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  • maureen bernhardt
    maureen bernhardt 4 months ago

    It looks very comfortable

  • Elizabeth Anderson
    Elizabeth Anderson 5 months ago

    Kitty moved up to a 1000 square foot penthouse though:

  • Lawrence Loan
    Lawrence Loan 8 months ago

    Nobody deserves to live like that.

  • El Pervertido De la clase.

    Feo y caro.

  • Harmonious Vibe
    Harmonious Vibe 10 months ago

    Real estate predators get so much money for a single room! Wow!

  • Gary E. Ko
    Gary E. Ko 11 months ago

    That chubby dudes a huge pos. He says I won't take a shoe with dirt inside or no insole. The very next clip is him saying to a guy. Ya but no-one is gonna see the insole but u. As he's trying to talk the guy into buying some shit him himself said he wouldn never buy... super fail

  • R Thomas
    R Thomas 11 months ago

    What the hell is so special about NYC? It's filthy, wayyyyyy too many people and too expensive. You can walk outside and feel like all the oxygen is gone from the air. It's ok to visit for a day. That's it!! I'll take LA or Dallas any day over NYC. My place is 1200 sq ft. My closet is 320 of that and I pay 900/month.

  • Milø
    Milø Year ago

    “Nike air Yeezys” 😳😤🤮🤢

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Year ago

    White boys.... LMAO

  • Zane
    Zane Year ago

    Tl;dr of the comments: Ha! You have a hobby? You’re not allowed to have fun doing something you like!

  • Styleby Cre
    Styleby Cre Year ago

    And i paid $8000 for 960sqft. I'm definitely happy with my decision

  • Susan
    Susan Year ago


  • Ratenawati Karim

    I prefer 1000 sq ft three bedrooms two baths.

  • deivis gorelcenko

    Nike air yeezy 2s.............................. hmmmmmmmmmm

  • face of just ice

    girl you better move to the bronx lol

  • Daniel Kluska
    Daniel Kluska 2 years ago

    it inbox basketball shoes kids size 6

  • Will Ellison
    Will Ellison 2 years ago

    I live in a very nice (built in 2009) three bed room 2 bath 1900 square feet twin home with an awesome neighbor, and I pay 1350 a month. I work remotely for a large bank, so i'm always at home or where ever i want to be. I could not imagine living in such a small place that's 1700 a month. I know not everyone has the option to work remotely, but if you do, get the hell out of New York.

  • A-Aron 24
    A-Aron 24 2 years ago

    “When you make sales you have money” LEGEND

  • drock
    drock 2 years ago

    I got those fruity pebles and pb and j’s

  • Mrs. Rivera
    Mrs. Rivera 2 years ago

    I do agree you can live well single in a small space, BUT the builders has to put CONCRETE between the floors, BRICK walls between the units and SOUNDPROOF windows. A break where u can block out the city is needed.

  • Vero Acosta
    Vero Acosta 2 years ago

    They happy they paid 1,000 for trade rare limited jordans and notices there fake XD LOL

  • JD Soard
    JD Soard 2 years ago

    "Big deals no longer faze Dan"😂

  • Ki Ii
    Ki Ii 2 years ago


  • KeKeDoesn'tLoveMe
    KeKeDoesn'tLoveMe 2 years ago

    How many times have people mistaken resellers for sneakerheads

  • crap flap
    crap flap 2 years ago

    men are turning into bitches lusting after shoes aha

  • amariluna
    amariluna 2 years ago

    Sorry but not only small, the decor is quite ugly.

    • lr2ldn
      lr2ldn 2 years ago

      Looking at you, I'd doubt you'd know anything about classy decor.

  • EL1T3Gamers HD
    EL1T3Gamers HD 2 years ago

    This is mostly in America for them dead ass Jordan's.

  • logan lowe
    logan lowe 2 years ago

    Solars for 1500 wtf crazy steal

  • -
    - 2 years ago

    "nike air yezzy 2s"

  • Luis Vejar 23
    Luis Vejar 23 2 years ago

    Is it just me or r Air Force ones waaaay to underrated.

