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Extreme Mama’s Boy
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The Trouble with Taylor
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Pick Your Battles
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Create A Path To Success
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Deal With The Truth
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  • Tommy Chestnut
    Tommy Chestnut 3 hours ago

    That’s my sister downloading the Podcasts😂😂

  • Hominini
    Hominini 3 hours ago

    Adorable. Wish I could be like her at 83.

  • Cody le
    Cody le 3 hours ago

    Let’s just get to the point she’s a hoe.😭

  • Emma Rehak
    Emma Rehak 3 hours ago

    She’s literally a normal teenager.

  • i2Shea
    i2Shea 3 hours ago

    Dude definitely murdered multiple people.

  • BloonsTD
    BloonsTD 3 hours ago

    I represent the white people, and we say, we have enough kids like this already. However, we offer this “thing” to the Mexicans. We believe that he will be disciplined accordingly.

  • Lonna Martinez
    Lonna Martinez 3 hours ago

    This kid just laughs.... lord help the future.

  • 1853 pimp
    1853 pimp 3 hours ago

    And y'all thought the internet was the best thing to happen to us.. haaaa

  • marisol altamirano
    marisol altamirano 3 hours ago

    her family wants her to be some bad kid so bad when she’s actual not ive seen worst

  • Its Calamari
    Its Calamari 3 hours ago

    0:28 shes a psychopath she has jeans on and shes dipping her feet in the pool

  • Codeine
    Codeine 3 hours ago

    Aye but shiiii ill still hit that Edit: lmao

    •MAJESTIC• 3 hours ago

    *Kid says a sentence* Me: *Thinks of Mushmouth from Fat Albert*

  • Shelly Bee
    Shelly Bee 3 hours ago

    I think that we need to hear from Todd’s secret boyfriend for the REAL scoop.

  • Tickle Dad
    Tickle Dad 3 hours ago


  • Jazzy Meh
    Jazzy Meh 3 hours ago

    It’s going to be hard for her , you have family that didn’t care about you..but its not too late to apologize, we need our parents everyday .

  • Ella Spelta
    Ella Spelta 3 hours ago

    “A Brazilian butt lift” *WHAT* that poor grandpa

  • Crunchy Beatsia
    Crunchy Beatsia 3 hours ago

    Which season and episode is this?

  • Zoe Shtt
    Zoe Shtt 3 hours ago

    I’m so over these catch me outside wannabe’s sidenote she can hmu in 3 yrs when she’s legal all I’m gone say👀🤫

  • Ana Gonzalez
    Ana Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    vibe check ya partner, or just send them to the ranch

  • Mik3Y
    Mik3Y 3 hours ago

    What’s her @ tryna see sum

  • Claire Bazler
    Claire Bazler 3 hours ago


  • Zoe Shtt
    Zoe Shtt 4 hours ago


  • 1853 pimp
    1853 pimp 4 hours ago

    I'm disgusted.

  • Maree Perth Web
    Maree Perth Web 4 hours ago

    Notice that he shakes his head in the no gesture while he's saying he wants them back that was the first thing that struck me from the beginning

  • TMM Productions
    TMM Productions 4 hours ago

    If I’m being actually honest this is what teenagers do

  • Badbishamals _
    Badbishamals _ 4 hours ago

    This woman begs to be on tv LMAOOOOOOO

  • bella657
    bella657 4 hours ago

    I know these doctors hate to see these people coming for help.

  • With LOVVVE
    With LOVVVE 4 hours ago

    I don’t think Kayla dislikes her sister... she’s trying to hold her accountable but the con artist makes her look like she’s just in her business... I BELIEVE YOU KAYLA

  • Nemo Da Jkat
    Nemo Da Jkat 4 hours ago

    Dr phil gives all these people a boost lol give me a boost Dr Phil! My life is full of drama too 😂 my family drama is like a novella with 2 key family members dead and all and just over 1,000,000$ in the mix..sibling beef is no joke

  • bella657
    bella657 4 hours ago

    She’s fat why was she worrying about butt injections???! Maaaan she could’ve went to the gym and did squats!!!

