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I Got A Soft Girl Makeover
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I Transform Into An E-Girl
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$28 Vs. $3000 Evening Gown
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I Had A Teenage Pregnancy
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$5 Vs. $980 Swimsuit
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  • Calista Smith
    Calista Smith Hour ago

    Dance horror story: When I was 11 I was at a dance competition and we were doing one of my jazz numbers. We had these cool tool and mesh skirts with space buns in our hair. I had to do a lift with my partner, I held her over my head and turned around and then flipped her over my shoulder. As I flipped her over I felt something tugging me down too. We didn’t fall but her skirt was rapped in on of my space buns and we had to run to opposite ends of the stage so I had to keep smiling and try to get this out of my hair, she was also trying to rip her skirt so we could at least not be attached. Her entire skirt ended up coming of and I was dancing with a skirt in my head. It was really hard because I couldn’t see but the show must go on lol

  • Loom Braclets and more

    Black Christmas really out here tryna ruin christmas

  • G C
    G C Hour ago

    This would have been better without the people and the stories - instead it would have been a true inspection.

  • rjmn1
    rjmn1 Hour ago

    Be who you are, don't try and cover up, it's how you are made. Perfect

  • Autumn Ferguson
    Autumn Ferguson Hour ago

    every girl is proud of their self and he is just not so we can tell he is a boy that way

  • Josie Hicks
    Josie Hicks Hour ago

    You should try two face

  • Hotsuki
    Hotsuki Hour ago

    Has anyone else here tried one of those? I have rosacea and I have tried many foundations and I don't kinda want to keep losing money, I thought of buying the kat von d one but using 35usd for something that maybe doesn't work too well it's gonna be a boomer honestly:'(

  • Pedro Brasileiro


  • emma kaminski
    emma kaminski Hour ago

    Does anyone know where those white platform sandals are from?

  • Adrienne Ginithan

    I’d be a 90’schola

  • Sérgio Alves
    Sérgio Alves Hour ago

    lol at girls who lift thinking they have it hard with finding clothes that fit properly! All women's trousers have room for hips and thighs, men's trousers are always drawn with a ruler, and girls who lift don't even have bigger hips/thighs than women who don't lift because fat.

  • honestly idk
    honestly idk Hour ago

    im a 36 ddd/f and im 14...

  • leona leskur
    leona leskur Hour ago

    My name is Leona Idk I think it's not really common

  • Fausta Jana
    Fausta Jana Hour ago

    The real struggle is when your name is already extremely rare in your country and then you move to another country were they speak a whole different language.... Chances of you getting a personalized gifts are below 0%.

  • Julian Black
    Julian Black Hour ago

    Let me Holla at you! Holla, Holla, Holla!

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Hour ago

    In the uk we mainly eat cereal, toast or porridge for breakfast no one really has the time to eat that every morning

  • Joyce Fields
    Joyce Fields Hour ago

    Women BFFS turn lesbian

  • I couldn’t come up with a Name

    Steve godbammit

  • ZA soulreaper
    ZA soulreaper Hour ago

    Cant relate

    RAXLAX Hour ago

    Damn I love my wife (my girl but I’m positive she’s the one🔐💜😁)so much and I miss her so much and she’s only gonna be gone for 4 days 😭 that’s how I know she’s the one , when I’m nearly dying of depression cause I can’t see her or text her or hear her voice 😖 , I can’t imagine what it’s like to miss someone for years on end I’m srry for y’all and I hope you cope the best way possible 👋

  • Fajar Raditya
    Fajar Raditya Hour ago


  • Best _ Girl
    Best _ Girl Hour ago

    i am tearing because of the comments... i am eleven and i dont know how i feel, i might be bi or gay or straight! I was in a toxic and weird relationship cuz i couldnt say no. i feel so weird and unworthy and here is the first place i feel safe to say that... Btw u dont need to be gay or bi to support Lgbt! i have always protected the lgbt community infrond of my schoolmates! Can someone help me out✊🕊

  • CcityOo7
    CcityOo7 Hour ago

    "$500?! It's Chanel!!!" LMAOOO

  • lil rose
    lil rose Hour ago

    Millennials had Backstreet Boys, Gen Z has BTS

  • anina tepnadze
    anina tepnadze Hour ago

    Is that Miley Cyrus?

  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones Hour ago

    Did this man just sit here and say $220 is CHEAP???

  • Kawaii Chan
    Kawaii Chan Hour ago


  • Victoria Cote
    Victoria Cote 2 hours ago

    Where’s my GEORGIA ppl at???