    • MasterLuke24 Is Cool
      MasterLuke24 Is Cool Year ago

      I think they’re a little bit underrated although I don’t own a pair

  • Windex cleaner Multi flavor

    Who saw those tiffanies at the beginning

    • Windex cleaner Multi flavor
      Windex cleaner Multi flavor 2 years ago

      @Super Crazy Luis SHOW!! Me too

    • Luis Vejar 23
      Luis Vejar 23 2 years ago

      Windex cleaner Multi flavor ya I'd rather get the highs though. They cost waaaaaaaaaaaay less and I think they look cooler

  • Peyton Hornsby
    Peyton Hornsby 2 years ago


  • mellowandjello
    mellowandjello 3 years ago

    Man, these apartments and condos are smaller than most handicap parking spaces. Being packed in tight like city rats so that these new apartment buildings can cram more people in them, more revenue, more taxes being extracted. I live in Toronto, and all of these new apartment/condos and townhouses being built as much more compact and smaller, so more people can live there and more tax revenue can be sucked up out of a smaller space. It's practically criminal, congestion on the roads and streets will be a big problem. I don't feel like paying $350,000 condo to get 350 square feet.

  • gman
    gman 3 years ago

    These small spaces are nothing more than an exercise in greed. How to extort top dollar from people by giving very little for their money. Greed will be the ultimate downfall for mankind

  • The Wave Family
    The Wave Family 3 years ago

    Subscribe to my channel!!

  • a9
    a9 3 years ago

    0 females

  • SeamoreNipples
    SeamoreNipples 3 years ago

    I've got 350 square feet to my name, and I only pay $550 a month (after all my utility bills and such, and I'm in upstate New York), I'm all for living in a smaller space. it's nice and cozy. but fuck the big city price tag. I can go down south to my home town, Chattanooga, in Tennessee and get 350 sq. ft. for $800 a month with all the conveniences and views.

  • SeamoreNipples
    SeamoreNipples 3 years ago

    I've got 350 square feet to my name, and I only pay $550 a month (after all my utility bills and such, and I'm in upstate New York), I'm all for living in a smaller space. it's nice and cozy. but fuck the big city price tag. I can go down south to my home town, Chattanooga, in Tennessee and get 350 sq. ft. for $800 a month with all the conveniences and views.

  • Monte Hood
    Monte Hood 3 years ago

    Lol he a real one ain't changing up on his ppl

  • Braulio Alvarez
    Braulio Alvarez 3 years ago

    this is not sneakerheads, this is resellers.

    • Alex Mondragon
      Alex Mondragon 16 days ago

      Braulio Alvarez how is trading reselling your just mad because you can’t afford no Hypebeast or expensive shoes

  • Carlos Alen duran
    Carlos Alen duran 3 years ago

    as n interior designer I have to agree .

  • Daniel Ker
    Daniel Ker 3 years ago

    Dans a fatass

  • AFunnyWaffle
    AFunnyWaffle 3 years ago

    Surely everyone should be sneaker heads, why would you buy shoes you don't like

  • Jiren the grey
    Jiren the grey 3 years ago

    Americans bull shit they don't buy Jordan's they are cheap black people buy Jordan's I have jordans and I'm Hispanic

  • grayd98
    grayd98 3 years ago

    Why do sneakerheads seem so elitist? You guys are all shitting on this kid.

  • mark jacobs
    mark jacobs 3 years ago

    There like drug addicts

  • AllMightyWizard
    AllMightyWizard 3 years ago

    I bet some people got into fights by stepping on each other's shoes.

