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  • Izz qistina M irwaz
    Izz qistina M irwaz 3 hours ago


  • the invisible me
    the invisible me 3 hours ago

    Invest in better lights... and the rest will be done

  • yellooh
    yellooh 3 hours ago

    Absence builds fondness. It you are too out of sight. You will be out of mind. Not too often yet not less often.

  • Matt Keed
    Matt Keed 3 hours ago

    You could outsource for editing

  • Jack and Ntombi
    Jack and Ntombi 3 hours ago

    We Love Alfredo!🐍👇

  • Mariah Tellechea
    Mariah Tellechea 3 hours ago

    Girl even if you hate them post them on like a second channel!!!! We love you I promise (:

  • el Pollo loco
    el Pollo loco 3 hours ago

    Janelle don't ever change. Your mind and soul is perfect.

    DIABLOS WORLD 3 hours ago

    Hold up isn’t she on the new commercial for the google pixel or Samsung ? Where she’s in a van

  • Laura Dahlan
    Laura Dahlan 3 hours ago

    I have a question? Do you ever get scared that someone can break into your van ?

  • Pearl Soh
    Pearl Soh 3 hours ago

    your videos are great!! cant wait for the new van make over... make more videos please i will always support youu💖💖

  • Sun Wen
    Sun Wen 3 hours ago

    You are goooooooooooddddd girl.......!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • America Rocks
    America Rocks 3 hours ago


  • we are in the endgame now

    Scared to bug, but having a snake as a pet. Okay girl

  • Lun Hing
    Lun Hing 3 hours ago

    Go out with me

  • TahitianTreat Flavored BabyBatter

    Boring channel, actually. Had it not been for shallow shit, like her being cute, most wouldn't be here nor worry about why she hasn't posted..

  • Alicia Latscha
    Alicia Latscha 4 hours ago

    This female reminds me of the black chick from 13reasons why

  • alicia vasquez
    alicia vasquez 4 hours ago

    This is crazy because I absolutely love your style of vlogging. It keeps me entertained and captures your very energetic nature. Still support you with whatever you wanna try and challenge yourself with. ♥️

  • Marcelino Loeb
    Marcelino Loeb 4 hours ago

    Awesome, stay safe. 🤪😜

  • Depdep Romanos
    Depdep Romanos 4 hours ago

    Her hair is curly once again yassss girrrll

  • Jalisaa Lanaye
    Jalisaa Lanaye 4 hours ago

    Your not a terrible youtuber ! Personally I love all your videos , please don’t compare yourself to other you tubers because your videos are waaaay better then 90% of all the videos uploaded now a days. *kris Jenner voice, your doing great sweety!* bu the way your new van looks amazing ! You deserve it ! So happy for you and your success !

  • Send Nukes
    Send Nukes 4 hours ago

    How’s the Hiace coming?

  • xX King Xx
    xX King Xx 4 hours ago

    Where did you get money??

  • JrRanks
    JrRanks 4 hours ago

    I would love to get to know her full story I’m so interested in her. Beautiful girl, beautiful soul, beautiful personality

  • Jack Spedicy 2
    Jack Spedicy 2 4 hours ago

    I highly believe that you are a RUclip generated “creator”; an actress.

  • Greteli R
    Greteli R 4 hours ago

    I lauged so hard when her feet came out the window like wow

  • Bobzter
    Bobzter 4 hours ago

    RUclipr love/hate cycle for RUclip has started. Step 1: Feel indebted, guilt and explanatory.

  • andrea s.
    andrea s. 4 hours ago

    imagine crashing one of these expensive cribs. fuuuuuuck. always drive safely jennelle!!!

  • Matt Florance
    Matt Florance 4 hours ago

    Month long flu?

  • scripteaze
    scripteaze 4 hours ago

    How are we supposed to be in a relationship, if your all the way up North? I'm going to have to re-think this :)

  • JrRanks
    JrRanks 4 hours ago

    This girl is BEAUTIFUL 😂

  • billy bob
    billy bob 4 hours ago

    Glad you made it safe in your travel ordeal darlin I actually live in truckee also have done alot of work in grass valley I actually rebuild older rvs for a hobby and have been in construction for a long time if you need help or ideas for yours

  • Constance Connie
    Constance Connie 4 hours ago

    Take all the time you need. Your true supporters will watch your videos. Everyone needs a break to relax and be stress free ❤️

  • Pimpin Hos
    Pimpin Hos 4 hours ago

    She made trending

  • Nayely Martinez
    Nayely Martinez 4 hours ago

    I live in Reno! That week of thanksgiving the weather was horrible

  • Absalom
    Absalom 4 hours ago

    I have never seen a white snake...

  • Hector
    Hector 4 hours ago

    RUclip plant

  • Paul E Clemons Jr
    Paul E Clemons Jr 4 hours ago

    I got a white snake you can play with

  • C Wimbush-Palacios
    C Wimbush-Palacios 4 hours ago

    Make a video on the snake..he look very active and interesting.

  • Cantara Bella
    Cantara Bella 4 hours ago

    Alredo's cute little head!!!

