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  • Chanice Whittaker
    Chanice Whittaker 16 minutes ago

    Jesy was unbelievably gorgeous when she was younger on Xfactor and she’s just as gorgeous now. What a strong, inspiring woman to be able to talk about her story. She’s incredible!! 🙏🏻💛😭

  • Oumou
    Oumou 28 minutes ago

    I loved this interview!!!

  • Patricia N E E Creations
    Patricia N E E Creations 42 minutes ago

    Amazing Interview 👍🏾👍🏾

  • Niang Kim
    Niang Kim Hour ago

    It is just amaze me how people is so okay with bad comments or mean comment. Never see or imagine she have to experience this kind of life style ... the way I see “little Mix” like all alone it that there is different size and they are so Beautiful in their own way..... here we come all the HATERS... let’s Defend with love comments

  • Bobbi Small
    Bobbi Small Hour ago

    KUDOS!!! Your parents are to be commended for not forgetting they were your parents, FIRST, regardless of society. You, I 💖 listening too because you see beyond the linear. Def Role Model for the confused youth, it is what it is.

  • Tahmineh J
    Tahmineh J Hour ago

    Love this so very true I recently a my mole Removed on my Leg not by choice and the doc was talking about scarring I freaked and I said I don’t care I just want it off I’d rather that then something serious happen . You girls are my absolute idols

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee 2 hours ago

    Jesy ur beautiful .. don't listen to the haters

  • KL LWC
    KL LWC 2 hours ago

    This was a highly intelligent/ thought provoking interview ! One of the best I have seen thus far.Yara is effortlessly and naturally articulate.The interviewer really asked GOOD questions...

  • Xiena monroe
    Xiena monroe 2 hours ago

    3:37 if you’re looking for the photoshoot story.

  • PeaceB WithU
    PeaceB WithU 2 hours ago

    She is a very mature and amazing young lady and very knowledgeable and open to growth. She is going to go really far as an individual. Those around her may present her with hurdles but she is sharp and will know how to handle it all.

  • Nathalie Roy
    Nathalie Roy 3 hours ago

    Josh is so lovely in his interview ❤️ you make everybody so comfortable , you are so sweet , keep doing sweety❤️ And you go Perrie ❤️❤️

  • Aimee Crake
    Aimee Crake 3 hours ago

    Awk this broke my heart 😢

  • Prima Barbie
    Prima Barbie 3 hours ago

    very relatable

  • Ji-Han JH
    Ji-Han JH 4 hours ago

    She doesn't deserve this ,she deserves better.

  • 문선영Rine
    문선영Rine 4 hours ago

    She said it best.....advocate for yourself, before you advocate for others...... A lesson I need 2 learn

  • Centennial
    Centennial 4 hours ago

    Good interviewer. Most entertainment reporters just kiss up and talk superficial junk.

  • injured soul
    injured soul 4 hours ago

    This is mind boggling to me, I've always looked at her with awe and thought MY GOD SHE'S DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.

  • Linnie210
    Linnie210 4 hours ago

    That "girlfriend" vibe of the interviewer is annoying. Yara is too smart to be interviewed by this type. Annoying!

  • Vikki Owens
    Vikki Owens 4 hours ago


  • Elroy
    Elroy 4 hours ago

    I love her

  • Dema M
    Dema M 5 hours ago

    She is so freakin pretty. So pretty.

  • Salomé ramphort
    Salomé ramphort 5 hours ago

    The background music was useless, annoying AF and had for effect to distract us from Yara's words, they shouldn't use it in the future.

  • PRdSE
    PRdSE 5 hours ago

    She is Queen. Great interviewer. God bless

  • killerpie darts
    killerpie darts 5 hours ago

    looks like it has aids.

  • Bee Pee
    Bee Pee 6 hours ago

    That posh scally look is hawt!

  • Rebekah Meyers
    Rebekah Meyers 6 hours ago

    The media disgusts me

  • Brigit Anyango
    Brigit Anyango 6 hours ago

    I just wanna be her when I grow up.💖

  • Deer Heart
    Deer Heart 6 hours ago

    I think she's v beautiful and very talented x


    God bless you are SO gorgeous ♥️🙏

  • Sally Thorpe
    Sally Thorpe 6 hours ago

    I sometimes think that these new stars get a swept up in all the fame and glamour, but when the criticism that is inevitable, comes along it’s all “Boohoo! Can’t deal with this!” But, yes, as she had just said we do all have problems. Jesy is just one more insecure Celebrity. Earning a massive income through her fame. Critics are just a part of the system she is in. It’s all a balance of the scales? Choice is hers......

    JOEL CHAPMAN 6 hours ago

    Doesn't everyone suffer from anxiety?

  • k b
    k b 6 hours ago

    Wow I was expecting an accent!

  • serenity mason
    serenity mason 6 hours ago

    I mean... GOSH. She such an intelligent woman. We definitely need more women like her.