    • Diego Vidal
      Diego Vidal Year ago

      If you stepped on shoes that are worth a 1,000 it is like taking a hundred dollar bill out their wallet and ripping it in front of them

    • Luis Vejar 23
      Luis Vejar 23 3 years ago

      KrustyProductionz at the end of gym I was changing back into my lebrons and some kids threw them and I punched him the the face

    • Jacob Duque
      Jacob Duque 3 years ago

      Of course if someone steps on your all white Sneakers that cost more than a 1000

  • Allan woo
    Allan woo 3 years ago

    Spend same kind of money, you can buy a villa somewhere else...

    • InandaroundTO
      InandaroundTO 3 years ago

      +Allan woo If they wanted a villa, they wouldn't be living in NY.

  • Dimitri Stone
    Dimitri Stone 3 years ago

    1500 fucking steal

  • alex
    alex 3 years ago

    This is why I dont live in NY anymore. I am glad I moved out.

  • Fabricio Jasso
    Fabricio Jasso 3 years ago


  • David Schwarzendahl
    David Schwarzendahl 4 years ago

    Klasse so etwas, warum mehr verbrauchen als man wirklich benötigt !

  • Scumbag Steve
    Scumbag Steve 4 years ago

    "I'd like to give a shout out to my rich jew mom for giving me everything I ever wanted my whole life."

  • sky yeo
    sky yeo 4 years ago

    Indeed it is. Smaller could be the future of urban living. I live in Asia, it existed many years ago.

  • Mario
    Mario 4 years ago

    Hey...I know where this is and, yes, I'd be willing to live there. When you're ready to sell, lady, give me a shout.

  • MOB Vexxih PS3
    MOB Vexxih PS3 4 years ago

    I want those 11s 😭😭🤑🤑

  • bob miller
    bob miller 4 years ago

    lol that white fat ass reminds looks like this special needs kid at me school lmfao

    • Skrilldriller
      Skrilldriller 3 years ago

      +bob miller Dude there's more errors if you haven't noticed

    • bob miller
      bob miller 4 years ago

      ill take out the "looks" happy bro?

    • AJ Evans
      AJ Evans 4 years ago

      Lmfao before you talk about somebody learn how to write dumbass

  • Juleen Forbes
    Juleen Forbes 4 years ago

    People are downsizing to smaller spaces. The view is amazing but is it worth it? Nah!

    • lulu
      lulu 3 years ago

      +Juleen Forbes if you are going to own it and renovate it, i think it is. if you plan on renting, then probably no...

  • AquariuzDiva
    AquariuzDiva 4 years ago

    That place wouldnt even hold my shoes, Where do they sleep at?

  • AquariuzDiva
    AquariuzDiva 4 years ago

    Yeah I get the point to not having clutter and so forth but even without the clutter you still have things you live with that take up room too.

  • Glen O'Riley
    Glen O'Riley 4 years ago

    Shit I'd have trouble fitting just my tools in there which I do need and use and my toolbox/range is smaller than I need and want. I get the feeling a DIY type person could not live in such a small space. My computers would likely take up the other half the unit lol.

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay 4 years ago

    $1700??? So your paying the hefty price for the location. I guess you save money not having a car.

  • Cathy Bjornsgaard
    Cathy Bjornsgaard 4 years ago

    Where do you sleep, Kitty? Don't believe i caught it? I find you refreshing and honest ! Thank you for sharing!

  • Angela West
    Angela West 4 years ago

    Smaller than a fricking garage for 1,700 a month... good for her

  • clydelaz
    clydelaz 4 years ago

    My sister has a huge great room, big kitchen, living room, dining room, 3 bedrooms, finished basement, laundry/mud room and 2 car garage. She took a 100 sq ft deck and enclosed it making a cozy sitting room. When company comes over we all squeeze into this little room. What is the sense of maintaining all those extra rooms?

  • angelom
    angelom 4 years ago

    "I paid $700 for them...". More like your parents did.

  • MealyMouthedLeach
    MealyMouthedLeach 4 years ago

    0:39 nice dog

  • Flavio Rivera
    Flavio Rivera 4 years ago

    There fucking shoes for crying out loud !