  • SweetShayla
    SweetShayla 4 hours ago

    What videos r you deleting? Bc all u post are storytimes

  • Amy Baby
    Amy Baby 4 hours ago

    BRO WE MISS YOU & UR FUNKY CRAZY WILD ADVENTURES!! Well I DO!! Happy hollidays to you &ur family. You're right family is everything hope you enjoy yourself and spending time with your family! Merry Christmas to you and alfredo✌💚💖💚🎄🎄💚💖💚💖💚🎄🎄😘✌

  • the keto life
    the keto life 4 hours ago

    you got the camera, don't forget the external mic. rode makes popular youtube mics.

  • Syifa Raihana Pratiwi

    Your van so cute 😍

  • Nikki mcmurtrey
    Nikki mcmurtrey 4 hours ago

    I get that your channel and and you should only post what you and what makes you happy, but all the stuff you updated if you would of blogged it, it all sounded really exciting and entertaining I would of watched😊anyway just thought good luck and best wishes going forward 💜

  • Jess Alm
    Jess Alm 4 hours ago

    Please add caption/subtitle for us people (Deaf people)

  • cindy ;6
    cindy ;6 4 hours ago

    Love going on dates with yew <3 💀💀

  • Jersey girl in Texas

    Jennelle’s vibe in this video is sooo different. Super chill. I like it it’s like she was just sitting talking to a friend she missed and filling them in. Happy we’re your friends Jannelle!!☺️☺️☺️❤️

  • MasterONT
    MasterONT 5 hours ago

    What the hell. Why is every RUclipr making a "why I am not here" video. Nobody cares.

  • UwU_Moon
    UwU_Moon 5 hours ago

    Did u get 2Mil+ subs in 5 months.....?

  • JLndriX
    JLndriX 5 hours ago


  • SeychellesLover
    SeychellesLover 5 hours ago

    Janelle girl you gotta remember that a lot of these other creators have a lot more experience and content than you. Do what's your best not other people's best. Also come visit oregon girl! But be careful of the weather and downtown portland is a one way street maze

  • Dealin21s
    Dealin21s 5 hours ago

    Do we care about you doing videos on an extra fancy shmancy camera? Mm, no. Do we care about the high end editing software that you believe will make your videos better for us? Mmm, no. We couldn’t care less about any of that, and I think I can speak for everyone when I tell you that whatever you’re using now is juuuust fine with us. Plain and simple: We love Jenelle and Alfredo... We want more Jenelle and Alfredo! Give us Jenelle and Alfredo! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Gelsy Rodriguez
    Gelsy Rodriguez 5 hours ago


  • M steph
    M steph 5 hours ago

    Well of course better quality videos more attraction more followers more $$$...I bet she started reflecting and getting her ideas from the google commercial she did.... now thats a quality video 😁

  • Nikierra Myers
    Nikierra Myers 5 hours ago

    Alfredo is getting so big!

  • Abby
    Abby 5 hours ago

    Might be an unpopular opinion but I don't want you to compare your videos to big youtubers and think you need to have their same quality/content, the beauty of your channel is that it's raw and authentic, not some basic high quality movie that they have. Ofc quality is an investment which I get but i just hope your channel doesn't change too much. Don't let the anxiety/pressure of trying to be like other youtubers get to you, your videos are already amazing hence why you are so successful so fast!

  • 준규내사랑
    준규내사랑 5 hours ago

    She posted her first RUclip video only 5 months ago and she already has 2.2 MILLION subscribers bruh tf We stan.

  • amanda rodriguez
    amanda rodriguez 5 hours ago

    I saw you on a commercial, super cool 😎 hope all is well ❤

  • Hemily Clement
    Hemily Clement 5 hours ago

    YOU’RE IN NORTHERN CALI 😭 I hope I get to see you!

  • Masque TV
    Masque TV 5 hours ago

    Is that a balloon or football in the back corner, in sky blue?

  • Duda
    Duda 5 hours ago

    Snakes ain’t bugs Snakes ain’t bugs Bugs ain’t snakes Bugs ain’t snakes

  • Marie
    Marie 5 hours ago

    Hang in there girl!

  • zanthea van zyl
    zanthea van zyl 5 hours ago


  • Laura G.
    Laura G. 5 hours ago

    I also wanna travel around the world with an van. How did you get money for food or any before yt?

  • Emma Stiso
    Emma Stiso 5 hours ago

    You’re from grass valley? Gasp! I just moved here!

  • Connie Rowlands
    Connie Rowlands 5 hours ago

    Have an awesome Christmas!

  • Lauryn Iti
    Lauryn Iti 5 hours ago

    You are not a terrible youtuber, its fine to not post, post what you love

  • Wolfblades Alpha
    Wolfblades Alpha 5 hours ago

    Oh no, I wasnt prepared for these things life threw at me. Help! Dude welcome to the real world, research and prep yourself before you embark on such a high risk life style

  • Syifa Raihana Pratiwi

    Hello jennele I'm new your subscribers,you really so beautiful and I'm from Indonesia don't forget to stop by my channel thx u

  • Nia J.
    Nia J. 5 hours ago

    I hope you meet Dolan Twins!

