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Top 10 Terrifying Asteroids
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Top 10 Angry Joe Moments
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  • Rafeal Smith
    Rafeal Smith 33 seconds ago

    Tbh, I don't hate the show. I'm alright with more comedic spin-offs of past shows, but however, Go! don't do the original justice. Even the original had comedy, but the difference between the original and Go! is that the comedy of the original was executed better. And speaking of Go!'s style of comedy, there's another CN show that sorta have the same type comedy style that Go! have. And that's Gumball. And Gumball executed the same type of humor that Go! have way better the then Go! It self. Heck, the pilot shorts of Go! was done better then the show it self. I think what irks me more about Go! Is not the show it self, but the people who work on it. I can understand them having disdain for certain types of fans due to their attitude, but the way the showrunners been acting makes them just as bad, or worse then those certain fans. The way they constantly mock the fans who criticize the show at every opportunity they get does nothing but actually justifying fan's criticism of the show. If it wasn't for Go! being successful (which is mostly thanks to CN pulling a "SpongeBob" with the show), the showrunners wouldn't be so arrogant and condescending to the fans as they are now. And you can bet they're fully aware of that too.

  • Mahesh Magrati
    Mahesh Magrati 33 seconds ago

    Zoro past

  • The Blyatman
    The Blyatman 42 seconds ago

    I feel bad for the people who made Crazy frog because They Will go to hell

  • Jack Bunty
    Jack Bunty Minute ago

    Brandon trost? David klein?

  • Maxi Boni
    Maxi Boni Minute ago

    waste of good money

  • Darwin James
    Darwin James Minute ago

    What is Love also played in NBA 2K14

  • Gianfranco Cassinelli Huanuco

    Family Guy was NEVER a good cartoon

  • Horatio Jones
    Horatio Jones 2 minutes ago

    I watched this movie with a friend who takes everything literally and he hated it. I was willing to listen to Brad Pitt's narration which is where the real story was being told. The movie is a very philosophical tale about humans facing the vast emptiness of space and a son's quest to reconnect with his father. It's a very different kind of sci-fi tale.

  • CeadusSunblaster
    CeadusSunblaster 2 minutes ago

    Mortal kombat was a horrible port. No game i‘ve played on the switch crashed so much and every new patch seemed to make it worse.

  • Oops Kido
    Oops Kido 3 minutes ago

    Master movie all frames are perfect art

  • Lizardman
    Lizardman 3 minutes ago

    Ark is a badly made game period. As graphicly pleasing as it is and as involved as it is. I REALLY needs optimization. considering the game will lag on a state of the art gaming PC says ALOT.

  • Grig Jones
    Grig Jones 3 minutes ago

    Everyone who can read on the internet knows these. But did you know this is the first joker movie that I will see opening night? Can't wait to see what is going on in the joker head

  • Hetza
    Hetza 3 minutes ago

    I need to find if her brother Battra is dead or alive, if he is dead we need her origin in KOTM. If it's alive, i want her, Rodan and Godzilla fight this mad badass dark moth.

  • Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson 4 minutes ago

    Timmy Turner, Bubbles, Raven, and Ben Tennyson are my favorites.

  • Kiing Toph
    Kiing Toph 4 minutes ago

    So nobody realize that it had three #3😑

  • Rajat Pradhan
    Rajat Pradhan 4 minutes ago

    Passengers is Awesome!!

  • Baz The Storyteller
    Baz The Storyteller 4 minutes ago

    Anybody ever heard of the disturbing King of the Hill fan fiction "Peggy's Revenge"? It's King of the Hill meets Hostel.

  • Muhammad Rifa'i
    Muhammad Rifa'i 5 minutes ago


  • mactony4
    mactony4 6 minutes ago

    Its not just Hawk its the mighty lord of scarp Hawk.

    THE AMC DC SHOW 6 minutes ago

    Am in the only one who loved roanoke

  • anthony de dios
    anthony de dios 6 minutes ago

    He come along way since Playing Officer Slater in Superbad

  • Suh the Interneter
    Suh the Interneter 6 minutes ago

    Where is: *"Creepers' weakness are cats."* ?

