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Dan Ruins the H3 Podcast
Views 50K3 days ago
Trisha Paytas is a Man
Views 453K6 days ago
The End of Vape Nation
Views 290K20 days ago
We Stormed Area 51
Views 178K24 days ago
Flat Earth = Flat Brain
Views 151KMonth ago
Hila Fat Shames Ethan
Views 225KMonth ago


  • Silver Scythe
    Silver Scythe Minute ago

    What's so bad about approaching a beautiful woman and trying to make conversation? This is why birth rates are dropping. Don't cock block a dude trying to get his game on, it just causes conflict and ruins something that could possibly be good. What if those two people hit it off and actually enjoy each others company? Fall in love and start a family together? Well, it wont happen if you get in the guys way and make a scene, ruining the moment and the dudes chances of making a good impression. This has happened to me twice, it sucks, some little dude jumps out of the woodwork and says "leave her alone" or "is this guy bothering you" and then you have to think of some smooth way to brush him off without making yourself look like a jerk or a bully. Thankfully one of the times the girl was pretty cool and brushed the guy off for me, but the other time the girl said nothing, and I had just a little too much to drink at that point, so I told the guy off pretty aggressively, making myself look like a bad guy and the girl walked away from the situation.

  • Alby Boges
    Alby Boges Minute ago

    But she is homeless crazy though

  • Ira Crain
    Ira Crain 2 minutes ago

    Kelly's. Mother. Fucking. Heroes.

  • sparda9060
    sparda9060 2 minutes ago

    Hannibal Buress checkmate that fool Bill Cosby. Sent his dumb ass to prison for virtue signaling all the time to black people and black comedians lol I wish that shit would happen to other idiots who virtue signal. You know how I'm talking about >; )

  • Sober Moggy
    Sober Moggy 3 minutes ago

    Come on Hila let him have the ead off Trisha .......lmao

  • Kristy Payne
    Kristy Payne 3 minutes ago

    I love the acting it was sooo funny!

  • Mario Kirchsteiger
    Mario Kirchsteiger 4 minutes ago

    Anybody knows hat happened to 368?

  • stevobevo91
    stevobevo91 5 minutes ago

    I wonder where he gets his mushrooms from

  • Jm 115
    Jm 115 5 minutes ago

    Man, lots of money does weird shit to people, right Ethan? But then again, even if you watched the film itself, you wouldn't understand it.

  • ChaseFace
    ChaseFace 6 minutes ago

    This is why I unsubscribed to you. You're so quick to shrug off your past transgressions and act like you're perfect while you throw shade at people. Remember when you used to be humble, funny, and lighthearted? Now you're just an uptight weirdo that has a holier-than-thou attitude.

  • ha ha
    ha ha 6 minutes ago

    it's so gross how obsessed ethan is with belle delphine :/

  • Keith Mikell
    Keith Mikell 10 minutes ago

    Its counterfeit thc carts filled with vitamin E acetate. Its not nicotine vaping.

  • Glynn Tang
    Glynn Tang 12 minutes ago

    I hope she gets on the show. She's smart af whether you know it or not. She loves the drama. It's comedic it's not funny though when she is sad I get it

  • Alina
    Alina 14 minutes ago

    Who else is more than sick of hearing about Belle Delphine?

  • V.G. DLC
    V.G. DLC 19 minutes ago

    Jeff you're a hoe too tho

  • gamerrod
    gamerrod 21 minute ago

    We will take you down with dislikes if you are against joker

  • Kalle Nilsson
    Kalle Nilsson 22 minutes ago

    How to win every argument: Invent a new logic

  • Secombe Ryan
    Secombe Ryan 24 minutes ago

    Terrence Howard: *Tries to sound profound and amazing* Interviewer's mind: *words words words words words*

  • Con Rad
    Con Rad 24 minutes ago

    I wake up “over it” lol

  • CulturalEwe6775
    CulturalEwe6775 24 minutes ago

    There literally like 7 marries firms by my house 😂

  • Johnson McBig
    Johnson McBig 25 minutes ago

    Why is he wearing his glasses

  • Quay Bot
    Quay Bot 28 minutes ago

    0:51 looks like when a curtain is wrapped up

  • plnkfloydian
    plnkfloydian 30 minutes ago

    Imagine getting so emotionally invested in this podcast. Just watch it and shut up.

