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  • Irah๑ Officials

    Y is for You do. My name starts with a Y and ill certainly use this meme

  • D아일랜드의
    D아일랜드의 Month ago


  • Roeksana Vieira
    Roeksana Vieira Month ago

    2:01 which vlive is that?

    • Roeksana Vieira
      Roeksana Vieira Month ago

      @Lee's Smile Thank you😊

    • Lee's Smile
      Lee's Smile Month ago

      It is a vlive from July 12, 2018 there are two of them due to internet issues

  • Lumin Khwairakpam

    Now I can learn both Korea and English 😂😂😂😍😘💚💚💚🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • apple juice
    apple juice 2 months ago

    so cute that no one can dare to dislike it

  • Lei Calugdan
    Lei Calugdan 2 months ago


  • Peachmilk
    Peachmilk 3 months ago

    s could be for his 'sAengiL cHugA hAmnidAaaAoowoaAOoO'

  • gizha aliya
    gizha aliya 3 months ago

    0:00 song?? its nct song right? but i forgot the tittle

  • Alizée Bdl
    Alizée Bdl 3 months ago

    BigBang : - GD 💖 BTS : - Jimin (UB of UB) 😍😍 Day6 : - Young K 💖 EXO : - Kai 💖 GOT7 : - Bambam (UB) 💖 NCT : - Taeyong 💖 Pentagon : - Yuto 💖 Seventeen : - Vernon 💖 Shinee : - Taemin 💖 Stray kids : - Chan 💖 Super Junior : - Leeteuk 💖

  • pixel hope
    pixel hope 3 months ago

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Mine *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Bigbang - T.O.P & Jiyong Blackpink - Chaeyoung & Jennie BTS - Hoseok (Ultimate) Day6 - Dowoon & Younghyun Exid - Hyojin Exo - Junmyeon,Sehun & Chanyeol F(x) - Amber (Ultimate) Girls Generation - Hyoyeon Got7 - Mark & Jackson✧ Onewe - Cya & Dongmyeong✧ Nct - Jeno,Taeil,Johnny & Yuta Pentagon - Shinwon,Yuto & Wooseok Red Velvet - Irene SVT - Seungcheol & Jeonghan Shinee - Jonghyun (Ultimate) SKZ - Chan,Changbin✧ & Felix SuperJunior - Eunhyuk & Donghae Twice - Chaeyoung✧ & Sana (Ultimate) UNB - Marco & Feeldog Uni.T - I dont have a Bias Up10tion - Bitto✧,Jinhoo & Sunyoul

  • Julia Johansson
    Julia Johansson 3 months ago

    Big Bang - T.O.P Blackpink - Lisa BTS - Suga & J-hope DAY6 - Wonpil & Dowoon EXID - Hani EXO - Xiumin F(x) - Victoria & Amber Girl's Generation - Yoona GOT7 - Mark & Youngjae Onewe - :/ NCT 127 - Haechan (ULT) & Taeil NCT Dream - Haechan (ULT) & Jaemin NCT U - Ten Pentagon - Jinho (ULT) & Wooseok Red Velvet - Joy Seventeen - Woozi (ULT) Shinee - Jonghyun (ULT) & Key Stray Kids - Changbin (ULT of ULTS) Super Junior - Heechul & Donghae Twice - Chaeyoung UNB - Euijin UNI.T - :/ UP10TION - Wooshin & Sunyoul WayV - Ten I just wanted to tell you that I love you for stanning all my ults <3. (Yes i have a lot of them) And also wanted to tell you that my female ULT of ULTS is Hwasa from Mamamoo <<3

  • Chwexu
    Chwexu 3 months ago

    bigbang ; g-dragon blackpink ; jisoo 🍒 bts ; taehyung day6 ; young k exid ; hani exo ; xiumin f(x) ; luna 🍒 girls' generation ; sunny got7 ; jb onewe ; kanghyun nct ; winwin, hendery, yuta pentagon ; yeo one red velvet ; irene seventeen ; hoshi shinee ; taemin stray kids ; jisung super junior ; leeteuk twice ; nayeon unb ; hansol 🍒 uni.t ; zn up10tion ; sunyoul

  • lesbian for goddes Wheein

    Big Bang - Daesung Blackpink - Jisoo 🌹 BTS - Jimin 🌹 DAY6 - Jae (ult) EXID - Hyerin 🌹 & Hani (ults) EXO - Xiumin f(x) - Amber Girls' Generation - Taeyeon GOT7 - Jackson 🌹 Onewe - CyA NCT 127 - Haechan (ult of ults) 🌹 NCT Dream - Jisung NCT U - Jungwoo Pentagon - Hui Red Velvet - Seulgi (ult) 🌹 Seventeen - Hoshi Shinee - Key Stray Kids - Seungmin Super Junior - Heechul Twice - Jeongyeon & Chaeyoung 🌹 UNB - Chan Uni.T - Yoonjoo UP10TION - Sunyoul & Wooshin WayV - Kun

  • Bangchany
    Bangchany 4 months ago

    Mine💕 Bigbang : Daesung Blackpink : Rosé BTS : Hoseok DAY6 : Sungjin 💙 EXID : LE EXO : Chen F(x) : Victoria Girls Generation : Sunny NCT 127 : Johnny NCT Dream : Jisung NCT U : Lucas Red Velvet : Seulgi 💙 Stray Kids : Chan (ult male bias) & Changbin (one of my ult) 💙 Twice : Mina WayV : Xiaojun And my ult of ult is Mimi from Oh My Girl

  • Mahjabeen G
    Mahjabeen G 4 months ago

    i love this

  • Baek Chiminie
    Baek Chiminie 4 months ago


  • Tanya Krotowa
    Tanya Krotowa 4 months ago

    The part with Jaehyun hahah.