  • johannes dalseg
    johannes dalseg 7 minutes ago

    Super star ultra better than super star

  • Isaiah Duncan
    Isaiah Duncan 7 minutes ago

    Spider man was a good movie in my opinion I had even a black spider man costume

  • Tricolorrr533
    Tricolorrr533 7 minutes ago

    Outlast 2..??

  • Pisan Moudree
    Pisan Moudree 7 minutes ago

    I want to cry😢😢😢😢😢

  • Moose Man
    Moose Man 8 minutes ago

    A true Canadian has a NHL hockey ring as there Computer Backround

  • Tsar Kasm
    Tsar Kasm 8 minutes ago

    ...and Darkseid? He travelled end to end of the conceivable universe which scientists hypothesize is 45 billion light years.... in 5 seconds. ...This would make him quite quick. 671,000,000mph x 10 to the 39th power. Or 87 duodicillion times the speed of light. You're welcome.

  • nameisnotimportant
    nameisnotimportant 8 minutes ago

    MCU>>>>DCEU DC movies overall>>>>Marvel movies overall DC shows>>>Marvel shows DC animated shows and movies>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Marvel animated shows and movies DC games>>>>>>Marvel games DC comics>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Marvel comics

    MLG GAMER 9 minutes ago

    Yeah I saw a few people play Cuphead and Undertale on Switch and I've heard great reception from it. I don't think I have seen anyone play Minecraft on Switch but I had a feeling that it would be best on the list. Its funny how the original Doom games were worst on the list for Switch port but it's newer 2016 version is the best. I thought usually the consensus of these types of things is "nothing beats the original"? I guess not in this case. Although Undertale wasn't mentioned and a valid reason was given since there were so many ports I'd definitely add Undertale to the Best part of the list

  • The Anime Dweeb’s
    The Anime Dweeb’s 10 minutes ago

    I see Yuno, I click… Believe when I say that I click fAsT

  • Leni SwiftBird
    Leni SwiftBird 10 minutes ago

    Bruh, who else was expecting someone from My Hero Academia to be on this list? I wouldn't have been surprised if my angel son Denki Kaminari had a spot. Even though the aftermath always leaves him with his brain fried for at least an hour, you've got to admit that his power to emit electricity is awfully powerful. Even his Indiscriminate Discharge!!!

  • XxDark RattlexX
    XxDark RattlexX 10 minutes ago

    *_sees pale lady_* Dang she chunky

  • DarkPope666
    DarkPope666 10 minutes ago

    He is one of the most intelligent people alive.

  • Malakh The Drago
    Malakh The Drago 10 minutes ago

    Animal house?........😕😕😕😕

  • Oceane Mulholland
    Oceane Mulholland 10 minutes ago

    Terrifier was pretty crap tbh, it was good at first but it just kept repeating the same kind of thing.

  • YahyaTheLad
    YahyaTheLad 11 minutes ago

    Angelo lagusa!

  • hudsonjones 59
    hudsonjones 59 11 minutes ago

    This is like the end of red dead redemption 1

  • Top Games
    Top Games 12 minutes ago

    WhO wants a crossover story with dbz characters a little suppressed and naruto characters a little powered up

  • Micah-David Saunders
    Micah-David Saunders 12 minutes ago

    WM: [paraphrased] "We know a biopic can't really be spoiled, but we included one in the list anyway."

  • Harry Gunn
    Harry Gunn 12 minutes ago

    What about the sweetest thing? not even a mention..

  • LeChatteNoir
    LeChatteNoir 12 minutes ago

    'Us' is a phenomenal movie that I'm glad I decided to see (I thought it was a horror/ scary movie and I don't do those). I knew it would be good if Lupita was in it 😁 One of the best parts is the "I Got 5 On It" remix during the ballet scene 🙌🏾

  • Omar YT
    Omar YT 12 minutes ago

    I miss the kalos region

  • Niantic Labs
    Niantic Labs 13 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who is not surprised by watching Pikachu on top how can anyone resist such cute yellow mouse

  • Rebecca Dresler Bækmark
    Rebecca Dresler Bækmark 13 minutes ago

    The BERUMDA triangle

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz 13 minutes ago

    Am I the only one that thinks Tom Hardy is COMPLETELY underrated and overlooked? Why wasn't Edward Norton mentioned?

