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Golden autumn in our park 2018
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  • Brian OcQue
    Brian OcQue 4 hours ago

    When you're so shocked you switch to English

  • Alexandro Huayanay
    Alexandro Huayanay 6 hours ago

    quién puede luchar contra la naturaleza ,¿es seguro nuestro planeta?.

  • Melissa Walker
    Melissa Walker 7 hours ago

    That is so beautiful. I wish it was snowing where I am. It's 28.3C where I am in California, and this paet of the state rarely gets snow😢I love the snow

    • Melissa Walker
      Melissa Walker 2 hours ago

      @Алексей Иванов Hello from Fresno, California. It's 32.7C, so my dream of snow won't come true today. Thank you for taking the video and posting it.

    • Алексей Иванов
      Алексей Иванов 2 hours ago

      Hello fr Russia (Novosibirsk) :)

  • Sergio Kobayashi
    Sergio Kobayashi 10 hours ago

    3:20 Which is more important for an Indian, life or car?

  • Светлана Светикова

    идет новый ледниковый период, а не аномалия

  • GMN TV
    GMN TV 13 hours ago

    Первый снег, в моём городе вновь первый снег,первый снег, так нежданно и будто во сне,вот и всё - снег сильнее дождя, вот и всё и снежинки летят, в руки мне, в руки мне, а снег так старался красиво упасть, в предрассветный час, совсем не подумав, на землю ложась кому нужен он сейчас и редкий прохожий укрывшись зонтом проходит прокляв мокрый снег снег, видно нужен ты лишь мне.

  • Big Digits
    Big Digits 14 hours ago

    Going to be a very harsh winter this year. Wrap up warm folks and be merry

  • OTP Metairie
    OTP Metairie 14 hours ago

    It's very beautiful! Have a lovely Sunday.

  • Call me late For dinner

    Beautiful crispy clear photography...almost gives me a chill watching your snowfall. Thanks for this lovely film Fobos Planet.

  • Vashti McRoberts
    Vashti McRoberts 16 hours ago

    Early snows.. we are getting some in US too. Unusual and not a good sign. Be well and thank you for you videos.

  • Дмитрий Морозов

    Все цветы поломало...

  • ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

    It's global cooling! Wait it's global warming! Wait it's global cooling!

    • ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed
      ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed 11 hours ago

      @Call me late For dinner Oh no the sky will be falling next! Oh no the moon is falling out of orbit! Oh no we're running out of oxygen! There's so much money tied into that false liberal religion of climate change and global warming it's pathetic. You're a fool if you fall for that nonsense.

    • Call me late For dinner
      Call me late For dinner 15 hours ago

      ActsisMMLJ Let's just call it "climate change" or "we're screwed".

  • Alex Kross
    Alex Kross 18 hours ago

    Немного удивился когда проснулся) А в области мало где.

  • николаич бродяга


    FOBOS PLANET 19 hours ago

    Только из Сочи приехал, а тут такие контрасты)) Как у вас погода? / Hey guys. How is your weather?

    S. SESTRIC 22 hours ago

    6:53 Did I just see a bunch of people die?

  • Mohammad Razif johar

    All magician can U stop volcano eruption!?

  • Barakat Allah Zakia

    Salam, merci pour d'actualité en direct ,nous voyons maintenant que tout ce qu'Allah a promis dans Son Saint Qoran est entrain d'arriver depuis un an dans le Monde entier et c'est bien enclenché pour la fin de cette ''maudite civilisation'' .Drôle de civilisation qui n'a pas écouté les Paroles de Dieu Le Tout Puissant et qui a fait n'importe quoi avec la belle nature qu'IL nous a donné ,payons maintenant tous nos péchés qu'ils soient petits ou grands, nous sommes presque tous fautifs ...comme on dit ''qui casse les pots doit les payer''.Allellouya.....

  • Joshua Mercer
    Joshua Mercer Day ago

    Second footage was the 2011 tsunami in Japan, not a flash flood. Learn the difference between the two.

  • Noel Lozano
    Noel Lozano Day ago

    Eatras yoooh

  • Gusti Pradita
    Gusti Pradita Day ago

    Dari kejadian trsebut... Bisa kita simpulkan cuy...bahwa alam akan murka ketika manusia mengusiknya...