  • 11BangBang
    11BangBang 31 minute ago

    Hope Ethan is ready to get his dick sucked. That was the deal, right?

  • Ramadan Steve
    Ramadan Steve 34 minutes ago

    Yo that's Freddie Dredd at 9:31

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt 35 minutes ago

    H3 let’s let the whole bath water thing go please we gotta move on

  • Ed Henson
    Ed Henson 35 minutes ago

    She just tryna suck that *hasi-dick* if you know what I mean.

  • Krieg Saito
    Krieg Saito 35 minutes ago

    9:26 "That's just her boyfriend'' Poor Freddie

  • Soda Pressed
    Soda Pressed 36 minutes ago

    sorry for commenting again but like. you really should be ashamed of yourselves for promoting someone who's whole schtick is creating faux child porn.

  • It's Your President
    It's Your President 36 minutes ago

    Ethan sounded dumb as shit when he brought up Twitch Thots. The reasons he gave for people not liking twitch thots are completely wrong and made up. Everyone dislikes them because twitch thots get away with so much on the platform, whereas if any other kind of twitch streamer did even *half* of what those thots do, they get perma banned. Alinity has straight up abused her cat twice on stream and she is still alive and kicking. All a guy has to do is show his boxers for a split second and he gets the ban hammer.

  • Mari Soul
    Mari Soul 36 minutes ago

    I’m a little grossed out

  • Aiden Lewis
    Aiden Lewis 39 minutes ago

    A year ago I deadass had to sit in a class and watch that whole video and then talk about it. I was trying so hard not to laugh

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 39 minutes ago

    She's fucking gross. What the fuck does everybody see in her?

  • Morgan Simpson
    Morgan Simpson 40 minutes ago

    Im thinking this guy has a flat brain.

  • Laura Cantu
    Laura Cantu 41 minute ago


  • Cade Noël
    Cade Noël 41 minute ago

    she’s getting animal training .... she needed training to know not to push, spit or possibly kick a dog... and who tf hired her to volunteer at a shelter?! I know it’s volunteer work but fuck that. She can’t be trusted.

  • genderbenderlexa
    genderbenderlexa 41 minute ago

    Lmfao hila said “lemme see that” 😂😂 Girl

  • Marcus Sanchez
    Marcus Sanchez 43 minutes ago

    9:27 thts freddiedredd on tha left

  • big dave
    big dave 43 minutes ago

    Why I Will Never Support Blizzard Again - the End of My Career - Blizzard's Involvement with China Reason

  • Throat Culture Podcast
    Throat Culture Podcast 46 minutes ago

    Doing god's work with Trisha Ethan thank you beanie god

  • ThatKiDwiththeDrums
    ThatKiDwiththeDrums 46 minutes ago

    Hopefully the soft ass cucks shut up in the comments now. "HilA's uNcoMForTabLe! 😥😥😥"

  • Frank Reynolds NH
    Frank Reynolds NH 46 minutes ago

    She or he has the lips of inflatable sex doll.

  • Brad the impaler
    Brad the impaler 47 minutes ago

    Post the new king hell ye

  • Catta Bonata
    Catta Bonata 48 minutes ago

    ok but like such a baddie?? 💦

  • schnecki666
    schnecki666 49 minutes ago

    Pleeeease dress like a conservative hassidic jew when she turns up for her interview with you 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Xavier Garza
    Xavier Garza 52 minutes ago

    Don't even try 😂 25:32

  • Royal
    Royal 53 minutes ago

    Omg im back to watching h3h3 and i realized that hila is speaking so much more than before! I was here during the leafy roasting generation hahahah.

  • Alex Guitron
    Alex Guitron 53 minutes ago

    I'm so happy I discovered h3h3💝

  • Katrina Doerr
    Katrina Doerr 55 minutes ago


  • Josh Franklin
    Josh Franklin 55 minutes ago

    Even the company that made her sunglasses think they are a bad idea.

  • elizabeth7sj
    elizabeth7sj 56 minutes ago

    Dude Ethan is very handsome. Sure he's chubby but he's definitely not ugly.

