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Fun With Audio - Strings
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  • Waldo 254
    Waldo 254 4 hours ago

    ya know, ive never even watched one of these for a movie that i actually didnt like

  • XOreokoekje 007
    XOreokoekje 007 4 hours ago

    I know a sin at 3:15 how do they get food in there trash if thet eat trash

  • Ed A
    Ed A 4 hours ago

    Make a video on it 2

  • The Crimson Fucker
    The Crimson Fucker 4 hours ago

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this NOTHING LOL

  • FroZen Oak
    FroZen Oak 4 hours ago


  • Mammoth Supremacy 55

    Can you do the original theatrical versions? They're on DVD, they were released in 2006 as limited editions.

  • skarnak1
    skarnak1 4 hours ago

    EVERYTHING is wrong with 2019 Pet Sematary

  • heated chaos
    heated chaos 4 hours ago

    I'm 15 and if I got teleportation powers the 1st thing I'm doing is robbing a bank

  • Mammoth Supremacy 55

    did you do Alien3?

  • Karyn
    Karyn 4 hours ago

    0:28 damn, I forgot how casually creepy Jeremy used to be.

  • camden svec
    camden svec 4 hours ago

    don’t you DARE disrespect walle like that

  • lászló kosztics

    why do you need to make a video of this....... thing?! the whole movie is a sin!

  • sumerbc
    sumerbc 4 hours ago

    Why do you have to destroy every movie I like??? ha

  • Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot 4 hours ago

    This is the best Batman movie, so clearly you are wrong. Good day sir.

  • hi hi
    hi hi 4 hours ago

    The dresses were gorgeous though. And the slippers. I'd wear them if they wouldn't cut my feet the second I stand up on them.

  • Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot 4 hours ago

    Are you fucking kidding me? All these sins, and NONE for the main problem, that Hush wasn't Tommy Elliot? Also after like 10 years maybe you should have realized that all the New 52 based DC movies are taking place in the same continuity. You reviewed them all...

  • FroZen Oak
    FroZen Oak 4 hours ago

    Erw lorax makes the music feel worse than veggie tales Erw catcf makes the music feel worse than lorax

  • Sultan Saint
    Sultan Saint 4 hours ago

    Oh its a DC movie ? Let me give it more sin than it actually deserves. Fucking dickhead

    DRAKE DICKEY 4 hours ago

    Don’t say that about the cubs

  • Very Rancid
    Very Rancid 5 hours ago

    man, i just love this channel

  • baked beans
    baked beans 5 hours ago

    Don't come after my boy Hedwig like that

  • Diego Michael Sanscartier

    Lol 666 k views

  • Ina Poga
    Ina Poga 5 hours ago

    In the first movie, when Mavis and Johnny were on the top of the roof the roof broke and Johnny fell...AND NOW EVERY SINGLE F*CKING MONSTER WAS ON THE ROOF INCLUDING BOB AND NOTHING HAPPENED????

  • Joshua Cannon
    Joshua Cannon 5 hours ago

    A flag isn’t racist. Jesus fuck.

  • Ari Hadad
    Ari Hadad 5 hours ago

    Fuck Rose.

  • Charles Willy
    Charles Willy 5 hours ago

    why do hate logos?

  • Cameron Kobe
    Cameron Kobe 5 hours ago


  • Rafael Music
    Rafael Music 5 hours ago

    Master Roshi is 300 years old

  • Lady Onikara
    Lady Onikara 5 hours ago

    I;m not sure if I mentioned this before, but was this too long after the O.J. Simpson police chase for people to notice the reference? When the knights were chasing a "white Bronco".

  • Dead_opsGx x
    Dead_opsGx x 5 hours ago

    5:34 When you stubb your toe (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

  • Torpedo Marsh
    Torpedo Marsh 5 hours ago

    If only RUclip had Like buttons for time stamps, like 4:43 for instance... I’d hit it right now.

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper 5 hours ago

    Addams Family Values has a lot more wit when it comes to it’s jokes and is a bit more iconic in my opinion.

