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qian kun's war with wayv
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nct as the try guys (ot21)
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jungwoo, the language expert
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nct vs perverted thoughts
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nct but it's anime
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yuta, the "problematic"
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doyoung is tired
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nct out of context
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mark in nct china??
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nct bullying kun
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  • _Ruthless King Kai_

    He raps when he talks 😂

  • DragonFirePlays
    DragonFirePlays 2 hours ago

    NCT: what mouth do Jaemin: *complain*

  • daoraavida
    daoraavida 3 hours ago

    i watch this every morning like it is my vitamin

  • esmecristal
    esmecristal 3 hours ago

    he’s literally me omg

  • Amanda Rivera
    Amanda Rivera 3 hours ago

    I feel like Ten just wants to be hit

  • Amanda Rivera
    Amanda Rivera 3 hours ago

    He’s irritated because he didn’t have his impossible coffee

  • The_JamlessKookieMonster _Infires

    It’s me. I’m Jaemin. All my friends say I always complain about something 😂

  • Hana Hany
    Hana Hany 4 hours ago

    I didn't know until now how jaemin complains like I know he complains but not that much that makes him look like a 50 year old

  • doyoung glass
    doyoung glass 5 hours ago

    I'm starting to believe Jaemin is the REAL Doyoung's son and not Jeno

  • Jimins Jam
    Jimins Jam 5 hours ago

    2:59 Jaemin's mad English 😂😂 'I don't understand uhh'

  • Lxnny zZz
    Lxnny zZz 5 hours ago

    why is nana so out of pOCKET AKDBAKDB

  • Matilde Dias
    Matilde Dias 6 hours ago

    The end had me dead😂

  • Anna Mamedova
    Anna Mamedova 6 hours ago

    This video has no dislikes because Ten is ready to end anyone who ever tries

  • Jiraprapha Nathinun
    Jiraprapha Nathinun 7 hours ago

    ทำไมขี้บ่นงี้อ่ะ แจมิน 555555555

  • no name
    no name 7 hours ago

    Jaemin the complainer vs Doyoung the nagger, who wins?

  • Elia Bano
    Elia Bano 7 hours ago

    I thought this was gonna be 60 minutes

  • Ebenheizer Mengga
    Ebenheizer Mengga 8 hours ago

    Whatever he did...i still love him.. Bucin :")

  • Brishti #shawol
    Brishti #shawol 8 hours ago

    He's sassy🤣🤣 idk why but I think he'll do great in k-drama as an actor...he is very entertaining and adorable

  • Lilli1855
    Lilli1855 8 hours ago

    I don't really know how to put it, but the tone of his voice just really fits with complaining

  • Exo what??
    Exo what?? 8 hours ago

    The thumbnail: He's coming fir Jongdae's title. Jongdae: Ahh Waeeee!!!

  • NCT Wrecked
    NCT Wrecked 8 hours ago

    to Jaemin's future wife or gf. Take down notes for your arguments

  • Itskay
    Itskay 8 hours ago

    AHAHAHAHAAH he is so cuteeee

  • chanyeolsphoenix
    chanyeolsphoenix 8 hours ago

    Never saw someone this attractive when complaining, only Nana.

  • Mariam Gado
    Mariam Gado 9 hours ago

    My bias is Chenle what am doing here with my pop corn enjoying

  • Glennza Gelasius
    Glennza Gelasius 9 hours ago

    Friends : *eating* Me : 0:59

  • RB2K19
    RB2K19 9 hours ago

    Loool imagine a CV/resumé for Jaemin as a professional complainer - someone do that please, that’d be hilarious 😂

  • Chung
    Chung 9 hours ago

    Oh my fucking god the original videos were already hilarious but wtf your editing makes all of this insanely funny bless ur SOUL

  • Barbora Fousková
    Barbora Fousková 10 hours ago

    Can I smell some leo energy?xd

  • Wynn Tan
    Wynn Tan 10 hours ago

    I find his complaining hot... There’s something wrong with me, I blame it on the day I decided to stan NCT