    • Eric Schultz
      Eric Schultz Year ago

      Carlos hernandez my g you probably were 12 when you wrote that comment

    • Devan Bradley
      Devan Bradley 3 years ago

      +Flavio Rivera go back to Mexico you ignorant piece of shit.

    • Edgar Patricio
      Edgar Patricio 3 years ago

      +Flavio Rivera now he mad

    • Flavio Rivera
      Flavio Rivera 3 years ago

      i own your mom

    • Edgar Patricio
      Edgar Patricio 3 years ago

      He probably doesn't even own a pair

  • Isaiah Quidilla
    Isaiah Quidilla 4 years ago

    Can't wait to see what happens when they reach that point in their lives that there's actually more things out there than a plastic and rubber sole between your feet and pavement. As a 21 year-old that used to be like that I immediately stopped because even though they're $1000 they're not even comfortable to walk in. Now I hit up Nike factory outlet stores for some cheap shoes but still look nice.

  • Isaiah Quidilla
    Isaiah Quidilla 4 years ago

    That little chunky white kid is ridiculous. If he already got a two bids for $800 then why is he at a con where he's obviously not gonna get close to that?

    • victor chansan
      victor chansan 3 years ago

      i think he was trying to trade for those yeezys

    • Raymond Chow
      Raymond Chow 4 years ago

      +Isaiah Quidilla Because you can ultimately encounter a person that would pay even more or have something worth to trade. Expand your possibilities and look at your options.

    • Im Sevsyy
      Im Sevsyy 4 years ago

      That's not necessarily true, he could get that or even higher

  • Karen Ratzlaff
    Karen Ratzlaff 4 years ago

    I loved the 220-square foot home with the view. And it sounds like they are living well. Having extra space isn't everything.

  • kim alexis
    kim alexis 4 years ago

    Oh god its a shame feel sorry for this guys:(

    FRANKIE LEMUS 4 years ago

    I could get those corks for 275$

  • Solemolester001
    Solemolester001 4 years ago

    Is anyone else noticing a huge price drop in sneakers? Like Concords being a steady $500 and I've found ds for $250ish, or how OG's don't mean a thing unless it's coming out next Saturday? I blame hype beasts, u notice the guy stating sneaker heads are people who love the shoe. Now a days it's what "everyone" thinks or says what's hot... Idk just what I'm seeing....

    • Isaiah Quidilla
      Isaiah Quidilla 4 years ago

      @Solemolester001 It's partly due to Jordan coming out with several restocks and also due to people just refusing to spend $500 these days or just flat out not buying them from a retailer in the first place.

  • GyzelFilmz
    GyzelFilmz 4 years ago

    Space saving low profile bed frame I found on Etsy. :)

  • Wesout
    Wesout 4 years ago

    Peep the doernbecher 1's at 1:14

  • mikeandmars2345
    mikeandmars2345 4 years ago


  • Michael Bradley
    Michael Bradley 4 years ago

    Space is Luxury. What a fool? In Suburban Texas $160,000 will get you at least a 2,000 to 3,000 square foot house. I would need a lot of Grey Goose to live in a pretentious little hamster cage like that. To be a small person paying a lot of money to live in a small apartment does not appear to be that cool to a great number of us. A apartment like that is a pit stop after bar hopping, not a home. I pay a little over $600 a month to live in 800 square feet and its very comfy.

    • Lavenderrose73
      Lavenderrose73 4 years ago

      I'm grateful for the lack of hostile weather in California, too!

    • Michael Bradley
      Michael Bradley 4 years ago

      With all the rotten weather on the east coast, mid 60s to 80s and a little moisture in Texas looks real good right now in my 800 sq.foot one bedroom apartment in Dallas these days.

    • Lavenderrose73
      Lavenderrose73 4 years ago

      @Fonzi79 My older sister lives in Corpus Christi. I don't envy _her_ for that!

    • AquariuzDiva
      AquariuzDiva 4 years ago

      +Lavenderrose73 it also depend where you live in Texas too. Northern Texas isnt nearly as hot as the southern area.