  • Manuel Condez
    Manuel Condez Day ago

    The force of nature, and some people still want to see it up-close and pay the price...

  • OTP Metairie
    OTP Metairie 2 days ago

    I finally have a free moment to relax. I enjoy this video.

  • OTP Metairie
    OTP Metairie 2 days ago

    How are you? I started a new job. It's much closer to my home. I've been busy making adjustments. I hope you are well.

  • JasonJason210
    JasonJason210 2 days ago

    That first 30 seconds was like a scene from a movie. Amazing. Normally people who get a good view like that are dead.

  • mike highfield
    mike highfield 2 days ago

    Mother Nature can be a real Bitch.

  • Carolyn Byrd
    Carolyn Byrd 2 days ago

    God moving mountains. Wow

  • Carolyn Byrd
    Carolyn Byrd 2 days ago

    Time to go to the post office and change your address. You were just moved into a whole new zip code.

  • Barby Lee
    Barby Lee 2 days ago

    Wouldn't. Live there in first place

  • jaden summer
    jaden summer 2 days ago


  • jaden summer
    jaden summer 2 days ago


  • Hannah Dawson
    Hannah Dawson 3 days ago

    This happened from HAARP weather control and Donald trump his the responsable

  • Daniel Kokal
    Daniel Kokal 3 days ago

    Where's Stevie Nicks with the background music ?

  • Eren Kibar
    Eren Kibar 3 days ago

    Ben Düzce akçakocalıyım ve bu afeti yaşadım Allah tekrarını yaşatmasın

  • alaadin no
    alaadin no 3 days ago

    Yes more please they r killing children in Syria

  • ガラオックス02


  • Ines Cabezas Vargas

    De nada sirve

  • muzaik muzi
    muzaik muzi 4 days ago

    Longsor di barat dan di timur..

  • Jack Le Ripper
    Jack Le Ripper 5 days ago

    🤔. So how are those carefree building and planning laws working out in the east 😬

    • Ro'ber Harpane'
      Ro'ber Harpane' 3 days ago

      Exactly which "planning law" or code that you know of that would mitigate the disastrous results of a single one of these mud or landslides? I built homes for over 25 yrs. but can't recall a single building code aside from meager seismic & hurricane reinforcement tiedown straps & additional concrete we were forced to beef up new construction with. There wasn't a single thing in the codes dealing with the earth moving 30' deep below you that would be a safeguard vs. the catastrophic movement & destruction of a full scaled landslide..

  • Love for Jesus
    Love for Jesus 5 days ago

    REPENT of your Sins and accept Jesus Christ as your SAVIOR!! We are in the last days!! The judgements are coming soon!! Jesus is the only way, confess with your mouth that he is the son of God, Believe in Him and accept him as your only Savior so you can have Eternal Life!!!

  • nada na nada
    nada na nada 5 days ago


  • osmen revenge
    osmen revenge 5 days ago

    Panen pasir

  • osmen revenge
    osmen revenge 5 days ago

    Panen pasir

  • Руслан Русланович

    Вот вам блять, строите на самых красивых местах, а потом ревете. Рубите деревья, копаите ради бабла нарушаите экологию

  • Alex Smallwood
    Alex Smallwood 5 days ago

    Girls are known to scream

  • [e:LLUSIV ]
    [e:LLUSIV ] 6 days ago

    So that's why it's possible to rain fish.

  • Sleeping Backbone
    Sleeping Backbone 6 days ago

    That volcano is very active all year long...and island is so small that if that eruption was any stronger it would probably kill everyone there. why are people so stupid and build houses and resorts on such dangerous places? having death wish??

  • LightMythHunter
    LightMythHunter 6 days ago

    A lot of complaining hypocrite Americans down below comment section.

  • سيد أدريس البغدادي

    ياحسين دخيلك يا مولاي

  • Mrisho God Rafael
    Mrisho God Rafael 7 days ago

    Ok let me take my last photo on Earth

    DENNIS JACKSON 7 days ago

    Lets see....What can we blame these on. Oh yes, global warming. That's it.