  • Owais Qadri
    Owais Qadri 13 minutes ago

    I think the marvel ultimate alliance game looks good.

  • Tristen Carranza
    Tristen Carranza 14 minutes ago

    But ninja scroll does have a graphic series. Or is it not as graphic as I remembered?

  • DatAlphaLion
    DatAlphaLion 14 minutes ago

    4:39 you missed a spot.

  • Openize
    Openize 14 minutes ago

    Maybe that explains why he unconsciously winks his left eye frequently.

  • Jake the Playstation Gamer

    Here are my picks for top 10 best cover songs (some of the songs may have came out after this list was made. Also, one cover song is allowed, and has to be a studio cover.) Honorable Mention: Bulls on Parade- Denzel Curry/Rage Against the Machine 10) Raining Blood- Body Count/ Slayer 9) Twist and Shout- The Beatles/ Top Notes 8) Turn the page- Metallica/ Bob Seger 7) Bad Company- Five Finger Death Punch/Bad Company 6) Sounds of Silence- Disturbed/Simon and Garfunkle 5) I fought the law- The Clash/The Crickets 4) Rusty Cage - Johnny Cash/Soundgarden 3) Blue Monday- Orgy/New Order 2) Cocaine- Eric Clapton/ JJ Cale 1) All along the watch tower- Jimi Hendrex/Bob Dylan

  • videakias3000
    videakias3000 14 minutes ago

    the problem with the pc version of cuphead is that you can't switch weapons if you use a controller. why do video game developers hate controllers so much?

  • spike1970
    spike1970 15 minutes ago

  • Weirdo 5555
    Weirdo 5555 15 minutes ago

    The only people who would want a relationship like jokers and Harley Quinn’s are the ones who have watched suicide squad too much

  • tofeR
    tofeR 15 minutes ago

    I dont really understand why criminal is here i thought everyone loved it

  • Elliot Benson
    Elliot Benson 16 minutes ago

    Dc has joker, so they are better. Also, thanos is a knock off Darkseid

  • Delon Reddock
    Delon Reddock 16 minutes ago

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  • dinosoid2000
    dinosoid2000 16 minutes ago

    Poor Ashlee, such a beautiful girl. Found her a lot more talented than Jessica. I'll have you know With Arms Wide Open is a beautiful song about fatherhood. Mark Tremonti is one of the greatest guitarists and songwriters of his generation.

  • MistaTofMaine
    MistaTofMaine 17 minutes ago

    tbh with amount of poor white people in Maine combined with fact that Maine consumes more coffee brandy per capita than any place in world the PBR hard coffee l've seen like half my family drink and comment how they like it. It's like a premixed brandy drink.

  • JeSuisChele
    JeSuisChele 17 minutes ago

    Excuse you? Orbitz was absolutely delicious! I loved that stuff!

  • Irving Antonio
    Irving Antonio 17 minutes ago

    How are you going to name asylum as the best season and not even mention Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice?! She was brilliant

  • Rebecca Sanders
    Rebecca Sanders 17 minutes ago

    Donald Trump

  • Kabub Kline
    Kabub Kline 17 minutes ago

    0:50, “THIS IS REAL” lol

  • Gale Bailey
    Gale Bailey 17 minutes ago

    Turkey making you sleepy is no myth! I usually don’t drink wine at Thanksgiving, but regardless I still get sleepy.

  • Jacob Tobias
    Jacob Tobias 17 minutes ago


  • Gino Morra
    Gino Morra 17 minutes ago

    what about the van Buren boys

  • Oisky Poisky
    Oisky Poisky 17 minutes ago

    Since I watched It chapter 2 I have been on a deep dive into his career. From SNL to the Skeleton twins to Barry and Documentary Now. I knew his name and some Stefon skits and smaller roles for awhile but I guess I never paid that much attention because he is phenomenal. His Richie Tozier performance broke my heart and Barry is just so good it's mesmerizing.

