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My New Intro
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Kawhi Leonard's Robot Laugh
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  • Fier The Great
    Fier The Great 2 hours ago

    When he started talking bout Yannis I literally bust out laughing 🙉🙉🙉🙉😌😌😌😌🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😫😫😫😫 Hollins=Asinine

  • Gsbb 64
    Gsbb 64 5 hours ago

    Masterbait. lel

  • bliss X
    bliss X 8 hours ago

    Crazy how all the people talkin shit dont get the basics... a wins a win🥵🤪

  • i_am_gohan92
    i_am_gohan92 12 hours ago

    Shaq this how you fall frontwards “ oh no oh my God no” 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Mag Cudi
    Mag Cudi 13 hours ago

    Ryan Hollins STUPID

  • Matthew Bratcher
    Matthew Bratcher 17 hours ago

    He said Eric Bledsoe is the one hitting big shots 💀

  • Tega X
    Tega X 18 hours ago

    Skip: who should win DPoY this season, Draymond Green or Rudy Gobert? Ryan: I’m gonna go with Middleton

  • S Mitchell
    S Mitchell 23 hours ago


  • Kevin Rios
    Kevin Rios 23 hours ago

    The padres Rockies fight was Last year not this year.

  • S Mitchell
    S Mitchell 23 hours ago

    Not only does Ryan Hollins look like a crackhead, he acts like one. Also, this dude needs to get that hairline fixed because it’s worse than S.A.S, and if you hairline is worse than S.A.S, you have a problem

  • bigmoe rolltide
    bigmoe rolltide 23 hours ago

    And you were expecting these colleges to pay these kids to play football

  • Echo 5427
    Echo 5427 Day ago

    *Warning* do not read the comments, you will lose brain cells if you ignore this warning you do it at your own risk

  • Katiekat 2006
    Katiekat 2006 Day ago

    This is fake I have seen the videos where he was actually talking to the people he was swearing at he dose not act like that in frount of the kids thi sis rude towards him it’s fake he is very nice with the kids

  • Emir Ow
    Emir Ow Day ago

    This veteran player,and sport reporter and writer is cousing brain demage! DONT WATCH !!!

  • Livonian Mapping

    It took me one min to realise its fake...

  • VicenzoV
    VicenzoV Day ago

    McEnroe was disqualified after three violations. She just got a game penalty. If anything, the umpire was soft on Serena.

  • Luke C-P
    Luke C-P Day ago

    I actually thought this was real for almost half the video

  • will Samy
    will Samy Day ago

    Bananas vs tomatoes 🍌🍅

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul Day ago

    I actually sat here and listened to your flagrant ignorance

  • masajhn
    masajhn Day ago

    Umpire sos el puto AMO!

  • masajhn
    masajhn Day ago

    Umpire sos el puto AMO!

  • Muffa5aa
    Muffa5aa Day ago

    Thats part of the play jhitt

  • Ing
    Ing Day ago

    Ryan Hollins vs FlightReacts debate, would be the best two delusional people argument ever

  • Mestiki Moe
    Mestiki Moe Day ago

    It’s fake 😂

  • Peyton Dowling

    Dude!! Amir Garrett in the first clip just beat the HELL of that one dude!

  • i zio fester
    i zio fester Day ago

    Gli americani sono tutti fottuti di testa

  • RickeGnool
    RickeGnool Day ago

    What really pissed me off about this is how all news media suddenly thought they were tennis experts. Lets be real here for a second, most of the channels who covered this controversy knew nothing about what the actual rules were.

  • pals m3
    pals m3 2 days ago

    Idk why this make me laugh

  • Mr Momo
    Mr Momo 2 days ago


  • Z Flash
    Z Flash 2 days ago

    When Healthy: 1. LeBron and AD 2. Kawhi and PG 3. KD and Kyrie 4. Steph and Klay 5. Russ and Harden.

    REVELATION VLOGS 2 days ago

    Kevin Hart was 100% right 😂😂

  • Oscar Mejia
    Oscar Mejia 2 days ago

    The reds have the most fights in 2019 or at least altercations

  • God
    God 2 days ago

    What a shameful and disgusting behavior , shame on those who follow these unprofessional crybabies. They should send her back to kindergarten to start over

  • King Asaad
    King Asaad 2 days ago

    Max at 4:15 is deadass a mood lmao😂😂💀

    ⓌILLY 2 days ago

    This man is a genius

  • TAJK 9
    TAJK 9 2 days ago

    I’m 6 mins in and I wanna kill myself

  • Luka Novak
    Luka Novak 2 days ago

    4:12 when I hear and see Ryan Hollins

  • Armando Desmadres
    Armando Desmadres 2 days ago

    Fuck Max, and fuck Stephen. They are both full of shit!!!!

