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Build Your Own Tank Battle!!
Views 1.7M3 months ago
GIANT Horseshoes Challenge!!
Views 1.8M3 months ago
Baby Sports Battle!!
Views 3.9M4 months ago
BUG Chubby Bunny Challenge!!
Views 1.1M4 months ago
Slippery Tag Challenge!!
Views 2.9M5 months ago
Giant Pac Man in Real Life!!
Views 2.1M6 months ago
Sumo Suit Parkour Battle!
Views 4.9M7 months ago
Apex Legends In Real Life!!
Views 2.7M7 months ago
ATV Basketball Game!!
Views 1.7M11 months ago
GIANT Human Skee-Ball!!
Views 3M11 months ago


  • Gaming With Brian
    Gaming With Brian 3 hours ago

    June... EZ

  • King Kabob84
    King Kabob84 3 hours ago

    The sound affects made this 110% better

  • TheeUnreliableGamer
    TheeUnreliableGamer 3 hours ago

    OMG this was so funny that waxing part I could feel the pain just watching lol

  • Aaron Martin
    Aaron Martin 3 hours ago

    a needle

  • Marcus Ronin
    Marcus Ronin 3 hours ago

    Bryan: Loser gets their iPhone smashed Me: Well what if you don't have an iPhone

  • Tony Brown
    Tony Brown 3 hours ago

    Love how JFred isn't even throwing the frisbees he's just pegging them

  • KittyMeowMeow Ayeka Wallace

    You guys are dumb because Carly Lloyd is a soccer player

  • Carson Jerome
    Carson Jerome 3 hours ago


  • Kyle Churchward
    Kyle Churchward 3 hours ago


  • Tayla Weatherell
    Tayla Weatherell 3 hours ago

    No j Fred did not flinch the first round

  • Sofia Gonzalez
    Sofia Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    Poor sheep 😵

  • Valerie Yagudaev
    Valerie Yagudaev 3 hours ago

    Anybody else noticed that Bobby has a different shirt

  • Fun squad Vlogs
    Fun squad Vlogs 4 hours ago

    4:18 does that mean Batman’s fat 🤔

  • Kiyon Kaye
    Kiyon Kaye 4 hours ago

    Boo Jordan

  • Chase’s Channel 2025

    Bryan chested first

  • yazmin ramos
    yazmin ramos 4 hours ago

    I live in Massachusetts and he can't even spell my state like what the heck!!!

  • Ethan Stainbrook
    Ethan Stainbrook 4 hours ago

    4:45 the shot bounced off the wall and landed back! How did that go unnoticed

  • Amy Smart
    Amy Smart 4 hours ago


  • Luke Thayer
    Luke Thayer 4 hours ago

    SO FUNNY!!!!!!!

  • Kayli Hamby
    Kayli Hamby 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or umm don’t see that in the title they used a moon🌕in stead of a ball 😆

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 4 hours ago


  • Olena Borshch
    Olena Borshch 4 hours ago

    R L

  • Elizabeth Oliver
    Elizabeth Oliver 4 hours ago

    1:09, anyone else here someone talking? Oh just me.

  • Hannah Sanchez
    Hannah Sanchez 4 hours ago

    I wish that they could do this challenge more often

  • Alber Manzanarez
    Alber Manzanarez 4 hours ago

    I loved this one

  • AJC gaming1
    AJC gaming1 4 hours ago

    6:51 me when my friend through a football at my face

  • The Effect
    The Effect 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or is that radar gun inaccurate

  • charlie hubbell
    charlie hubbell 4 hours ago

    As soon as command goes to the army veterans the audio for like thirty seconds is just roaring and screaming

  • NG NATE _
    NG NATE _ 4 hours ago

    Hello Chris and HI BOBBY

  • Sukaina And Ala
    Sukaina And Ala 4 hours ago

    Matt lost on the first round he put his hand up before Bryan just copied what Matt did

  • Natasha Herrera
    Natasha Herrera 4 hours ago

    Fahrenheit not Celsius Cuz If it was Celsius you would be dead/boiling to death

  • Darth Gater
    Darth Gater 4 hours ago

    Griot says we are Groot once

  • •Wįnţnęr_Wolfįę•

    MEH DREAM (I would actually do this is I could)

  • Collins Clan
    Collins Clan 4 hours ago


  • Leah Velasquez
    Leah Velasquez 4 hours ago

    The way they made the karts is genius 😂😂😂😂

  • Ethan_ Reilly
    Ethan_ Reilly 4 hours ago

    Haggis is good what you talkin about that ain’t a punishment that’s a reward

  • Aidan Smith
    Aidan Smith 4 hours ago

    I don't know would YOU rather?

  • Steffen and liam
    Steffen and liam 4 hours ago

    Bobby looks like a worryer

  • Austin Wing
    Austin Wing 4 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that after Lucia approved Brian’s dish it said J Fred and Bobby

  • Rylie Price
    Rylie Price 4 hours ago

    No one: J-Fred: "That's called stragety"

  • Tobias Malone
    Tobias Malone 4 hours ago

    Its October are you going to do something octoberish laugh laugh

  • Elev11n Phantomz
    Elev11n Phantomz 4 hours ago

    I think they forgot what a condiment is

  • Mauricio Faria
    Mauricio Faria 4 hours ago

    Is it bad that I know the Cathy Cathy doll from toy story 4

  • Camila Castilhos
    Camila Castilhos 4 hours ago

    guys, I'm new, how often do they upload?

  • jack thomiss
    jack thomiss 5 hours ago

    Do slippery basketball pls

  • Mitchell ratermann
    Mitchell ratermann 5 hours ago

    Your guys are really cool and funny

  • The Virus
    The Virus 5 hours ago

    Fact: I subbed to the Dangie Bros before to subbed to Team Edge! Wrecked!!