  • NCTea.and. Suga
    NCTea.and. Suga 11 hours ago

    I’m honestly haechan He’s honestly relateable

  • K Queen
    K Queen 11 hours ago

    "How much do you love Jeno and Jisung?" Jaemin: Yes Man, the closer you get with someone, the more complaints you have about them as well. Jaemin's love for these two lmao ♡

  • Hanani Zaini
    Hanani Zaini 12 hours ago

    Wow his like a mom to nct dream 😶😶

  • _追条玩家
    _追条玩家 12 hours ago


  • Trish Chanyeol Park
    Trish Chanyeol Park 14 hours ago

    I came here to laugh, I'm leaving feeling sorry for Na Jaemin

  • 190405jjk
    190405jjk 14 hours ago

    Jaemin: WHY DOES EVERYONE ALWAYS CHOOSE CHENLE??? Chenle: jealousy is a disease bitch. Get well soon xoxo muwah

  • Juno hoshi
    Juno hoshi 14 hours ago

    Once a philosopher said-"There is no use of raising a children"

  • Theresa Bui (705TheBui)

    Shit... I'm yoongi and haechan's descendant

  • Alexa L
    Alexa L 15 hours ago

    "its true when people say theres no use raising children" - jaemin, 2019

  • So Yun Um
    So Yun Um 15 hours ago

    Wow. Is Jaemin my bias now.

  • ianne
    ianne 15 hours ago

    what's funnier is that he says his complain in a calm way but he looked like he is about t explode

  • Eva L
    Eva L 15 hours ago

    I wAnT a BaGuTtE

  • Taralyn W
    Taralyn W 16 hours ago

    Now that i think of it, Jaemin is the only kpop star that i can think of that has an allergy to something

  • Ghost 707
    Ghost 707 16 hours ago

    Di thumbnail nya gw kira kak Ria

  • soft pj
    soft pj 17 hours ago

    best boy

  • Leah M
    Leah M 17 hours ago

    This makes me also think about how the dreamies said Renjun and Jisung will get in arguments and it's really funny because of the height difference. So now I'm imagining how living in that dorm must be. Like Jisung drives Jaemin and Renjun crazy while Jeno hides in his room playing video games and increases the volume whenever he hears yelling. The yelling never stops.

  • Stan MYNAME Stan MONSTAX Stan Talent

    Jaemin must have an old soul cuz he complains like he's much older than what he is and has been to hell and back... I can relate bro~

  • Na Na
    Na Na 18 hours ago

    Honestly same

  • Nyla Cheri
    Nyla Cheri 18 hours ago

    Lol😂 #jaeminssi gives me #ariesvibez♈ in this video I swear (I'm an aries)

  • jaenicorn
    jaenicorn 19 hours ago

    ok MOM we get it

  • HIJABlord aka Aishah
    HIJABlord aka Aishah 19 hours ago

    He is like Chen whining same energy

  • Mayi
    Mayi 19 hours ago

    Jaemin talking about Jisung hogging his bed looks like those back-stabbing scenes in those reality show that start drama and I’m living for it.

  • Mayi
    Mayi 19 hours ago

    Knew he was my spirit animal.

  • CheVin
    CheVin 20 hours ago

    Chen, is this your son?😂😂Whinng dad and complainer son

  • Meulin Leijon
    Meulin Leijon 20 hours ago

    Jaemin's really out here acting like he carried Jisung for 9 months and that Jeno is his husband.

  • ᴡᴇɴᴅʏ
    ᴡᴇɴᴅʏ 21 hour ago


  • Alyssandra Gozali
    Alyssandra Gozali 21 hour ago

    the reasons why he became a rapper of the group

  • miserablehoe -
    miserablehoe - 22 hours ago

    Jaemin complaining for 3:33 mins (not) straight

  • Alfiyah ns
    Alfiyah ns 22 hours ago

    jisung nyebelin ye hahaha😽

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee 22 hours ago

    This video is so chaotic lmao

  • Storm
    Storm 23 hours ago

    He gives off naggy but loving mom energy

  • Runzhi Zhou
    Runzhi Zhou 23 hours ago

    big Leo energy

  • youandirelaxand chillin'

    Nana be patient with Jisung 😂 he's just going through puberty 😂😂😂😂

  • Kim Ji Hyung
    Kim Ji Hyung 23 hours ago

    *Can we just appreciate how he's such a big fat mood*

  • Eni Widiastuti

    Kocag njerr🤣 ngerep terosss😂😎💥🔥🤬

  • Panda
    Panda Day ago

    Isn't this a 'try not to laugh challenge' too?