  • Julie W
    Julie W 6 hours ago

    Although Yara is an extraordinary human, I have to give props to Mom & Dad! Imagine their dinner table discussions...

  • Alexandru Octavian Bucur

    I like very much Maisie Williams Style her pink hair she is very beautiful and sweet girl she inspire my is my model to follow always I admire i respect and i Love Maisie Very Muc

  • miss
    miss 7 hours ago

    I love how Little Mix seems to be genuinely good friends 🥰

  • Ashley Oasis
    Ashley Oasis 7 hours ago

    We want you in politics

  • Christina Pählke
    Christina Pählke 8 hours ago

    I've got it!❤

  • michael edwardscarlton

    Well done just keep up with the fight.

  • J Ketcham
    J Ketcham 9 hours ago

    Harms of social media shows sort of mental illness is caused by it and then you goto it for validation, wheras in real world if your out and around someone smiles at you that makes you feel like living, can make you psychotic.

  • Veronica Okomi
    Veronica Okomi 9 hours ago

    She is absolutely brilliant. Kudos to her parents.

  • Mil House
    Mil House 9 hours ago

    Wow....I didn't know people said that about her. I guess I should have commented more about her being my girl crush😍 She's gorgeous!!

  • olive
    olive 9 hours ago

    Honestly, when I saw Jesy’s audition I was maybe about 10/11 and I fancied her so much! One of the first girls I saw that made me realise I wasn’t straight and it’s awful that she goes through every day thinking she’s disgusting

  • Keira Xox
    Keira Xox 10 hours ago

    Such a stunning girl, nobody deserves what shes gone through/ still going though

  • 0Flow0
    0Flow0 10 hours ago

    I thought the middle ones are sisters. Or are there just many brits who look like them.

  • Giovanna Flores
    Giovanna Flores 10 hours ago

    She is extremely talented, but I found no chemistry between her and Melton in The Sun is also A Star. Just my opinion.

  • 0Flow0
    0Flow0 10 hours ago

    I wish I could see the documentary but I only found it on BBC abd its for the UK.

  • FaithFul Lee
    FaithFul Lee 10 hours ago

    She did the most incredible job during this interview. The interviewer was incredible. He needs to do more. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Geministar616
    Geministar616 10 hours ago


  • FaithFul Lee
    FaithFul Lee 10 hours ago

    She reminds me of Angela Bassett. She’s inspirational.

  • Life, Love, and other things

    Does anyone else think she looked gorgeous with only the shimmer and loose powder and it went downhill from there?

  • ezell7079
    ezell7079 11 hours ago

    Great job Josh. Great interview!!!

  • Mae
    Mae 11 hours ago

    She's just such an amazing young lady! Great interview

  • Reporter Brie News
    Reporter Brie News 11 hours ago

    Did she leave the band ?

  • Elle Jumbe
    Elle Jumbe 11 hours ago

    Black and Iranian?...yea people got tickled. I'm so proud of you girl. Keep being you ❤

  • Femke Derison
    Femke Derison 12 hours ago

    Man i loved her since the beginning, i always thought she was the prettiest of LM and she was my rolemodel. I love her and feel bad she got all those comments 😔😍🥰❤️

  • YONCE 8701
    YONCE 8701 12 hours ago

    I loved this journalist....AND YARA of course!!!!!💋💋💋💋🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾💘

    BET BET 13 hours ago

    I love you Jesy ❤️

  • Anel Mitton
    Anel Mitton 13 hours ago

    Thats called fasting, and its actually very good for you, especially if you suffer from depression, fasting is amazing and it heals the body and mind.

  • Fenner Frost Foundation

    came bark little mix

  • Fenner Frost Foundation

    he love you me get help you

  • Tim Illingworth
    Tim Illingworth 13 hours ago

    Cosmetic surgery must give her confidence. Just wish she could have been happy with the way she was. Not a great role model for young girls. Nature gave you what you've got so celebrate that rather than seeking surgery.

  • Emmia B
    Emmia B 14 hours ago

    She is literally twins with her mom...the exact same face...that always buggles my mind everytime I see a kid that looks exactly like one of their parents....dna is really something!!!

    • Niecy Lanae
      Niecy Lanae 10 hours ago

      Emmia B I am the exact same way about children who just like there parents!! DNA is something!!!

  • Foreman Family
    Foreman Family 15 hours ago

    This is so mind blowing to me. Jesy has always been my fav and always will be. I thought and still think that she is one of the baddest chick in town. I figured others thought the same... Jesy, you are a rock star and put aside looks, your soul is bright, inspiring, and radiating❤️

  • Grandy K
    Grandy K 15 hours ago

    What an Amazing interview, What an amazing, beautiful girl!!

