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We're Heading To D23 Expo!
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  • Евгений Солонский

    Видео нужно назвать сборище конченых людей

  • The Goat Trainer
    The Goat Trainer 2 minutes ago

    It’s sending shivers down my spine when I think: this time in a week I will know the end..

  • Jacek Janusz
    Jacek Janusz 4 minutes ago

    It is time to get away of all spots and possible spoilers till premiere 👌

  • Smoov Operata
    Smoov Operata 6 minutes ago

    Patience Willow

  • Aryaman Mehrotra
    Aryaman Mehrotra 7 minutes ago

    Yeah cause the force is female.

  • Mooneri
    Mooneri 10 minutes ago

    fokken fok, I can't wait for Disney+.

  • Meem Ain
    Meem Ain 11 minutes ago

    Let's be honest, Disney is gonna milk every last bit of drop out of this series.

  • T.C
    T.C 13 minutes ago

    “It’s time for her to learn her story” “Did you know the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”

  • yulewave1
    yulewave1 13 minutes ago

    lol just your typical horse riding during a space battle

  • CHERRY NGATAI maori girl kiwi NZL


  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 24 minutes ago

    It's time for you to pay $12.50 to watch our woke-trash of a movie.

  • Harrison Utoft
    Harrison Utoft 29 minutes ago

    I think there are going to be more someday...

  • bryan k.
    bryan k. 34 minutes ago

    I like this

  • Harrison Utoft
    Harrison Utoft 34 minutes ago

    Guys in all seriousness, these movies are like NONCANON without a doubt. Look a lot of you may like the sequels and that's fine because everyone has their own opinions but to me, my friends, and many others believe strongly that Disney has basically taken a black permanent marker and scribbled out everything that was good about star wars. Unless Disney ever sells it, (which some people may see as an impossibility because it gives them a whole bunch of money) then star wars can finally go back to being the way it used to be... AWESOME!

  • Aldrin Villadolid
    Aldrin Villadolid 34 minutes ago


  • Alex Freeman
    Alex Freeman 40 minutes ago

    I am reading all these hateful comments and they remind me of all the hate on the prequels, now people suddenly love the prequels, because they found the new scapegoat, the sequels. Seriously, nobody hates Star Wars as much as Star Wars fans.

  • MrMoustacheNinja
    MrMoustacheNinja 41 minute ago


  • Eric Wong
    Eric Wong 43 minutes ago

    2019:"the saga ends.." Disney:"new saga coming soon ..coz you're my cash cow.."

  • Jonty Crook
    Jonty Crook 44 minutes ago

    So she shoots lightning now so the leaks are true wow how did we get here 🤣?

  • Michael Lem
    Michael Lem 47 minutes ago

    "It is time..achiban astori..hahahaha"

  • Jakoob Swack
    Jakoob Swack 53 minutes ago

    0:08 is it just me or does that not look like Carrie Fisher....

  • YouTube Watcher With Pickle

    This ain't 3rd not all the crews on it

  • Lucas Lomas
    Lucas Lomas 56 minutes ago

    If everybody's aware of how bad the Disney movies are why all the likes for the trailer?

  • J Town
    J Town 56 minutes ago

    So stoked, but goddammit JJ Abtams... this trailer alone must have 4 lens flares. They really should have let Johnson finish it out. He's far and away the better director of the two, and set up way more story than Abrams did

  • Niqu
    Niqu 59 minutes ago

    Four Days!

  • bruh
    bruh Hour ago

    TV spot memes are getting old Bottom text

  • Alex Barron
    Alex Barron Hour ago

    The Chosen One Rises

  • statue76
    statue76 Hour ago

    When I saw Bill on Mandalorian, I got worries. Holy shite, Disney is going to continue to allow washed up actors to jump into Star Wars to be immortalized. "There can be only one". Look it up kids. Yes, the person whose comedy professed rationalism and truth, sold out after he got married. And now he is just another piglet at the feeding trough, hoping to live forever in Star Wars. Fack you Bill and Disney, your character reminded me of Johnny Knoxville's character in Men in Black 2. You abandoned your wisdom and knowledge about life and business , from your own father no less, to play a punk bit role in a poorly written show. Yea you were funny, yes you are rich and famous. Who the fack am I, no one. Well done champ, pandering is big money these days in LA, and you have supported the argument that no one is immune to the left power in Hollywood.

    MAT7OPS Hour ago

    This trailer will most likely make up for the dumpster fire this movie might be

  • Ashley D'Souza
    Ashley D'Souza Hour ago

    can we talk a minute to talk about the reharmonization of the main star wars theme at 1:27?????