  • Aramai Jonassi
    Aramai Jonassi 58 minutes ago

    OMG this is so funny!!😂🤣😂

  • Ronnie Ray
    Ronnie Ray 58 minutes ago

    When they interrupt a break to go on break?

  • VEGA
    VEGA 58 minutes ago

    How is that a felony charge...?

  • Adam Facey
    Adam Facey 59 minutes ago

    I thumbed down this video because of how out of the way the dude with the beanie goes to move his eyebrows. It doesn’t even match what he’s saying 😂

  • Cookie Splitter
    Cookie Splitter Hour ago

    I'm so grossed out that she sits on the kitchen floor...meat curtains ..😱

  • Heath Werrett
    Heath Werrett Hour ago

    lol ethans clearly never eaten alphabrain before slaggin on onnit. that stuffs legit af

  • Chell Lopez
    Chell Lopez Hour ago

    0:45 jeez chill out ethan

  • boiled Nappies evacuates

    Terence Howard is a CIA robot

  • BlackyHBM
    BlackyHBM Hour ago

    For those who care about context, here's a different cut of that "sleepover" video that's still suspicious of MJ, but shows that they didn't SHARE the bed but that he himself slept on the floor instead: ruclip.com/video/UJaWSdKKvGU/video.html I didn't like MJ's stuff too much since his material from the 90s, but I despise mutilating content (which in my view the documentary did here) to further ready-made positions instead of presenting genuine proof. If he indeed was a pedophile, the world should know so, but don't fabricate material for hysteria's sake - it's quite quick & easy to fact-check sources nowadays. I only entered "mj interview sleepover" in RUclip's search field and got the above link as 2nd hit.

  • AA Sharp
    AA Sharp Hour ago

    Terrence may not know math... but neither does anyone on this show.

  • Ryan Scott
    Ryan Scott Hour ago

    No one batted an eye at the hyperviolent desert of talent that is the John Wick series. Yet Joker was to much in the media's eyes? Get outta here... Let's be real this is a dynamic/relevant film. Food for thought, did the very few meaningful scenes of violence that provided a window into the pitiful, morally, mentally, and spiritually bankrupt existence cast aside by society, that is the joker? Or is it the fact that 20 years ago the joker had to be submerged in acid to reemerge a monster and now he's submerged into modern society and the results are far more toxic?

  • Sakine
    Sakine Hour ago

    my name is Bobbie Lee and it's so weird to hear him say that

  • Big ol poppa Bearz

    Omg! Right after the Roast beef sandwich comments RUclip cut in with a hillshire farms ad! Now I have to clean my floor from the drink that came out my nose... Wtf perfect timing with an ad if there ever was one. Google taking key words from videos I bet...

  • phynx2006
    phynx2006 Hour ago

    2 Million is not enough to float you ........ really, cut down on your cost of living. If your smart with your money and not trying to keep up with the Jones then you can survive on 2 Mil. Great Podcast btw

    MIVADI Hour ago

    The guy with the glasses and the beanie is freddie dredd, pretty cool rapper

  • Benjamin Reader
    Benjamin Reader Hour ago

    Does this channel bring to H3H3 productions? I just wanna make sure I’m not supporting some knockoff highlights channel. Would rather watch this on the main channel than support a knockoff channel 😬🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Ambrose
    Ambrose Hour ago

    I hear roast beef and vagina in the same sentence i shudder.

  • paulo nogueira
    paulo nogueira Hour ago

    "this picture is EpICc"

  • Scooperz
    Scooperz Hour ago

    It seems like she’s beginning to embrace her own memeness. She still has a long way to go though...

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith Hour ago

    Ethan sounds like he has postpartum depression

  • David rodriguez
    David rodriguez Hour ago

    this is disturbing

  • DrewVillain
    DrewVillain Hour ago

    10:43 stfu Ethan

  • Elliott K
    Elliott K Hour ago

    I only watch this cause I’m in love with hila.

  • Second Breakfast

    Please god! No one react to THIS video There are too many screens I don’t know where to look!!

  • J Lynn
    J Lynn Hour ago

    Take a shot every time Dan touches his microphone while speaking Spoilers: You'll die

  • Paul Emms
    Paul Emms Hour ago

    Asians cant drive...