  • Weronika Stolarz
    Weronika Stolarz 18 minutes ago

    Guns N' Roses are hair metal? I didn't know even though I've been listening to them for soooo long time. But if you think so: what about reunion in 2016? And the fact they're planning new album? Guns N' Roses didn't die! And hair metal also! Rock 'n' roll ain't nosie pollution, Rock 'n' roll ain't gonna die! ~ AC/DC

  • doll adventures and reviews

    i think i know how Family Guy Could , i mean i don't want it to come to an end but if it does then i have an idea on what's gonna happen in the series finale do you guys remember the season 16 episode where Brian gets kicked out of Quahog after making a very racist tweet that resulted in everyone turning against the Griffin family like Lois not getting any service at a grocery store , Peter getting kicked out of the drunken clam , Meg & Chris are forced to eat outside their school & Brian getting harassed everywhere he goes , my point is that at some point in the show that someone will make Quahog will turn against the Griffins in a violent way & then the griffins will be forced to lose their house and there reputations will be ruined so without further i do , here's the family guy series finale perdicion Carter has had enough with the griffins being happy and excited to go on new adventures and he makes a really bad mistake that will ruin his life , he accidentally revealed that he hooked up with a 21 year old woman and had a secret baby and barbara gets so mad at carter for cheating on her that she decides to expose all of carter's crimes but carter (afraid that he'll lose lois's love for him and he'll end up in jail for raping a 21 year old woman) decides to murder his wife and he frames the griffins for the murder and everyone in Quahog turns aganist the griffins , this leads to the griffins to lose their house and to live in the woods but they don't give up on trying to turn everything back to normal so part 1 will involve the griffins decide to find out who really killed lois's mother and in part 2 carter makes everyone search for the griffins and kill them and then the griffins get sepereted from each other after carter sends the search party , lois is with brian , stewie is with chris & meg is with peter , while sepereted the griffins learn more about each other and decide that they should love and respect each other like brian decides to end his major crush on lois , stewie encorauging chris to be himself & peter decides to respect meg , the whole family all break into song in hope to find each other again and after the whole family defeat their enemies , there all reuntied and decideing to protect each other no matter what , at the end of part 2 they all discover that carter actually killed his wife and then carter finds the griffins with a gun is his hand about to kill the family and an part 3 lois feels heartbroken that her daddy betrayed her like that and it is revealed that he actually used mind controlling devices from the cia to brainwash everyone in quahog to go kill the griffins and secretly taking over the whole world but the griffins team up to save their friends from carter's control , while lois is fighting , carter is behind the rest of the family and is about to shoot peter as punishment for 'forcing' lois to marry them but when lois sees what's about to happen , she ends up taking the gunshot and is fatally hurt , carter then runs away after realized what he's done but lois tells meg , chris and stewie to go to the cia (where carter got the mind controling devices) to go and destroy the machine and save quahog , in the meantime brian takes lois to the hospital and peter goes to find carter and he finds him at carter's house , the two have a two-fight duel but carter shoots both of peter's knees and as he's about to be killed by carter , joe , quagmire , cleveland and the griffin kids break into the house and fight both carter and his guards but carter ends up running away after shooting peter and his friends and kids & he reveals that he has a nuclear bomb made to kill all f quahog but as he's about to set off the bomb , lois shoots her dad , the griffins bring quahog back to normal and they all make amends and be friends , the griffins all have bright lives , lois and peter become rich , meg and chris graduate from high school , brian marries juilan , chris and meg get a cool girlfriend and boyfriend and stewie becomes two years old and as the show is about to come to an end , everyone in quahog thank the fans for being with them and everyone says (ladies and gentlemen , mr Conway twitty ) and it cuts to mr Twitty singing , afterwards , the episode cuts to share all of the memories they've had over the years and the episode cuts to say (thank you Seth Mcfarlene for making such incredible times and the series is over .

  • AngelCam7
    AngelCam7 18 minutes ago

    Seeing this makes me very hopeful of Overwatch's presence on the Switch. :)

  • Msp Aypek
    Msp Aypek 19 minutes ago

    I think clarinet is harder than obua

  • William Reese
    William Reese 19 minutes ago

    Jason should been the winner not freddy

  • Fazal Naqvi
    Fazal Naqvi 19 minutes ago

    10% of comments: random movies 90% of comments: LOTR

  • Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson 19 minutes ago

    Teen Titans go is one of the badest shows on TV!!! Everybody knows that it's not okay to lie or bully people who do such a thing.