  • Áñgëł Ędįtš
    Áñgëł Ędįtš 4 hours ago

    Her mom must be Karen

  • Stephy Smith
    Stephy Smith 4 hours ago

    I hate this mom

  • Harnoor Singh
    Harnoor Singh 4 hours ago

    The kid can die

  • Grouchy Gurl
    Grouchy Gurl 4 hours ago

    First it was noses, faces & breasts, now its butts, eyelashes and brows...fads that come and go! Beauty is subjective . Its not worth risking your life! 😢

  • Ayliyla Vizcarra
    Ayliyla Vizcarra 4 hours ago

    Bet karen wishes she didn't take them kids thou🤣😂

  • Iridescent Pink
    Iridescent Pink 4 hours ago

    "Well that was Karen" Of course her name is Karen 😂😂😂😂

  • Ayliyla Vizcarra
    Ayliyla Vizcarra 4 hours ago

    Bet Karen wishes she didn't take them kids thou

  • nya'schannel
    nya'schannel 4 hours ago

    she looks like maddie ziegler from dance moms

  • Mohamnad Zaitter
    Mohamnad Zaitter 4 hours ago

    This kid is a *****

  • Alexandro _btw
    Alexandro _btw 4 hours ago

    Where can i get her number

  • Ayliyla Vizcarra
    Ayliyla Vizcarra 4 hours ago

    Noone: Eastcost parents:IM COMING FOR YOU TO Ha and y'all thought Hispanics were bad

  • Cameron Palalangi
    Cameron Palalangi 4 hours ago

    Ffs whos the parent ? Like no disrespect to any of them but for real these parents have no clue. I just tell my kids straight up and down how its gonna be and if they dont like it tough.

  • Jennifer W
    Jennifer W 4 hours ago

    HUGE PARENTING FLAW... Giving in because its easier than saying no and dealing with the backlash. C'mon... The "backlash" is coming from a CHILD. If you can't handle that, why are you even mothering a child!? It's not supposed to be easy...

  • happy ride
    happy ride 4 hours ago

    16???ya and I'm 30 lmfao

  • Kenneth Norman
    Kenneth Norman 4 hours ago

    my heart goes out to these families. it breaks my heart to know that there is this desire to be beautiful at any cost when in fact every human being is beautiful. and that is of no cost and no family should have to bury a loved one because of this risky procedures. thank you for doing this show to show awareness that people need to be smart

  • Cheryl
    Cheryl 4 hours ago


  • Jama Jama
    Jama Jama 4 hours ago

    They are trolling so hard

  • Desiree Rivera
    Desiree Rivera 4 hours ago

    “My friends were getting it, celebrities were getting it.” THEY WERE GETTING THE REAL THING, NOT BLACK MARKET She literally chose this

  • KmineGaming
    KmineGaming 4 hours ago

    Why everyone defending the daughter? Maybe if she behaved then none of this would have happened. Don't take it hard on the mum :/

  • Carl Lim
    Carl Lim 4 hours ago

    This gangster is such a gentlemen actually.

  • Natalie Mira
    Natalie Mira 4 hours ago

    Well she wouldn’t give up her phone ,,, possible drug deals ?

  • Dino
    Dino 4 hours ago

    This is what happens when a man-child marries someone with no self-esteem.

  • Abby Moreno
    Abby Moreno 4 hours ago

    2:39 He is like : wtf

  • Lithium Carbonate
    Lithium Carbonate 4 hours ago

    I live in Pakistan and my father throw acid to my sister and he is not found guilty by law. Her name is Maede Muhammad.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 4 hours ago

    Nobody uses apple

  • Rrezarta Meti
    Rrezarta Meti 4 hours ago

    Damn that guy has a very punchable face I swear 🤣🤣🤣

  • JonniesMusica
    JonniesMusica 4 hours ago

    public humiliation, great psychologist.

  • Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    I'm a bigfoot, so probably not too fun to live with

  • Alex
    Alex 4 hours ago

    $1000 a month? that is actually ridiculous. I sympathize for the mother though because she is a single mom and it is always a challenge to be a single mom and work enough to support the household. I guess at some point she had to prioritize putting food on the table over teaching her children manners and proper values, and then she got stuck with an entitled brat. She obviously has to be more strict with her child, working 120 hours a week is ridiculous, thats a little over 16 hours a day, leaving less than 8 hours for transportation, dinner/breakfast, relaxing, and sleep. That is an unhealthy habit solely for the purpose of supporting the reckless habits of a spoiled teenager/

  • Not that funny
    Not that funny 4 hours ago

    another clear example of why homosexuality is wrong

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 4 hours ago

    Embarrassing. 😂😂😂 This is a normal little kid behavior. Dude was still trick or treating on Halloween too? He get rid of his racecar bed too? 😂

    BIG RAY 4 hours ago

    he pumpfaking 😭😭😭😭

  • Joshua Boer
    Joshua Boer 4 hours ago

    Respect the bro for sorting his life out

  • Itz Steph Time
    Itz Steph Time 4 hours ago

    Her friend genuinely looked like Jessi

  • TheresaCarol
    TheresaCarol 4 hours ago

    He should spend some of that $$$ on speech therapy. That lisp is annoying. I can hardly understand him.