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 7 months ago


  • Taegi is the *FINEST*
    Taegi is the *FINEST* 7 months ago

    I already know what's for letter M...Of course it's MARK....

  • Aisha Haq
    Aisha Haq 8 months ago

    I thought H would be for 'HI, HELLO'

  • Kimchi Cat
    Kimchi Cat 8 months ago

    Baby haechan singing Baby is SO CUTE

  • hxl0isxx
    hxl0isxx 8 months ago

    I : I wanna be a billionaire

  • Tritiya Asri
    Tritiya Asri 10 months ago

    Quality content (y)

  • N is my CITY
    N is my CITY 10 months ago

    Wow i love this video and one of reasons that i have, there is no dislike

  • - dolce copitoes.-
    - dolce copitoes.- 10 months ago

    Atte; mAMAAAA SE HABLAR EN INGLÉS , (tradu; mAMAAAAA , I’m speaking English AHHHHahhh , sorry xd

  • - dolce copitoes.-
    - dolce copitoes.- 10 months ago

    2:51 what song is this? , sorry is that I do not know.. :,v

  • dew
    dew 10 months ago


  • What is sleep when you can watch Markhyuck' video

    *B is for Haechan* _If you know what I mean_ 😏

  • pqfoft
    pqfoft 10 months ago

    H could be "Haelo my name is Haechan"

  • Dongsookie💕
    Dongsookie💕 10 months ago

    Of course M is for Marqkk💖

  • razitafana
    razitafana 10 months ago

    1:26 where is this from ? Please help me 😅😅

  • 코네디언 KO-CA
    코네디언 KO-CA 11 months ago

    0:39 as a Canadian I’m offended


    Please make more! I beg you!

  • Clarice
    Clarice Year ago

    Haechan is so lovely omgg

  • Ale Romero Vazquez

    What is the name of the song in the begining?

  • Vibe Shakers
    Vibe Shakers Year ago

    I think T is for TY Track

  • doyoung's bunny ears

    I thought a would be ANNYEONGHASEYOOO

  • junguwu
    junguwu Year ago

    A is for aNnYeOnGHaSeYoO~

  • Dancing Vocal King Haechan

    Lmao Haechan is so iconic hahaha I can’t believe you found him saying so many English words 😄

    • Lee's Smile
      Lee's Smile Year ago

      Yes he is. It took me a good solid month to find all the moments. It was so hard.

  • Flora Icarus
    Flora Icarus Year ago

    1:40 Omg from where is this😂

    • Lee's Smile
      Lee's Smile Year ago

      It's a video called NCT 127 teaches Korean slang it's on Vanity Fair's RUclip channel

  • schonhate
    schonhate Year ago


  • Abigail Yepa
    Abigail Yepa Year ago

    2:29 he's so adorable i don't know what to do

  • bless me Achoo
    bless me Achoo Year ago


  • bless me Achoo
    bless me Achoo Year ago

    I KNEW IT WAS CANADA!!!!! But the B got me shookt

  • seokjinsarmpit
    seokjinsarmpit Year ago

    He is actually a cutie

  • xxdoby
    xxdoby Year ago

    M always stand for Mark Hyung.

    • Kimchi Cat
      Kimchi Cat 5 months ago


    • Kimchi Cat
      Kimchi Cat 5 months ago


    • Kimchi Cat
      Kimchi Cat 5 months ago

      @Donghyuck Lee SHIT U FOUND ME HERE???

    • Kimchi Cat
      Kimchi Cat 5 months ago

      @QianaLikesKpop xX ....what do you know?

    • QianaLikesKpop xX
      QianaLikesKpop xX 5 months ago

      Kimchi Cat I know your sins.

  • Audrey Irwan
    Audrey Irwan Year ago

    bAbY bAbY bAbY oOoOoOh

  • 9 minus 2 equals 0

    Song used please????

  • Dean err
    Dean err Year ago


  • Jasmine Taylor
    Jasmine Taylor Year ago

    H should have been for "Hello guys it's Haechan".

  • aestheticxmuse
    aestheticxmuse Year ago

    B is actually for Billionaire but okay :)

    • aestheticxmuse
      aestheticxmuse Year ago

      HAHAHA ITS COOL TOO HAHAHA NO WORRIES BUT because recently, you know

    • Lee's Smile
      Lee's Smile Year ago

      You're right

  • Eva Basch
    Eva Basch Year ago

    He's so cute I can't even speak properly rn Thanks for the video, it's made with quality​ he deserves

  • kpop lover
    kpop lover Year ago

    What is the intro song ?

