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Why Chile Is Rising Up
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  • Ronnie Jay
    Ronnie Jay 31 second ago

    Poor Steve. Desperately trying to stay relevant.

  • RAValkyrie
    RAValkyrie Minute ago

    i don’t like any of them :)

  • Luke Alley
    Luke Alley 2 minutes ago

    I hate how I know exactly the type of person someone is just by their look. I hate that generalizing actually works. Life is sad, and I hate humans.

  • prskyguy
    prskyguy 4 minutes ago

    Ok i was don't at "I can't bend over a boy like venus." WTF!!!! fire who ever typed up the translation.... NOW!!!!

  • Gaurav Tiwari
    Gaurav Tiwari 10 minutes ago

    Left wing media so called librandus in india are also thare in europe i guess!!

  • ケタカエデ
    ケタカエデ 10 minutes ago


  • Dinesh Bishnoi
    Dinesh Bishnoi 13 minutes ago

    2:55 wtf he didn't even say that. Why TF are you twisting in suntitles

  • Honorine Smythe
    Honorine Smythe 18 minutes ago


  • boomer rob
    boomer rob 18 minutes ago

    I can accept the need to cull and kill the beasts. I dont understand the relish of the hunters. Strikes me as a bit sick minded. This might help explain why Americans wage war on the world.

  • Wendell Thomson
    Wendell Thomson 18 minutes ago

    My dumbass would be pulling real gun in a paintball drive-by

  • High Life
    High Life 24 minutes ago

    Bush did this shit

  • charles the entertainer 2

    Mentally abuse is serious this cannnnn lead to dangerrrr

  • Mark Charles Washington
    Mark Charles Washington 26 minutes ago

    They could sack the Vatican 🇻🇦 and share the wealth with the world 🗺 and then we can create our own rights agreements with each nations of people and their lands laws Reestablished, and birthrights noticed.

  • VFL 2018
    VFL 2018 30 minutes ago

    0:28 When a fat lady on a scooter takes the last handicapped spot at Walmart

  • Red Coal
    Red Coal 30 minutes ago

    For all you non Vietnam Vets, playing Platoon, destroying frightened prey from advantages you should be ashamed of: Heigt Speed Automatic. Paint ball warrior bullshit. Them hogs ain't firing back. To elevate your advantage, and find humor in the results, is as ANTI AMERICAN, as Slavery/Genocide and the cult of morman.

  • dorobo81
    dorobo81 31 minute ago

    Good idea with the list over the whole thing :)

  • Mark Charles Washington
    Mark Charles Washington 33 minutes ago

    The truest solution would be to take them back and get donations for their own farm start up and then let them make their life’s better in their own homeland and protect them from why they left their homes 🏠

  • djiatro
    djiatro 37 minutes ago

    They are fighting for their rights! Vice is pro islamic! Must be receiving funds from the middle east!

  • Deborah Wolff
    Deborah Wolff 37 minutes ago

    Schiff you are a biggest liar alive you need to be removed ASAP

  • Gaurav Tiwari
    Gaurav Tiwari 38 minutes ago

    Evrything is going according to strategy.they first go to new country and try to be very polite,and use such hypecretic words peace,no extreamism ,respect for all cutures etc as soon as they will reach 15%of poulation the riots get starts,rapes, will be compelled to leave your motherland and then your country will be englandistan.sad but it is reality.if u dont belive me then see the population reports.stay brave england. may god bless u

  • Aubrey
    Aubrey 39 minutes ago

    Puppets! Bing bing bing!

  • Rad
    Rad 43 minutes ago


  • Rob E. Gerret
    Rob E. Gerret 44 minutes ago

    How does joe Biden have more hair now than he did back then

  • good morning, Why yu gei?

    Muslims pledge their loyalty to Allah and never the Europeans who gave them food, shelter and job in EU. They believe every other faith or culture is wrong and non Muslims must convert to Islam or die and go to hell. They think women who doesnt wear burqa or a niqab are sluts. Atleast with this news you can understand that they can never be reasoned with. They'll never respect European culture. WAKE UP! Mass migration is a tactic to take over Europe. Its not racist to confront outsiders who doesnt respect your laws and culture.

  • SM Tousif
    SM Tousif 44 minutes ago

    3:24 They are backkkk.

  • dennis ong
    dennis ong 47 minutes ago

    Fake News here. What a joke Vice News is

  • David Moore
    David Moore 47 minutes ago

    Trump looks into corruption using corruption....

  • Slugg0matic
    Slugg0matic 48 minutes ago

    Kill them with extreme prejudice. Wild hogs are not cute pets and they don't care that you spent your last dollar planting crops to survive another year.

  • the10hitkid
    the10hitkid 48 minutes ago

    The fact that this strain developed a property(thcv) that cause hunger to be suppressed is amazing, it shows the ability to change into what is needed for the human cultivating it. As we know humans in isolated areas of the world often lack the funds to maintain a steady source nourishment i.e. food. THCv to suppress the felling of hunger... Amazing!