  • serrano Aniibal
    serrano Aniibal 7 days ago

    Podo por culpa del hombre que destrulle los bosques ,la tierra ya no soporta a los seres humanos,x,q, esta acabando con la pacha mama

  • PL4TIN4 FC
    PL4TIN4 FC 7 days ago

    Eu falei sobre esse vulcão semana passada e duna da achei um video kk

  • Mike PETER
    Mike PETER 7 days ago

    0:01 that's a daytona beach ^^

  • Виталий Камышов

    Планета возвращается к первоначальному состоянию

  • Paul Pflaum
    Paul Pflaum 8 days ago

    Sorry...but a few of them sounded like Mr. Bill from SNL.......Oh my God....shit shit.......

    ANDREI KONDRATJEV 8 days ago

    не хрен дома строить в горах и возле рек и плакать не будете.

  • MrNickelbrille
    MrNickelbrille 8 days ago

    Falling rocks? Well placed traffic sign :-)

  • Zuhalini Zainal
    Zuhalini Zainal 8 days ago

    issue Maksud nya

  • preben hansen
    preben hansen 8 days ago

    More eruptions will come

  • luckymimi7
    luckymimi7 8 days ago


  • TeenTitansGoAMV
    TeenTitansGoAMV 8 days ago

    O ma gawd

  • Ali All
    Ali All 8 days ago

    هاذ يكول يا ابو فضل العباس 😂هاذ من جماعتنه

  • Lebron Akhim
    Lebron Akhim 9 days ago

    Some insurance claim

  • Ezee Posse TV
    Ezee Posse TV 9 days ago

    Did I just watch people die in that last clip?

    • Ezee Posse TV
      Ezee Posse TV 4 days ago

      Yikes! .. That's what I thought I saw.

    • TheBigSkillet
      TheBigSkillet 4 days ago

      Yes ~ when they were swept down and went in ~ they'll find their bones in a couple of centuries ~

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 9 days ago

    Title is clickbait. This lava flow is from last year!

  • Sri Devi
    Sri Devi 9 days ago

    Most of them are from India

  • Sri Devi
    Sri Devi 9 days ago

    First one was in Kerala or Tamilnadu not sure

  • Tasnyta Z.
    Tasnyta Z. 9 days ago

    Global warming will make everything unstable. It will get worse.

  • Lily lutz
    Lily lutz 9 days ago

    1:38 I hope nobody was in that white car.😨

  • Nel M
    Nel M 9 days ago


  • Mranxious
    Mranxious 10 days ago

    I wonder if they even have leases in southeast Asia. I wouldn't.

  • Debz Doyle
    Debz Doyle 10 days ago

    You were told.

  • S. S.
    S. S. 10 days ago

    We don't see her actually giving birth. What's the point?

  • Dale Walenski
    Dale Walenski 11 days ago

    Perfect example that gravity is still winning

  • Archaean
    Archaean 11 days ago

    Strombolis are delicious.

  • Naty Mendoza
    Naty Mendoza 11 days ago

    Volcanos are good!

  • Ezequiel Mamani
    Ezequiel Mamani 11 days ago

    La naturaleza es implacable

  • Na Na
    Na Na 11 days ago

    All those rich concentrated nutrients perfect for repairing nature! Thank God for volcanoes!!!

  • roblox gaming
    roblox gaming 12 days ago

    Pool: I dont feel so good

  • Manni Salic
    Manni Salic 12 days ago

    I now remember AL' GORE initiative.

  • Marciel Luta
    Marciel Luta 12 days ago

    The mother nature do not like us anymore and want to kill all from us ,Some bastards, have cutt all the wild forests ,and have maked milions hole through the earth to find the oill, after this oill corporation has empty the natural oill reservoirs, they full this reservoir with regular water ,all this water have destroyed this buildings , this bastards oill industry and this wood industry did have destroyed our planet, they should be catch and killed without any mercy ,for all them crime sfmy spelling !

  • اسد العراق
    اسد العراق 12 days ago

    رزق الكهربائي سيارت والسمكريه 😹

  • pedro medina
    pedro medina 12 days ago

    🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 se salvaron de culo !!! 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • PAUL
    PAUL 12 days ago

    um hello some arent flash floods my god you cant fix stupid

  • ali hadun
    ali hadun 13 days ago

    video hasil sorogan dari RUclip . ga halal tong

  • Ray Indra
    Ray Indra 13 days ago

    Pray to your God Bolsonaro. If he can help you. Millions of trees that hold water are gone, Good Luck.