  • TheGreatGavino 6
    TheGreatGavino 6 2 days ago

    "Giannis is overrated"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alfie I
    Alfie I 2 days ago

    Ramsey is a Bastard fucker abusing kids, come here Gordon bitch make you duck and dove it up your proud ass. Rude Bastard

  • Reidyn G
    Reidyn G 3 days ago

    10 NBA seasons on the bench lmao

  • Zariarn
    Zariarn 3 days ago

    It was on purpose.

  • Anthony Titmas
    Anthony Titmas 3 days ago

    Honestly the Ben Simmons part I kinda get

  • Venom King Jax
    Venom King Jax 3 days ago

    4:10 is fucking hilarious..the reaction at that table speaks for this entire video..come on bruh..who's mans is this?...

  • Thomas Weatherington, Jr.

    Oookayy okay KeNny Alrighht KennY alrIghT KeNNy alright kENNY alright kenny

  • Jane Taylor
    Jane Taylor 3 days ago

    I love this woman

  • Chipz
    Chipz 3 days ago

    Love the intro

  • Lucas The Goat
    Lucas The Goat 3 days ago

    He was right at first about harden and Westbrook tho

  • Will_Martinez32
    Will_Martinez32 3 days ago

    My Brian’s cell count went from 5 to 0 after watching this for less than a minute

  • PhillyCheesesteak
    PhillyCheesesteak 3 days ago

    I think Ryan Hollins is on Lebrons payroll

  • Sayros
    Sayros 3 days ago


  • Aidan McCarthy
    Aidan McCarthy 3 days ago

    My brother went to his high school they were best friends but we moved

  • Saul Goode
    Saul Goode 3 days ago

    disgusting example of new age religion. me me me. victim victim victim.

  • Twaiin Wit 2ii's
    Twaiin Wit 2ii's 3 days ago

    They didnt show the 11 yard gain!!!

  • C0brazz SZN
    C0brazz SZN 3 days ago

    I have to agree with Hollins about the warrior thing and the harden-Westbrook thing

  • Meena Bompoint
    Meena Bompoint 3 days ago

    Ur just trying to make Gordon Ramsay look bad!

  • sania javed
    sania javed 3 days ago


  • pantherteen1
    pantherteen1 4 days ago

    Dang Hopkins!

  • Kaloku Holt
    Kaloku Holt 4 days ago

    Bruh... this guys laugh is 100! Lol

  • Chillaxy Boi
    Chillaxy Boi 4 days ago

    Kids, this is why we watch the TNT NBA reports

  • Ocho Cinco
    Ocho Cinco 4 days ago

    The Ben Simmons take was actually not terrible.

  • Pyrrhic Actions
    Pyrrhic Actions 4 days ago

    Who did this 0:10

  • Lando Spaho
    Lando Spaho 4 days ago

    What in the actual fuck is willie taggart doing. got motha fuckas lining up backwards

  • Dreeco Finesse3tymes

    Yea they planned that to have him out the post

  • *BłåçkWøłf4000*

    All this fighting in the first week of 2019 😂😂😂 this legit gone be a vicious year

  • *BłåçkWøłf4000*

    I thought I was gonna have to be the one to upload all of them myself cuz all the other vids didn't have them all

  • Skyeler Lowe
    Skyeler Lowe 4 days ago

    Swearing at adults is ok but swearing at kids is just horrible

  • j.c man
    j.c man 4 days ago

    I like how they don't use the bats in the fight, my brother would've used the bat on me even if it was live tv

    • j g
      j g Day ago

      using a bat escalates it from something handled within the MLB to something handled by the police.

  • Rob Razzano
    Rob Razzano 4 days ago

    Never thought I'd see the day when the Florida State Seminoles had to resort to gimmicks like this to beat Louisiana-Monroe...but here we are.

  • Lacie Williams
    Lacie Williams 4 days ago

    click bate bc he doesn’t swear ate kids

  • Xwarmliqudsx 15
    Xwarmliqudsx 15 4 days ago

    It’s click bait

  • Anthony Ellison
    Anthony Ellison 4 days ago

    Run the full play???? Exactly

  • Kevin Lamont
    Kevin Lamont 5 days ago

    Ryan was on point with CP3 tho..He just isn’t the same player anymore

    • Feanor _
      Feanor _ 2 days ago

      Well he sat there and asked "When was the last time he was an all star?" When was Ryan Hollins an all-star. To pretend that Cp3 isn't still a good player and point guard is just false.