  • Taru Oppa
    Taru Oppa Day ago

    Jaemin is literally the Chen of NCT 🤣🤣🤣 he whines exactly like Chen too

  • flesa sftly._
    flesa sftly._ Day ago


  • STAN NCT or be a square

    I AM DEADDDD! He really be complaining a lot

  • Pavlina Efth
    Pavlina Efth Day ago

    Wow he sounds just like my mom

  • Nicole Fernández

    The thumbnail looks like is good material for some reason

  • qtsaira
    qtsaira Day ago

    he’s a baby

  • Joanna
    Joanna Day ago

    jaemin’s pterodactyl scream after saying “why does everyone choose chenle” at 3:23 SENTTTT

  • Ifechukwu Ezeonyeasi

    I love nanananana💗💗💗

  • bangtan memeyondan

    Jongdae is quaking

  • Teresa Nguyen
    Teresa Nguyen Day ago

    So this was basically 3:33 of Jaemin telling Jisung to get off of his bed

  • tammy pham
    tammy pham Day ago

    alt. title: jaemin being a leo for 3:33

  • Najeeba Nawar
    Najeeba Nawar Day ago

    He is so cute

  • Najeeba Nawar
    Najeeba Nawar Day ago

    Y is this me? 😂🤣🤞💜💜

  • I Am A Bitch
    I Am A Bitch Day ago

    jaemin reminds me of that one really bossy girl i used to hang out with in second grade and if she didnt have her way, no one had their way...jaemin is the only bossy bratty little bitch ass i will accept 😤😤

  • _rainnbow _
    _rainnbow _ Day ago

    jaemin being Leo for 3 minutes and 32 seconds.

  • Imaniar Indah
    Imaniar Indah Day ago

    HAHAHAHAH i know you nana🤣🤣

  • Karisa Wolf
    Karisa Wolf Day ago

    Ten saying John's banana gets me every time 😂😂

  • AAA
    AAA Day ago

    I thought jaemin is calm,and silent one... Bcoz of his webdrama ... God he is ???

  • Somi Bollavaram

    2:39 rapper jaemin came out

  • Sarah Kabala
    Sarah Kabala Day ago

    A moment of silence for who ever his permanent roommate is

  • Jaeyong's Daughter

    The first video should be titled "Mom Nana complaining about his son Jisung to his husband Jeno"

  • zyxzjs_
    zyxzjs_ Day ago

    this is absolutely what i need♡

  • cassiexoxo
    cassiexoxo Day ago

    jaemin is literally like my mom. she either complains to me or my dad. and jaemin complains to jisung (his son) and his boyfriend (jeno).

  • Kelly Rae
    Kelly Rae Day ago

    The mafia complaining clips, so funny. He was determined to get his point across 1:29 2:38 & 3:13. They better play that game right.

  • Kelly Rae
    Kelly Rae Day ago

    He's the cutest complainer ever

  • chrisbangbang
    chrisbangbang Day ago

    But why this video is 3:33 minutes long?

  • feliesyaa
    feliesyaa Day ago

    At least he is not faking himself and complain behind the members💅

  • I’m so clean and fresh

    “Na nOT unDerSTANDeu eO?!”

  • Ayesha Nuraini

    Hahahahahahahah he is so cute

  • Fareeha Shaheen

    not @ how this vid is 1:27 long

  • Chiara Vallini

    I love this young man so much haahhaahahahha

  • Itz M
    Itz M Day ago

    And this is why he’s a rapper... because he just has a lot to say/ complain about 😂

  • spicyness 101
    spicyness 101 Day ago

    jaemin and i are both leo’s, so i do this too 😔😂

  • VtaeMin Water
    VtaeMin Water Day ago

    he is neomu bacot. i freakimg can't. why is he my bias again. lmao.

  • Ten Talk
    Ten Talk Day ago

    0:55 lol even tho I’m lactose intolerant I still get dairy stuff