  • don brassco
    don brassco 4 hours ago

    Kills Me How The States Dont Go After These Mofos😠

  • cynthia morelos
    cynthia morelos 4 hours ago

    I love Dr.Phil !!!!

  • Fooking Potato
    Fooking Potato 4 hours ago

    I wanna slap her friend

  • America's Team
    America's Team 4 hours ago

    I would rather watch ru paul drag race then this.....like wtf are these girls doing

  • Ed Vazquez
    Ed Vazquez 4 hours ago

    He’s not a man dr phill

  • Crystal368 Stillwell

    She could of been a model. Why a rapper?

  • Evette Ocasio
    Evette Ocasio 4 hours ago

    Is this Nigga on drugs

  • em&ems 123
    em&ems 123 4 hours ago

    I feel like Dr. Phil wasn’t listening at ALL. The girl is clearly telling the truth and is hurting a lot.

    SPARTA PINGAS 4 hours ago

    this is such an act.

  • Ken Cole2e
    Ken Cole2e 4 hours ago

    Hey is gay PERIODT 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 4 hours ago

    You can't compare Civil Rights movement to fat acceptance. First of, fat people don't march, PERIOD.

  • Kaleigh Nim
    Kaleigh Nim 4 hours ago


  • C Martin
    C Martin 5 hours ago

    Bam was a spoiled Child with no boundaries and no rules. He’s never had to be accountable to anyone so he can’t handle having a wife that he had to answer to. Everything is always everyone else’s fault and people like that never change

  • Savana Winston
    Savana Winston 5 hours ago

    Literally every teenager now

  • CCH Delirium
    CCH Delirium 5 hours ago

    Her parents were so wishy washy. Giving her a million excuses “Dr Phil said we have to.” 🙄

  • catshavesouls
    catshavesouls 5 hours ago

    God bless that homie for setting this kid straight.

  • Lil Tani
    Lil Tani 5 hours ago

    When the son wants to be a hypebeast 😛😀

  • Deklin Miller
    Deklin Miller 5 hours ago

    Free clout

  • 561 Cake
    561 Cake 5 hours ago

    Stop confusing her n stressing her out she's actually trying tp change her mom doesn't believe her but she's trying to show it

  • Kelsie Bovair
    Kelsie Bovair 5 hours ago

    Her facial expressions are a dead ringer for Trumps expressions, like someone needs to make a meme of her facial expressions next to trumps

  • Rayray
    Rayray 5 hours ago

    This kid should die. someone hire an assassin.

  • Larry Lobster
    Larry Lobster 5 hours ago

    I’d be lucky if I get $5 from my mom 💀💀

  • Sydney Nock
    Sydney Nock 5 hours ago

    I know he West Indian jus by how he tell her shutup lol. Either Barbados or Trinidad. Can't pick up the accent too much.

  • Sierra Hart
    Sierra Hart 5 hours ago

    As a teen I feel like the mom was a bit harsh.

  • avalynn ;
    avalynn ; 5 hours ago

    im 13 kids at my school do worse🤷‍♀️

  • 這種情況
    這種情況 5 hours ago

    Bruh she contradicts herself so many time in a short Time span lol

  • Dianaaa
    Dianaaa 5 hours ago

    He decided to fill up the closet with designer goods since he just got bored of being in there for too long

  • JuelzTrak
    JuelzTrak 5 hours ago

    Thought it said ‘Relationship Vibe Check’

  • K D
    K D 5 hours ago

    I like her too cause she's Real. I see why dr phil does

  • Rayray
    Rayray 5 hours ago

    he gay?

  • 1_sassy sista
    1_sassy sista 5 hours ago

    She just seems like a lier, I have always been suspect of her something just never set well with me about her

  • goma3
    goma3 5 hours ago

    Lol Larz is famous? 7k followers on YT and 25k on IG. Talk about low standards.

  • Isaac Kirovsky
    Isaac Kirovsky 5 hours ago

    Its true its normal nowadays for teens to smoke weed,party and sext at least in Sydney Australia

  • zoroe
    zoroe 5 hours ago

    Any husband to any wife: “I want you to leave me alone”

  • M. Jenkins
    M. Jenkins 5 hours ago

    She's part of the BBC Clique... Is this even reality...