  • Zach in Japan
    Zach in Japan 5 days ago

    Fun fun I touched it Thanks

  • lewis griffin
    lewis griffin 5 days ago

    Did you really just say that about Kobe Bryant are you that retarded try to say Kobe is on top for like her all time me and you know nothing about basketball kid so shut the fuk up but FYI yes Kobe is better than LeBron James anyone with any basketball knowledge knows that if LeBron James had to play in the 90s he would have never made it

    BARCODE B.O.B 5 days ago


  • Eric Lewis
    Eric Lewis 5 days ago

    Anyone is drunk if they don't think so

  • Eric Lewis
    Eric Lewis 5 days ago

    MDA!!! Every brand named PG has had career years under him! Raymond Felton Jeremy Lin James Harden Steve Nash Kobe had his best passing years under him. Melo had his best year under him. EG revitalized his career with Houston. I could go on and on but Westbrook in his prime and motivated to win? Finna be scary for the league

  • sc666666
    sc666666 5 days ago

    Another great home game. At least that grinin fool coach didn't have his water bottle after the game.

  • Tyler Rawlings
    Tyler Rawlings 5 days ago

    Great vid man

  • Mo Ellis
    Mo Ellis 5 days ago

    You guys need to kiss and make up..

  • Mo Ellis
    Mo Ellis 5 days ago

    Wat he do? Tell me please never mind not my business wow they are real life fussing

  • Axvis Is Trash
    Axvis Is Trash 5 days ago

    2015-2016 best dont @ me

  • Drogon
    Drogon 5 days ago


  • Uri Hamilton
    Uri Hamilton 5 days ago

    This how you know max be smoking that weed weed😭

  • James Bond 007
    James Bond 007 5 days ago

    SAS in his mind( if I talk as loud as I can I must be correct)

  • Braden Mayew
    Braden Mayew 5 days ago

    Designed play dumbass. Kendal briles has done this before

  • Matt Burke
    Matt Burke 5 days ago

    how many brawls have the yankees gotten into in MLB history excluding this year

  • Matt Burke
    Matt Burke 5 days ago

    any cubs in this video?

  • jules coulby
    jules coulby 5 days ago

    Fake but funny

  • James Barker
    James Barker 5 days ago

    I'm shocked TN didn't do this on Saturday too. At least FSU won.

  • M Diesel
    M Diesel 6 days ago

    When the bullpens come out, fight is over. Not that they're tough, but it may be protocol. But come on. When does the bullpen come out and actually fight besides the 86' mets? Baseball fights r pretty gay. Besides like 20. But many just people knowing they're going to get held back, and know they're getting attention and not have to fight

    • j g
      j g Day ago

      Bullpens aren't really coming out to fight. They're coming out to help separate players that are.

  • tntkop
    tntkop 6 days ago

    Your laugh!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 That made this video all the more funny!!! Great job!!!

    • Rahzel Mickens
      Rahzel Mickens 2 days ago

      Xx Eric xx that's him laughing not the owner of this account

  • Clippzz Plays
    Clippzz Plays 6 days ago

    Ryan Hollins is like flight

  • Damien CALLAGHAN
    Damien CALLAGHAN 6 days ago

    ALL the success she has had and she still acts like a CHILD Imagine what she would be like if she was ANNA KOURNIKOVA - Remember her? A "one to watch" who got to Number Eight in the World despite NEVER winning a Singles Title Because she won a few Doubles Titles with Monica Seles

  • Dumbass squid
    Dumbass squid 6 days ago

    "I can't make this shit up"

  • Janero Luchies
    Janero Luchies 6 days ago

    WhErEs ThE lAmB sAuCe🤬

  • Weldon Anderson
    Weldon Anderson 6 days ago

    It was done on purpose......

    • Josh Pickney
      Josh Pickney 6 days ago

      Weldon Anderson lmao nah fsu is that fucking bad lmao

    • SandwitchEater91
      SandwitchEater91 6 days ago

      Weldon Anderson still dumb af Worse y’all had to bust out Tom foolery just to beat ULM @ home. FSU finally playing like Tallahassee smells... like shit.

  • J D
    J D 6 days ago

    I thought the play itself was pretty funny...then I heard your laugh 😂 😂 sincerely, a shamed FSU fan

    • Rahzel Mickens
      Rahzel Mickens 2 days ago

      @Deters12 xx Eric xx

    • Deters12
      Deters12 5 days ago

      lol that’s not his laugh that meme is 10 years old

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