  • Mariam
    Mariam 49 minutes ago

    Some prison dont make people better, they make them even worse.

  • Peng Fei Dong
    Peng Fei Dong 51 minute ago

    CIA: Hmm, yes I would like to bulk order some PrEdAtOr SuPeR cOmBaT aRmOuR. 0:19

  • sitthapromwas phornsaran
    sitthapromwas phornsaran 52 minutes ago

    Thailand: 1. England was once a great and beautiful country. 2. How the heck has it come to this ?

  • Alarmz
    Alarmz 52 minutes ago

    2:32 those two innocent whit kids 😂

  • Nandhu 88
    Nandhu 88 55 minutes ago

    Stupid bakths

  • Ammad Bashir
    Ammad Bashir 56 minutes ago

  • Cheetah Cheetah
    Cheetah Cheetah 57 minutes ago


  • Jonathan Petkau
    Jonathan Petkau Hour ago

    Hmmm Wasent beat up what a surprise

  • poopcum poepcome

    5:45 me in the gc when people are fighting

  • Amensa Seasan
    Amensa Seasan Hour ago


  • Keezy Mann
    Keezy Mann Hour ago

    4:29 im not gonna lie, she got some cake tho.

  • Shawn Fahim
    Shawn Fahim Hour ago

    Syria has a secular government, and it seems that western countries want nothing other than terrorism and radicalism in the middle east

  • Ryan Mclean
    Ryan Mclean Hour ago

    swamp thing..........swamp people

  • Shawn Fahim
    Shawn Fahim Hour ago

    Every time i see a Vice News video i wonder if the reporters are stupid themselves or they only read a script. In order to tell the reality of syrian war, you have to know the interests of western countries and how they have destroyed many countries. These small countries only want to survive and develop

  • うーろんちゃ


  • Alice Shepherd
    Alice Shepherd Hour ago

    I bet way more FYNTANAL comes from Mexico they lie about this coming mostly from China

  • kali koka
    kali koka Hour ago

    Who trapped who(m)?

  • kali koka
    kali koka Hour ago

    Wall closing in

  • kali koka
    kali koka Hour ago

    All fake. She a paid c.1.a agent . Clinton bot. Pain coming

  • missrissa37
    missrissa37 Hour ago

    What would an incel do if a woman randomly fell in love with them?

  • missrissa37
    missrissa37 Hour ago

    Does this incel not realize that he could be the "Chad" he so envies?

  • D. Antony Twitchen

    I'm not an advocate of poisoning, the possibility of collateral damage to other wildlife and possibly soils and fawner is to high which only hind sight reveals regardless of any amount of testing. you can not produce every scenario. Hunting and trapping obviously not only produces results but income too. you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. personaly I'd love a day out shooting pigs from a helicopter and then it would be nice to have it butchered cleaned an packed for me to take home. now that's a cool day out

  • Sloppy Toons
    Sloppy Toons Hour ago

    The term Brexit was a stroke of genius! If there was a catchy word for staying in the EU, the UK would have never left.

  • Harvest Moon
    Harvest Moon Hour ago

    She won't be down for long. I have a feeling she'll start a podcast, write a new show, etc.

  • joyce d
    joyce d Hour ago

    If Schiff cared so much about Ukraine should receive military aid from the U S, why didn't he complain during Obama's presidency when Ukraine asked for military aid and all that Obama gave them was blankets and BS. For 2 years they focused on impeachment and not on the business of the voters who waited for them to pass lower drug prices, etc. Instead, Schiff and democrats spent millions of dollars of tax money on this stupid impeachment nonsense. We are sick of it!

  • livio kiselstein

    Very good service to the county and to the USA community

  • Ethan Chen
    Ethan Chen Hour ago


  • RootsReclaimed
    RootsReclaimed Hour ago

    5:00 her smile is so awkward and adorable.😂

  • LBH _52
    LBH _52 Hour ago

    "This day will be put in the history books" I literally knew nothing about this stupid conference until I saw this video.

  • Keezy Mann
    Keezy Mann Hour ago

    17:26 Bully 2 is looking amazing.

  • Ex-muslim Atheist

    This should be replicated throughout the country sh replicated replace entire Police Department .. Capital system works better

  • Joe Joseph
    Joe Joseph Hour ago

    New Buylane

  • J G
    J G Hour ago

    Per hour, teachers earn lots. Enough already They get 16weeks off per year.

  • david lopez
    david lopez Hour ago

    Bannon has no dignity. trump derided him and he limps and go back like a crippled dog

  • Brook Armstrong
    Brook Armstrong Hour ago

    Must be nice jump the border and get free IDs. If the illegals don't like something they can pitch a fit and they will get it

  • LBH _52
    LBH _52 Hour ago

    "We need to fight climate change or all the people on earth will die one day!" *Watches this video* "Nevermind, it's not worth it."