  • Monia a
    Monia a 15 hours ago

    She described herself perfectly in the first sentence

  • Nomhle Ndlovu
    Nomhle Ndlovu 15 hours ago

    I don't know who created the rule that just cause it's social media, you can say whatever you want

  • Teagan Robertson
    Teagan Robertson 15 hours ago

    Topic like these to be spoken about at school, she’s so beautiful this worlds is becoming so judgmental..

  • PhreshFunk
    PhreshFunk 15 hours ago

    Glad she came out about this such a massive thing to do

  • Laura Wiedenbruch
    Laura Wiedenbruch 16 hours ago

    I watched your documentary last night Jesy and, wow, there are no words. Only feelings. You have shown such strength, determination and courage in the face of adversity. There are some truly awful, vile people out there and I hope they understand just how hurtful words can be. Thank you for sharing your story. You are a truly remarkable woman and I wish you all the love and light in the world. X

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson 16 hours ago


  • Pat Jackson
    Pat Jackson 16 hours ago

    Beautiful young lady ❤️ so confident about where she is going in her life.... I truly respect her truly.

  • sigrid jenkinson
    sigrid jenkinson 16 hours ago

    Opinions are like arse holes everyones got one! Rock on Girl! xx

  • Naomi Disaster
    Naomi Disaster 17 hours ago

    I feel he's to close, he's up in her face I would be like get out of my space

  • Naomi Disaster
    Naomi Disaster 17 hours ago

    It's so sad that we know these ppl but we don't know about what's going on in the interior, I really hope she finds happiness in herself it's incredibly sad . Artists are human to be respectful

  • Anya Montrose
    Anya Montrose 17 hours ago

    love u jesy

  • curlytana01
    curlytana01 18 hours ago

    I wish she would be honest she got criticized on social media so she got liposuction. Her face now is full of filler and botox. She's not mentally better she just temporarily placed a bandage on her body dismophia

  • Sofia A.
    Sofia A. 18 hours ago

    Great interviewer!!

  • Steff Christie
    Steff Christie 18 hours ago

    I’ve never related to a video more. Everything she said is exactly how it is in my mind when my anxiety decides to spring up. It’s great people are talking about it and normalising it

  • Gabrielle Ward
    Gabrielle Ward 18 hours ago

    Yara!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Cara Braia
    Cara Braia 19 hours ago

    This is unreal people can be so cruel. Ive always thought Jesy was very attractive and unique. We live in a world where everyone tends to look alike and want to look the same, she has always had a unique look and shes beautiful x

  • al monte
    al monte 19 hours ago

    this is exactly how raini rodriguez must feel stop trolling people lol

  • Kegsi
    Kegsi 20 hours ago

    She is honestly so inspirational. More girls need to see this.

  • Joi Todd
    Joi Todd 21 hour ago

    This young lady is beautiful inside and out - she’s so self-aware & mature, especially for her age. Her mom & dad did an outstanding job👏🏽

  • Phoebe Snow
    Phoebe Snow 22 hours ago

    I love her sound and her music so much. It's 100% shamelessly pop, it's modern, it's fun

  • Joni Mccalla
    Joni Mccalla 22 hours ago

    Wow didn’t know she was struggling with this bc I thought she was and is gorgeous. Her look is different and I find that refreshing!

  • Trinity Nicole
    Trinity Nicole 23 hours ago

    I just love listening to her talk tbh

  • Whatever Goes
    Whatever Goes 23 hours ago

    Wonder where those people are now that were so cruel... I really never knew it was so bad

  • TiMalice2009
    TiMalice2009 23 hours ago

    She just gave up on Harvard.

  • Ayesha Karim
    Ayesha Karim 23 hours ago

    I like her. I didn't know she is Iranian and Black. I feel like she is someone who is influential that is also under 20. I hope she knows she is a cool young lady.

  • Jadesola Ajao
    Jadesola Ajao 23 hours ago

    The novel needed a Jamaican actress. Half black actresses have been taking the spots of black actresses for decades and it's just horrible

  • Arise & Roar
    Arise & Roar Day ago

    She is def one of the real ones. Such an icon in the making... ❤️

  • tem changkiri
    tem changkiri Day ago

    Her lips are gonna burst

  • Mee A girl
    Mee A girl Day ago

    I don't get it🤷🏾‍♀️. I'm sorry. I'm daft but I want to understand. What was the problem?

  • thammy silva
    thammy silva Day ago

    Little Mix's songs always made me feel like I can love myself and that I should find someone who sees how much of a great woman I am... I'm happy that Jesy now can see how much of a great woman she is and how valuable her experience is. Hope everything is well. Lots of Love, Jesy!!!!

  • Stephanie Tonneson

    What happened to her was absolutely heartbreaking.

  • Ni'Shara Thomas

    B A L E G D E H !

  • Ni'Shara Thomas

    B A L E G D E H !

  • Marley Vincent

    This is gonna sound crazy but she sounds just like Zoe

  • Bryn 13
    Bryn 13 Day ago

    She has the most beautiful big eyes i'm so jelly