  • jewzii 123
    jewzii 123 20 minutes ago

    Beerus no villain

  • Elgyn Croker
    Elgyn Croker 21 minute ago

    This man really sat up here over 2 yrs ago and confidently said Fate Zero and Galatic are better than Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Naruto, YuYu Hakusho, and Death Note?

  • Penelope O'Brien
    Penelope O'Brien 21 minute ago

    Daenerys should have been number 2

  • Furious Fire
    Furious Fire 21 minute ago

    Why the hell Naruto and Dragon ball are no.4 and no.2 and hxh , fma and seven deadly sins are all in higher numbers . this list is broken and unacceptable!!!!!

  • Kiling Pertin
    Kiling Pertin 21 minute ago

    Macy's day parade is a great song too.

  • nikolicaeos
    nikolicaeos 22 minutes ago

    Jojo deserved the first place

  • MyGuitarJourney de
    MyGuitarJourney de 22 minutes ago

    I miss Issac Foster from Angels of Death

  • Gaming GorillaTV
    Gaming GorillaTV 22 minutes ago

    3:00 Did she say MCU?? You just know some DC fan somewhere will be smashing his keyboard to bits writing complaints at that one lmao

  • Yuri Tanikawa
    Yuri Tanikawa 22 minutes ago

    blackwargreymon is the 7th??? Really guys you should re-watch digimon 2

  • Joseph Bleasdale
    Joseph Bleasdale 22 minutes ago

    Lance Armstrong, Jan Ullrich, Ivan Basso, Marco Pantani, Tyler Hamilton, Floyd Landis and most in between. It was a dark era for cycling. Thank goodness they’re seeing sense now.

  • Delon Reddock
    Delon Reddock 22 minutes ago

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  • Penelope O'Brien
    Penelope O'Brien 23 minutes ago

    How is tyrion is 2, he is so delicious awesome

  • Joy Jane
    Joy Jane 23 minutes ago

    I like Pepsi max

  • milan jazbincsek
    milan jazbincsek 23 minutes ago

    Tom and Jerry as nazi propaganda? Not true.

  • Zandra Ann Nadonga
    Zandra Ann Nadonga 24 minutes ago

    Ouija And Charlie Charlie Games Are Very Cursed And An Old Horror Game That Got Possesed

  • Nuvendil
    Nuvendil 24 minutes ago

    I think Dragon Ball FighterZ was more deserving than Cuphead or Diablo primarily because, just like the Wii U ports you disqualified, those two were relatively simple matters to bring over. Dragon Ball FighterZ on the other hand did need work and yet preserved its visuals spectacularly while still running at a high resolution and framerate. Still, mostly good list.

  • StubbsDK
    StubbsDK 24 minutes ago

    There is no such thing as a good Bill Hader performance....

  • I am S.J
    I am S.J 24 minutes ago

    Already watched/watching most of them

  • Esteban Garita
    Esteban Garita 25 minutes ago

    Can somebody please... find Ja Rule, get a hold of this muthafucka so I can make sense of all this!... WHERE IS JA?!!... heeeelp me Ja Rule.

  • TheAngelvista
    TheAngelvista 26 minutes ago

    Angela Merkel should be the number 1, with all the economic and politic crisis and conspiracies, she still resisting and she still defends her humanity principles.💕💕💕💕

  • Luis Baez
    Luis Baez 26 minutes ago

    Michelangelo from last two tmnt movies is nothing like the 90s version, that Mikey was funny

  • Mickale Gorbachev
    Mickale Gorbachev 26 minutes ago

    What about CB4!

  • Wesley Spalding
    Wesley Spalding 27 minutes ago

    3:50 Like if this went over your head as a kid.

    VITTORIA LA SIRENA 27 minutes ago

    Top 10 times watchmojo ran out of ideas

  • SciFi KidKid
    SciFi KidKid 28 minutes ago

    Where arale

  • Mohd Razif
    Mohd Razif 28 minutes ago

    Why he had to go to Mars to record a voice message and sent to Neptune via laser? Why don't just record it on Earth and sent the data to Neptune directly?