  • runt
    runt Hour ago

    Me and my dad clean the carpet of this church. Terrible thing to happen, this is the first time I've ever heard the audio because it's such a wrapped up subject around here. This man is lucky to have gotten this interview

  • Corn Wallace
    Corn Wallace Hour ago

    Seen the exhibit travelled to college museum in Kzoo

  • Y G
    Y G Hour ago

    This is what happen when you playing against bots

  • General Warsaw
    General Warsaw Hour ago

    Wtf I hate this format of people just yelling this went absolutely nowhere and was a waste of time

  • Keezy Mann
    Keezy Mann Hour ago

    5:20 Little Bill: Bill vs Chiraq!

  • Dylan Alvarez
    Dylan Alvarez Hour ago

    Apparently she's an ultra disabled person

    • VFL 2018
      VFL 2018 42 minutes ago

      It shows everytime she opens her mouth

  • 3340steve
    3340steve Hour ago

    Thank you for posting this. Robots will take over and capitalists will laugh their asses off at all of us.

  • Darren Spohn
    Darren Spohn 2 hours ago

    Simple. Because law enforcement spends so much time,energy and money on the prohibition of marijuana.

  • Juli Andra
    Juli Andra 2 hours ago

    How much are the American people paying this traitorous wench? Not only is she slandering Trump, but she also just admitted to conspiring against him (and all of America) before she even took office (an Oath she gave on the Koran, an anti-freedom ideology), unless of course, she is psychic and could foresee an impeachment though no impeachable offense had been apparent then any more than it is now. It's all a joke and the jokes on US while they laugh all the way to the bank- I want my money back!

  • Mason Whinnery
    Mason Whinnery 2 hours ago

    Basic fairness is all us people want anymore this United States changed and when we lost our great presidents

  • Roha Waha
    Roha Waha 2 hours ago

    Another Bash Trump Vice Screed , should have known better.

  • Q M
    Q M 2 hours ago

    Good ole California. Stopping their own people from taking action. Filling potholes is bad, but CA govt supplying syringes to homeless drug

  • John H. Oliver ll
    John H. Oliver ll 2 hours ago

    Mr. Brooks bald

  • Andrew Moore
    Andrew Moore 2 hours ago

    Nobody can fold an umbrella like me.

  • James Thom
    James Thom 2 hours ago

    Democrats really believe that "we" believe their crazy narcissistic mind fuckery! Not a chance!!!

  • Svalfish1
    Svalfish1 2 hours ago

    It seems more like a lesson in fight choreography, which is cool in its own right. I'm not sure if it would work as its own sport though, unless it did something like kendo

  • biodegradable
    biodegradable 2 hours ago

    "4 of his friends have killed themselves" and yet all they do is "interview" him and not even try and get him some help

  • Kyeran Luangkhot
    Kyeran Luangkhot 2 hours ago

    Bro they fighting on the bus and the camera man be recording all that

  • Razorvalor
    Razorvalor 2 hours ago

    how do you dislike this video?

  • Adam Cote
    Adam Cote 2 hours ago

    11:48 anyone know what this song is called? just curious, sounds alright tbh.

  • Harris Weakley
    Harris Weakley 2 hours ago

    It just like in America

  • Chuck Desylva
    Chuck Desylva 2 hours ago

    Yeah. And let me guess. Imported by Purdue Pharma.

  • Preston Swooper
    Preston Swooper 2 hours ago

    Welcome to the end of the world.

  • Bilal Khan
    Bilal Khan 2 hours ago

    Yang Gang where you at!!!!

  • Mohamed Dramane Diarra

    Wonder why Kaepernick is kneeling

  • Bad Company
    Bad Company 2 hours ago

    Just shut the hell up already because y'all ain't gonna do a fuckin thing to trump

  • Henry Jacobsen
    Henry Jacobsen 2 hours ago

    Alt-right 15 year old me disliked this haha. I don’t even remember doing this. Im glad that chapter of my life is over.

  • jacob locke
    jacob locke 2 hours ago

    They have no constitutional power or any power over any U.S citizens, do they? Like they can't request to search you or pull you over or anything like that. I believe you could tell them to screw off and go on about your day.

  • Brandon Sutton
    Brandon Sutton 2 hours ago

    0:58 hahah

  • Nairobi Burns tv
    Nairobi Burns tv 2 hours ago

    Wow that’s fucked up

  • Tyler Michael
    Tyler Michael 2 hours ago

    Great interview. Thank you to this Vice reporter for being FAIR.

  • Nate M
    Nate M 2 hours ago

    Support for impeachment is decreasing. I think it's because Thanksgiving is around the corner. Everyone wants to meet in the middle, if you look at five thirty eight, support for it from Dems fell 2% and support from Republicans grew 2%.

  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    What a tragedy these people adopting kids and not doing all the paperwork necessary just doing it so other people see them doing that and show off it shows the selfishness this world is full of

  • Asim khan
    Asim khan 2 hours ago

    Who destroy suriya and why .only America and Russia so who is terrorist

  • Mr Bitty
    Mr Bitty 2 hours ago

    Latest news:school shooter gets shot by the school