    • MAT7OPS
      MAT7OPS Hour ago

      Ashley D'Souza the best part

  • Relaxing Nature
    Relaxing Nature Hour ago

    To maintain equality/ballance in the force ....The next tv spot better be called "HE"

  • Rockycdh23
    Rockycdh23 Hour ago

    I like the original one better

  • Kevin Boyles
    Kevin Boyles Hour ago

    Is “She” granddaughter of Old Palps because that’s what they are making it sound like in this teaser.

  • Relaxing Nature
    Relaxing Nature Hour ago

    Jedi poppins 2.0

  • The Gentlemen Hunter

    Sooooooo.... Did she just jump out into space?

  • Ensana
    Ensana Hour ago

    I’m starting to think they are making so many tv spots to mislead us......

  • SaladToss
    SaladToss Hour ago

    Unedited lightsaber duels look like a really bad LARP

  • Sir Squeaks A Lot

    This was a powerful scene that would have been a highlight in the movie and they DELETED IT?!

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher Hour ago

    dude, gaming on a jumbo tron!

  • Arjun Sharma
    Arjun Sharma Hour ago

    Have you heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?

  • Von45Rose
    Von45Rose Hour ago

    I have a hard time believing disney could do anything well wherever Star Wars is concerned

  • Shelby Rose
    Shelby Rose Hour ago

    Betting on the fact that she might be the daughter of a Sith or something

  • John Hopkins
    John Hopkins Hour ago

    Three members of Chewbacca's family. his father Itchy, his wife Malla, and his son Lumpy.

  • Emeron jos
    Emeron jos Hour ago

    Being palpatine's granddaughter she'll definitely get to hear the story of Darth plagues the wise

  • Mac A
    Mac A Hour ago

    The problem was that it was the dialogue. The word play is in the form of Shakespeare or British. Hayden does not have the accent for it. That’s why it sounds off for him. They should have adjusted his dialogue to his accent and would have more smoother. He was from tatooine and didn’t need have the same type of dialogue as the Jedi or the rest.

  • behind you
    behind you Hour ago

    The Mary Sue returns to destroy the white supremacist patriarchy, oh joy....

  • Dragon Rex
    Dragon Rex Hour ago

    Grandaughter Palpatine. Blah.

  • Pyt_Jayy
    Pyt_Jayy Hour ago

    Asokah deserves better🥺

  • Miguel Ayala
    Miguel Ayala Hour ago

    "I have to lose my hand because that's a sw thing?" Disney: yes

  • Kaleb Alvarado
    Kaleb Alvarado Hour ago

    0:04 The milenium Falcon is in fire.El alcon milenario esta en fuego

  • Aider Gonzales
    Aider Gonzales 2 hours ago

    0:45 sick voice

  • gravyakira
    gravyakira 2 hours ago

    Me: “After The Last Jedi debacle I just can’t get very excited about Episode 9” Duel of The Fates: watch this sh*t! Me: I love you Star Wars! (tickets bought)

  • Adrien Wright
    Adrien Wright 2 hours ago

    If they retcon that her parents aren’t important I’m going to be kinda disappointed :(

  • Hamirul Aizat
    Hamirul Aizat 2 hours ago

    2019: The Saga will End 2020: I have a bad feeling about this :A star wars Story. Please give me like..i love likes..or else i will go the high ground and cut all your limb who read this and dont give me likes.

  • BagelBramble
    BagelBramble 2 hours ago

    A lot of people are screaming praises about this scene But the script is pretty weird "squealed like a whoop hog", it's anti climactic and why would her troops believe a rebel traitor over their devoted captain?

  • magnuscamper
    magnuscamper 2 hours ago

    Another one of Kathleen Kennedy's watery diarrhea, everyone knows those likes are bought from china.

  • Dr. Emil Schauffhausen

    Are you kidding? "She"?!? Where's the "He" spot? Here's a better title for Rey's spot: "She Sucks".

  • zack mcnabb
    zack mcnabb 2 hours ago

    .... I’d rather binge watch the mandalorian then see this crapper.

  • Jace Wooten
    Jace Wooten 2 hours ago

    This looks and sounds so much better than the other Disney Star Wars

  • Sighphi
    Sighphi 2 hours ago

    Don't care, it's the last movie.

  • Gabe Sundberg
    Gabe Sundberg 2 hours ago

    Is anyone else bothered by 0:12 or just me? I keep wanting the shots to hit the beat.

  • Tor Knudsen
    Tor Knudsen 2 hours ago

    2019 The saga ends. 2020 The Rise of Skyrunnner. 2021 The siths reloaded. 2023 The deathstar reemerges. 2025 The ...........

  • trend trader
    trend trader 2 hours ago

    Her story ??? here we go lol

  • Posty Melon
    Posty Melon 2 hours ago

    Nice bit of eye poison Disney has given us

  • Xbox: Twixwy
    Xbox: Twixwy 2 hours ago

    Ya ví toda la película con puro trailer

  • Darken Sangdrax
    Darken Sangdrax 2 hours ago

    Its time she learns her story - she is a badly written Mary Sue.