  • Warre Jacobs
    Warre Jacobs 5 hours ago

    Don't toucj shrek

  • Derek Shark
    Derek Shark 5 hours ago

    Lion King 2019?? @ Cinemasins

  • savagex samura 38heart

    Can we just say he roasted the fish so hard they should be food for the bears

  • Hyrule Citzen
    Hyrule Citzen 5 hours ago

    I can actually counter attack you CinemaSins it's called SCRIPT ok? Technogoly for the glitches, Script for silly Sins

  • Samuel Pevey
    Samuel Pevey 5 hours ago

    It might be far far away but not in the new Galaxy a

  • Caspar Wenck
    Caspar Wenck 5 hours ago

    It's called Skippy the kangaroo thank you very much, and don't you dare talk shit about Skippy. 5:24

  • Trojan Trees
    Trojan Trees 5 hours ago

    10:52 I think you can get into a bit of trouble for Googling "Predator with a kid in the suburbs". But let me know if it's mostly Chris Hansen clips. 😂

  • Rdt Channel
    Rdt Channel 5 hours ago


  • AnnaLisa Hall
    AnnaLisa Hall 5 hours ago

    YOU SHOULD DO 'Everything wrong with Howard the duck' Love your channel btw 🤎🤎🤎🤎

  • Frank Sinatra
    Frank Sinatra 5 hours ago

    Yup still bullshit

  • EggReviewer
    EggReviewer 5 hours ago

    4:04 There is actually 2 clocks, because there is actually an Aft Grand Staircase.

  • lukomoon
    lukomoon 5 hours ago

    What's wrong. Is it was made that a woman? Could do ANY, of this lol a feminist to boot

  • explosiveexcitement5

    5 bucks that in the sequel the puppet master is revealed to be Ben

  • Josh Workman
    Josh Workman 5 hours ago

    NUCLEAR SKIP I died upon hearing that

  • Tom R.
    Tom R. 5 hours ago

    take all sins away for anne hathaway doing i dreamed a dream in one take.

  • John Macleod
    John Macleod 5 hours ago

    how is england not specific enough when being asked were ur from

  • Sovietwolf679 Comrade

    Force awakens is like a different movie

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K 5 hours ago

    So did McDonald's.

  • carver Augustus
    carver Augustus 5 hours ago

    Zatanna would own a book like that. Positive one exists in her house, Shadowcrest

  • A
    A 5 hours ago

    So true about Nightwing being a discount Robin but he’s more discount Batman. Also Catwoman does not have any powers so she’d never survive that drop.

  • Josh Geoffrion
    Josh Geoffrion 5 hours ago

    8:39 Shortest Sin in the movie

  • Weam Haleemi
    Weam Haleemi 5 hours ago

    this movie sucks ass and it took oscars. give me a break

  • Seveyna Garrix
    Seveyna Garrix 5 hours ago

    8:46 Martin garrixing

  • Seveyna Garrix
    Seveyna Garrix 5 hours ago

    Everything wrong with Aladdin please

  • Primal Mason
    Primal Mason 5 hours ago

    This all happened to Barbra in the comic killing joke

  • Silver Shamrock
    Silver Shamrock 5 hours ago

    Daughters name is El-lie, and Stephen King is Jewish.

  • spookay crafter
    spookay crafter 5 hours ago

    There is a fear and age that scares people...

  • MorgaineRiddlePrince

    The nyc cab drivers will go where london cabs wont. See Sherlock with pigsblood

  • SoulTechnology
    SoulTechnology 5 hours ago

    still gives sin for a 'roll credits' even thought they did 'roll credits'

  • Brian Gichari
    Brian Gichari 5 hours ago


  • Comments only
    Comments only 5 hours ago

    Can you sin the new Child's Play?

  • Harry J Bingham
    Harry J Bingham 5 hours ago

    A Bugs Life = Three Amigos

  • Amzy Yzma
    Amzy Yzma 6 hours ago

    And what do you do when you found a weed? SMOKE IT???

  • Kermit Keith
    Kermit Keith 6 hours ago

    OOGA BOOGA ME NO LIKE NEW LUCASFILM MOVIES DESPITE THE FACT THIS IS EXACTLY HOW PEOPLE REACTED WHEN THE PREQUELS FIRST RELEASED! (also TLJ will always better than episode 2 and nothing you can do to change my mind. Use your aggressive feelings in the comments boy!)

    • Kermit Keith
      Kermit Keith 5 hours ago

      Note: I love the prequels but they in my opinion have more noticeable flaws than the sequels. But not even I like rose and I will always defend the sequels. I had to defend the prequels and I will do it again!

  • MyUsersDark
    MyUsersDark 6 hours ago

    Basicaly this entire movie was just a chase scene.

  • Micheal Watts
    Micheal Watts 6 hours ago

    You gave up on the modern star wars during the fuel scene? I gave up on it when Rey is some how adapted to her force abilities super quick when she had no known prior training.. I would have even accepted flash backs to a time when she was young and like... meeting the ghost of yoda in a cube made of bees floating in outer space. YES I would have accepted that over the bullshit magical powers.

  • George Emil
    George Emil 6 hours ago

    I wonder what kind of movie would be produced if all the screen writers, directors and editors consulted with Everything Wrong With before making their film? A perfect movie?