  • Jaylen Lopez
    Jaylen Lopez Hour ago

    "I make my own mayo" Very Kool trisha

  • poeter14
    poeter14 Hour ago

    I feel like he's just on acid

  • Jonathan George
    Jonathan George Hour ago

    So he didn't get a job at SNL. So what? Who else did not get to work at SNL? Kevin Hart. If he is funny enough, he will make it. No one truly loses their entire lives in these cases. Remember the NWO was protested against and people (conservatives) burner their records because ice cube said "fuck the police".... "Outrage culture" is not new. It's always been there. Move on.

  • Vishnu Prajapat
    Vishnu Prajapat Hour ago

    Ye bosadika ganje ke khet me chutad malata hua paya gaya tha!

  • Justa Clapper
    Justa Clapper Hour ago

    All 4 of y’all in a podcast would be awesome

  • Jeanie T
    Jeanie T Hour ago

    My ad on this video was for a portal scooter

  • CasePB
    CasePB Hour ago

    He sold his soul to that which he bitched about.

  • Mister GG
    Mister GG Hour ago

    I'll give u an example, here in my country, in Europe, unless you wonder in RUclip for long time, you won't know who dafuq is Casey, he couldn't charge even 5k....but US is another market and world. In my field of work: photography...i talk about Peter Mckinnon and people say: who!?? For me he's famous, for many out there...not.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis Hour ago

    ".....must we crowbar in gender and color when it doesn't fit...." Speaking of this, don't women belong in the kitchen and not making RUclip videos, especially if the video gives said woman's opinion in any way at all. They should be quiet, cook and give sex upon demand. Oh wait that's right we are equals now in the eyes of U.S. and I believe U.K. laws and in most people's hearts and minds. Because being inclusive is a great thing. Nothing says Bond couldn't be black. I believe with the right actor, Mr. Elba in this case, a black Bond would be great. Excluding people because of race or gender is a lose-lose scenario. And also let's not forget that Bond is a fictional character for Christ sake. Black Christ that is.

  • Christopher Cooper

    I knew I wouldn’t see her actually get body slammed. I knew it meant that her body would be made fun of. I still held out hope that there would be backyard wrestling footage of Trisha paytas getting choke slammed into a table from a ladder. Where did she learn the term “self deprecating” ? that threw me for a loop. Whatever.

  • Brianna Dozark
    Brianna Dozark Hour ago

    How ironic of Ethan to yell at the video "just let me watch the damn clip!" Or whatever lol, considering he is the king of pausing a video to talk every five seconds 😂😂

  • crossie
    crossie Hour ago

    Trump may have certain issues but fuck me I'd have him over you anyday. You're fake as fuck

  • Cody Thompson
    Cody Thompson Hour ago

    Lost my shit at hoursy sauce

  • Alan Bell
    Alan Bell Hour ago

    I bought a NordVPN subscription as a result of watching Casey Neistat.

  • Officer-Ant
    Officer-Ant Hour ago

    Listen if you allow Bobby Lee into your home you assume all risk of bodily injury and property damage.

  • reee reee
    reee reee Hour ago

    Bitches always tripping when they're man just wants to take care of his needs. Bitch give us more handies if you dont want us watching porn.

  • St. Slim
    St. Slim Hour ago

    Hearing her talk about her vagina (that has been littered with STD's over the years..yes she has admitted this) literally made me sick.

  • blend ajeti
    blend ajeti 2 hours ago

    Damn Ethan is getting a little aggressive towards the others and kinda creepy about Belle Delphine. I think he secretly is a fucking psychopath and it's coming out now

  • Montana Gentes
    Montana Gentes 2 hours ago

    " if we can bust this nut"

  • Brian Whin-Yates
    Brian Whin-Yates 2 hours ago

    i'm not sure that fixating on how she looks is the best path to comedy gold here.

  • jenks Cx
    jenks Cx 2 hours ago

    She’s so fucking ugly & those lips just top off the nastiness

  • michaelq
    michaelq 2 hours ago

    I can't really laugh at this. Seeing 90 year old women being pushed down onto concrete... The guy was jailed for 2 years, which - if he doesn't have mental conditions - I think is lenient

  • Lark Varhees
    Lark Varhees 2 hours ago

    Why he didnt just say it himself instead of using the technology is beyond me. You moe runs