  • Duda
    Duda 5 hours ago

    Snakes and bugs ARE DIFFERENT THINGS! You never know what a bug can do.. You can see a Eight legged elephant but 9x smaller the a big rhino then you find out it look slim like a turtle but its thick as hell but it’s actually the WiFi cord you bought 2 days ago and it flys because the world doesn’t make sense And then you compare that too a beautiful and well trained snake? what?

  • YKTVwitTrinity
    YKTVwitTrinity 5 hours ago

    don’t like Alfredo grow bigger than you he might eat you.

  • Kasper Johansen
    Kasper Johansen 5 hours ago

    I am not a snake expert Nut isnt alfredo anor skinnet to be a ball python

  • J Vili
    J Vili 5 hours ago

    Me and my Chameleon ET , want to move to your van. 🦖🤔❤

  • FreddieHg37
    FreddieHg37 5 hours ago

    I just stumbled upon this video, this is the first time I've ever watched any of her videos, I'm not even 30 seconds into the video and I have a huge crush with this girl already…

  • petertingle
    petertingle 5 hours ago

    I love how spend a lot of your time making these videos and still dont post them even though you would’ve spent so much work on it, just bc u want them to be perfect 😌🥰dont worry jennelle, you are ALREADY AN AMAZING RUclipR!

  • Berta axo
    Berta axo 5 hours ago

    Honestly if i was sick & living in a van, id go check in a hotel for a couple days and have comfort (also to keep the van clean of my sickness lmao) This is also if i had any money which i don’t so

  • Jamaal Curry
    Jamaal Curry 5 hours ago

    No need to explain Queen, I'm a loyal subscriber. Would be great to collab with your channel .. Guidance

  • fuckyou
    fuckyou 5 hours ago

    Why are you still in the same van?

  • Leroy Stone
    Leroy Stone 5 hours ago

    Hey Jennelle. I would like to create an appreciation video about you. Something that has been in my thoughts for some time. Not asking any subs or anything like that. But I didn't want to do anything without your permission first. Let me know at your leisure if this is okay. Would be done with total respect to you. I believe you to be a real person. My channel is not an income producer. But again, I won't do anything without your ok first. If you prefer, I could email my idea to you.

  • Laila Marciano
    Laila Marciano 5 hours ago

    Me: "Alfredo, BE 👏🏽STILL👏🏽SILLY👏🏽NOODLE!!

  • deelot1
    deelot1 5 hours ago

    Maybe you need an air purifier in the van

  • nicolearoundtheworld

    I think your first videos were GREAT. You looked natural. Don’t stop being that girl :) you are already doing great.

  • SoulArtChicago
    SoulArtChicago 5 hours ago

    Why no one cares lol😂😂😂

  • HowE Lee
    HowE Lee 5 hours ago

    Don’t over think it you never know what people will like

  • La Mendieta
    La Mendieta 5 hours ago

    Alfredo is as cute as baby Yoda

  • luna *
    luna * 5 hours ago

    she protecc she atacc but most importantly... OUR QUEEN IS BACK ❤👑

  • Yannii TV
    Yannii TV 5 hours ago

    Maybe you should consider getting an apartment girl. For your health . That’s a lot of time being sick . Just looking out. Feel better ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

  • 【ᴅᴜꜱᴛxᴅᴇᴠɪʟ】

    If I had a van and I gave a tour,mid walk and *Done*

  • heyitis me
    heyitis me 5 hours ago

    Me gustan mucho tus videos! Me caes bien!!

  • Anthony Baltodano
    Anthony Baltodano 5 hours ago

    Hey just wanna say HI.

  • John Arceneaux
    John Arceneaux 5 hours ago


  • Tenacious Terri
    Tenacious Terri 5 hours ago

    I saw you on an ad

  • Paige Prevost
    Paige Prevost 5 hours ago

    Before even watching the video: your last video was only a month ago. That’s really no time at all. Don’t feel like you need to explain. ♥️

  • Tenacious Terri
    Tenacious Terri 5 hours ago

    Were is your new van?

  • Bignug
    Bignug 6 hours ago

    So we gonna ignore the Chris Farley joke at 9:27 ...well 9:26 but whatever lol

  • Peter Eden Jr.
    Peter Eden Jr. 6 hours ago

    3:00 "I've never been exposed to like, harsh weather conditions because I like to live by the beach." People in Florida: 😳😳😳

    • Dealin21s
      Dealin21s 5 hours ago

      Peter Eden Jr. 😂😂😂

  • Roblox House build
    Roblox House build 6 hours ago

    Hey everyone. I just stared RUclip and I’m trying to grow. It would really help me out if you subscribed and watched some of my videos🤗😀

  • Marvin Mayes
    Marvin Mayes 6 hours ago

    Do you really really live in your van? I do like all your videos.

  • LifeofJitterbug
    LifeofJitterbug 6 hours ago

    Omg the last time I watched her channel wasn’t to long ago and she had 400k wow