  • lari lari Rodrigues
    lari lari Rodrigues 5 hours ago

    Igual a do irmãos neto eles copiaram😂

  • Fg15bot Hi
    Fg15bot Hi 5 hours ago

    It is pop

  • Brage 233
    Brage 233 5 hours ago

    08:22 did bobby have an extra bone or does IT just look like that

  • Esmeralda Mata
    Esmeralda Mata 5 hours ago

    i thick it's briny

  • Ryan's Vlogs and Gaming

    6:27 Bobby Vs Marvin 6:29 J-Fred vs Bryan AMAZING EDITING!

    SADAF A 5 hours ago

    0:14 joye it’s joey

    SAVAGE FORTNITER 5 hours ago

    They were all Bryan today

  • Kaden Duran
    Kaden Duran 5 hours ago

    Bring back Bobby please

  • jack thomiss
    jack thomiss 5 hours ago

    Do slippery basketball pls

  • jack thomiss
    jack thomiss 5 hours ago

    Do slippery basketball

  • Nathaniel Roman
    Nathaniel Roman 5 hours ago

    Kilo Ray ?

  • Matthew Willis
    Matthew Willis 5 hours ago

    Not coordinated Hmmm🤔 Joey 😂

  • camial bial
    camial bial 5 hours ago

    Hello my name is kason can I be in one of your videos I live in clarmont New Hampshire

  • Landon Abney
    Landon Abney 5 hours ago


  • Matthew Safford
    Matthew Safford 5 hours ago

    Bobby is literally always getting hurt and it’s sad

  • Pug life
    Pug life 5 hours ago

    I💖you team edge, I love this video you guys are so funny and I love your video's and I love lemon made and battle universe and dope or nope and all your guys's other channels.

  • Ben Naranjo
    Ben Naranjo 5 hours ago

    At 8:25 Gunnar: what Bobby: what is this Gunnar: what is this

  • Ben Naranjo
    Ben Naranjo 5 hours ago

    Gunnar is a wussy

  • Matthew Safford
    Matthew Safford 5 hours ago

    RIP Bobby for everything in the video!

  • William García
    William García 5 hours ago

    Eat a burrito with gohst peper

  • Mary Franck
    Mary Franck 5 hours ago


  • Dylan Bridges
    Dylan Bridges 5 hours ago


  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 5 hours ago

    Definitely one of the better ones that you have made for sure 😂😂😂 Can’t stop laughing at this stuff

  • ariel juarez
    ariel juarez 5 hours ago

    I would pick kevin

    IVEK PRO1 5 hours ago

    Do FIFA in real life

  • Gacha_ Raven
    Gacha_ Raven 5 hours ago

    Do u even know who BTS is ?

  • Avrinder Angroya
    Avrinder Angroya 5 hours ago

    for the zombie quiz thing i say nope

  • Dacian Games ‘n’stuff

    0:11 this looks like something mrbeast would say

  • Brad Hayward
    Brad Hayward 5 hours ago


  • Fred van Rijn
    Fred van Rijn 6 hours ago

    Bobby always get hit in the nono spot

  • Sarah Leveille
    Sarah Leveille 6 hours ago

    The answer is a lion

  • Gavin Russell
    Gavin Russell 6 hours ago

    How did bobby get 252.there was no challenge for 2 points

  • Rohit Prajapati
    Rohit Prajapati 6 hours ago

    Clearly mike has never seen dog because Matt’s looks like a swan Bryan’s looks like a dog it has ears

  • Brody Holsinger
    Brody Holsinger 6 hours ago

    i love your vids

  • copper cloud kid
    copper cloud kid 6 hours ago

    I have eaten whole ass lemons before and a 30 something year old man couldnt do it

  • CiaraCupcakeGamer O'Neill

    Matthias? As in Dope or Nope Matthias? *I ONLY STARTED WATCHING THIS CHANNEL YESTERDAY BTW.*

  • Nicole Roberts
    Nicole Roberts 6 hours ago

    hello chris

  • Sarah Shae
    Sarah Shae 6 hours ago

    My dogs name is Sam you were absolutely thinking of an old little lady chihuahua 😂

  • Nicole Roberts
    Nicole Roberts 6 hours ago


  • Michael Wolff
    Michael Wolff 6 hours ago

    Crazy cheat

  • Oliver Burraston
    Oliver Burraston 6 hours ago

    That X is called a tank trap

  • NUM.14
    NUM.14 6 hours ago

    This is no apex without a finisher

  • Dent Lambert
    Dent Lambert 6 hours ago

    A first grader can do better than bran on the first attempt

  • iiJunixper
    iiJunixper 6 hours ago

    2 0 1 9

  • Armando Jaquez
    Armando Jaquez 6 hours ago

    Love your video

  • Sophia Anguiano
    Sophia Anguiano 6 hours ago


  • The puppeater
    The puppeater 7 hours ago

    i live in new zealand not all places are buetiful

    SOLDIER PLAYZ 7 hours ago

    The tackle the person in the box with american football was banned in MY country for Some reason.

  • Sophia Anguiano
    Sophia Anguiano 7 hours ago


  • Ginalissa Sowe
    Ginalissa Sowe 7 hours ago

    The word silence

  • Naser Hukvabukva
    Naser Hukvabukva 7 hours ago


  • Rob Latiak
    Rob Latiak 7 hours ago

    Holy Makrel -J-fred

  • uri mascka
    uri mascka 7 hours ago

    The nodding no and saying yes thing seems to be a latin thing, vecause my mother and father who are from argentina used to joke around with me with this trick, i was a kid and got very heated lmao