  • Isaac Patente
    Isaac Patente 6 hours ago

    Jupiter Ascending is a Warner Bros. movie, not a Sony movie. 😂🔫

  • dark passenger
    dark passenger 6 hours ago

    What does the ex machina reference means its in almost every cinema sins video And yes i did saw ex machina multiple times I cant get it i need help...

  • FruUtter
    FruUtter 6 hours ago

    oh dear god I LOVE YOU XD

  • Luke Mchugh
    Luke Mchugh 6 hours ago

    5:19 America XD

  • Kirk Watson
    Kirk Watson 6 hours ago

    Hate this crap cinema sins arsehole comments

  • Wilo Polis
    Wilo Polis 6 hours ago

    There were like 10 people in the theater for this one. Laika deserves so much more.

  • Talsm0
    Talsm0 6 hours ago

    So it’s fortnite but in real life

  • Plasma xander
    Plasma xander 6 hours ago

    FBI must have been suspicous when cinema sins searched "cocaine price"

  • Kainable87
    Kainable87 6 hours ago

    Be careful... one of the greatest movies ever made... 1975, golden age of great cinema. A tiger shark’s digestive system takes a very long time to work. 62-84 hours for complete digestion. A tiger shark also swims at a cruseing speed of 2.4 mph.

  • 75 aces
    75 aces 6 hours ago

    11:02 Yeah this summed it up for me, more or less. I saw the movie when it came out, but could never get into it. Jon Polito and Michael Wincott were inspired casting choices, but the script doesn't give the villains anything interesting to do. Just a bunch of revenge and arson sequences, but without a clever or creative setup, there's no payoff.

  • PhotoGeorge
    PhotoGeorge 6 hours ago

    Jeremy, from 4:31 to 4:45 is NOT funny but just wrong. Most touching scene in the movie and you savage it like that? Sometimes you get a bit crass but this is too much.

  • Jullian Johnson
    Jullian Johnson 6 hours ago


  • Bonnie Boss
    Bonnie Boss 6 hours ago

    2:09 cinema sins: where did he get that lollipop Me: from his butt

  • Harvey Yang
    Harvey Yang 6 hours ago

    Wait, wait, wait, wait.. Isn’t the first person Harry saw die, her mother? And NOT Cedric Diggory? So that means Harry could see the Threstals the first time, and not after Cedric Diggory died.

  • Jonath Hanna
    Jonath Hanna 6 hours ago

    Jesse from breaking bad Holly from the office They could have done a better colab

    HECTOR MEJIA 6 hours ago

    Cinemasins: when it comes to monster movies this is the stupidest of the stupid Me: Well, when it comes to critics, your the dumbest of the dumb

  • Lady Onikara
    Lady Onikara 6 hours ago

    Still sucks that I was born in California, still here, and haven't visited Alcatraz yet.

  • Relics
    Relics 6 hours ago

    What was that ending lmfao

  • Jade Bricault
    Jade Bricault 6 hours ago

    Sign the petition if you want a remake!

  • YoungWes 245
    YoungWes 245 6 hours ago

    Dude sins for not knowing what a cairn is yes I’m a birdman fan

  • Riana Gamer
    Riana Gamer 6 hours ago

    I don't get it are even saying but say it your opinion because I like it what it is and some words of what you say is ok and no ok To my opinion it feel like you are just trying to make this movie and other movie no fun at all and you keep saying and never stop, just in your at the first start this is your opinion ok dude.

  • Devin Harbert
    Devin Harbert 6 hours ago

    No guns thing is stupid , is that how they did that for alien 3.

  • mrestoriez
    mrestoriez 6 hours ago

    The Scopes Trial was staged.

  • ArcanaFox
    ArcanaFox 6 hours ago

    Anyone catch when he called him Goatface?

  • Gaara Of The Sand
    Gaara Of The Sand 6 hours ago

    Why does Roshi have hair, also why does he still have his hair melanin? Roshi is around 300 years old, he isn’t bald AND he still had his hair color.

  • The Amazing gamer
    The Amazing gamer 6 hours ago

    We not gonna talk about how gru was able to go faster than missiles to dodge them and blow up vector's front door?

  • Dick Dastardly
    Dick Dastardly 6 hours ago

    Marissa Tomei is still super hot in this movie..

  • Devin Harbert
    Devin Harbert 6 hours ago

    The only actors I like in this is Tim curry, Tim Robbins , and the kid actors, including Seth green, and Emily Perkins.

  • Mekhi Fox Loud
    Mekhi Fox Loud 6 hours ago

    CS: Taylor Swift Me: Uhh did I miss something there?

  • Devin Harbert
    Devin Harbert 6 hours ago

    In a cameo.

  • Alexis Ireland
    Alexis Ireland 6 hours ago