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Black Pumas - Colors
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Yehya Reviews Joker
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When It Ukraines It Pours
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  • 뒹굴뒹굴
    뒹굴뒹굴 3 seconds ago

    Murray show exactly describe the image what rest of the people around the world think of White American. ;filthy heart covered with fake nice manner with fake nice mask

  • jhodgepodge
    jhodgepodge 4 seconds ago

    Lawd! What is this. Snoop saved this geriatric concert!

  • dynafiq 1
    dynafiq 1 37 seconds ago

    I wonder if he realizes the reason he was chosen to host was because he's an idiot that reads what's written for him. Hope the check is worth it, liar.

  • proszę bardzo
    proszę bardzo 3 minutes ago

    Wtf? They gave her the best advertisement possibility and she blew the heck out of it!

  • Nades Gaming
    Nades Gaming 4 minutes ago

    Yeah just show me this 5 years later.

  • Htheorphanarian
    Htheorphanarian 4 minutes ago

    why did all 3 of the girls do ridulous botox??!!

  • Jayyy Zeee
    Jayyy Zeee 5 minutes ago

    Bolton should've known what he was getting into.

  • tlahuiltzin
    tlahuiltzin 6 minutes ago

    Wow. Jimmy Kimmel is complete trash

  • Jayyy Zeee
    Jayyy Zeee 6 minutes ago

    Bolton looks like an evil Ned Flanders.

  • Stephen James
    Stephen James 6 minutes ago

    Wtf jimmy not cool why would they show that clip

  • Ansharul Hakim
    Ansharul Hakim 6 minutes ago

    This is heavenly heaven

  • BuzzUncut
    BuzzUncut 7 minutes ago

    so jimmy doesnt know u just swipe left to go to camera and dont need the pass code???

  • sanja selak
    sanja selak 8 minutes ago

    Jimmy you are just awful.

  • mitrooper
    mitrooper 9 minutes ago

    Hey it's Scotty! ;)

  • pantonec
    pantonec 10 minutes ago

    The trumptanic is sinking, and it didn't even leave the port. The reason is, you can't put RATS in charge of a ship. Their nature is just to steal and hide.

  • pantonec
    pantonec 10 minutes ago

    The trumptanic is sinking, and it didn't even leave the port. The reason is, you can't put RATS in charge of a ship. Their nature is just to steal and hide.

  • Daniel James Eyewear
    Daniel James Eyewear 10 minutes ago

    It's too bad. Jimmy Kimmel is playing the same lying game as the MSM.

  • Davey Dude
    Davey Dude 13 minutes ago

    I loved Amy Adams in Home and Away

  • Dolan Owens
    Dolan Owens 16 minutes ago

    “That’s low, dawg” - Jonathan Davis

  • Alan Lawra
    Alan Lawra 17 minutes ago


  • Edgar Romero
    Edgar Romero 19 minutes ago

    Wasn't America, like, a Continent?

  • Digvijay Singh
    Digvijay Singh 19 minutes ago

    and also, ur closing statement/gig sucks, 0 for being creative :).

  • Digvijay Singh
    Digvijay Singh 20 minutes ago

    the one with older lady at 4:14, that was a bad joke, u should think of better content to uplift people, bringing them down is very easy.


    No PBS is peanut butter salad

  • Dedalus69
    Dedalus69 22 minutes ago

    The only Joke on this guys show is Kimmel himself. Orwellian Brainwashing.

  • Cynthia Haley
    Cynthia Haley 22 minutes ago

    I will never understand the publics fascination with her.

  • Nella N
    Nella N 22 minutes ago

    His face when Kimmel showed him his family dance cool it NOW , watch Out!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jeppe Theodor Hedegaard
    Jeppe Theodor Hedegaard 23 minutes ago

    1:26 that was so hard my RUclip shut Down (not kidding)

  • D M
    D M 23 minutes ago

    Mike Tyson for President.

  • Green Goblin from cory in the house

    All I have are memes and Hentai.

  • Isaac Thomas
    Isaac Thomas 24 minutes ago

    “I’m being burgaled”...I’m stealing that! 🤣

  • Logan Foco
    Logan Foco 25 minutes ago

    Cheetah: fast, cute, weak (compared to most big cats) Blue jeans: dependable, comfortable, relaxed Lake Michigan: deep, cold, rough at times She explains it... 😳😅

  • Dulce Ortiz
    Dulce Ortiz 25 minutes ago

    Cardi rules

    PIMPLEPOTAMUS 29 minutes ago

    Matt LeBlanc still has it. So cool. "How you doing?"

  • Jay Ely
    Jay Ely 29 minutes ago

    Obviously this is staged... Those that can't see this and giving it a thumbs down are VERY gullible😂😂

  • Green Goblin from cory in the house

    Wtf why does this question exist.

