 hours ago


  • Thiallen Costa
    Thiallen Costa 19 hours ago

    Quando a colônia é mais sexy que o império que a colonizou

  • ctguitarguy
    ctguitarguy 19 hours ago

    Tips for Meeting Women: Don't. Go MGTOW. The juice isn't worth the squeeze. Women are only interested in the top 20% of men, the rest are either seen as friends, invisible, or defined as creepy (unattractive), there is actual data to support this. She is always one swipe away from another dude, and be assured, there is ALWAYS a plan B, C, D, etc. She isn't yours, it's just your turn.

  • Luks
    Luks 19 hours ago

    You know you're dating a Texan woman when she's a PAWG

  • Julilolmo
    Julilolmo 19 hours ago

    3:08 Clasic

  • Gabriel ZI
    Gabriel ZI 19 hours ago


    TOYS OF CHINA 19 hours ago

    Exactly like Poland lol

  • Rita Teixeira
    Rita Teixeira 19 hours ago

    Porque estam sempre a discutir, parem com isso. Este vídeo não representa todo o mundo que gosta mais do sotaque brasileiro!! 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  • akbar mamedov
    akbar mamedov 20 hours ago

    The guy is real man

  • S
    S 20 hours ago

    WE ARE JEALOUS? WAIT HOLD UP- that's actually true.🥴

  • Kristina Wilkens
    Kristina Wilkens 20 hours ago

    lol this is so weird to me. Im from the Netherlands and when I mean no I mean no, when someone continues or tries harder I find it extremely annoying. It's fun to see there are so many differences

  • Akioblast 95
    Akioblast 95 20 hours ago

    Greeks are fun to be around u know. While I was studying in China I met the owners of a well known local Greek restaurant, one of them is an interior designer, his restaurant design is beautiful, we both talked a lot and being a 17 year old teen, I brought up God of war references about Greek gods and so on. They smiled but didn't laugh at me, they were really polite

  • Benjamin P. Ellis
    Benjamin P. Ellis 20 hours ago

    You know you are dating an INDONESIAN woman when...

  • Benjamin P. Ellis
    Benjamin P. Ellis 20 hours ago

    Please do one about Indonesian women.

  • Wissam Oukaf
    Wissam Oukaf 20 hours ago

    A problem for me yeah actually if you are really religious and know your religion well than you'll find out that your religion actually forbid you

  • Eros Hermes
    Eros Hermes 20 hours ago

    He looks Mediterranean

  • Nacho Soto Arenales
    Nacho Soto Arenales 21 hour ago

    And finally this video confirms the truth. We the Spaniards, Italians and Greeks are VERY similar. We have several things in common someone from overseas definitely won't understand. Mediterranean Culture, that's it. Proud to be a Mediterranean.

  • just just
    just just 21 hour ago

    Persians and Indians came about as a result of a mixture of Africans and Mongoloids. the word Aryan does not mean race. Aryan means free people. the term Aryans was invented by the Persians to be called white. but in reality the Persians are black Asians

  • Just watch cause I’m wacky

    ahaha this isn't always true.

  • nnnfffmmm
    nnnfffmmm 21 hour ago

    Guessed all correctly. I could even tell the difference between Brazilian portugese and Portugese portugese, as well the Lebanese arabic. Still patting myself in the back for shouting ‘Lebanese’ at the screen once she started speaking 😝 I don’t speak Arabic but for some reason I can tell the difference between Egyptian n Lebanese when I hear one

  • Allison C
    Allison C 22 hours ago

    I'm sorry but Trinis DON'T sound like that you've got our accent soo wrong

  • Florent Nduwayo
    Florent Nduwayo 22 hours ago

    She's perfect, but her bro is quite intimidating.

  • FarOan dolc
    FarOan dolc 22 hours ago

    Divya SEXY AF

  • Margarbie Adams
    Margarbie Adams 22 hours ago

    3:25 lol greatest. Everyone pon bicycle 😂🤣😂🤣

  • jsphat81
    jsphat81 22 hours ago

    Definitivamente Colombia, Venezuela y República Dominicana!

  • Pablo Perez
    Pablo Perez 23 hours ago

    Yo quiero una italiana que haga pizzas:)