  • Amanda Rivera
    Amanda Rivera Year ago

    When Haechan turned into Elmo💕

  • MAKK 00
    MAKK 00 Year ago

    Jeno at 0.29

  • Jenohasjems
    Jenohasjems Year ago

    Thank you. I needed that. ♥

  • cupidhee
    cupidhee Year ago

    u made my day

  • it's byuna
    it's byuna Year ago

    Song of intro please?

    • it's byuna
      it's byuna Year ago

      Lee's Smile thank you so much🙏❤

    • Lee's Smile
      Lee's Smile Year ago

      "Trigger the Fever" by NCT dream

  • olivia
    olivia Year ago

    The best video ever or the best video ever ♡

  • Sugar Baepsae
    Sugar Baepsae Year ago

    Giiirrrrlllll Heachan is such a loveable person i'm so in love with him even though i'm 2 years older than him 💘 i just can't 😭

    • Iffah Khan
      Iffah Khan Year ago

      I'm 5 years younger than him😭😭...but I too love him😙😙....

    • Mark Lee's Eyebrows
      Mark Lee's Eyebrows Year ago

      I'm 2 years younger than him lmao I'm not even complaining XD

    • Hairul2fab
      Hairul2fab Year ago

      Same girl same

    • Lee's Smile
      Lee's Smile Year ago

      I know right. I am a year younger than him but I still love him so much.

  • 팔랠래울랠래

    Title is so cuteㅠㅠ

  • 김 Ela _sajakul

    I Love him 😭💛

  • Dismaler Xuỵch

    I laughed the whole vid

  • Dismaler Xuỵch


  • kenken chicken
    kenken chicken Year ago

    1:55 he's so qt do you want me to cry?

  • brooke
    brooke Year ago

    I thought H is for *HERE IS KOREA MAN*

  • belle
    belle Year ago


  • seasonedgrass
    seasonedgrass Year ago

    0:41 doyoung is really strong :O

  • Reza Natasha
    Reza Natasha Year ago


  • Jeno's Jams
    Jeno's Jams Year ago

    Like he was always cute, but can we all agree that Haechan had the best glow up in the whole kpop industry

  • Kaylani
    Kaylani Year ago

    Love this

  • Lestine Kate Sarillana


  • Regular huh
    Regular huh Year ago

    1:20 n-shitty ... Sawry 😂

  • Riana And Interests

    1:44 This is so relatable 😂😂😂

  • brooke
    brooke Year ago

    0:35 *DIED*

  • adele #
    adele # Year ago

    What is the intro song ?

  • Mrs. Blueeye
    Mrs. Blueeye Year ago

    2:22 did he say ,Guten Tag'? I'm german and sorry for my bad english.

    • Regular huh
      Regular huh Year ago

      Hat sich echt so angehört 😂

    • xsx7xsx
      xsx7xsx Year ago

      Emma Winter ja👍

    • Mrs. Blueeye
      Mrs. Blueeye Year ago

      Sophie Potter Wäre ja cool gewesen XD

    • xsx7xsx
      xsx7xsx Year ago

      Emma Winter Hab ich mich auch gefragt xD

    • Lee's Smile
      Lee's Smile Year ago

      Emma Winter No he was saying good by in Thai I believe

  • Cam
    Cam 2 years ago

    Where is 2:08 from?

    • humble boi
      humble boi 2 years ago

      Nct lifeu

    • Lily Yap
      Lily Yap 2 years ago

      It's NCT Life in Chiang Mai, ep 2 if I'm not mistaken

  • Jawline Squad
    Jawline Squad 2 years ago

    1:51 this part is memorable for every NCTZen!!! yes or yes??

    • Chell Ra
      Chell Ra 11 months ago

      YES OR YES

    • Jawline Squad
      Jawline Squad 2 years ago

      dejligmussen1234 actually i'm not exactly remember which episode it is... but it is from NCT Life in Seoul... you can search on youtube from Art of the king channel and Shbup channel 😁 1st season is NCT Life in bangkok 2nd ssn is NCTLi Seoul 3rd ssn is NCTLi Paju 4th ssn is NCTL K food challange 5th ssn is NCTL entertainment retreat 6th ssn is NCTLi Chiangmai and 7th ssn or latest ssn is NCTLi Osaka #correctmeifi'mwrong

    • Olivia Rindom
      Olivia Rindom 2 years ago

      Jawline Squad -my sims look like TY- everywhere I find it it's so confusing cause all the time when I think I've found THE first episode then I haven't and it's confusing and frustrating to me 😅😅🤧

    • Olivia Rindom
      Olivia Rindom 2 years ago

      Jawline Squad -my sims look like TY- omfg 😂😂 do you know where I can watch this? Plus the NCT life in general?...

    • Jawline Squad
      Jawline Squad 2 years ago

      dejligmussen1234 kun and doyoung 😁

  • Suwi
    Suwi 2 years ago

    The intro got me shook, just thought I was over summer 127

  • vivianna nguyen
    vivianna nguyen 2 years ago