  • Jamal Gleeson
    Jamal Gleeson 2 hours ago

    Looks like a great sequence, the setting looks like a hectic sort of Fury Road sort of chase and action. New technology for Stormtroopers (First Order) to mess around with is always great. Localized shields on smaller vehicles seems like a very nice addition. Our heros repeating “they fly now” happens in real life, someone will say something then other people repeat it, cool. This has potential to be a great sequence in a great fantasy/sci-fi action film. Can’t wait :)

  • CoolViking
    CoolViking 2 hours ago

    “It’s time that you learn her story” Thank God cuz after two movies I was beginning to wonder if she even had a story

  • Adam Rybar
    Adam Rybar 2 hours ago

    I have enough if those tv spots

  • Kyle Gilmore
    Kyle Gilmore 2 hours ago

    Star Wars: so how many tv spots are we getting? Disney: Yes

  • ah jah
    ah jah 2 hours ago

    This movie proves you dont need jedi or sith to make a good star wars movie

  • DJjaza 88
    DJjaza 88 2 hours ago

    It frustrates me that everyone looked at the leaks and are spoiling the movie

    • DJjaza 88
      DJjaza 88 Hour ago

      Ronald P. Yeah I’ll be trying too. I have heard a bit of the leaks but most of it I predicted anyway

    • Ronald P.
      Ronald P. Hour ago

      @DJjaza 88 don't get me wrong, I hope ALL the rumors and leaks are not true, cause I will go to see it, I just fear the worst, no offense to you & I don't know how much you heard but maybe you should avoid all Star Wars stuff for a few more days till you get to see it.

    • DJjaza 88
      DJjaza 88 2 hours ago

      Ronald P. Well I like TLJ so it’ll be interesting to see how I feel

    • Ronald P.
      Ronald P. 2 hours ago

      it frustrates me that the leaks seem to be true, this movie is going to worse than TLJ.

  • Sacred Sun
    Sacred Sun 2 hours ago

    With choices for child stars being those 3. No wonder Anakin was horribly cast.

  • vision
    vision 2 hours ago

    I cannot wait to see Palpatine again!!

  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton 2 hours ago

    Just look on ScreenVariety Tv if you'd like to watch live TV.

  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton 3 hours ago

    just look on ScreenVariety Tv if you'd like to watch it HD

  • kermit the banned
    kermit the banned 3 hours ago

    This is the way

  • Mellowtron
    Mellowtron 3 hours ago

    This looks alright. I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by the last few movies, they certainly weren’t terrible but they weren’t mind blowing pieces of art, other than the visuals which aren’t exactly the main focus of Star Wars. But I think this looks more interesting than the last few SW movies. We shall see

  • Brandon BAUCE
    Brandon BAUCE 3 hours ago

    0:10 she probably uses force push for the first time maybe

  • Elijah Natera
    Elijah Natera 3 hours ago

    Is that the Millenium Falcon at 0:05?


    Using the duel of fates track, even tho it is awesome, it is an insult to the REAL fans

  • nothing much here
    nothing much here 3 hours ago

    I'm surprised nobody dresses as Darth Revan

  • Herman M
    Herman M 3 hours ago

    2019: The Saga Will End 2020: Star Wars "One More Day"

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda 3 hours ago

    Plot twist At 1:20, if you look to the right of cp-3o, you will see a clone wars droid!

  • Kenobi Playz
    Kenobi Playz 3 hours ago


  • Kenobi Playz
    Kenobi Playz 3 hours ago


    GEEKy AVENGer 3 hours ago

    I never had watch the whole series, never.. Hardcore marvel fan, after watching this OMG,, where do I must start

  • Christopher Kapoun
    Christopher Kapoun 3 hours ago

    What a great way to end a great saga! Looking forward to it and all the great new adapations there is yet to come or just to binge it all over again!!! Really hyped! 😀

  • Abhijith Pradeep
    Abhijith Pradeep 3 hours ago

    Duel of fates! 😍

  • ProHuntGamingX
    ProHuntGamingX 3 hours ago

    "another one"

  • Kirito San
    Kirito San 3 hours ago

    I removed the audio for this trailer and put force awakens theme in it. IT WAS BADASS

  • Obvi
    Obvi 3 hours ago

    I get Rey being able to go out into space without any protection since there have always been ways Force users can protect themselves from the vacuum of space for awhile, but how on earth is Finn just standing there waiting for Rey, did JJ forget they are literally in outer space.

    WWG1WGA! USA 3 hours ago

    Fk Rian Johnson

  • Cybertron Warrior
    Cybertron Warrior 3 hours ago

    So when this happening

  • ironmatto3
    ironmatto3 3 hours ago


  • GarnetGaming
    GarnetGaming 3 hours ago

    I heard dual of the fates