  • 김정훈
    김정훈 32 minutes ago


  • I Love God
    I Love God 33 minutes ago

    JD's smile is what stoled my heart then starting watching Mayans MC. Hes such a good actor & so fine 😍😍

  • Faisal Adil
    Faisal Adil 35 minutes ago

    Just let her talk man.

  • Adam Chlebovec
    Adam Chlebovec 36 minutes ago

    stupid show

  • Mars
    Mars 37 minutes ago

    She allowed him to keep his clothes and chairs! Wow!

  • Charmel anthony Chan
    Charmel anthony Chan 37 minutes ago

    Phoebe: how you doin Joey: how you doin My fave shiiippp i love them so much i miss them 5:20

  • Ashley Rivera
    Ashley Rivera 39 minutes ago

    Shes perfect❤️

  • ViciousAlienKlown
    ViciousAlienKlown 39 minutes ago

    Jimmy Kimmel, the voice of reason and facts, like The Huffington Post....LOL

  • Green Goblin from cory in the house

    I became double virgin after taking up engineering. Quite Impressive if you ask me.

  • R Marie
    R Marie 39 minutes ago

    “One should not as a rule reveal one's secrets, since one does not know if and when one may need them again. The essential leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. Follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. Keep up the lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.” -- Joseph Goebbels

  • Maxer Thy
    Maxer Thy 40 minutes ago

    What is the high refer to? Education? Or anything????

  • cflowermakeup
    cflowermakeup 40 minutes ago

    She had a stalker account 😂😂 sounds so funny from her!

  • FullDarke
    FullDarke 41 minute ago

    Joaquin is a peaceful soul and Kimmel is an annoying kid poking at him


    1:35 The 1,216 billion people who live in africa including me

  • Abdulla Hammoud
    Abdulla Hammoud 41 minute ago

    Gary looks like a famous actor ?

  • mritunjoy das
    mritunjoy das 41 minute ago

    Jimmy is a JOKE

  • Captain Charisma
    Captain Charisma 41 minute ago

    Im near hyperventilating at the extreme uncoolness blanketing us today

  • Eduardo Lemos
    Eduardo Lemos 43 minutes ago

    Murray Kimmel Live

  • RogueChaos
    RogueChaos 45 minutes ago

    He sounds like Flea

    • RogueChaos
      RogueChaos 44 minutes ago

      Mixed with John Frusciante

  • Mwatitha Jere
    Mwatitha Jere 45 minutes ago


  • Rakan Kayed
    Rakan Kayed 47 minutes ago

    Only Gabbie : "i cant tell if this belt is too much" 3:39

  • GBG Evans
    GBG Evans 47 minutes ago

    orange man bad orange man bad orange man bad orange man bad orange man bad orange man bad orange man bad orange man bad orange man bad

  • Carbon X
    Carbon X 49 minutes ago

    *Jimmy - Just you and some cardboard in your room* *Joaquin - You're making fun of me but I was being serious* *Jimmy - I know I know 😂😂* *Joaquin - Knock Knock*

  • Jiatian Wang
    Jiatian Wang 50 minutes ago

    Making fun of Yang because he is Asian, Very Democra, Very Hypocritical

  • Ixchel Gil
    Ixchel Gil 50 minutes ago

    My husband says this all the time🙄 cuz he gets "symptoms" too. I'm like SHUT UUUUUPP you're not pregnant!!! If you were you would stop asking me if my morning sickness is really that bad 🤦🏽‍♀️🤨

  • geetika B nair
    geetika B nair 51 minute ago

    He has a alive teddy bear... 🐻❤️😅

  • Kangmin Liu
    Kangmin Liu 52 minutes ago

    Why???!!!! How????!!!!!!!

  • luke ketchum
    luke ketchum 52 minutes ago

    She has a face that looks like it was chiseled by the gods! Unbelievably beautiful!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Rasputin
    Rasputin 52 minutes ago

    Let's give it up to the worst president in American history.

  • Allen Han
    Allen Han 53 minutes ago

    I just realized how above average my geography knowledge is....I can practically name everything on the map.

  • john sanders
    john sanders 55 minutes ago

    You listening to me or you distracted by the woman in the yellow dress !!!

    POOJA PATIL 56 minutes ago

    "Is you're mom Lori Loughlin?" OMG

  • Gee SJ
    Gee SJ 57 minutes ago

    You're awful Jimmy.

  • TexasBoy Easye
    TexasBoy Easye 58 minutes ago

    Who’s here after Astros advance to the 2019 World Series?