    • Liang Luo
      Liang Luo 4 years ago

      @Michael Bradley I agree with you.

  • jesus costa
    jesus costa 4 years ago

    Shout to my friends kid didn't even mention his mom like if he friends pay for the roof over his head

  • Not Tryin' To Hear You!

    "Living" in a coffin does not seem trendy or fashionable to me in the least. There isn't a sales pitch in the world that could convince me to pay $160k for a closet, Suckers! Holiday and family dinners must be great held in the hallway or outside in the middle of winter.

  • Bianca Lauren
    Bianca Lauren 4 years ago

    I am loving the grey goose rolling pin, the best! The small spaces are really not bad in nyc, I have an efficiency only because my boyfriend and I are not about taking phone calls in the bathroom lol. But in nyc I'm outside so much that a small apartment is no big deal and I am now obsessed with efficient organizing.

  • ye
    ye 4 years ago

    Dan is a hypebeast

  • Big Swings
    Big Swings 4 years ago

    good video

  • Tanner Snyder
    Tanner Snyder 4 years ago

    The Jordan's at the end are fake af

  • Paul Faherty
    Paul Faherty 4 years ago

    Did that guy really just say he refuses to take a sneaker without the insole and then immediately tries convincing a guy that the insole doesn't matter? smh

    • Drip4Sale shoes
      Drip4Sale shoes 11 months ago

      It's called business

    • speier
      speier 2 years ago

      respect the hustle but resellers are garbage humans in general

    • CrazeAnimations8
      CrazeAnimations8 2 years ago

      Paul Faherty finessing + hustle = $$$

    • Dr Azyah
      Dr Azyah 4 years ago

      @Paul Faherty they said some rules are ment to be broke

  • Paul Jorge
    Paul Jorge 4 years ago

    LMAOOO that white fat nigga said dmp 6s go for 700 I'm done

  • Creative End
    Creative End 4 years ago

    she looks freaky......

  • Fresh
    Fresh 4 years ago

    whats the song playing in the back cause its hard af

  • Jamie Young
    Jamie Young 5 years ago

    I am all for small living spaces - however I am not for the price tag NY puts on it - I think if your living small you should have smaller bills

    • Poll Jones
      Poll Jones 2 years ago

      "you're" - as in "you are living small" or "you're living small".

    • Carlos Perez
      Carlos Perez 2 years ago

      So true they trying to sell you a smaller room for the price of a larger one and our like you should thank us lol

  • nic ghs
    nic ghs 5 years ago

    Never ever i want to live there Hahaha No way

  • John Jones
    John Jones 5 years ago

    Good Thing i now live in Europe, nothing of this crap, you just wake up on the release date, go to the nearest nike or footlocker store, and you are all set, if you feel a little lazy, you can always cop online. though nowadays, retros and other exclusives sells within a week, before they just sit on the shelves for weeks, guess the hype is slowly getting in Europe.

    • John Jones
      John Jones 4 years ago

      @Mike Ramos shhhhhhhhh!

    • Mike Ramos
      Mike Ramos 4 years ago

      and by the way, i get what John jones means, that you brits are really not considered part of the EU, you guys are on your own actually like Switzerland, only Switzerland is a better country.

    • Mike Ramos
      Mike Ramos 4 years ago

      @Scott Finnerty you forgot about the J's! lol i thought you were talking about the J's and how you don't believe they sit on the shelves

    • Scott Finnerty
      Scott Finnerty 4 years ago

      @Mike Ramos In isolation maybe on the whole this isn't the case.

    • Scott Finnerty
      Scott Finnerty 4 years ago

      @John Jones And you my friend are the dumbest person I've conversed with in sometime. Please don't respond I'll only make you look stupid....again.