  • Eugene Sayers
    Eugene Sayers 2 hours ago

    They also frick

  • dndub25
    dndub25 2 hours ago

    Anyone having a try guys marathon

  • dndub25
    dndub25 2 hours ago

    I love how they’re like “I feel exposed.” Now they ask the experts if they can take their clothes off

  • Aaliyah Mata Guillen

    Lol the guy in the back is so me

  • Kawaii Chan
    Kawaii Chan 2 hours ago


  • Nasim Durrani
    Nasim Durrani 2 hours ago


  • vengfuls
    vengfuls 2 hours ago

    “If” they do.


    1:25 hols up STOP SWEARING omggggg

  • marlyn cruz
    marlyn cruz 2 hours ago

    I love how they put “supposedly an adult” 😂

  • Jess Quinn
    Jess Quinn 2 hours ago

    Nobody is displaying any unnecessary rage for yall. Black women do that to themselves.

  • The Yeet Diner
    The Yeet Diner 2 hours ago

    6:03 jazmynne strike?

  • Kiki Koko
    Kiki Koko 2 hours ago

    My name is Declan like if you’ve ever heard that name

  • hehe hehe
    hehe hehe 2 hours ago

    I got my period this morning and i don't know why that I cried while aatching your videos

    • hehe hehe
      hehe hehe 2 hours ago

      Hormonal changes or something?

  • yikes!jolie
    yikes!jolie 2 hours ago

    Mom: you’re getting fat Me:... you right you right

  • Danika Rose
    Danika Rose 2 hours ago

    I’m learning about Black TUESDAY in 6th grade sooooo

  • Cindy Wasser
    Cindy Wasser 2 hours ago

    This is seriously witchcraft.

  • Quaker Parrot
    Quaker Parrot 2 hours ago

    EVERYONE gets my name wrong it's pronounced cerys there's no exaterated words in it it's just that

  • Ryley Mason
    Ryley Mason 2 hours ago

    The spelling of my name ain't that common

  • Jigna Odedra
    Jigna Odedra 2 hours ago

    Who's a Ravenclaw here?

  • polly xoxo
    polly xoxo 2 hours ago

    lets so some fun comment down your dark side C'mon guys

  • Jusra Shamku
    Jusra Shamku 2 hours ago

    I really love that all the prom story tellers are latina

  • A B B Y
    A B B Y 2 hours ago

    I have a spainish middle and last name and everyone just gives up and calls me Gabriela Fern Bermuda

  • Maryam Martinez
    Maryam Martinez 2 hours ago

    Is the man in the green shirt from blossom?

  • Sunday Funday
    Sunday Funday 2 hours ago

    I think my name is a bit rare. Gabriella💞

  • Caryn Mcinerney
    Caryn Mcinerney 2 hours ago

    Omg I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with Caryn spelt the same as me

  • Squat And Kick All Day

    Italy: Pizza for breakfast

  • Markiplier Funny Moments a

    I looked up feminist cringe and this video came up

  • Mahmoud Michael Ajaj

    you are beautiful baby

  • Herra Levoton
    Herra Levoton 2 hours ago

    Its depressing when you dont know if the person is disliking your lisp or just you

  • rachel castagnetti
    rachel castagnetti 2 hours ago

    100 likes and I’ll share this video on my Facebook to some of my religious family and friends

  • Sharlotta_Solovimak
    Sharlotta_Solovimak 2 hours ago

    My butt is the flattest butt you will ever see...

  • Sριяιт Dιмєиѕισи

    None of this is true apart from a few

  • Keith Clark
    Keith Clark 2 hours ago

    you know these arnt real Ophidiophobes because we would NEVER do this

  • Cold Crystals
    Cold Crystals 2 hours ago

    My o's i's and t's are always different. So idk

  • ScarLxrd Cultz
    ScarLxrd Cultz 2 hours ago

    I sit with my legs open because it's comfortable 😎 u wot m8

  • Hudson Tucker
    Hudson Tucker 2 hours ago

    When only females have to add the weight on the bar and experience post leg day

  • Arusha Braithwaite
    Arusha Braithwaite 2 hours ago

    All the black ppl commenting "My HaIr Is NoT lIKe thAt!" We get it. You dont wanna be associated with anything "nappy"

  • MnMn Bahr.
    MnMn Bahr. 2 hours ago

    The Valentino are so fake

  • heba Youssef
    heba Youssef 2 hours ago

    I thought she said the Manolo Pumps were real, but they wrote it out as fake 6:50, 9:29. If so, he got them all right.