  • How Dare You How Dare You

    Common shorten names in Australia: Abigail: Abby Benjamine: Ben Caitlyn: Katy David: Davo Elijah: Eli Fredison: Freddy Gabriella: Gabby Harrison: Harry Izzabella: Izzy Jacqueline: Jacky Kendrick: Kenny Louis: Louy Madison: mady I’m not gonna finish because my phone is on 3% and the charger is 20 feet away. Also typically names shortened to end in ‘O’ are only applied to male names but names ending in ‘E(Y)’ are both male and female.

  • Treble Hook
    Treble Hook 58 minutes ago

    This is unfair because the older generation participant has actually lived through the current generation, while the younger one hasn’t lived through the previous generation.

  • Илья Личман
    Илья Личман 59 minutes ago


  • Viridiana Life
    Viridiana Life Hour ago

    Can’t wait for Harley to come back

  • Dewi Ita Aryulia

    Let her finish her every goddamn words jimmy!!

  • DOS Flash
    DOS Flash Hour ago

    By girlfriend he means rosalina right

  • Jeffrey Gillispie

    🇺🇸 MAGA 2020 BY A LANDSLIDE!!!! 🇺🇸

  • First Of His Name

    Imagine he gets re-elected

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee Hour ago

    So does Judge James Jimmy's ruling really hold up in court? lol

  • Danny Valdez
    Danny Valdez Hour ago

    This dudes retarded

  • Joe McLeod
    Joe McLeod Hour ago

    414 wardens downvoted this video

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds Hour ago

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds Hour ago

    2020 is Coming in 2 Months!

  • MJP Here
    MJP Here Hour ago

    I'm a fan of the original version of Charlies Angels 😊 and i'm sooooooo Happy they are the one who will remake the movie 😍😍😍 ugh! Kristen and Nao and the black beauty girl 😁 hihi, don't know her that much but I like her now too 😘😘😘 ...

  • How Dare You How Dare You

    Jimmy would be jimmy

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds Hour ago

    PASTA HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Do The Do
    Do The Do Hour ago

    I mean do people really think that television shows are like real life? I mean not the fact that they're actors and stuff, but that it's an accurate depiction of real life. And not like "oh yeah college isn't all party hounds and having fun", everyone knows that, but other stuff.

  • Stephen Martin
    Stephen Martin Hour ago

    So they physically removed the DNC server and brought it to Ukraine ? Or was in the DNC server was (ISP) in Ukraine in 2016 managed by Paul Manafort System Administrator who was working for the Ukraine government on fixing their elections....for Russian backed candidates.......oh yeah he was a Republican . They had enough access to the server to release emails and now the physical server racks and all show up 3000 miles plus away.Only thing less plausible is this administration searching for corruption they still have mirrors in the White House ! Why is this believable on the face of it. If I hack your server I prefer you leave your server where it is and not know about me. If I own your server as in I have unrestricted access then I am good. Evidence is destroyed I won(Let me leave these servers hanging around it is so hard to remove drives) ! So the idea is all we have to do is plant information on servers plant them in another country.....Ukraine.... hey Russia will provide. Claim once they are found guess what I found....it couldn't be Russia they would never do this must be Ukraine.....I will vote with NSA,CIA and FBI on this because they are on the American team . I know Shawn never served in a US armed service, but I can tell you Ivan is pretty good. At some point it is a binary decision USA or Russia.....Challenged .....the Kurds were on our side Trump sold them out! Benefited ISIS,IRAN,SYRIA......oh ......Russia. Choose the Constitution ( a liberal plot that this Veteran swear too). We all mistakes perhaps voting for Trump was yours!

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds Hour ago

    Tom is Totally Her Boss!

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds Hour ago

    LOL TOM!!!!!!!!!

  • Love Laugh
    Love Laugh Hour ago

    I dont know if I should believe this or not but he clearly has no passion in what he does if this is true.

  • burqa
    burqa Hour ago

    She looks like she wants to imitate what she believes is “being and behaving american”. I don’t know, she gives that “fake” feeling.

    • Kyle Alexander
      Kyle Alexander 11 minutes ago

      You obviously don't know her. She's literally being herself. Not sure how you think Mexicans live and act and "behave" or are in general in relation to United Statians but besides language the commonalities are abundant, and in fact can even find a commonality there since both languages are European and both spoken in both countries.

  • How Dare You How Dare You

    Her accent now sounds solid American with an Aussie twang

  • deltipracta
    deltipracta Hour ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is a TV Idiot

  • Oopss7
    Oopss7 Hour ago

    ... this is how your Anglo Saxon names originated, you daft yanks

  • David Budd
    David Budd Hour ago

    Kids 😥

  • Piyush Verma
    Piyush Verma Hour ago

    Friends made me believe that 1 out of 6 Americans was a Ross. But seems like 5 out of 6 are Joeys