  • Gary Hill
    Gary Hill 5 years ago

    no way in hell Id live in a shoe box this people got took for me its quality of life

  • ThEiLLtechNICIAN
    ThEiLLtechNICIAN 5 years ago

    I wouldn't associate myself with these clowns. I just wear my kicks on and off court and that's it. Only way I would be selling any of my sneakers is if I was about to lose my house or desperately needed money. He'll I even gave alot of them away to my cousins and my little bro becuase we wear the same size. Only shoes people, come on!

  • DreamOfReem
    DreamOfReem 5 years ago

    just because its in NY these boxes(apartments) will NOT be cheap so whats the point? You're going to pay for location or something else...

  • Ladiesman217
    Ladiesman217 5 years ago

    Gotdamn hypebeast

  • Mitchell Allen
    Mitchell Allen 5 years ago

    Don't listen to these dudes all of these guys are just jealous that you are making money and there on food stamps

    RAF † OWENS 5 years ago

    Lol the parents always say the same things like "it's a good learning experience". and they spoil the kids it's ridiculous and funny at the same time when they think they know what they are talking about but they don't like i said shits ridiculous.

    • RAF † OWENS
      RAF † OWENS 5 years ago

      Yea that's true I guess

    • David Lee
      David Lee 5 years ago

      @Twayne Sneakerhead hey when you have rich parents lol money aint a thing

    • RAF † OWENS
      RAF † OWENS 5 years ago

      Hey everyone has something they have a passion for and mine is shoes so whatever man, but the kids dont have knowlege of the shoes they buy they just buy it because they want to fit in and its just mindblowing how ridiculous they look when they talk about something they really have no love for.

      YOUTUBESUCKS 5 years ago

      @***** Even if it isn't true, how are you gonna hate on a parent who worked all their life, and made enough money to buy their kid some sneakers. Good luck with your sneaker business, cuz your a true sneakerhead right? hope it pays the bills

    • David Lee
      David Lee 5 years ago

      @RUclipSUCKS you believe that shit?

  • Daniel Steininger
    Daniel Steininger 5 years ago

    Sole exchange is one of the best shows

  • Eric N
    Eric N 5 years ago

    i wonder if that kid knows the story be hind the shoes or anyone there smh HYPEBEAST

    • Marcos Valencia
      Marcos Valencia 5 years ago

      @ThEiLLtechNICIAN ROSS actually buys B grade shoes people have found crazy sneakers their like cherry 11 lows and kilroy 9s and stuff for like 40$

    • ThEiLLtechNICIAN
      ThEiLLtechNICIAN 5 years ago

      @SneakerHead Sam "your salty becuase the kid has heat, and all you have is GRs" you win the hypebeast award of the year with that comment. Just wear what you like, whether they are GR, QS, or pay less shoes. I garantee if sneakers like the yeezys weren't hyped and had kanye ' s name on them, they would be on the Ross rack right now, but I salute those who own them that actually like them. Imo they are worthless. Rather have a pair of hyperdunks to ball in. It's function over fashion imo. But that's just my opinion. There are certain kicks that were hard to get, and I couldn't get them, becuase I either struck out, didn't have the money at the time, or just didn't feel like going through the hassle. But for the most part, the sneakers that are limited/hyped and hard to get, I don't like them and don't want them.

    • Marcos Valencia
      Marcos Valencia 5 years ago

      @Eric Noa ik right some little kids know zero about the shoes but still get um

    • Nigerian 2k King
      Nigerian 2k King 5 years ago

      @Eric Noa This is standard shit...You question his knowledge & the authenticity of his kicks because you are jealous. Anybody with a brain knows this. Who cares if he knows anything about the shoe. As long as he buys what he likes why do you care? I mean we already know the answer to that but you have no need to worry about what is on his feet. And which shoe are you referring to that is fake? If youre talking about the dmps then explain why.

    • Nigerian 2k King
      Nigerian 2k King 5 years ago

      @Eric Noa It's pretty obvious that you're hating on this kid cause of the shoes he has and that he has better kicks than you. No need deny've made it so damn obvious.

  • Carlos Castillo
    Carlos Castillo 5 years ago

    too bad his concords are fake @ 2:59