  • Allan Tan
    Allan Tan 2 hours ago

    Vietname doesn’t really have breakfast food, we eat whatever we want whenever😂

  • heba Youssef
    heba Youssef 2 hours ago

    No wait, he got them all right.

  • Sem
    Sem 2 hours ago

    it’s almost like these cunts have never actually met a man.

  • The mega Christian kid 27

    I’m half Pakistani half Portuguese. Everyone thinks I’m Indian 😢.

  • Krystallovesroblox 2006

    0.22 am i the only one that thought it said 75 years experience..

  • Alicia Taylor B
    Alicia Taylor B 2 hours ago

    No.... *nods* yes

  • Jess Higgins
    Jess Higgins 3 hours ago

    Yummm Vegemite

  • Suzie Frank
    Suzie Frank 3 hours ago

    u have four mintues between each period i have 2

  • Jorge Valdez
    Jorge Valdez 3 hours ago

    This is so stupid how they judge a person by their handwriting

  • Millie Griffiths
    Millie Griffiths 3 hours ago

    “No don’t push that push again.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aubryana
    Aubryana 3 hours ago

    Im 14 and already have the vision of a 50 year old. Im really scared that as i grow up my vision will be worse. I really dont want to go blind.

  • zitai 姿态
    zitai 姿态 3 hours ago

    Agressive introvert

  • a naïs
    a naïs 3 hours ago

    1:55 I wanna fight her so hard

  • Marilyn Blemker
    Marilyn Blemker 3 hours ago

    My name is Marilyn it is not common any more

  • Dr watermelon
    Dr watermelon 3 hours ago

    Do one about fat people now!!!

  • Tabassum Hossain
    Tabassum Hossain 3 hours ago

    I don’t even have my breakfast, I directly go for lunch at 1:00 am. Perhaps that’s why my country isn’t here :)

  • dafinestflower
    dafinestflower 3 hours ago


  • Sophie Ricearoni
    Sophie Ricearoni 3 hours ago

    I don't think strapless tops work for anyone

  • Bianca Tudose
    Bianca Tudose 3 hours ago

    I have 11 tears and i have dark circles to much...

  • Hajer Faleh Alsubaie

    220$ is not cheap lol 💔🙂

  • WhodidTHAT
    WhodidTHAT 3 hours ago

    Let’s talk about these outfits 1-5 🧐 1. Ditch the coat, actually burn it, the outfit underneath was fine by itself. 2. Again, the coat. Why? The jumper fit you nice, maybe a blazer or something would’ve been better, not a bikers coat that fits my dad. 3. Super cute... maybe if you was 10 years older 4. That coat 😒. You said it yourself, it’s a lot. 5. Farrah that you? I just want to talk to the designer real quick.

  • Pocky
    Pocky 3 hours ago

    No *REGI* it was a nokia!

  • ILovePEPSI
    ILovePEPSI 3 hours ago

    Who TF cares🙄

  • ғʟᴏʀᴇʟ Hᴇᴀʀᴛs

    *my period during Ramadan is literally the worst* I’m not able to drink water if I’m thirsty because my dad and brothers r always around I can’t pray and my dad always asks me if I prayed or not and I have to lie :/ I always have to wear something that covers at least my thighs so it won’t be too obvious I have to fast 6 days after Ramadan alone Staying in bed so my stomach wouldn’t hurt but there’s my dad saying I shouldn’t be in bed all the time and that I’m really lazy

  • Caroline H
    Caroline H 3 hours ago

    Is it bad that my biggest fear is chickens?

  • trashafrass
    trashafrass 3 hours ago

    my mom helped me with my first tampon and she did it wrong so i never wear tampons, ever

  • dafinestflower
    dafinestflower 3 hours ago

    So cute

    MARV STUDIO 3 hours ago

    15 16 17 is not normal

  • Suzy Marie-Fleur
    Suzy Marie-Fleur 3 hours ago

    wow, i mean rip them apart i guess

  • Eli Baby
    Eli Baby 3 hours ago

    Why the thumbnail look like a young Polo G

  • Marie Vanleeuw
    Marie Vanleeuw 3 hours ago

    In need Victoria’s Instagram!!

  • Eleni Bitsopoulou
    Eleni Bitsopoulou 3 hours ago


  • Jaylah Tirado
    Jaylah Tirado 3 hours ago

    "OoOoOh iM a LiTtLe PeAcOcK!!" ~ Drunk Jasmine 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